Republican rep defends comparing Jan. 6 rioters to 'tourists'

In May, Andrew Clyde compared the Jan. 6 riot to 'a normal tourist visit.' This week, he was given a chance to walk it back. It didn't go well.

7/30/2021 9:01:00 AM

.MaddowBlog: In May, Rep. Clyde compared the Jan. 6 riot to 'a normal tourist visit.' This week, he was given a chance to walk it back. It didn't go well.

In May, Andrew Clyde compared the Jan. 6 riot to 'a normal tourist visit.' This week, he was given a chance to walk it back. It didn't go well.

.GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde (Ga.) defended his description of rioters walking through the Capitol on Jan. 6 appearing to look like a "normal tourist visit" during a committee meeting on Tuesday. The heated exchange occurred hours after four police officers appeared before the select committee probing the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, offering harrowing testimony that recounted scenes of chaos, violence and destruction from the insurrection.

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During a House Rules Committee hearing, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) asked Clyde if he stood by his earlier rhetoric. The Georgian asked that he be quoted directly.Raskin obliged, reading Clyde's comments from May:"Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall showed people in an orderly fashion, staying between the stanchions and ropes taking videos and pictures. You know, if you didn't know the TV footage was a video from January 6, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit."

Reminded of his own words, Clyde responded,"And I stand by that exact statement as I said it." Read more: MSNBC »

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MaddowBlog Go get him, Rachel!! MaddowBlog He did a great job finally forcing the LIARS to hear his actual words referring to the very orderly entering and exiting of the Capitol rotunda and only that and nothing else. MaddowBlog This weasel needed to change his underwear as soon as the treasonous mob was disbanded. That smell coming from him wasn’t aftershave lotion. He needed a new pair of Huggies.

MaddowBlog 7 Democrats Voted for the Benghazi Investigation. MalcolmNance MaddowBlog Tourists at the Capitol! MaddowBlog Hey Clyde the glyde quit sniffing glue snd trump Lysol MaddowBlog Unknown group of people vandalized NLD party office in Madaya & burned the papers & documents. Locals believe that military terrorists are behind this act. SIGN THE PETITION FOR NUG Aug1Coup WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

MaddowBlog Clyde hugging the he-she Neanderthal Looking Greene. Dirt bags MaddowBlog The two huggers are both GA representatives. They both believe the lie. What does that say about Georgia. MalcolmNance MaddowBlog Do you love me daddy? I'm a good girl, right daddy? Say you love me daddy. Please daddy, please.

MaddowBlog They should put him in a room with the policeman that were beaten & see if he likes a normal tour of the station

Opinion | These DOJ decisions may undermine Trump's Jan. 6 legal strategyOpinion | Dennis Aftergut and Eugene R. Fidell: These DOJ decisions may undermine former President Trump's Jan. 6 legal strategy. - NBCNewsTHINK THINK I AM DESPERATELY BEGGING FOR HELP AT THIS POINT!!!! I am a single father of a disabled toddler, We are about to lose what little we do have we need to get caught up on expenses and replace our car ASAP God Bless you all!!!

MaddowBlog Media is the real pandemic MaddowBlog So hard to stomach the GOP MaddowBlog Rep_Clyde Yo, bro; that you? It's okay. I too scream in terror when peaceful tourists visit my workplace. MaddowBlog For Ignorance to win. It must be supported. MaddowBlog I get what Rep. Clyde is doing. He is cherry-picking the footage of rioters, just marching through Statuary Hall. As 'peaceful' as they may appear to be, they were still part of a hostile occupation. Had anyone tried to stop them, things would have turned real ugly, real fast!

MaddowBlog The nonstop obsession by the left over 1 riot by the right yet silent over all the disturbances, destruction, burning, looting, rioting all over by the left w 19 dead, and have you forgotten the attack on the White House by them last yr causing Trump to go the bunkers MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Clyde was lying of course, but also sincere: His life was never in any danger, these were his party's people coming to eliminate his opponents. Only 'barricaded' as if he'd opened the doors, those on democracy's side would've snapped his neck before his fellow terrorists got in.

MaddowBlog They are responsible for the deaths and violence at the capital building and need to be charged with treason against the US government . MaddowBlog I've never gone on a tour where I've had to duck for cover & was scared for my life. Clyde looks pretty petrified in this photo. This is no tour!!! These GOP politicians are doing a poor job at trying to gaslight us into believing their lies about 1/6.

Why Jim Jordan should probably expect a subpoena from Jan. 6 panel.MaddowBlog: Rep. Jordan appears to have finally conceded that he did talk to fmr. President Trump on Jan. 6. It's why he should probably expect a subpoena. MaddowBlog Put his A** in the can!!!! MaddowBlog That’s why they don’t want the investigation. MaddowBlog sure he did---they were all in on it

MaddowBlog ONLY DOUBLE DOWN ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN MaddowBlog Shameful MaddowBlog It was , officers opened the doors , allowing protesters in telling them “stay between the ropes” where they wandered around the building taking photos while the violent element arranged by FBI raged outside.

Retired Capitol Police officer on members downplaying Jan. 6: 'It's a shame before God'NBC's Garrett Haake and Scott MacFarlane share updates on the Jan. 6 riot investigation after Capitol police officers testified at yesterday's first House select committee hearing. Frank Figliuzzi breaks down the legal road ahead as the probe continues, and retired Capitol Police officer, Butch Jones, reacts to members of Congress downplaying Jan. 6. 'I think this is an embarrassment to our country,' he tells Stephanie Ruhle. Not condoning violence from any side but at least this 1 riot by the right was done in defense of the country where they felt the government was going against it, while the left riots all over against the government and against the country and over crap We must defend & keep our republic. Or we will lose it. This warning from Dec. 15th outlines what Donald & his traitorous agents did from Nov. 4th, 2020 onwards to prepare for his insurrection to overthrow our republic. Samsung leaks: Z Fold3’s S Pen case, Z Flip3 renders, and water resistance leaks Samsung's Galaxy A52 is getting the August 2021 Android security patch already

A majority of Americans support a congressional Jan. 6 investigationA majority of Americans support a congressional investigation of the January 6 insurrection, according to new Politico/Morning Consult polling. SharylAttkisson A legitimate investigation, absolutely. Nope... When is the real investigation going to start? So far, all we have heard is 4 officers testify about one Capital entrance that was never breeched. It seems like there was so much fighting at this one entrance, because the officers keep pushing forward and striking people.

Fox News Contributor Calls Police Officer Testifying About Jan. 6 a “Crisis Actor”A case study in the corporate news channel’s working relationship with the severely deranged fringe. Speaking of playbooks……. Must be amazing living in a fantasy world where you can change reality to whatever you want just by imagining it.

Rep. Raskin on GOP’s Jan. 6 coverup: ‘I just can’t take the lying anymore’Rep. Jamie Raskin: “I probably am representative of most of my Democratic colleagues and even some of Republican colleagues in that I just can’t take the lying anymore. I don’t want to be party to propaganda and disinformation and the suppression of the truth.” he should also see how much involvment the FBI had in this. did they help plan it or did they let it happen. nice jodiafowler I also taught my son that liars can't be trusted for anything, that's the GOPDeathCult, all lies and chaos! Never trust anything they say, watch what they do!