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2020 Election, Trump-Ukraine Whistle-Blower Complaint And Impeachment Inquiry

Republican Impeachment Defense Claims Trump’s Ukraine Pressure Was Apolitical

In a report intended to counter Democrats’ impeachment case against President Trump, Republicans will argue his efforts to get Ukraine to investigate his rivals had nothing to do with politics.

12/3/2019 12:09:00 AM

In their impeachment defense of President Trump, House Republicans will argue that his decision to withhold military aid from Ukraine was based on “valid” concerns and not politics, a conclusion that's at odds with sworn testimony from the inquiry

In a report intended to counter Democrats ’ impeachment case against President Trump, Republicans will argue his efforts to get Ukraine to investigate his rivals had nothing to do with politics.

4:56 p.m. ETWASHINGTON — House Republicans plan to argue that President Trump was acting on “genuine and reasonable” skepticism of Ukraine and “valid” concerns about possible corruption involving Americans, not political self-interest, when he pressed the country for investigations of his Democratic rivals, according to a draft of a report laying out their impeachment defense.

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In a 123-page document that echoes the defiant messaging that Mr. Trump has employed in his own defense, the Republicans do not concede a single point of wrongdoing or hint of misbehavior by the president, according to a copy reviewed by The New York Times ahead of its planned release on Tuesday.

The report amounts to a pre-emptive attack by some of Mr. Trump’s most ardent supporters against Democrats’ arguments for impeachment. The Democrats have finalized a written report of their own and are scheduled to vote on Tuesday to transmit it to the House Judiciary Committee, kick-starting

the next phase of the impeachment inquiry in the House as it barrels toward a likely voteon articles of impeachment.In the Republicans’ dissenting views, they argue that after two months of investigation, the evidence “does not support” that Mr. Trump withheld a coveted White House meeting for Ukraine’s president or nearly $400 million in security assistance for the country as leverage for securing the investigations.

The conclusion is at odds with sworn testimony from senior American diplomats, White House officials and other administration officials who recounted how Mr. Trump sought to use American influence over Ukraine to suit his domestic political purposes, repeatedly insisting that President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine announce investigations into former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and an unproven claim that Ukraine conspired with Democrats to interfere in the 2016 election.

Rather than take those assertions at face value, the Republicans charge that they came from civil servants who dislike Mr. Trump’s agenda and style and are therefore allowing themselves to be part of a push by Democrats to undo the results of the 2016 election and thwart Mr. Trump’s re-election chances in 2020.

“The Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is not the organic outgrowth of serious misconduct; it is an orchestrated campaign to upend our political system,” the Republicans wrote. “The Democrats are trying to impeach a duly elected president based on the accusations and assumptions of unelected bureaucrats who disagreed with President Trump’s policy initiatives and processes.”

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The argument mirrored one made at the White House on Monday by Kellyanne Conway, Mr. Trump’s counselor, who sought to portray Democrats’ case as flimsy.“One out of 12 people had ever talked to the president of the United States and met him or discussed Ukraine with him — that is just mind-boggling to me,” Ms. Conway said, referring to the number of current and former government officials who testified publicly in the inquiry. “And we are supposed to impeach the president for high crimes and misdemeanors for that reason?”

Ms. Conway also dared the chairman of the Intelligence Committee who has been leading the inquiry,Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, to testify publicly during the Judiciary Committee’s proceedings about his handling of the case. If he did, she promised to “show up on behalf of the White House,” which on Sunday declined to participate in a hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

Hours later, the Judiciary Committee unveiled the panel of constitutional scholars its members would question in that hearing to help inform its debate over whether Mr. Trump’s conduct was impeachable. The witnesses are Noah Feldman of Harvard Law School, Pamela S. Karlan of Stanford Law School, Michael J. Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina Law School and Jonathan Turley of the George Washington University Law School. Mr. Turley was invited by Republicans on the panel.

Democrats are expected to argue the virtual opposite of the Republican report. They will conclude, based on witness testimony and documentary evidence, that working with allies inside and outside his administration, Mr. Trump used the power of his office to pressure Ukraine to do his bidding in order to gain an advantage in the 2020 race.

