Retired police captain: It might be time to ‘start all over again’ on police departments

“We may just have to just scrap police departments and start all over again,” retired police captain Sonia Pruitt says while discussing the results of the Breonna Taylor case.

9/27/2020 9:03:00 AM

“We may just have to just scrap police departments and start all over again,” retired police captain Sonia Pruitt says while discussing the results of the Breonna Taylor case.

Sonia Pruitt, retired police captain and director of The Black Police Experience, and Kimberlé Crenshaw, co-founder of the African American Policy Forum and the #SayHerName campaign, discuss the Breonna Taylor case as an example of how policing and the criminal justice system fail Black women.

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Rotate those officers who have been on the streets for more than 5 years, they're hardened. Hey idiots a grand jury decided the case Call Ghostbusters instead? Why don’t some of the protesters apply to the police academy for training. I’m serious; best way to fix the system is from the inside. Uhm,,, no.

Sounds like a great idea what could go wrong blm, murderers inc. While we’re in fantasy land why don’t we just all raise our kids to not commit crimes and ask all criminals to “cut it out” then we’ll be all good. Fully agree. The entire policing system has to be redone. Just compare to Europe where the cops are much more competent.

Policing is terrorism That’s got to be one of the most asinine statements & there’s no shortage of them. Why is the media & audience choosing to ignore the simple facts? The sad reality is that she was caught in the crossfire when her boyfriend shot at the police (hitting one) & they returned fire. but wait for some time after opening this link

And the fact of the matter is more cops are killed in the line of duty each year upholding the law per capita wise then the number of blacks killed by cops when many of these are in trouble with the law and often resist arrest Really? When police brutality is actually lower then ever but the leftist social media, and leftist media twists and distorts peoples brains to think otherwise

These people are so stupid they are just so stupid when criminals shoot at police and shoot the police what’s that got to do with so it starts all over crap So you don’t like a Grand Jury result. That means we need to get rid of police departments? Makes no sense!!! How about not living with and helping a drug dealer. And when cops come to your home because of it. Don’t shoot at them?

On the left CNN and Biden supporters. On the right Tucker and Trump supporters There is no racism. There is disrespectful criminal thugary. It can't be that simple. Is the reason behind this statement related to racism? Are there thorough background checks on applicants? Are captains aware of whites against POC or vice versa?

Seems smrt Again you can't call those cowards and murderers police, check out the real police in other nations, it's fking embarrassing 🤦‍♂️ efficient police officers around the world world and in some countries they aren't even carry guns, the US police is an embarrassment PoliceReformNow In 2018, there were 686,665 cops in the US and 10,310,960 arrests. How many cops killed someone when it wasn't justified? 20? There were 14,542 gun related homicides in 2018. Use your brain.

Horrible idea Let's scrap fire departments too while we're at it. Why don't we start training Police officers to protect and serve again put it in bigger Bolder letters on their cars. Police officers today AR trained and equipped as if they are going into military combat so they goes into every situation thinking of it as combat

I'm just waiting for lolina Huxley to tell us to be well PERHAPS YOU SHOULD GIVE UP YOUR COP RETIREMENT CHECK THEN.... YA KNOW. FOR A FRESH START... . . DIDN'T THINK SO....CHIEF Hell no. We have an imperfect system but it’s the best in the world I'd rather see the MSM start all over again and report the facts as they occur, and if they don't know the facts, don't sell them as facts. All too often the MSM sensationalizes a story only to find out later, via facts, their original reporting was incorrect.

Absolutely, scrap them and start over with an organization without roots in slavery. Or nothing will ever change. This is nuts. Especially if you know the details of the Breonna Taylor case, which most people don't thanks to the obfuscating establishment media. So what’s your plan for when your supposed start over starts?

irresponsable Let's reform the criminality. Don't shoot cops, don't resist arrest, don't put them in danger and everything is going to be fine. Oh, and get jobs. She must live in a wealthy neighborhood. Oh....... OK. Agreed. Don't worry everything you're seeing in the news is to bring about a new type of police enforcement with the use of AI. Humans are no longer needed.

The history of policing is so tainted and toxic, it might be the best thing to tear down and rebuild. Grand Juries are unconstitutional shit. Finally someone who gets it. Right whatever we’re doing is not working & it’s making it hard on good cops. People who keep fighting police reform is MAKING IT HARDER for good cops. Make the changes, get better results, Ppl will stop complaining. That’s it.

I'd like to hear some specific ideas. And as a retired police captain, maybe she knows what she's talking about. She's been there. As long as there are white folks who fear anyone who isn’t white, there will be the band of blue brothers. The ones who turn off the body cams, and keep an eye out, while another of them puts their knee down on a mans throat.

You people are nuts That's crazy. Trump 2020! To Serve and Protect? ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼 Insane JUNGAL KA DASTOOR |سنا ہے جنگل کا بھی کوئی دستور ہوتا ہے via YouTube ormanda da yasa olmasına rağmen. hayvan krizlerde birbirlerine yardım eder. ancak çoğu ülkede yasa yok. T

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