Republicans who backed Trump Jan. 6 probe face fierce backlash at the polls

6/30/2022 3:30:00 PM

The votes have fueled a growing anti-incumbent mood among GOP voters that has hit other incumbents too.

Never in nearly 42 years in Congress has Rep. Chris Smith had a primary quite like his last — when he spent the final weeks getting bombarded by angry constituents who felt he crossed former President Donald Trump

The votes have fueled a growing anti-incumbent mood among GOP voters that has hit other incumbents too.

Link CopiedThe New Jersey Republican won renomination with his lowest primary13 points weaker than their average colleague in their primaries, according to a POLITICO analysis of 2022 primary results so far.“Simply being an incumbent puts you in those crosshairs,” said Rep. John Curtis (R-Utah).

which has grabbed the spotlight with televised hearings this month, is not the commission that 35 House Republicans supported. That proposed investigative body died in the Senate, but that nuance is often lost on voters — and ignored by opponents eager to exploit an angry GOP electorate looking to punish any whiff of disloyalty to Trump.

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An even-more conservative GOP will control the House next year, and will use the Dems' own new rules in a brutally effective manor. Reminder: It was Dems' 'new rules' that lead to the Dobbs decision. MikeCrispiNJ Went from 85-90% to 60/40. 2024 he’s gone. cross Trump = support the Constitution 42 years of being a leech is enough.

TRUMP HAD EVERY RIGHT TO CHALLENGE THAT 2020 Election we all know now that they cheated there ass off 2000 MULES proves it. And Joe Biden is destroying America nobody in there right mind voted for him so stop going after TRUMP HE WAS RIGHT IT WAS A STOLEN ELECTION Term limits! 1984 These are the same MAGA cult members who 'don't care' about the hearings which means they 'don't care' to hear the truth. Being told you're wrong is challenging for those with poor coping skills.

This reminds me so much of scientology, where members relentlessly torment and threaten anyone who speaks out against them. In case you haven't figured it out yet, trumpism is a cult. 🙄 Love this bold brave faithful prolife leader!!!! He's a RINO. They all need to be primaried. 42 years in congress. That explains a lot.

Analysis: Jan. 6 committee revelations may give Republicans opening to take on Trump in 2024'For now, those hoping to bar Trump from a return to power have been enormously helped by the select committee and its ever more powerful case that he's unfit for office,' writes Stephen Collinson | Analysis Now that secret service who were actually with Trump in the SUV claim that they are ready to testify under oath that Hutchinson lied, will the J6 Kangaroo committee hold her in contempt and refer her to DOJ? Completely 💯 not fit for office. It's all hearsay on one side. Also, there's nobody that's been brought to the 'stand' in Trump's defense. This would never be allowed in the courtroom. They're putting on a show a reality show and you Twits are falling for it.

Top Trump White House aide to testify before Jan. 6 committeeCassidy Hutchinson, a top aide to Mark Meadows, has been sworn in to testify at the Jan. 6 committee's hearing today. Here's what to know:

Jan. 6 hearing features Cassidy Hutchinson, key witness from Trump White House | Watch liveWATCH LIVE: The House panel investigating the U.S. Capitol insurrection is holding a surprise hearing with a key witness from the Trump White House. Stream now on ABC7. Jan6Hearings But ignore the lunacy from the left, got it 👍

Jan. 6 hearings: Ex-Trump White House aide to testify on Day 6Michael Schmidt discusses significance of Jan. 6 Cmte.'s last-minute hearing to its investigation: 'When you have someone cooperating with need to get everything you can from them in that moment you cannot wait.' Republicans brought down democracy in a violent attack on the capitol! 🤣 Worse than the Holocaust they said, Worse than Pearl Harbor they said, Worse than 9/11 they said, Worse than WWII they said 😅 And BLM terrorist riots for 5 months with dozens of murders was peaceful. . WTH msnbc - you missed a huge opportunity bypassing AliVelshi for the Prime spot - I hope to god you don't lose him, or if you do we get to see him more on a different network. JDBalartMSNBC And can you imagine the amount of threats she is no doubt receiving

Jan. 6 hearing features key witness from Trump White HouseCassidy Hutchinson, a aide in Donald Trump’s White House, is making a surprise appearance Tuesday before the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection — an effort by the panel to provide new details about Trump’s inner circle as he fought to overturn his election defeat. You really need to refine your definition of top aide? Basically your saying anyone, everyone and whoever empties the trashcan qualifies.

Former aide: Trump was told protesters had weapons on Jan. 6An aide testified Donald Trump was told that people rallying on Jan. 6 had weapons but he told officials to 'let my people in' and sent the crowd to the Capitol.