Democrats’ case centers ona July phone callin which Mr. Trump pressed Mr. Zelensky to investigate Mr. Biden and the claim that Ukraine worked with Democrats to subvert the 2016 election. It is also likely to charge that Mr. Trump conditioned the White House meeting and military assistance money on a public commitment to the investigations.

The minority report was compiled by committee staff for the top three Republicans on the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight and Reform Committees.Itessentially formalizes a range of defenses Republicans road-tested during two weeks of public impeachment hearings

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in the Intelligence Committee last month. For members of the Judiciary Committee and the larger Republican conference in the House, it provides several alternative tacks for defending Mr. Trump or at least arguing against impeachment.If the Democrats’ case hinges on linking actions by Mr. Trump and his agents to a unified pressure campaign, the Republican defense is staked on pulling those pieces apart and offering an alternate explanation for each.

Many of the actions in question, Republicans argue, stem from Mr. Trump’s “longstanding, deep-seated skepticism of Ukraine due to its history of pervasive corruption.”“Understood in this proper context, the president’s initial hesitation to meet with President Zelensky or to provide U.S. taxpayer-funded security assistance to Ukraine without thoughtful review is entirely prudent,” the Republicans wrote.

Likewise, they argued, there was “nothing wrong with asking serious questions” about Mr. Biden and his younger son, Hunter Biden, who served on the board of a Ukrainian energy firm when his father was vice president, or about “Ukraine’s attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election.”

Though some officials who testified before the inquiry said that Hunter Biden’s role had prompted concerns about the appearance of a conflict of interest, no evidence had emerged to support any accusations of wrongdoing. And Mr. Trump’s own former national security advisers testified that the concerns he raised to Mr. Zelensky about 2016 were conspiracies promulgated by Russia to absolve its own interference campaign in 2016 and harm American democracy. They said the president had repeatedly been told as much.

Republicans also argued there was “nothing inherently improper” with Mr. Trump empowering Rudolph W. Giuliani, his private lawyer who led the push for investigations, to help steer Ukraine matters, despite testimony that there was widespread alarm at Mr. Giuliani’s involvement.

Fiona Hill, the former top Europe and Russia adviser at the White House, testified that her boss,Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are also investigatingwhether Mr. Giuliani’s Ukraine work broke the law.The report spends relatively little time on the smear campaign by Mr. Giuliani and other Trump allies targeting Marie L. Yovanovitch, the former American ambassador to Kyiv, or Mr. Trump’s directive to remove her from her post months ahead of schedule.

Ms. Yovanovitch’s removal is a key plank of Democrats’ casethat Mr. Trump shunted aside the proper foreign policy apparatus to secure what he wanted from Ukraine, politically beneficial investigations.Republicans do not suggest that Ms. Yovanovitch was treated fairly, but they play down her removal, arguing that it had no meaningful effect on her and writing that it was “not per se evidence of wrongdoing for the president’s political benefit.”

The report also repeatsfamiliar Republican grievancesabout the denial of “fundamental fairness” in the investigative process put forward by Democrats. Mr. Trump’s decision to discourage participation in the inquiry, they wrote, was “a legitimate response to an unfair, abusive, and partisan process, and does not constitute obstruction of a legitimate impeachment inquiry.”

Democrats do not see it that way, and have prepared a catalog ofthat could form the basis for its own article of impeachment in the Judiciary Committee. Read more: The New York Times »

Enough already. They are all lying to cover the truth. Democrats are trying to impeach Trump for wanting to know about Bidens crimes, but are okay with Bidens crimes. Someone explain that. What testimony? Oh, you mean the OPINION committee. No evidence, your not even good mind readers. Surely we must rely on the testimony of people who DIDN'T even hear the phone call OVER the ACTUAL transcript itself 🙃🙃 🙃🙃 Thank for clarifying that NYT.

