Restaurants Reopening Promise a ‘New Normal.’ ‘Normal’ Was Never Something to Aspire To.

Restaurants reopening promise a 'new normal.' 'Normal' was never something to aspire to.

6/3/2020 11:57:00 PM

Restaurants reopening promise a 'new normal.' 'Normal' was never something to aspire to.

A viral photo of young people drinking on a restaurant patio during a protest reveals two Americas with different visions of what 'going back to normal' would look like

.”Activists pointed out that the cutesy message was actually an admission that the brave brunch-skippers hadn’t seen much of a problem with America’s brutal inequalities before the 2016 election, and likely wouldn’t show up to a protest organized by, say, Black Lives Matter. They’d go back to brunch. This photo seems to provide the proof: carefree white people in the foreground (complete with craft beer) enjoying the sunshine as the street convulses with protests against one of America’s most fundamental sins: state violence toward black people.

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Because of the pandemic, these two groups are twinned: The pleasure seekers and the justice seekers both must take to the streets. The beer drinkers risk exposing each other to the virus for a pleasant afternoon, while the protesters take the risk to fight

against another epidemic: police brutality. The protesters wear masks; the beer drinkers do not. Maskless and entirely white, the drinkers recall the maskless, white, armed protesters who demonstrated against lockdown measures just weeks earlier. Those protesters were met with toleration and civility; the protesters streaking past in the photo will be met with tear gas, police violence, and arrest.

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How To Reopen Restaurants And BarsDisposable menus, touchless payment, lots of plexiglass and partial capacity. What kinda bs is this The world is BURNING and ur bothered about stuffing ur face. Get ur priorities straight Read the room, and at least pretend to give a shit implying they won't be burned down by the time they can. This stuff is getting cah ray zee

Governor Whitmer lifts Michigan's Safer at Home order after weeks of protests, says restaurants can reopen soon'We can't let our guard down, but now we are in a position to move forward,' Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said. Hey, Dr Fauci...what was that model again, where we do nothing-- oh, and gas large groups so they cough their mucus all over each other? Soon Covids is over Nothing ends a pandemic like massive protests

New Zealand could return to normal life as early as next weekNew Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Wednesday she could lift all social distancing measures to return the country to normal life, bar the international border closure, as early as next week. Leadership is very important.. Canada can't relate 😭 we still in quarantine, mbak alanis moresette ini emang hebat.,jd penyanyi sukses jd pm juga sukses..

Sports Have Never Felt More Meaningless Than Right Now'Sports, like much of entertainment, exist as a distraction. But boy does it seem irresponsible to be distracted right now.' williamfleitch writes williamfleitch I’d argue there is nothing that brings our cultures together like sports - and we need that more than ever now. williamfleitch I think you missed the mark here, Will. Sports very much unite us. They are also a great pressure valve. How much better would it have been seeing the NBA Finals players protest then what we have going now. williamfleitch We need sports now to get this country back together,we need something that people can get to enjoy and be together

California braces for second wave of coronavirus even as first wave is far from overExperts are worried about the potential for new surges of disease as California reopens. Hahahah comedy. Right on cue. There is no 2nd wave, there isn’t even a virus left to talk about. Yeah...Americans seem to really care about social-distancing these days. Where are all those fascist democrat leaders arresting people for going to work?! Dr. Fauci said on MSNBC a week ago today that no second wave is coming and the masks are a sign of unity. Your publication is trash.

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