Rep.(CNN) But the sustaining truism of the ex-President's riotous political career -- not to mention a tumultuous personal and business life -- might at least be worth revisiting given staggering revelations this week about his conduct in his final days in office.Axios on linkedin Axios on email An image of Cassidy Hutchinson is shown during the fifth hearing held by the U.More News Videos Former Vice President Mike Pence will testify during Thursday's Jan.

Chris Smith (R-N.J. He saw aides jailed for corruption, coddled tyrants and threw tantrums on the world stage.), who was first elected in 1980, was held under 60 percent in his primary election earlier this month. 6 committee. | Ken Cedeno/Pool via AP By 06/30/2022 04:30 AM EDT Link Copied Never in nearly 42 years in Congress has Rep. He left office in disgrace after effectively inciting a coup in a bid to steal an election he lost and nearly shattered America's traditions of peaceful transfers of power. Chris Smith had a primary quite like his last — when he spent the final weeks getting bombarded by angry constituents who felt he crossed President Donald Trump. The person familiar with the committee's plans to call Hutchinson could not discuss the matter publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

The New Jersey Republican won renomination with his lowest primary vote share ever, after he voted to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan.Former Trump campaign CFO testifies to January 6 committeeThat assumption has now become more complicated. 6 Capitol attack. 6 attack on the Capitol. And his opponent seized on it, stoking an angry and anti-incumbent mood sweeping through Republican primaries around the country.As the committee's vice chair, GOP Rep. Republican members from Utah to Texas to South Dakota who also voted for the Jan. Her planned testimony was first reported by . 6 commission have had a similar experience, marking an especially intense primary season for the GOP." "And he is aided by Republican leaders and elected officials who have made themselves willing hostages to this dangerous and irrational man," the Wyoming Republican added. MORE: 6 in 10 Americans say Trump should be charged for Jan.

The bottom has dropped out for the Republicans who did support a Jan. 6 investigation: They are running 13 points weaker than their average colleague in their primaries, according to a POLITICO analysis of 2022 primary results so far.January 6 committee subpoenas Trump White House counsel Pat Cipollone for testimonyThe possibility is growing that things will get even worse for Trump in the coming days. Hutchinson told the committee she was present when Meadows described hearing Trump's positive reaction to the Capitol rioters calling for then-Vice President Mike Pence to be hanged. But even Republicans who didn’t take that vote are running into stronger primary opposition than in the last midterm, the analysis shows. The average incumbent House Republican pulled 88 percent support in party primaries four years ago.The committee is not a court, and its made-for-television narrative lacks basic ingredients of legal proceedings -- like cross examining of witnesses to test the credibility of testimony. That’s dropped this year to 75 percent for GOP members who didn’t vote for the Jan. Between the lines:. The committee has used the hearings to detail the pressure from Trump and his allies on Pence, on the states that were certifying Biden's win, and on the Justice Department.

6 commission — and cratered to 62 percent for the incumbents who did back it. The first involves Trump's position within the Republican Party. Altogether, the numbers paint a portrait of an angry base sending a message to its ambassadors in Washington: Don’t step out of line, or else. “Simply being an incumbent puts you in those crosshairs,” said Rep.Trump's staying power Despite his staggering litany of scandals, Trump remains the driving force in the Republican Party -- and most handicappers see him as a strong favorite for the GOP's presidential nomination in 2024. John Curtis (R-Utah). POLITICO’s analysis averaged results of all of the completed vote counts in House GOP primaries so far this year. He still fills rallies, most recently in Illinois last weekend.

The current House Select Committee on Jan. 6, which has grabbed the spotlight with televised hearings this month, is not the commission that 35 House Republicans supported. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's speakership dreams rely on Trump's favor, which is one reason he has spent 17 months whitewashing the former President's role in the disaster that unfolded after the last election. That proposed investigative body died in the Senate, but that nuance is often lost on voters — and ignored by opponents eager to exploit an angry GOP electorate looking to punish any whiff of disloyalty to Trump. “The irony is the commission that I voted for would have avoided this current commission,” said Rep. One senior House Republican, who did not back Trump's second impeachment, warned that Hutchinson's testimony would lead to indictments, despite attacks on the credibility of her second-hand story, told under oath, that Trump had tried to grab the steering wheel and a Secret Service agent in his armored SUV on January 6 because he wanted to go to the Capitol. Blake Moore (R-Utah), who won his primary — but, with votes still being tallied, has less than 60 percent support from GOP voters.