Giuliani will further this disinformation by presenting his fake documents from Ukraine saying Ukraine has misspent the $ See ink on Giuliani's hands in photo from Ukraine last Thursday LockThemAllUp Read the transcript Why are they entertaining the liberal swamp. In what court room on America is some prosecutor presenting a case on some he say she say mess? No damn where!

if they're so valid then why give them the aid? if they're so corrupt why is RG there gathering 'evidence' from them? Your time is up New York Times BLAH BLAH BLAH Republicans become cowards become worse than animals let this guy so cool president get away with what he's done and because of him a 16 year old died did the care border patrol how many more do we need to listen to beat your child. put trump in jail

Regardless of one's politics, the impeachment of Trump in the context of this political environment is tactically impossible as it creates far too dangerous societal and legal precedents. With this understanding, it's clear that the whole inquiry is a hollow smear campaign. Problem is... he thinks everyone should be BETTER at corruption. Perhaps he can teach a class while in prison. Something like “ Corruption Classes for Beginners.?” (Junior College and Technical Level.) Yes?

Why can’t he hold back military aid when he held it back for reasons of viability do to corruption! He held back money to other countries who didn’t have democrats families making millions at that same time but that was ok? Democratic cover up Trump had/has valid concerns- about Biden running against him in 2020! If anybody lacks the absolute moral authority to speak out against corruption it's Trump LOL. 🙄🤯

They have nothing.... Where is the validity of the right he had to withhold aid from Ukraine , other than the investigation of Joe Biden son , produce the evidence to the public ! I still cannot believe we have a nazi in the white house who cannot wait to please Russia. We also have a political party that helps or is willing to help our enemies.

Okay, that'll be fun. I hope they realize that the country won’t let them sweep this under the rug. BS Oh, I just read that Giuliani is over in The Ukraine BACKTRACKING and posting it on Facebook. Save it Rudy! We already know it wasn't really about corruption. Trump should go under oath with his side of the story. I have no respect for him dodging the legal process nor taking opportunity to defend himself. SHOW UP OR SHUT UP!


Yeah and the New York times is about as valid and truthful as CNN 🤭🤣😂😅😆😅😜😝😛🤣😅😂😊🤣😂😜😝😝😄😅🤣😂😂😂🤣😝😊 GOP 🤥🤥🤥🤥 What concerns? That the new Ukrainian administration wouldn’t be corrupt enough to do what Trump wanted without twisting their arm? What are the “valid” concerns on Trump, except just being an ass&le? The economy? Jobs? Ukraine? Please list the complaints on how your life has gone so horribly bad that you can’t wait for the next election. I think you’re worried the “PEOPLE” will vote him back in

So now he’s a detective for our intelligence agencies, as well as treasurer for NATO? I call bull shit! The .GOP cannot dispute the established facts - so they will pretend that they don't exist! GOPCorruptionOverCountry Shame on you GOP for sweeping all these dirts under the rug. The people of this country are sick of your lies and your continued actions to remain fraudulent while eroding our constitution and our Democracy. History will never forget this day and this moment.

GOP bully tactics of and upon the American people will NOT change the facts. When Nixon was impeached not all witnesses were fact witnesses. And yes hearsay is admissible under this circumstance. These expert witnesses are expert witnesses not fact witnesses. GOP STOP THE LIES Due to a) Total agreement by all witness Ukraine was totally corrupt b) Documented proof Ukraine worked w paid DNC rep to impact the 2016 elections (aka foreign influence) WE wanted absolute confidence they would investigate&assure it wont happen in 2020 ImpeachingHearings

right. Sworn witness hearsay should be the headline The corruption concerns are VALID. Aid was NOT withheld at all, only delayed. Ukraine was not even aware of the delay. All ambassadors testified of no explicit condition made on aid. Trump even said 'I want nothing... except that Ukraine do the right thing.'

I absolutely agree Trump has valid concerns. He is desperately concerned he is going to lose the 2020 election & is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Republican defense of the Donald If he had valid concerns why didn’t he tell congress, per ICA rules? This story of theirs is utter bullshit and it’s amazing they think anybody is dumb enough to buy it!

You mean the sworn testimony that said, Trump asked no one on the planet for a Quid pro quo? Or how the the President of the Ukraine doesn't know what the Dems are going on about? Liars. Sworn Assumed, Presumed and Hypothesized Testimony! Geez! NYT you have an honest bone in your building? L I A R S !!!!!!!!

Look at those masterminds... yeah... talks... ideas... stuff... If the concern is internal corruption in Ukraine, where is the equivalent effort in other U.S. aid-receiving countries with demonstrably at least as much corruption? ChildsRt2BOk If Trump was so worried about Ukraine corruption then why wasn’t He concerned about . The corruption report that was produced By the Senate Republicans containing Corruptions of Russia intervention in His 2016 Presidential campaign.

