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LIVE: Pentagon briefing with Secretary Austin, General Milley

7/21/2021 8:31:00 PM

LIVE: Pentagon briefing with Secretary Austin, General Milley

LIVE: Pentagon briefing with Secretary Austin, General Milley

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Internet unsure what to think of Adam Driver as a centaur - CNN Video

Wild horses couldn't drag Adam Driver fans away from his shirtless centaur fragrance ad. Jeanne Moos asks what's with all the hybrids?

So glad you’re in charge I have faith in you

'America's Got Talent' Season 16: ET Is Live Blogging Week 8!NBC's hit talent competition airs Tuesday and ET is breaking down all the biggest moments of the night.

ELLE Beauty is Going LIVE with VerishopInformation about ELLE Beauty and Versishop's livestreaming shopping events

Where will Americans live in the next 25 years?.chrislhayes: Maybe, just maybe, we'll rapidly adapt our infrastructure in the hottest places in the country. Or maybe we'll see mass disruption and population movement equivalent to the Northern Migration and the Dust Bowl exodus combined. MSNBC25 chrislhayes The earth is reshaping us as much as we are her. chrislhayes NEW: StateDept is expanding number of people helping to coordinate SIV applications for Afghan interpreters, a gov source tells me. Internal, DOS-wide message yesterday asked for worldwide volunteers to work 12-hr shifts for 24/7 logistical support, eg building flight manifests chrislhayes nice

Katie Price revives £80 make-up masterclasses after Covid cancelled live eventsAfter having to pull the plug last year, fans can now meet Katie Price in Derbyshire, Manchester and Edinburgh in October - but it isn't cheap 😂😂 Cancelled again? 🤣🤣🤣

Blue Origin launch live updates: What is happening and how to watchLATEST: Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket and capsule is now on the launchpad at the company's 'Launch Site One' facility. 'The launch team completed vehicle rollout this morning and final preparations are underway,' Blue Origin tweeted.

Blue Origin live updates: Jeff Bezos leads crew in boarding the rocket's capsuleJeff Bezos' space company Blue Origin is launching the founder on the company's first passenger spaceflight on Tuesday. Amazon cancelled The Expanse, but we still get this 🙄 Are they going to poop in bags and pee in bottles like Amazon drivers are forced to? Hope it explodes 🚀💥☠😎👌