Republican Senator Mitt Romney won't endorse President Trump for re-election

In today's 2020 vision, Utah Senator Mitt Romney's office confirms to NBC today that he is not planning on endorsing in the presidential race.

9/14/2019 1:22:00 AM

'This is as far as one of the most prominent Republican critics of President Trump is willing to go: Just saying he won't endorse.' - ChuckTodd on Sen. Mitt Romney's statement that he won't endorse a candidate in 2020.

In today's 2020 vision, Utah Senator Mitt Romney's office confirms to NBC today that he is not planning on endorsing in the presidential race.

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TeresaC44681354 chucktodd Still wiping that something off his chin when he got on his knees to be a cabinet member in this carnival show chucktodd Oooooooo, you are a fierce one aren’t you Mitt. Taking on the rethuglicans with a master stroke of “no endorsement”. Wow, you’re a brave one ole Mitty. Mom must be proud. Snark intended.

chucktodd Failure to pick an alternative candidate makes him complicit to endorsement of trump. We all know he will vote for trump? chucktodd This is horrible news. chucktodd Oh no, the loser that no one cares for won’t enforce the president. Ha! chucktodd I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ why Donald endorsed this rhino 🦏

chucktodd chucktodd Mitt so brave, not chucktodd WOW what a rebel. chucktodd So grave chucktodd What were you hoping? That he’d decide to endorse one of the crazy loonbags your party is running? chucktodd Non statement. chucktodd Romney is a fool. chucktodd Cowards and traitors comprise today's GOP leaders as trump steers us toward autocracy. They are cowards and/or corrupt and it's not even party over country. It's Trump over country and that's worse.

chucktodd Mitt,we dont want you on our side so thanks. chucktodd Finally a Republican in Congress with the courage to stand up to this ignorant man who thinks he is a president.. chucktodd SenatorCollins won't even be that 'brave'. She's more concerned about losing some votes than she is about the lies, corruption and damage to our country.

chucktodd chucktodd Romney, Graham, Moscowmitch, Jordan are crazy old white men who have long ago lost their “appeal” (on any level) with women who like their men strong, morally sound, principled. These spineless specimens are simply days away from their “depends” and eating their checkers!! chucktodd Because they agree with him. They are behind him. This is who they are

chucktodd He’s never endorsed him. Why is this news? chucktodd MittRomney take a stand. You know this guy is freakin train wreck!! chucktodd Portrait of bravery! 🙄 MittRomney chucktodd chucktodd Maybe some sense is coming to the GOP. Hope Romney's action begins to take hold with the rest of them.

chucktodd Democrat Governor Zell Miller didn’t endorse President Bill Clinton in 1996 despite the fact that he nominated him 4 years earlier. chucktodd The strength this must have taken to speak those words. SenatorRomney chucktodd And with that Trump just gained another million votes 👍👍 chucktodd Some politicians do anything for attention.

chucktodd The guy would make sour lemon taste sweet is the same guy who begged Trump to endorse him for the Senate chucktodd Romney is a spineless wimp. chucktodd For now... chucktodd How about he just doesn't say anyTHING GOOD or even semi decent about Trump? MittRomney That'd be GREAT. Don't say anything nice or swell about Trump.

chucktodd Of course if he had any balls at all he would endorse somebody other than trump.... to be silent is to be complicit chucktodd chucktodd Chicken Shit chucktodd 🤦🏻‍♀️ The man’s a warhorse for truth, isn’t he! Hahahahaha chucktodd L. A. M. E. chucktodd His opposition to Trump was politically calculated and it didn’t pay off. He’s not going to damage his reputation with GOP voters more than it already is just to please Dems who will never support him anyway.

chucktodd Whatever, Mitt. chucktodd Mitt Romney was considered a racist in 2008 chucktodd Mitt has gone rogue. Cue up Trump tweet about him being a loser. chucktodd No profile in courage. chucktodd If I have to hear one more Republican claim that 'you got Trump' because the Democrats didn't stand back and let this privileged non-entity win in 2012... Talk about the 'wimp factor.' The Taliban would be *headquartered* at Camp David if Romney had become POTUS.

chucktodd Spineless. chucktodd “Republican” chucktodd Naaah... He will cave! - mark my words. Remember Lyin’Ted?... chucktodd Again, Romney can stfu. Trump would have never been the republican nominee of he had ran. He chose not to run, using his wife as an excuse. Millions only voted for trump bethey hated Clinton. If he had ran we wouldn't have Trump.

chucktodd I don't think anyone cares. chucktodd Because they actually like everything Trump is doing, just not how open he is about doing it. They don’t mind fascism, they just want a smart fascist chucktodd Wimp!!!! chucktodd Good lord grow a pair chucktodd How is Mitt Romney a ‘top republican‘ exactly?

