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Hong Kong, Civil Unrest

‘Retake Hong Kong’: A Movement, a Slogan and an Identity Crisis

Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed government is struggling not only for control of the streets but over what the city means as a place and political entity.


“I’m a Hong Kong er, not Chinese,” said a student who joined protests at the city’s airport, “Of course, my blood is Chinese, but I can’t control that.” 75 percent of people aged 18 to 29 in Hong Kong identity this way, a recent survey shows.

Hong Kong ’s Beijing-backed government is struggling not only for control of the streets but over what the city means as a place and political entity.

He coined the protesters’ most widely chanted and, for China, most subversive slogan; he helped pioneer some of the movement’s rougher tactics; and he gave voice to

The protests were ignited in June by anger at plans by the Hong Kong government to allow extradition from the former British colony to mainland China. And they have been freighted since with a host of other complaints about prohibitively expensive housing, unfair elections and alleged police brutality.

Pinned to her back was a piece of paper printed with the jailed Mr. Leung’s biggest contribution to the protest movement, a slogan now daubed on walls across Hong Kong,

Edward Leung in 2016. Now in prison, he has become the closest thing Hong Kong’s leaderless protest movement has to a guiding light.

But starkly different interpretations of what Mr. Leung’s words mean — an incendiary call to break up China or simply an appeal to defend Hong Kong’s core values — have highlighted a gulf between the two sides. The city’s Beijing-backed government is struggling against its foes not only for control of the streets but over what Hong Kong means as a place, a culture and a political entity.

Mr. Chu, also known as Eddie Chu, 41, is also an early champion of Hong Kong’s “localist” movement, a cause focused on preserving the city’s sense of identity. He never agreed with Mr. Leung’s tactics, which sometimes veered into violence, but shares his view that Hong Kong must preserve its different identity rooted in the rule of law, generous freedoms and local traditions. For his part, Mr. Leung has called from prison for protesters to keep their heads and avoid stoking hatred.

Many student groups have voted in recent years to stay away from the event “because they want absolutely nothing to do with mainland China” and are “focused on their own identity politics,” said Bao Pu, a Hong Kong publisher who is the son of a senior, liberal-minded Beijing official purged in 1989.

“It is clear that since Xi got in power, China has been moving further and further away from all ideas of liberal democracy,” said Alan Tse, an anthropologist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong who has studied the “localist” movement. “People in Hong Kong know that. They know that genuine democracy is very unlikely to come, so there is a wide sense of despair among young people.”

found that 75 percent of people from 18 to 29 years old identified themselves as a “Hong Konger” rather than “Chinese,” “Hongkonger in China” or “Chinese in Hong Kong.” That is a big rise from the 23 percent of this group who chose Hong Kong as their identity during the 2008 Olympics, and the 45 percent in 1997.

Before that, the British colonial authorities, worried about Hong Kong becoming embroiled in Chinese political battles, particularly the long feud between Mao Zedong’s Communists and Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Party, tried to promote a sense of loyalty to the city rather than China.

Until Beijing dug in its heels against concessions to the protesters, however, Mr. Leung’s call to “retake Hong Kong” was “the slogan of an irrelevant and infinitesimal minority,” according to Geremie Barmé, the editor of

The Hong Kong government has tied the city ever more closely to mainland China through massive infrastructure projects, including the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge.

While Beijing and its allies in Hong Kong have revived a stiff lexicon last deployed during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, denouncing protesters as a “tiny handful of ruffians” who must be “resolutely stopped,” young activists have followed the advice of Bruce Lee, the Hong Kong martial arts legend, to

In tandem with pleas since 1997 to accept their new masters in Beijing, Hong Kong authorities have tied the city ever more closely to mainland China

Mr. Chu, the legislator and “localist” activist, led a series of doomed campaigns to block projects aimed at integrating Hong Kong physically more tightly with China, including

With new transport links came huge crowds of mainland visitors — 51 million last year — many of them speaking Mandarin instead of Cantonese, Hong Kong’s principal language. They

A group called Hong Kong Indigenous, in which Mr. Leung was a leading activist, began harassing mainland shoppers in what it called “retake” actions. Hong Kong’s colonial-era flag became a banner of resistance in what at times became an ugly xenophobic campaign against mainlanders, with some Hong Kongers dehumanizing them as “locusts.” (Some pro-China activists have responded in kind, with one group this week spraying insect repellent on protest leaflets near Hong Kong’s Star Ferry pier.)