Yup. Because Hunter Biden’s behavior, and Joe Biden’s excuses for it, is an obvious red flag. To ignore it would be a dereliction of the President’s duty to enforce the federal law (see Constitution). Trump is the people’s elected advocate. Biden is a private citizen. More lies from the left. Not one single witness had direct testimony of anything wrong. Just presumptions based on false assumptions.

That picture is a circle of corruption, lies & embarrassment to the world. Vote republicans out 💙💙💙💙💙 Let’s here about Devon Weasel If that be the case , what was his source for the info, and why did he just mention the Biden’s in the transcript? Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha.

The evidence disagrees. The only thing corrupt about Ukraine is Trump It was!!! GOP says trump was aware of corruption as,why he would not release money. GOsPeak, they would not give him kickbacks. PutinsGOP doesn't care that Trump's a Corrupt Liar who considers himself above the law & ignores the Constitution! Americans rejecting TrumpsTraitorousBehavior MUST support his ImpeachmentAndRemoval! RemoveGOP2SaveDemocracy & VoteBlueNoMatterWho

Why wasn't Trump concerned about 'Corruption' when Trump gave military aid to Ukraine in 2017 & 2018? His supporters only care about the financial gains they are making by supporting Trump. SO WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSE TO 'GET OVER' HILLARY,BIDEN'S,KERRY'S & OBAMA'S POLITICAL FAVORS FROM UKRAINE (PRE TRUMPS POTUS) AND JUST FOCUS ON WHAT TRUMP ASKED THE UKRAINES PRESIDENT? I DONT THINK SO..WHY AREN'T YOU INVESTIGATING THE CLINTONS,OBAMA,KERRY & BIDENS ?

Go Republicans!! Stand Up, SupportOur President & Always Tell The Truth!! Be of Good Courage !! But they are lying. Another reminder to vote for Democrats up and down the ballot. Only way to save our nation. For a nation that is rife with corruption and with the current President running on stamping out corruption in Ukraine... How is this not aligned? Oh and the no mention of quid pro quo or strings attached... And the Ukranian President stating no pressure...

Love New York Times well your great Investigating reporters Why do the Tepublivans always have to have an answer, when in fact none of the Democrats have to explain any of their actions as if they were concrete. THEY ARE NOT! They are doing DARK/EVIL THINGS AND WE THE PEOPLE MUST STOP THEM IN THEIR TRACKS!

FakeNews The President didn’t show signs of concern during the first two years of his term. Anyone with a functioning brain, can see through that BS. Trump was attempting to cheat, again. Americans are not stupid and if the Rs continue to support corruption, none will be re-elected. $516 billion deficits prior to Potus proves previous Administrations did not have America as a priority. It’s our President duty to protect our funds. Ukraine was a corrupt nation.

I have valid concerns about Republicans! This political party is in the verge of being extinct DevinNunes, Jim_Jordan, Minority counsel Steve Castor, what are y’all calling “valid concerns” Bull💩!!! Even still didn’t he hold up our tax dollars without Congressional consent in an abuse of his power. If he was not satisfied with the DOD report, he could have asked them to recheck their findings. At the very least, he should have consulted someone about his concerns..you know, if he had any.

I amazed at how these guys breathe with their heads so far up Trump’s ass. Ignoring facts to protect your party’s President isn’t Party Before Country, it’s treason. LockTheGOPCongressUp Why mention Biden then. Nice try Traitors. Do your job you took the oath for and follow the evidence for America not Trump

The most corrupt country in the world is Ukraine 🇺🇦 Every witness Democrats put forth, they agreed. Trump2020 Did he do literally anything else about the 'valid' concerns beside withhold aid in exchange for announcing an investigation? Not even a real investigation, but just the announcement. Everyone knows he couldn't care less about Ukrainian corruption, even HouseGOP.

