Rethinking Identity with Kwame Anthony Appiah by Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes


In this week's episode of WITHPod, Rep. Katie Porter talks to chrislhayes about when she decided to get into politics after being a law professor, how she flipped California’s 45th district in 2018 and why she's taking on special interests. Listen:

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Rethinking Identity with Kwame Anthony Appiah by Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes

Rethinking Identity with Kwame Anthony Appiah by Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayeschrislhayes Ms. Porter is a bad motherfcuker and she is the epitome of how a representative should work on behalf their constituents

After weekend feud, Scaramucci explains why Trump must goAfter a weekend feud with President Donald Trump, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci explains why he believes that the Republican party should field a challenger to Trump. Best thing outta Scaramucci is when he said, “Should we send him back?” Doh! defeattrump When were you lying, Anthony. Then or now? 👍👍👍

Fox Business host suggests 'jacked' Chris Cuomo's outburst was 'roid rage'Lisa 'Kennedy' Montgomery of Fox Business suggested that muscle-enhancing steroids used by bodybuilders could be why CNN's Chris Cuomo—who is not a bodybuilder—could be behind his angry tirade at Is Trump's continued unhinged behavior 'Bennies'Rage'? Drug test should be administered ASAP TrumpUnhinged🚩 He got it and admitted his mistake. That should close the chapter, right? A simpler reason might be that he had a enough of boorish Trumpsters / Fox News addicts confronting him and his family while they are out together. But the narrative is clear, make the claim, get it out there. It is already accepted fact among the alt right that he is on 'roids'.

Hunter Hayes on His New Album, 'Wild Blue': 'What This Record Did for Me Was Something Pretty Profound'.HunterHayes opens up about his new album WildBlue, why he's making a trilogy & more.

Why you shouldn't trust Anthony Scaramucci's criticism of TrumpFormer White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci now says Republicans should support someone other than Trump in 2020. Lawrence O’Donnell explains why you should be skeptical of the former Trump supporter's claim and talks with Bill Weld, the only Republican who is already challenging Trump in the GOP primary. Lawrence I think there is redemption for all Trumpers who stand up to and reject this very unqualified and unethical President. I hope others will start getting honest about his dishonesty. I hope the GOP gives us another choice in 2020. Lawrence But pack it in in regards to Kamala Harris! Lawrence He's upset poor baby 😢

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