, a legislator for the Democratic Party who was injured during the July attack by gangsters.

his role in what became known as the “fishball revolution.”

His organization, Hong Kong Indigenous, never gained much traction beyond a fringe of disenchanted radical youth. But its warnings that Hong Kong was losing its special identity and must fight back have now found a new and far wider resonance as the authorities’ often tin-eared response to the unrest inflames the public mood.

Read more: The New York Times

New York Kindergarten Times New York Times deleted and re-posted this article 3 times because it got too many anti-voices. Now it gets more and more. OMG! So childish! How old are you? Like 3 years old? Luckily I got the screenshot of the original one. 我们也称自己是北京人,上海人,但我们都是中国人,你他妈的想多了 Meanwhile back in the kitchen...it’s all about controlling the money HongKong

Now I have to go somewhere credible to see if this is true... i never knew British owned Hong Kong. How come Hong konger aren’t shooting rockets they should take notes from Palestine Back in the 1980’s, I was known as the “King Konger” in my neighborhood. Just so you know. 记住你自己说的这是归还中国。懂归还这个词的意思吗。不懂麻烦你查查字典。中国有56个民族每个民族还可以说自己是什么什么族的人。你来过中国吗。你了解中国吗。你知道中国上下五千余年的历史吗。不懂不知道不了解的话麻烦你学习了在说话。又是你做记者的职业素质和资格。做报道连基本都不知道?

This is what the kind hearted angelic USA does in many many countries. USA is so very kind and noble sending millions and millions of innocent people to meet God Alaska is part of Russia What USA do to immigrants. His name is Jimmy Al Daoud. He is dead now in Iraq. USA is angel, riiiiight? Hahahahaha..

U.S. 'deeply concerned' by reports of China paramilitary movement near Hong KongThe United States is 'deeply concerned' about Chinese paramilitary mov... This is the same US with a thousand military bases all over the world. That would be a better headline--Nation with military bases all over the world is deeply concerned by reports of.......... ButchersRuleBeijing Says the country that sent in soldiers in full battle gear to silend BLM demonatrations.

911 was planned by Bush to boost patriotism in the US , KKK was just trying to identify themselves as a superior species - 'White' rather than 'not from Africa' and Trump is the greatest president. I know you guys have been desiring to say these for a long time, just afraid... Who wants to be chinese A lot of solidarity for Hong Kong. Nothing for the poor people of Palestine, oppressed by a cruel army. FreePalestine

live in a little egg earth ,have the idiot Dream ,shit,HONGKONGER HK and their people are just a hate filled region. No proud Chinese person shouldn't want to associate these extremist anyways. Only brave when you pick on Chinese in numbers but stay quiet when it's a westerner 香港有些脑残 非要笨蛋洋鬼子鞭挞才舒服 I want to see tank man 2.0

Hong Kong Movement That Thrived Without Leaders Veers Out of ControlPro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have said they benefit from being leaderless, but that now threatens to be the movement’s undoing. Money can save this girl's eye?Please tell me, thank you. She is one of HK protesters. chinahand Feel like I've seen this movie before Video from Hong Kong shows pro-democracy protesters waving American flags and singing the American National Anthem.

hey why don't we just take it back that sounds like a lovely idea to me shame What caused this? It's the totalitarian dictatorship of CCP. What is the base of your data for the survey and interview? Provide the original document of the survey questionnaire to the public. Journalists simply write a data and then develop a view based on it

If it’s happening in london , what would you say? 废青出来挨打 They'd better control themselves. It can be said that education in Hong Kong is very unsuccessful.They ignore history education, remove history。 HK and their people are just a hate filled region. No proud Chinese person shouldn't want to associate these extremist anyways. Only brave when you pick on Chinese in numbers but stay quiet when it's a westerner

Chinese paramilitary members are gathered near Hong Kong borderAs protests continue to sweep through Hong Kong , large numbers of China 's paramilitary force are just miles away from Hong Kong 's border with mainland China , according to a CNN team on the ground in Shenzhen What might happen in the US were a protest shutting down a large airport for a day? Probably a similar response. Isn't Hong Kong part of China of I'm wrong please someone correct me

What a shame😡, Those rioters don't want to admit their real identity, So I have a question: You don't want to admit that you are Chinese, then why do you speak Cantonese? Freedom can not be an excuse to hurt the people who share the same blood with you. What is happening in Hongkong is totally rebellion and the violence has harmed themselves as well . If the so-called protesters are wise enough , they should realize that they will start a WAR.