Look! That's what crooks look like. HouseGOP know your audience, fools. The American taxpayers will vote with fury Nov.2020. VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 BS Chuck that noise, and phuck trump too. Can't wait for him to out of the WH. Let's hope it's not too late to fix his messes. They are conceding then? The GOP has plenty of skeletons. They’ll do whatever Putin wants

Odd. Only concerned re Ukraine corruption, even tho intel reported to Congress prior to allocating funds that Ukraine was handling corruption...and only Bidens mentioned. Dummy MAGAts would buy that💩. BTW, no problem giving aid to Turkey? Israel? So by having them investigate the Bidens, that would end all corruption in Ukraine?

Donald Trump 's Valid Concerns are all about him!!! So now with the history of conjobs, and corruption from Trump that goes back to the 70s we are suppose to believe this statement that he is concern about corruption in other countries. Yea. And Trump University was a great school Context in the headline. This is such an improvement.

There are great comments that highlight the weaknesses in the Republicans’ defense. I’d like to add one more. They are claiming this is an outrageous political attack on Trump. They don’t give the Democrats any leeway for misinterpreting Trump’s actions. Very disingenuous. CoryFrizzell HEY GOONS- I told You 2 plus 2 equals FOUR!

Oh what webs we weave....... DespicableGOP GOPLies UkraineBribery ImpeachTrump The only thing missing from this photo is the clown car! Who can believe that? The concerns were so strong. Devon Nunez the traitor need it to go to Austria to meet with crooked Ukrainian attorney general to get dirt on Bidens. A RUSSIAN PLOT.

We see the evidence guys. We understand the motivation, the wording, the timing and the CYA. Valid? Valid to the extent you'll do anything to keep your fat seats in Congress. NYT. “ valid “. Typical. The GOP is confusing investigation with a trial. Not a single witness testified that Prez showed any interest in corruption. If they want to go down that path they need to produce witnesses/evidence. Explain what alleviated concerns to release the aid while they are at it

A “report” of what is happening by the party of the accused means nothing. Police officers don’t ask for a report by the person who committed a murder on their opinion of whether they actually committed it. Rampant corruption is NOT a 'valid concern'? Animal Farm So if there were valid concerns, what specific relief of those concerns triggered the release two days after the whistle-blower report became known? justasking impeach

🤔😂😂😂😂😂 of course it'd be at odds with the kangaroos that testified of hearing nothing. 🤡 reporting As long as we Americans do not get organized,be Patrotic enough to go demonstrating publicly in a “Winter of discontent” against corrupt Republicans and this unfit POTUS,Putin will expand his Power grip on Trump and destroy our USA Democracy😪(Away with the Electoral College👍🙏

The Republicans departure from objective reality into the magical and frightening world of Trumptasia is picking up pace... These Republicans are desperate and taking a fools position. Why not honor and carry out your Oath of Office! ? 'Valid' in quotes because unbiased media moment. You mean, sworn “assumptions” and “hearsay” NOT “testimony”

They are trying hard to fit a square into a circle of the same size Load of B S ! Trump did Nothing Wrong ! The Dems Did !! They Lie !! So did the MSM Congressional Republicans with no evidence to the contrary, they will stand with realDonaldTrump. Question is why? I ask them what FACTS can they provide to prove their case? No name-calling, insults, hearsay etc. Just facts! Provide a witness that will testify under oath!

It still was not executed properly. The can muddy the waters but the rules are the rules. Giuliani needs to get indicted. Flip that douche and watch the house of cards fall. A 👏 President 👏 cannot 👏 single 👏 handedly 👏 withhold 👏 aid 👏 appropriated 👏 by 👏 Congress. ImpoundmentControlAct Impeachment Ukraine

At least many of Nadler’s witnesses will have something in common with Schiff’s witnesses, and it’s that none of them have actually witnessed anything. Sworn testimony from people who (for the most part) never spoke directly to Trump and provided zero solid evidence for their claims. Wait but if Pete says it is Okay...

