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Typhoons, Tokyo

Rescue efforts underway after typhoon rains flood Japan

Rescue efforts for people stranded in flooded areas are in full force after a powerful typhoon dashed heavy rainfall and winds through a widespread area of Japan, including Tokyo.


Rescue efforts for people stranded in flooded areas are in full force after a powerful typhoon dashed heavy rainfall and winds through a widespread area of Japan , including Tokyo .

TOKYO (AP) — Helicopters plucked people from their flooded homes on Sunday as rescue efforts went into full force in wide areas of Japan , including Tokyo , after a powerful typhoon unleashed heavy...

News footage showed a rescue helicopter hovering in a flooded area in Nagano prefecture where an embankment of the Chikuma River broke. The chopper plucked those stranded on the second floor of a home submerged in muddy waters.

Authorities warned of a risk of mudslides. Among the reported deaths were those whose homes were buried in landslides. Other fatalities included people who got swept away by raging rivers .

He acknowledged Japan’s power grids need to be strengthened so people in disaster areas can rely on timely information.

All other matches scheduled for Saturday had been canceled. Stores and amusement parks had been closed.

Evacuation centers had been set up in coastal towns with tens of thousands seeking shelter. Kyodo News service said evacuation warnings had been issued to more than 6 million people.

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Heart breaking reading your report & watching nhk_news video clip of extensive damages. People come first & then the symbolic fact and video images of 'Japan’s prized bullet trains, parked in a facility, were sitting in a pool of water' adds to my pain. Good luck Japan Incredibly solid infrastructure allowed them to weather this particularly well. So glad that the casualties weren't higher.

Japan cannot get a break...🙏💜💕😘

Rescue efforts begin after typhoon causes flooding in JapanRescue efforts for people stranded in flooded areas have begun. Is japan a raised island above ovean level That why they want all earth they know they seat on strom

Typhoon may bring 2 feet of rain, strong winds to Tokyo area TOKYO (AP) — A powerful typhoon was forecast to bring 2 feet of rain and damaging winds to the Tokyo area this weekend, and Japan 's government warned people Friday to stockpile supplies and... why does this typhoon look like a...nvm Climate change is real.

Typhoon Hagibis to hit Tokyo over holiday weekendThe Japan ese Grand Prix's entire Saturday track programme has been cancelled as powerful Typhoon Hagibis bears down on the Suzuka circuit. Two Rugby World Cup matches scheduled for the same day were also cancelled.

Tokyo eerily quiet, bracing for worst typhoon in 6 decades TOKYO (AP) — Tokyo and surrounding areas braced for a powerful typhoon forecast as the worst in six decades, with streets and trains stations unusually quiet Saturday as rain poured over the... yurikageyama It's already hit ? yurikageyama yurikageyama Please don’t play with the person

Two killed as fierce typhoon hits Tokyo, millions told to evacuateScores injured and millions told to evacuate as a deadly typhoon hits the Japan ese capital, bringing with it the heaviest rain and winds in 60 years It really do be like that sometimes. Climate change is coming to a city near you.. mcspocky They say from the rich and wall street types no climate crisis here yet, there it is in front of us all.

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