They are going to immigrate to the United state. For the young people in Hong Kong , they are losing their advantage . Young people in Shanghai and Shenzhen will be more excellent than them .Poor Hong Kong guys “I’m a Hong Konger, not Chinese,” Well, too bad so sad. Isn’t HK part of China? I'm a LAer, not American.

China is about to become the biggest economy of the world, and like in all countries, there must be those anti patriotic traitors who would put their self interest before that of the general population. Well, The Libyans did that with Gadaffi, I hope Libyans feels free now! They're rally stupid All the food, drink and daily necessities in Hong Kong come from the Mainland. Hong Kong has not paid any taxes to the Mainland for 22 years since its return. Such ungrateful people born in Hong Kong. Please leave Hong Kong. Go to American dad and enjoy free bullets.

In Hong Kong, a protest boom for some businesses starts waningThe problems facing Hong Kong 's wide-open economy - which is expected to grind to a halt in coming quarters - run so deep that even those businesses whose products have been repurposed as protest paraphernalia are losing momentum. More here: Well, fancy that. Wow ground breaking news. When you deal with communists like the Chinese Communist Party, you will get a lot of deal broken. They don't play by the rules.

The Hongkong mobs use CHILDREN as their shield!I cried for the kid, but US news never report that. CHILDREN are NOT your BODY SHIELD!!! Shame on you,RIOTERS!!! You Lie to the World!That is terrorism!! 香港 香港暴動 JMSC 反送中 BBC CIA CNN HongKong HillaryClinton 你这话很矛盾,香港是中国一部分!你是香港人那么也是中国公民! HK belongs China, if you are not Chinese they go away leave a peaceful HK back to Chinese!

香港所有的食品、饮料和生活必需品都来自大陆。香港自回归以来22年没有向大陆缴纳任何税款。香港是由内地人缴纳的税种培养的。对于那些在香港出生的忘恩负义的人来说。最好尽快离开香港。去他的美国父亲那里享受自由的子弹。 Save democracy of Hong Kong Who wants to be chinese? The Hong Konger attacking one single man! That’s for freedom ,for democracy 😂 That’s like saying “I am a New Yorker, but I am not an American” They are totally extremists and racists. They call people from mainland “Cina”. Just image that an American African call a black person from Africa “Negro”!How ridiculous and shameful they are!!

Ignorance is a serious factor, present in the Hong Kong demonstrators. IF, they were not ignorant, they were able to understand the meaning of colonialism&Neo-colonialism. Speak about freedom is easy. But IGNORANCE can’t assist stability, peace&progress in Hong Kong. InsteadCHAOS

Flights canceled in more Hong Kong airport chaosView the latest news and breaking news today for U.S., world, weather, entertainment, politics and health at CNN.com. Officials in Beijing responded to protests by saying they saw signs of terrorism in weekend's violent protests. Boycott CNN!!! The UK Foreign Office warned 'An unannounced protest is planned at Hong Kong Airport on August 13 from 13.00 local time.'

I wonder what 7.5 million people in Hong Kong think? Rather than a partial survey of age. Their rebellious powers come from this country. What qualifications do they have for not loving China? If the country does not tolerate them, they will not even have the opportunity to stand. HongKong isChina. The demonstrators act asSPOIL Westerners, when they areCHINESE. Serving foreign interests by destabilising their own society. TheHuman, ethnic, cultural&historic roots of the people of Hong Kong are Chinese. Hong Kong EDUCATIONsystem is responsible forIGNORANCE

港人麻雀笼住的太闷 上大街上游行透气来着 可怜可悲 祖国母亲给你们的自由还不够多吗 呆逼 被美国次老牵着走 结果你们在洋人那里也只不过是黄皮肤的 好吗 你改悔吧! As a person, actually do not love the country? Do you also support this? You have no bottom line 🇮🇳 India is behind all this terrorism in the region If you were born in Hong Kong you are CHINESE...like it or not HK will be fully assimilated at some point in time rioting will only give an excuse to the mainland to enter HK and take control sooner and whatever autonomy you had will disappear overnight.

Is this a repost or the original one? Why NYT removed my comment? haha. shameless and coward NYT? We will be happy to send ten thousand of those non-chinese to NY city and see what they will do there. Is it suit for a public press to spread a biased-based view to public? It want to mislead public and do it on purpose!

