Republican National Committee, Michigan GOP ask state board to delay certifying election results

President Donald Trump lost Michigan to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden by about 154,000 votes.

11/22/2020 3:11:00 AM

President Donald Trump lost Michigan to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden by about 154,000 votes.

Michigan's elections board recommended certification, saying Detroit had fewer problems than the August primary and the 2016 presidential election.

Detroit Free PressThe Republican National Committee and Michigan Republican Party released a letter Saturday urgng the Michigan Board of State Canvassers to delay certification of Michigan's statewide election results for 14 days and audit Wayne County's general election results.

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The state board is made up of two Republicans and two Democrats and it is scheduled to meet Monday to certify the results.President Donald Trump lost Michigan to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden by about 154,000 votes. Trump has made unsubstantiated allegations of election irregularities in Detroit.

The letter, written by Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who is from Michigan, and Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox, said ita request by John James, a Republican candidate for the U.S.Senate, to investigate the county's results for what it called election"irregularities." Unofficial results show James lost to Democratic incumbent Gary Peters, but James has not yet conceded.

More:GOP Senate candidate John James asks Board of State Canvassers to delay certification"To simply gloss over those irregularities now without a thorough audit would only foster feelings of distrust among Michigan’s electorate," the letter reads. "In light of the already unprecedented nature of this election — conducted largely by mail in the midst of an ongoing pandemic — it would be a grievous dereliction of this Board’s duty to the people of Michigan not to ensure that the irregularities identified by the James campaign are thoroughly investigated by a full audit before certifying Wayne County’s results."

The alleged irregularities mentioned in the letter, even if true,the results in the state. Election law experts have said the board is required to certify the results. Civil rights leaders have said the delay in certifying the results would disenfranchise mostly minority voters.

The staff of the state boardreleased a report Fridayrecommending certification of the vote and saying Detroit experienced fewer problems in the Nov. 3 general election than the August primary and the 2016 presidential election."As in past elections, some jurisdictions made errors in reporting unofficial results," the report said."These errors are all attributable to human error in the operation of tools used to report unofficial results, did not affect the actual tabulation of votes, and were identified and corrected."

More:Election law experts tell Michigan Board of Canvassers to certify electionThe letter from the GOP said Republicans would not trust the election results and referred to other states such as Georgia that have ordered a full, statewide audit by hand.

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"(Georgia Secretary of State Brad) Raffensperger noted that though he thought it was very unlikely that recount would overturn the state’s election results, there was no reason to hurry certification along without first ensuring that all reported procedural irregularities were fully examined," the letter states.

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You mean he was cheated by Biden No. No delays. This is outrageous. No need to delay. Certify the results and let's move on. Boo! Let it go *presidential candidate This feels dangerously close to election tampering. The process follows a timeline and brokers no interference. If you can’t get with the program get the hell out of the way.

It’s amazing that they don’t want to stop certification in the states Trump won. If an recount and audit was done in SC, NC, Kentucky and some other red states they’d find Biden won or got more votes than given. Harrison likely won SC. They knew what to do for Graham. Nope 😂🤣 Nope Most interesting is the incoming votes.

Celestebyrne3 This is all about Shirkey & Chatfields visit. Wow, so the Bully got his Ass kicked .... and his supporter got their asses Nailed ... simultaneously I’d truly like for republicans to explain their defense of trump’s dereliction of duty to his oath of office to our country. It’s indefensible and a crime against humanity to allow this.

This is how democracy dies, Not through violence, But a president’s lies. Why the GOP think they have so much power. tiredofyall I hope those people loose their seats in two years. Sidney Powell already spilled the beans when she revealed that the end game was to delay until House Republicans can vote Trump back into office.

Sad when 6 million people say you should have been IMPEACHED and THROWN OUT OF OFFICE. 138K of which showed up all at once at 3am after telling observers that they were done counting for the night and sent them home.... Where does her money come from IRS? An elected member of the Florida legislature tweeted this. The moral degradation of the Republican Party is an ongoing danger to our democracy.

KamalaHarris realDonaldTrump I know people will read this.Trump is a rich con artist guys need to realize he is playing games with everyone.Some of us are naive.Can't you guys see?He knows he lost fair and square.He is making us out cheater's. Republican party has now joined Trump's campaign to destroy democracy in the United States. Democrats should now use every legal maneuver they can to obstruct every Republican candidate in elections that have not yet been declared, including the ones coming up in Georgia

JohnJamesMI. This is your second time losing an election. MI voters are trying to tell you something but, you're not listening. You and realDonaldTrump lost. End of story. Accept it. Move on. Get a life. What hypocrisy! Ms. McDaniel who is from MI, promised Trump that state. She is still trying to figure out what the heck happened.

How does it feel to the manipulated my organized crime. All the trouble created by organized crime. A killer virus in the middle of an election. Trouble will always search for trouble. The Democrats search for trouble. This election should be rejected. Cursed The GOP is a corrupt organization. Crime Family - Imgflip

realDonaldTrump SidneyPowell1 Trump,you must overturn this sham election.There were no excuses to shut all the machines in battle States to recount next days while our president was way ahead late night 12 am&Biden panicked&came out at 11pm scared&desperate Trump is alleging 11 different states in a gigantic conspiracy with the biggest cities in the US all joining in to somehow manufacture votes & change mail-in ballots, look & copy millions of signatures; & somehow throw the election to Joe Biden? (with help from dead Chavez!)

Why are the Republican senators & governors who won in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan aren’t screaming Voter Fraud? It’s the same ballot! What 'irregularities'? People actually voting!? Did this include the US ballots counted in Germany and Spain by a Venezuelan company? Donald's cheaters.

The Republican National Committee and Michigan Republican Party - Molesters of democracy. I think its time... That's a lot of people Orange wants to disenfranchise. 😂 DON'T WORRY I’M GOING TO STEAL ELECTORAL VOTES FROM BIDEN WHILE NO ONE'S PAYING ATTENTION! I'll have reps from Michigan lie to keep media off our backs. Everyone will be distracted by tweets & fake news like Don jr.'s Covid. It'll be too late for them to stop the switch.

End of an Error. The weight of realDonaldTrump whoppers is no match for democracy.