Republicans Angered by New House Floor Security Measures -

Democrats plan a second effort to impeach President Trump after the rioting at the Capitol.

1/13/2021 6:30:00 AM

Republicans grew angry after being forced to walk through new magnetometers installed at the entrance of the House floor

Democrats plan a second effort to impeach President Trump after the rioting at the Capitol.

ByKristina PetersonHouse Republicans grew angry Tuesday night after being forced to walk through new magnetometers installed at the entrance of the House floor to make sure those entering are not carrying guns or other prohibited items into the chamber.

U.S. Covid death toll passes 400,000 Trump is handing Biden a more dangerous world. There's only so much the new president can undo Trump's legacy will take years to purge from the American psyche

The new security measures come after a pro-Trump mob breached the Capitol on Jan. 6. Up until now, metal detectors were only at the doors into the Capitol buildings, not into the chambers.“This is horseshit,” Rep. Rodney Davis of Illinois, the top Republican on the House Administration Committee, said Tuesday. “You’re taking valuable resources completely away from where it needs to be.”

Some House Republicans, most vocally freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert (R., Colo.) have pushed to carry their guns within the Capitol complex.Acting House Sergeant at Arms Timothy P. Blodgett sent lawmakers and staff a notice Tuesday saying the screening was aimed at ensuring “compliance with Capitol Police Board regulations concerning firearms and incendiary devices.”

Mr. Blodgett noted that lawmakers are only permitted to have firearms in their own office “pursuant to the firearms regulations that Members received on opening day." Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Inauguration Day and the US Capitol: Latest news

DC and states across the country have bolstered security as they prepare for possible new threats ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday. Follow here for the latest.

Not sure why they complained. Maybe the hamster wheels in their heads go “ ping “ too loud when they go through. 🧐 does it detect hard drives 🤣 Fire them. The ones that don’t like it you can find another job Place a truthometer to walk through to get in... eliminate the stretching of truths and outright lies from both sides, the total lack of respect for each other and none of this stuff going on builds to the point of no return it feels like we are at now

Republican’s do not want more security? Is the brainwashing painful? The world is watching. cult45 trump laurenboebert Of course because they are the law and orde....oh nevermind. They aren't even close to being law and order if they can't follow the simple rule of a metal detector.....they're so sad and pathetic at this point.

Boo Hoo kids at some Americsn high schools do it every day and so do those accessing courthouses. Maybe the GOP shouldn't have helped the nuts attacking congress. They should thank their dear leader! the idiocy, sheer arrogance of these Republicans never fails to astonish. Happy, -- these are your people! This is who you have promoted.....much of this is on the Murdoch pubs -- BE PROUD, OH SO PROUD

Republicans who are pissed are people who carry guns to the floor of the House. An investigation should be opened and any Congressperson that carries a gun onto Capital grounds should be expelled from Congress. Oh Karens If we ask students in our schools to do it then they should have to do it as well They are losers!

Republicans have always been isolated from their decisions. Their fanatical support of the 2ndAmendment kills our children, shoots up our schools and communities... their support of Trump emboldens domestic terrorists that kill people in our churches, synagogues & Capitol. I don't remember laurenboebert using her glock against the angry mob last Wednesday. So why does she insists to carry it? Just another populist, trying to score cheap points while endangering the safety of capital security.

You must be really tough being them… ya think? They shouldn’t be angry. Because they are the created it. I have to every time I enter the court house to pay taxes or get a drivers license. Why are they special? These are just the people for whom the Detectors are bought… Don't complain or whine yes buck up and don't carry guns into Congress dahh bottom line You're just not that special We will only be a footnote in history

Just like going to school. Genuinely surprised this wasn’t already a thing... How do they know it was only Republicans? Why are they crying? If they don’t want to represent the country, they can resign Whatever it takes..But orange 🍊 45 should not be able to RUN, EVER for any office ...and TAXPAYERS should not PAY for a pension , lifetime Secret Service , nor travel benefits. All the dude should get is PRISON TIME..for COVID deaths , caged kids , RAPE , INSURRECTION...etc.