China says Hong Kong protests 'near terrorism' as airport reopens China said Hong Kong 's protest movement had reached 'near terrorism&qu... Hong Kong is and will always be part of China. NOT IT WON'T. THEY MAKE SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE, BUT THEY AUTONOMOUS FROM CHINA AND VERY DIFF. CULTURALLY. NOT ONLY MAINLAND CHINESE LIVE THERE, BUT ETHNIC ASIANS AS WELL I see...

Sadly it's just a matter of time before Hong Kong become a commie under China 美国人少插嘴就没这么多事 自己枪支都无法管理 how sad . Let's hope our brothers and sisters on Hong Kong can preserve their freedom. One should never kneel to the tyrants. These people have grown into giant babies. The limbs are well developed. The mind is as simple as a baby.

Well golly gee be prosecuted for art, insulting gov, or just spreading rumours. And be watched 24/7 since China started putting face recognition in every corner so they can give you points and restrict your freedoms based on how you act. Or just live in Hong Kong. Free AF. Post the exact same shit again !whats the matter with you!

I always support hong konger Hongkong belongs to China. Mainland China will take good care of it. Your kids don’t always behave well, especially when they are not well educated. We should have taught them what’s manner. they will learn. Did this guy wear a mask? If yes, he is not serious. He is not ready to give responsibility for what he is saying and doing!

I think this is a point often ignored. Most US citizens when traveling call themselves Americans Most Europeans don’t ( I’m British or from Florence or German). People from Taiwan and Hong King don’t pick Chinese as their first identification. How we see ourselves does matter

so please leave China, don't place their body on this evil and tyrant land. Do a survey among Africa-American society first. Hongkong is part of China, whatever you said, it is the fact you can not change. So, do not ask help from other countries, it is helpless. Do you think the CCP will listen to others?

No doubt, Honk Kong is China what is happening is politics. Hands out of China is their country their land and their people! Plz more shooting in the USA, just like this morning! LOL! Thanh niên HongKong rất cho trách nhiệm với đất mình ...😃 Why are you repost at 3 am? Because there were too many anti-voices. Childish and Racist!

Hong Kong needs King Kong. Don't worry. By 2047, you won't be confused anymore. Communist dictatorship

Chona has to revisit it's stance regarding Hong Kong, before, it became late “I’m a Hong Konger, not Chinese,” said a stupid hongkong garbage student who joined protests at the city’s airport, “ In the other side, the reality shows poverty and backwardness are so bitter to taste, Chinese are still suffering, since 1840 Qing regime lose the war.

'I'm a superman, not a regular human. Of course, my blood is human, but I can't control that. ' The fight for freedom includes the soul + identity of Hong Kong...will also define its future... But people in Britain will never choose to use violence to prove their personal identity and deny their nationality and force others to support and accept them ! Unfortunately,that’s what happened in hongkong!

perhaps China should sponsor the Hawaiian independence movement given that the US stole their country. Hong Kong is Chinese territory and always will be. No amount of Western agitation will change that fact. Can understand how these youngster feel being coming under comm after years as a free country, but that is the fact where the place belongs and this protest is too much.

请滚出中国就好了,香港你是不可能带走的。 Show me the raw data and the sponsorship of this survey

Yes,if the '75 percent of people' is 5000 people, they all in the airport, most of them get paid for doing this. I agree with you on the existence of identity issue in hongkong.The poll last for years,the statistics changed all the time. The recent one is accounted during the ‘protest’time. Please pay constant attention and report it later.

Hello hongkong,your mum will rename you hongkong county,shenzhen city,guangdong province, china. if you continue the behavior but where is the data from? I wanna give u my middle finger Let these guys go to USA or any other country, HK is belonging to China, We don't need these who don't accept Chinese indentity

How much this survey costs to make these person said what American work? What is that you -called 'recent survey '? Where did you get the 75% from? That’s no true. So what? They are nobody at all. Do you think the US locals will accept these idiots if they claim they are Americans?

Fake news! Stupid ass. have to say this kind of thought is incorrect. I am proud of being a Chinese.If you don’t recognize your nation, you will alone in the world. 75% ? Where's the data from ? Rioters. Must stop. You are destroying HK. Also, stop watching avengers. It’s American propaganda. Watch American news. It’s always some shooting, all day, everyday. Then you will appreciate HK.