“My challenger looks at this as an opportunity, thinking he can disingenuously persuade people otherwise.Still, the fact that Republicans shocked by these events aren't willing to convey their feelings publicly, and the silence of the House GOP leadership, told a story about Trump's enduring power in the party. It’s just not accurate.” Rep.For Trump, there are several reasons why a 2024 campaign announcement sooner or later might make sense, even after this week's extraordinary testimony. Blake Moore (R-Utah) talks to supporters during a Utah Republican election night party on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, in South Jordan, Utah. | George Frey/AP Photo Five of the 35 Republican members who voted for that investigation had primaries on Tuesday night. And it would be easier for Trump to portray any potential charges against him as politically motivated if he's already launched a campaign.

One, Rep. Michael Guest (R-Miss. But the ex-President's outrageous behavior and willingness to torch institutions is central to his appeal.), prevailed after being forced into a runoff in which his opponent continued to weaponize the commission vote. Another, Rep."They have decided that the game and staying within their social circle and owning the libs is more important than doing the right thing for the country," Miller said on CNN on Tuesday. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.

), lost to Rep. Republican voters want to have their grievances and biases reinforced and politicians who give it to them are going to be rewarded," added Miller, author of a new book,"Why We Did It: A Travelogue From the Republican Road to Hell. Mary Miller (R-Ill.) in a redistricting-created clash where Miller leaned heavily on Davis’s Jan.While Trump's wildness is an important factor to his appeal, there are Republicans who may be even more effective at implementing his populist,"America first" agenda with a side of culture war issues. 6 vote. The stats for the commission voters are stark. Ron DeSantis, for example, knows the value of attacking the media and hitting issues like transgender rights, the teaching of race in schools and dismantling Covid-19 protocols when it comes to riling up Trump's base.

Heading into Tuesday’s primaries, more than half (eight out of 15) of the members who voted for the Jan. 6 commission got less than 60 percent of the vote in a GOP primary — dangerous territory for an incumbent. Former prosecutors say blockbuster January 6 testimony increases Trump's criminal exposureA clutch of GOP senators like Josh Hawley of Missouri or Tom Cotton of Arkansas could offer their own hardline visions of conservatism and culture warfare. For comparison: Of the 102 House Republicans who had GOP primaries earlier this year, only 15 of them fell under that threshold. So far only three members who backed the commission have lost, all under additional difficult circumstances. Glenn Youngkin, who won the governors mansion in a state Biden had carried by 10 points just a year earlier, pioneered a new brand of conservatism at arm's length from Trump. One of them also voted to impeach Trump, and two others faced fellow incumbents in redistricting-fueled primaries.

But the specter of costly, months-long primaries and too-close-for-comfort winning margins, which dozens more House Republicans are facing this year, could ultimately deter others from bucking party orthodoxy or taking a tough vote of conscience in the future. The Supreme Court's recent decisions -- like overturning the constitutional right to an abortion and loosening gun laws -- directly highlight Trump's legacy, which would be a powerful argument to GOP voters for him to return to power, if he ever stopped drowning out those accomplishments with whining about the last presidential election. In TV ads, debates and mailers, challengers seized on the Jan. 6 commission vote to cast the incumbents as insufficiently conservative. But a recent poll in New Hampshire showing DeSantis gaining ground among likely GOP voters in the first-in-the-nation primary state caused a real stir in Republican politics. Some were even inspired to launch bids because of the vote. The perils of the vote were apparent from the start of the primary season.The main insight of the 2022 campaign season so far is that there may be more able messengers for Trump's signature political creed.

Rep. Van Taylor (R-Texas), one of the 35 Republicans to back the commission, drew several opponents for his March 1 primary and was ultimately forced into a runoff.Trump fatigue There are a few hints that some Republican voters are beginning to tire of Trump's relentless focus on the last election. (He announced plans to retire shortly after the primary, after admitting to an extramarital affair with the widow of a former member of ISIS.) “Every time I talked, [I] brought it up,” said Keith Self, who won a runoff slot with Taylor and is now the GOP nominee. But Trump's elaborate effort to unseat Georgia Gov. “It was the central point,” Self said.

“There were other votes. And in Colorado on Tuesday night, Republican voters rejected three election deniers running for statewide office. There were other things. But that was a big one. Pennsylvania Republican voters selected an arch election denier, state Sen. I mean I’ll admit that was a big one. It was a big meaningful one here in the district. And in Nevada, Jim Marchant, a vocal proponent of election lies, won the GOP nomination for secretary of state, potentially setting him up to oversee the state's 2024 elections should he win in November.

” In Idaho, GOP Rep. Mike Simpson had to beat back a rematch from an attorney who previously ran against him in 2014 and launched a second bid . But of course, elections do not take place in a vacuum.