The would be dictators don't like being told what to do. Imagine that. It's thanks to spineless & no morals that GOP helped do this. If they cared more for country and not for a corrupt president... 😠 *THEY'RE* angry!?! Most people have to go through a metal detector to see a sporting event. Insurrection Barbie throwing a fit.

Republican Senators: 'Wahh, it's not fair that I have to go through metal detectors and pat downs! This is communism! I want my freedom!' Also Republican Senators: 'Adding metal detectors to schools to prevent shootings is unfortunately the price of freedom.' I just don’t understand being angry about this after last week. Especially when we know there were people on the inside helping the terrorists.

Your children have to go through something similar for school. We have to walk through metal detectors here in the hospital, my niece walks through metal detectors at school, we have to walk through metal detectors in airports etc. I don't understand Republicans whining about having to do this, what are they hiding?

Why is this a story? Who cares? It is crap journalism like this that keeps our country divided. Were there any Dems that were inconvenienced by this? There is a pandemic going on and millions of people are dying, out of work, etc., and you are discussing new metal detectors. Snowflakes The house would be better off with mental detectors. Nothing found, no entry.

Boo hoo. There are literally national guard members sleeping on the floor to protect them. You gotta be kidding me. Republican brand: the anti-common sense party. what do you mean I can't walk into congress with a gun after aiding a abetting a coup attempt. waaaaaah Are they worried that the staffers will shoot the legislators, or the legislators the staffers?

Maybe they shouldn’t have supported a coup then. she went full Karen. This just in... criminals, by definition, don’t follow the law. The idea that those in the house should be sitting ducks to armed folks who walk around the metal detectors is a special kind of stupid. Welcome to High School. 🙄 Lol she tried to get into the Capitol Building with a gun... she should resign.

I’m sure that they weren’t all angry. So stupid. This is very good news. poor them Um, this happens in all federal facilities after they’ve been attacked. Exile the Maga cult. Too bad so sad. Pure privilege, right here. It's like a queen of England going, 'How DARE you?' Boo Hoo Don’t let them in if the don’t submit to examination.

😂😂😂 Suck it up, Buttercups! You’re the reason why the magnetometers are now needed before entry into the Capitol. Tough cookies. This is on them.This is their job. Suck it up losers. They should be grateful that the rue could actually protect them Why? They show lack of leadership but more defiance. This is why the pandemic is not under control bcuz we have representation like them who make wearing a mask into a political issue when it is not. It’s an obligation and humane thing to do with a virus that is not contained.

Law and order, just a talking point. As was all/blue lives matter cause they don’t care about anyone but themselves. This coming from a conservative, me. They are the reason for the new measures. They were part of the the insurrection! GOPSeditiousTraitors Are they a special, elite class? We all have to walk thru metal detectors before entering fed bldgs, most state gov bldgs and of course to fly due to terrorists.

Obviously the HouseGOP are not carrying guns for defense. It is White Privileges for racist purposes. Oh FFS! Can people shut up already. 5 people are dead, and 75 million people still bitch. Do your job! Not your beliefs. Who were they? Maybe now they understand the heartache and the fears of the children in America go through every day since they've allowed gun violence to kill our teachers and our students.

😊🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😇Amen Ha ! Welcome to our world If they really thought Antifa and BLM People were the ones threatening DC, they would have no problem. They just admitted that the terrorits r their pals. Get used to the way the rest of us have to live these days..... Only Republicans

Thoughts & prayers for their time of crisis. 🤪 Republicans grow angry after being required to do what millions of people do all the time at airports, football games, hockey games, schools, courthouses.... Delicate Snowflakes. Isn’t that just too bad. No doubt it’ll get set off by a few of the members wearing their tin foil hats...

Oh because next time the rioters will wait their turn and go through the metal detector one by one? 🙄😣 Nobody should have accessed that building without going through security in the first place. Should’ve been guarded with deadly force. Whatever it takes..But orange 🍊 45 should not be able to RUN, EVER for any office; and TAXPAYERS should not PAY for a pension , lifetime Secret Service ,travel benefits, etc. All the dude should get is PRISON TIME..for COVID deaths, caged babies, RAPE , INSURRECTION...etc.