I don't think Hong Kong struggles for it's identity. Most people reject that notion. It's pretty clear. NYT Fake News Certificated by Donald Trump. A media should not conduct guided reporting to mislead the public. You only need to report the facts, and the public will judge the right and wrong by itself. Hong Kong is a part of China. As a Chinese, we believe that most Hong Kong people are looking forward to love and peace。

Nobody cares who they are. If they think they are not Chinese, then get the f**ckin out of Chinese territory. 🤔🤔🤔 I think these guys can immigrate to USA, if Trump accept them Can you imagine if Charlize Theron says“ I’m an American, not South African. Of course, my blood is South African, but I can’t contro that”in Oscar. I bet she will be banned forever in Hollywood. Same! Such ethnic topics are not supposed to be printed in a national newspaper.

According to the its the fault of the majority race. Seems diversity would solve this problem. HK need to step up and take in refugees and ends race superiority nonsense NMSL yes,it's personal identity problem,for example i think i am an america,can i declare my house in china is a part of usa?the solution for their problem is quite simple:immigrate to usa or uk

What a shame, that's why the professor of HKU called these people 'loosers'! The Hong Konger attacking one single man! That’s for freedom ,for democracy 😂 wow such a just press... where is picture showing the jouralist who said he support HK police and got beaten up by those young protestors at the HK airpprt? ... no wonder even silly Trump knows u guys sometimes report bias and fake news...

you need immigration to USA. traitors, thugs, terrorists and riots trained and organized and directed by we-all-know-who, who also trained Bin Laden, isis, and Taliban and many more If he think he is not a Chinese, he can leave. But Hongkong is a part of China, this fact can't be changed forever. I’m so surprised this is reported by a national press. The ethnic topic is very controversial in US as well. Wondering if you dare to do a survey in Africa-American society and tell us where there blood came from!

The student needs this as a ticket for immigration to the US probably, lol. The fate of Hong Kong was determined 20+ years ago when the British negotiated the current 50 year delay in fully restoring Chinese rule over Hong Kong. I doubt that the Chinese government will agree to extend that deadline. One country is the prerequisite of two systems. If HK break this, they will lose the opportunity of having a different system to mianland

What you try to cover? The gunshootings in Philadelphia? Be objective! So disappointed. Wondering if you ever have a survey on the street of NYC, asking them their origins and identities. This is ethnic bias/ discrimination! Such a racist!

You sometimes wonder whether HKers would have the same views if China was a US-friendly democracy? Would the West be so invested in HK's 'freedom' even then? After all, you don't see this happening in other ex city-colonies like Goa or Pondicherry Or indeed, Singapore or Macao If it's true, it indicates big failure of education in HK.

However, Hong Kong and Taiwan are part of China, the world recognized, you clowns can change ? Hey can you cover Kashmir the same way you’re covering Hong Kong ? Thanks. Should this a national press report? Full of discrimination and prejudice. I understand you’re with HK. What about the rest of Chinese’ feelings? We are not human to you? So prejudice so narrow-minded so biased. Racist! Racist!Racist!

whatashameforhongkong I’d say 95% o NYT readers aka Americans are right now this morning desperately googling Hong Kong. They gotta go. the field belongs to China and only for Chinese to live,go and stop creating confusion! The central will never make your dream come true! You are a national newspaper. NEW YORK TIMES. What’s wrong with you to? First, you are an American press. Secondly, you should be objective. This article is not gonna change anything better. 80% of your report is relevant to China and HK. Apparently you are behind it.

This is so simple to understand isn't it. Ethnic Chinese ppl in Singapore will tell you straight away they are Singaporean, not Chinese from China. The same with ethnic Chinese from Malaysia and Indonesia. They are Malaysians, Indonesians, not Chinese.

kise_q that's an undercover cop in the photo Please raise kashmir issue it's 12th day of curfew of Indian army. Why don't you talk please raise the voice of truth 那很好办啊,地留下,人滚出去就行了,太平洋没加盖,你厉害游到灯塔国去呗,又没人拦你 bullshit! 他可以离开中国国土,在世界除中国之外的任何地方建立国家 Please e spread truth raise the voice of kashmir 15AugustBlackDay

顺便提醒你一下,只有我们中国人才能决定我们的命运,你没有评判的资格,更何况是具有偏见的和极度倾向性失去客观的报道。 emm, how interesting. 作为一个移民国家的美国:我的血液来自世界各地,但是我是美国人???美国是白人的美国,黑人受的歧视还少吗?

75percent? what a joke. 推荐你去看一下统计数据会说谎 keep going NYT, enjoy the bloodshed of HK youth.

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