Residents protest possible homeless shelter at Newport Beach city yard

Residents protest possible homeless shelter at Newport Beach city yard


Residents protest possible homeless shelter at Newport Beach city yard

Residents of Ebb Tide and Level 1 condominiums and town homes protested against converting part of the Newport public works yard to a 40-bed shelter.

, adjacent to the Newport Beach and Costa Mesa west sides. Residents of the recently built Ebb Tide and Level 1 condominiums and townhomes across the street led the protest urging Newport not to convert part of the yard to a 40-bed shelter.

Inside City Hall and with the City Council as audience, Teresa Hernandez supported a shelter at the city yard as the best option for Newport’s budget and local control, given the city owns the land.

by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals restricting cities from prosecuting people for sleeping on public property if no shelter beds are available.

“What is the safety of our neighborhood worth?” he said.

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Sounds about right... Liberal Democrats always yelling help ( just not in their yard)😂 Last time I was in an airplane I looked out the window and I saw plenty of room for homeless camps in eastern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, etc. No need to build a homeless shelter in a primo beach city.

Do you know how much it costs to live in Newport Beach? The least the city can do is keep drug addicts and mental cases out of the town. A little too late. Enjoy the 3rd world cesspool you’ve created No planned marches for help the homeless. Of course not. Climate change yet nothing about the homeless. Fickle people. How many drove to a climate change protest. Fossil fuels. How many drive gas guzzlers?

What I’d like to know than is this, where exactly would these residents like the homeless to go? They could continue to camp out all over the fuckin streets, parks, etc, but an actual shelter is out of the question? There is no kindness left in the world. Wow! California is not so happy😳 And yet haters complain about President Trump while Dems push for more homelessness, has going up, DMV up, property taxes up, not business friendly start up etc this is a wake up call someone has to pay for all the giveaways “sanctuary “

Imagine being a person who is protesting shelter for other humans. Unbelievable. Lol!! Not in my backyard! Wgat a bunch of DemocratsAreCorrupt 2) I don’t know why the police didn’t ask the people without tickets to leave the terminal and hangout somewhere else. It’s a procedure followed in all airports to prevent any possible attack from someone who’s not traveling.

Bill Aims to Combat Overdoses at New York Homeless SheltersTo help combat overdoses, homeless shelters would have to increase the level of on-site medical care they provide opioid-addicted clients under a bill being considered by the New York City Council This bill looks like it was written by the nursing/Physician Assistant lobby. Please combat Buprenorphine restrictions also. Any doctor can prescribe fentanyl. 7% of doctors are licensed to prescribe Bupe. It saved my life after a 16-year struggle with heroin. And how many shelters will be forced to close due to the higher, mandated expenses? How many more nights will the homeless spend in the street? Reminds me of Reagan’s quip about the scariest words in the English language: “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.”

It's sad that people who protest are probably the same people complaining the government is not doing enough to fix the homeless issue (FYI: You are the roadblock in fixing the issue). homeless shelter 1) No homeless shelter!! I saw many homeless in LAX from 10/5/2019 to 10/7/2019 when I missed a flight. On these days, the police, bomb department were present. Unattended luggage bag was taking by the police from the men restroom in terminal B.

They would rather have people living on their streets or the beach? What assholes! Hell no, I agree with the protesters. They want to turn the last few remaining good areas in CA into slums. They're all for sanctuary city status and spending money on immigration but the homeless that's already here they want out. phony

Maybe they don't want to get the little needle-littered San Francisco next door. n i m b y Ok, I’ll say it...fuck the homeless. Why should communities be compromised for the poor life choices of people who couldn’t get their shit together? PRIVILEGE!!!! It's not that they are trying to build a prison... Chill, ppl... please. empathy

Crocs creator Scott Seamans sells in Newport BeachCrocs co-founder Scott Seamans has sold his Newport Beach home for $3.9 million, or $1.235 million more than he paid for it in 2016. Being rich isn’t cool anymore. Show climatechange news! Sustainability is the new wealth... pass it on

I guess some of those people are going to want to move, and others will be fine staying exactly where they are. Hey, people how about Venice beach. Plenty of beach to pop a tent. Yep they sure do care for the homeless. I love LA, a lot, but these shameful NIMBY protests about *every single proposed site* for either housing or services reveals quite plainly that this is a city of assholes who view our homeless population more like litter, and less like actual people in need. Heartbreaking.

“Newport Beach — the new Skid Row” 😂😂 It happens anywhere south of Los Angeles practically....where they want to build a shelter.....everybody is for it just not in their town,city,or neighborhood. I hope it all works out, positively for residents and those in need. but I'm so glad im not in So Cal right now

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New York City Boosts Homeless Outreach After Four Men Are KilledNew York City will increase its mental-health outreach to the homeless in Manhattan’s Chinatown after four homeless men were bludgeoned to death in the neighborhood, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday. It’ll be like Christmas...everyone will forget about it in a day or two. Little too late

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