Traitors don’t like rules. I don't understand. Why would someone become angry when there was a goddamn armed riot just a few days ago? These people are actually crazy. I have never witnessed such an arrogant entitled group of people as these low class republicans. Trump HATES low class. what kind of entitlement those terrorism inciting, lying, Republicans think they have?

Schools have these in place that kids go through everyday. Such snowflakes to be whining so much. If kids acted like these people, they would be suspended. But they've got no problem with treason Why do they need their guns in house chambers? Are they afraid of another Republican seditionist mob storming the capitol again? Or maybe they know something?

Too fucking bad. DCPoliceDept should’ve kept them out Support an insurrection, get treated as a security threat.... Tough GOP go home then if you can’t follow simple rules Have they never been through TSA check points before? Cry babies Pope Francis calls for restore DEMOCRACY to the American people by replacing Senator-Representative-Governor-Mayor with renewed assemblies made up of US CITIZENS chosen by lot for 1 month giving entitlement to compensatory allowances ( $110 / day ) + job training & accommodation

JessBravin Well, at least magnetometers can be offered as a “downside” to future elected officials’ treasonous actions. We have to go to one when we enter any government buildings and TSA at airports! It is the safety for everyone in the Congress building. As regular citizens, we comply! 🤔 Wait....What.....Republicans are angry at security apparatus that might save their lives?! Do us a favor Rs and resign.

Ya they don’t want to wear masks either. Who are the snowflakes now? They are So out of touch At first I thought it read “MAGA meters.” Ridiculous angry Republicans! Every courthouse in America has one. Most federal buildings too. They should be fined for walking around the security checkpoint. What's up with that? What are they trying to sneak in? Or are they implying CapitolRiots is not a threat coz by their MAGA ?

Fucking first world problems. Go complain to your POTUS! Maybe if he didn’t incite a fucking insurrection where u work this wouldn’t be happening. So sorry. TSA also requires all of their employees to pass through a magnetometer as well. Buck up little campers a huge number of highschools have them too.

Screw them, they are the cause of it. Whiny snowflakes. All of them. Don’t know where these dumb ass disconnected Members of Congress shop, put kids in school, travel, attend sporting events, go to conferences, enter courthouses... Welcome to our America Congress! The Democrats are going all out to destroy the GOP. The Republicans must maintain unity at all times. The matter of President Trump can be resolved within the party. Betrayal of the GOP is the ultimate sin.

As a tax-paying citizen, if you don't like it then fuk off to another job that doesn't pay you with my tax money. Aren’t these the same folks constantly talking about respecting law enforcement and absolute complying with their commands? They are angry because the new security measures make it harder for them to complete their coup.

Suck it up! Can they not keep their objections to themselves? Then their complaints won’t be reported to the rest of the world. No self awareness. None. Republicans cry about everything: Google Tweeter Facebook Magnetometer Redding Instagram Parler Impeachment Shame on Republicans These grown ups are crying worse than our children who have to do it every day at school.

The magnetometers 🧲 are making the white supremacists angry 😡 This should never stop. They should be drug tested too. All of them. Were they concerned that the apparatus may diminish the number of their few remaining brain cells ? And I assume none of them previously worked as teachers, then... insidereporter1 It messes up their plans and schemes

Oh, well pardon the fuck out of me, terrorists. Wow, so happy to hear our congressional leaders argue over metal detectors and not issues facing their constituents. It’s like high school GOPsnowflakes Kids have to do it every day to get into school. They can decline and resign if they can’t accept the world their support of a criminal has created.

Welcome to the world of inner city kids all over the nation. insidereporter1 Why do they always excel at throwing a fit? Those chastity belts... How about adding an active shooter training...with plastic pellets? Like school teachers had to go through? Land of the free but not that free. Unacceptable. Yeah? Tough! The party of lack of sensible gun control, of lies regarding the election! You reap what you sow!

