Republicans Rally Around Possible Trump 2024 Bid As They Downplay His Role On January 6 - Cnnpoliti

Republicans Rally Around Possible Trump 2024 Bid As They Downplay His Role On January 6 - Cnnpoliti

Republicans rally around possible Trump 2024 bid as they downplay his role on January 6

.@smerconish: “Quite simply, for Joe Biden and Democrats, it's no longer enough to just be an alternative to Donald Trump.”

10/16/2021 4:16:00 PM

.smerconish: “Quite simply, for Joe Biden and Democrats, it's no longer enough to just be an alternative to Donald Trump.”

Nine months after the attack on the US Capitol, Republicans in Congress are defending Donald Trump's role on January 6 in some of their strongest terms yet -- and signaling he'd have widespread backing from the party if he ran for president again in 2024.

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smerconish smerconish smerconish = Tabloid Journalist aka A 'former' RepubliCon ;-)lol smerconish CNN hated Trump but they couldn’t stop talking about him, now it seems like they outright just want him back, he was good for ratings after all. One doesn’t know what or who to believe anymore. What is news or just sectionalism, or simply a ploy for more viewership?

smerconish Democrats do not explain to the citizens over mass media as tv or interviews what are there trying to achieve with the rescue packages etc. also instead of fighting back for every single appearance Republicans make with unreal or untrustworthy information, Democrats do nothing. smerconish Sick of hearing the name trump. Don't want to see his name on the 2024 ballot.

smerconish FFS CNN, When the fk was is ever that?

Trump Testing 2024 Waters By Inciting Iowans To Burn State Capitol To GroundWASHINGTON—Calling the smoldering ruins in downtown Des Moines a potential preview of 2024, pundits theorized Thursday that Donald Trump could be testing the waters for another presidential run by inciting Iowans to burn the state capitol to the ground. “While he has yet to formally announce his intention to run, the… It’s not even satire anymore. The Onion reports on reality and you have to laugh (to prevent yourself from crying). Yeah, this a cult Remember when was the craziest stuff on the internet? Remember when Real Life was crazier than The Onion? We want the fake crazy, not the real crazy. Thank you. This is my Thursday PSA.

January 6 committee seeks to hold Steve Bannon in contempt as ex-Trump aide refuses subpoenaThe House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riots will begin criminal contempt proceedings against former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon. Lock him up! My understanding is its an illegal subpoena, there is no basis in law to force compliance. Shouldn't need bar of soap through jail commissary...doesn't use it anyway 😳😟

Anti-Trump Republicans to back vulnerable Democratic lawmakers in 2022The Renew America Movement, formed by centrist Republicans after the events on January 6, says electing moderates is essential to preserving democracy as they support Democratic and Republican lawmakers facing tough races in next year’s midterm elections They most certainly do not have my support! RINOsNotWelcome

Seth Meyers Laughs At Republicans After Trump Says Their Voters Won't Vote'Sorry you guys bought a ticket on this train wreck and now you can't get off,' the 'Late Night' host said. nice Don't be surprised if he starts his own party.

Opinion | Trump telling Republicans not to vote is the GOP's worst nightmare.zeeshanaleem: Former President Trump is taking his commitment to 2020 election disinformation to the next level — and it should be terrifying his own party. ZeeshanAleem He is up-to something devious you can just smell it. Or is that his diaper ZeeshanAleem The more he talks, the more he exposes who he really is. GwenieThinks ZeeshanAleem

Donald Trump not 'off limits' for a January 6 subpoena, committee chair says'Nobody is off limits to a subpoena from this committee,' House 1/6 Select Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson said. I’m actually disappointed, as I’d heard TGF will go to the opening of an envelope these days. So you'll attempt to bring in Donald, he'll make a big show of resisting, then he'll plead the Fifth. Has anyone ever been more tired of reading and listening to politicians talk about what they're going to do and how? The entire GOP should be subpoenaed by now, including Trump and everyone in his cabinet. Shut up and do it.