Restaurants are shutting down at an alarming rate, according to Yelp

Restaurants are shutting down at an alarming rate, according to Yelp. - @TODAYshow

6/30/2020 6:49:00 AM

Restaurants are shutting down at an alarming rate, according to Yelp. - TODAYshow

The pandemic has already led to the permanent closure of thousands of U.S. eateries.

03:06According to the Yelp report, many consumers are also pretty eager to get back to dining with others as restaurants that cater to communal dining experiences have experienced a surge in interest from May 1 to June 15 (Yelp measures"interest" by calculating a variety of user activities, including business page views, posting photos, leaving reviews and searches).

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Now that on-premise dining is an option again in many places across the country, people are looking into where they can go out for fondue (interest was up 123%), tapas (up 98%) and hot pot eateries (up 49%). Yelp reported that evenbuffetssaw a 17% increase in interest within the designated timeframe.

An employee wears a protective mask and gloves while clearing dishes off a table at a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.Jayme Gershen / Bloomberg via Getty ImagesBut not everyone is feeling ready to go back to a restaurant. Delivery and takeout continue to be popular, as interest for both of these categories was up 148% compared to pre-pandemic levels, according to Yelp.

The pandemic isn’t the only national event that has had a major effect on the restaurant industry this year. Black-owned businesses have received a boost of support from Yelpers after demonstrations protestingand systemic racism started being held all over the world since late May.

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TODAYshow Down here in Central Florida where there are so many mom and pop, ethnic type restaurants serving tremendous food like you can't get anywhere else have been asked to close their doors and will probably never open again and I'm talking hundreds of them. TODAYshow And if all of these tests are coming back as false positives then the governments should owe these people trillions and reparations

TODAYshow Democrats plan to destroy small businesses is working like a charm! KatyTurNBC TODAYshow Good. Most of them were garbage. KatyTurNBC TODAYshow Food Trucks Are The Future KatyTurNBC TODAYshow Toughest business model ever! KatyTurNBC TODAYshow Worried all day every day that the restaurant I work at will be next

TODAYshow OPENAMERICANOW KatyTurNBC TODAYshow Surprised anyone thinks Yelp is a credible source, yes. KatyTurNBC TODAYshow Because the virus incidents are rising at an alarming rate. KatyTurNBC TODAYshow . They desperately opened when Trump gave them an option and now...? Let the bankruptcies begin. Without the Heroes Act, PPP runs out of money to keep businesses afloat while closed. The Trump Recession slides into the Trump Depression. realDonaldTrump SpeakerPelosi .

KatyTurNBC TODAYshow Well no shit KatyTurNBC TODAYshow Imagine we helped them the way we do the very rich KatyTurNBC TODAYshow Who cares?! That's what dems want. More unemployed before November the better. TODAYshow They’re falling prey to the Democrats plans to be oppressed & dependent on handouts from them.

TODAYshow No fucking shit Yelp TODAYshow I would call it a 'refreshing rate'. TODAYshow You all love it. Lots to report while hoping an economic recovery doesn’t happen you can blame on the current President. The beauty is; if Biden is the President the well-off with guarded property & not living in dense Democrat run cities will be fine watching the hell on TV.

TODAYshow I hope the good ones make it. But quite frankly most of them suck and AR highly overpriced TODAYshow Yeah that’s what happens when government shuts everything size fits all TODAYshow probably has to do with quarantine TODAYshow Thank you democrats for ruining our economy in the name of a virus that is able to discern the nature of a group’s gathering (and not infect you if your politics are right!).

TODAYshow Peoples lives are being destroyed. We are in the gig economy and it is being decimated!

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