Oh oh no no... u DON’T...think ur going to take my FREEDOM TO do as I want bc I’M a BIG SHOT do you now? I suspect u should have thought about that BEFORE u cast UR LOT with a wanna be demigod and as such r now forced to suffer the slings and arrows of ur complicity. Cry babies Boo. Fucking. Hoo.

Borboert is a complete embarrassment. Colorado. Get her out. Repubs are angry at a metal detector. They are the cause with their cult They weren’t forced, 10 walked around it. S n o w f l a k e Republicans are angry. Always a victim, etc. End tweet. Boebert is a seditionist and needs to resign or be expelled.

To bad. They just trying to keep people safe. Assumed these were already in place. Sadly part of our Society...Malls, schools, sporting events, conferences, airports. Where do these dumb ass disconnects live. Welcome to our world Congress! Children Like Little Lindsey Graham, yells at Sgt of Arms during riot, then proceeds to kiss the Leader of the Riot (Fuhrer) tRump on a luxury trip to TX today. Now he'll bitch about being scaned like other federal workers.

Wait so if you don’t like it then...leave... Isn’t that what they say 🥸 البركة فى سيدكم ترمب هدم المعبد على دماغة ودماغ الجمهوريين Security first. Politics second. What a bunch of babies. Just entitled babies from top to bottom Why should this anger anyone? I have to do it at the airport, kids in many high schools have to do it

❄️❄️❄️ W in the actual F? We've been going through these at every airport and courthouse for the last 20 years. What a bunch of fucking infants. Do they think it was emenating 5G? Get over your POS selves! GOP May they all get a simultaneous fit of apoplexy. They seem to think American democratic freedom means they can do whatever the hell they want. Uh, sry, no. That’s actually not what it means.

Of course they did If us peons are made to go through magnetometers when entering a federal building, why shouldn't House and Senate members? Especially angry untrustworthy Republicans... Will you guys at the Murdoch pubs take any responsibility for this? Nope. Anyone who trusts anything you print is a stone cold fool

Why would they balk at walking through the metal detector? Are they carrying unlicensed weapons? Are they carrying illegal weapons? Are they carrying multiple weapons? Are they embarrassed about the size of their weapons? What is it? LAW AND ORDER The Republican caucus brought this on themselves with complicity in support of a madman in despicabledon. Too damned bad for them. Chose the wrong horse, lose the bet. Pay at the window, please...

What happens when the Republican Voter works out the the SenateGOP HouseGOP lied to them! Welcome to our world Because Joe and Hunter Biden were doing the pat-downs. If it's good enough for the kids of America, why not you? Grow up and read the room. A murderous mob smashed through there less than a week ago. A metal detector is not a big deal.

Entitlement is showing. Apparently there are more terrorists in the Capital, this time wearing fancy clothes. It’s a workplace like any other. Comply! Want to vote show up early. You mean they never had this before! Unbelievable! Have they never been to an airport? What about almost anywhere in DC? smh It is because of THEIR base?

As they should. The whole world now knows they are unarmed, sitting ducks. Just like 9-11 the terrorists have won because of crap like this. Take off your belt and shoes too! That’s a gay-dar device? I am so glad that the world is starting to see how patently foolish 50% of Americans are. This has to be the dumbest four years of recorded history ever.

These fucks belong in jail They are responsible for it so they better be glad anyone’s bothering to try and keep them safe. Ah! Gee wiz!! Is there anyone in the world who feels as entitled as a House Republican? How dare I be forced to face the consequences of my actions! Boo boo! Welcome to the high school you assholes created with your “I should carry my gun” bullshit. ThisIsAmerica

Any rep who doesn't comply with law enforcement instructions should be subjected to the right's suggested response: being shot by police. Do they even listen to themselves? Aw, a bunch of aging White men with a false sense of entitlement. Boo freakin hoo. I'm honestly shocked they didn't have them before. A Dollar General was more secure than the US Capitol 😳

Kids are doing it to go to school. Thousands of high school students have to do it so they can see how it feels. Why use the word magnetometers? Aren’t these metal detectors? Or nah? Why? I have to go though a metal detector at every state and federal building. How pathetic. Republicans are snowflakes