chucktodd Eventually he will endorse...he always does. chucktodd Just my opinion A Republican who has courage to say in public that that others are afraid to say. you gain my respect chucktodd Big whoop.. chucktodd I seem to recall that things “turned out rather well in ‘16” for PRESIDENT TRUMP WITHOUT Zitt Zombney’s endorsement; for whatever the hell that piddlin’ shit’s worth politically? So again, ZERO fcukz givn Bruh!

chucktodd Who cares about this dimwit chucktodd Have someone explain the magic underwear thing to Trump, lay back and enjoy the tweet storm chucktodd MSNBC his endorsement carries no weight as a loser chucktodd Thank you. chucktodd Big deal. He also claimed he wouldn’t go along with trump on everything but voted WITH trump to remove sanctions against Russian oligarch business.

Backstorymom1 chucktodd still wringing out his magic undies from the last time he tried to get one over on him of rottencrotch fame chucktodd Coward chucktodd Cowards. Before the 2016 election, few, with the exception of Sessions, endorsed Trump. Words of non-endorsement mean nothing. chucktodd Wow Mittens, way to really go out on a limb...🤨 Could you be any more feckless? MittRomney SenatorRomney

chucktodd scfrew chuck todd hes a god damned nazi who wants to kill us all and sfcrew nbc d=for giving him a platrform! anyone who doesng fight nazis is a nazi chucktodd Mr. 'Corporations are people too, my friend.' found his conscience? chucktodd Wow! What courage. chucktodd Spineless ! Why be in the Senate ! Do your Job !!

chucktodd SO chucktodd Grow a pair, Mitt. You're smart enough to know that this man is an existential threat to our democracy. No mundane policy position is worth giving up the freedoms essential to a free society. chucktodd Senators owe the country more than this. What do they think they are elected to do, retire?

chucktodd Who really cares🤦‍♀️ chucktodd Sort of like saying you don't endorse Cancer doh TrumpIsAFelon chucktodd Doubt it. He will still vote for comradetwitler. His words mean less than nothing. chucktodd Mitt you are a Prince chucktodd Pathetic chucktodd Who cares chucktodd It would be a shame if PussyAssBitchMitt started trending.

chucktodd AudreyGarden chucktodd So brave. 🙄 chucktodd Who gives a shit POTUS didn't need it then & now chucktodd SenatorRomney is a fake... We tried to warn UT he was a back-stabber! InvestigateMitt chucktodd milk toast chucktodd Anyone but trumpdog chucktodd Effete chucktodd Sssssss. Snake speaks

chucktodd This is News? chucktodd Prominent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sure ok chucktodd Sketchy. Forever Sketchy chucktodd chucktodd chucktodd Mitt forgot to put on his balls today. chucktodd Weasel chucktodd Cause it aint Romney - God now i see this is a Chuck Todd...thats why it is so stupid. chucktodd Who cares

chucktodd Coward chucktodd A true Republican profile in courage. chucktodd chucktodd What bravery. chucktodd So bold and brave. 😂😂😂 chucktodd That’s what he says now! Wait until tRump gets done with him. chucktodd ? so MSNBC who is this “most prominent Republican critic” you speak of...and why then is Romneys pic on this lead.?

chucktodd This is like Elrond saying 'I'm not voting for Sauron, but y'all are on your own to beat him.' chucktodd And no one cares. Romney is a POS. chucktodd This is terrible news. chucktodd False, nobody cares what RINORomney says. If he DID endorse Trump it would be a bigger issue than if he didn't.

chucktodd I never thought I would say it but there is at least one smart republican that is not scared of the idiot in WH. Moscow Mitch can learn from him! chucktodd He will. Eventually he will. chucktodd Mitt, what the H has happened to you? You used to be a man of principle.

Romney says Trump was right to not cut capital gains taxesIn a letter, Romney said he welcomes "President Trump’s focus on the welfare of American workers." Nobody gives a shit what Romney says. It only gets reported when he disagrees with Trump. 😂😂😂! The vulture capitalist of yore re-launches into the public space!

USA TODAY @USATODAYPresident Trump speaks at a House Republican retreat ahead of the Democratic debate tonight. I’m sure it’s completely coherent & professional 🙄 Who cares he’s an old man with dementia!! There’s a nursing home 100 ft away from my place if I want to listen to old people with dementia I go there , and at least these people aren’t evil I envy America, President Trump.

Rick Santorum Hits Trump With A Stark Warning About His 2020 Chances"These are not good numbers," the former Republican senator said on CNN.

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