NYT the so-called sworn testimony you mention is another one of your lies. I watched the hearings and not a single witness could say thstvTrump had done anything wrong. Their statements were all opinions, hearsay or assumptions. None of those are acceptable Guess NYT didn't read the transcripts re corruption in Ukraine or they're among the group getting kickbacks paid for by american taxpayers

It's all a sham.... The Dems are keeping us in the dark and won't let the GOP be a part of the hearings.... Whaaa whaaaa whaaa. Now the GOP gets a chance to be a part of the hearings and they choose not to show up 🙄 therealsnowflakes GOP always crying. Let's shut down the govt because the house won't give us funding we want for the wall😭 Could have been done when you had House and Senate majority... Always pointing the finger at someone else. Some smart Prez we have 😌

Only ones who read NYT are lairs just like NYT. They are called democrats! The lying do nothing democrats! You spelled “sworn hearsay” wrong...again. An administration having concerns about actions of a US citizen living in the US has established procedures to investigate possible corruption. Getting a foreign leader to announce an investigation before granting WH meeting or releasing aid is not part of that procedure. Period.

Response: But we read the transcript. You mean testimony that was of opinion and presumption? Yes those sworn testimonies didn’t prove anything other then these people only thought one thing but had no proof. We can't expect anything from Republicans but LiesLiesLies. Shameful. Despicable. Dangerous. GOPCorruptionOverCountry TrumpIsANationalSecurityThreat ImpeachTrump ImpeachAndRemoveTrump

The GOP have chained themselves to the rails of Trump and are willing to go down with the ship. There is now literally nothing he can do that they won't agree with. Is this carnival still running? Curly, Larry, & Moe can't back that up bc the transcript never shows trump said anything abt Ukraine corruption plus the Ukraine corruption was investigated bfr funds were approved by Congress. Is the GOP that obtuse?

How could he have “valid concerns” about Hunter Biden when there was absolutely no reported problem? It’s all GOP bullshit. No excuses. Republicans have proven themselves to be Trump Cult followers. Trump has been proven to be corrupt. Republicans don’t care if Trump is corrupt. realDonaldTrump GOP 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤮

How do you feel about a sitting Vice President threatening a foreign Country that he will withhold $1 Billion in Aid if they don’t fire a prosecutor that is investigating his son? Is that a “Valid” concern? A KNOWN FACT straight from his own bragging mouth yet you are silent? Ukraine's President Zelensky renews denial of a quid pro quo with Trump over military aid

Then why did members of Congress vote to approve it? Is the Pentagon incompetent? They investigated and determined Ukraine met the threshold. At odds with sworn testimony that Cleary stated they heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard from another that Trump was messin around.......

These are the same yahoos who at every turn, spoke about the Obama administration only offered blankets to the Ukraine. Why can the trump administration be more critical in their giving of funds to a new president as opposed to Obama, who was working with a known corrupt govt? Párese reuioesDiabolicas del Diablo

So let me understand this gop logic... trump doesn’t trust Pres. Z, he is worried he might be corrupt.... but then he asks Pres. Z to “investigate” a VP and a presidential contender. Why would you some you think is so corrupt to investigate something for you? Did Ukraine investigate Biden? No. Did Ukraine get aid from the US? Yes. What’s your problem?

You’re not worthy to blow my nose with! nytimestrash We’re tired of this hoax. Move on. Cheat and lie. The GOP is despicable. Hey New York times you want to talk about withholding aid let's talk about Benghazi damn you stop being one-sided report it off it's obvious what y'all are doing and you're turning the American people against all news organizations like yours now talk about withholding aid

Was a Republican until the party drank Trumps koolaide Just ask this question: what are they doing NOW to stop corruption in Ukraine? Did the “investigation” suddenly stop when they got caught None of this is true Sworn assumptions and opinions, see I fixed it for you. But don’t worry at this point no one really expects you to get it right.

For which they will present no actual evidence. Valid concerns? From Fox News? Oh. That explains the CONSPIRACY, absent a single referral from any American agency of law enforcement, to use cabinet members & lawyers to extort a foreign government to circumvent the due process rights of an American citizen charged with nothing

These crooks have their names on or in this criminal activities, and now that something's are being revealed their doing everything to try and make it all go away! Republican Party has become Putin Collaborators against their own Country! Not believable. Just stopped by not to read your article, but just to say I don't trust you.

Second and third hand opinions don’t matter! The President sets foreign policy not a bunch of bureaucrats that think they do! Just another prime example of how out of control our State Department became under Obama! NO SURPRISE THERE THEN LOL WITH THE GUTLESS 196 WHAT ABOUT WHEN THEY WE'RE ALL SWORN IN TO HONOUR THE CONSTITUTION OF THE 🇺🇸🗽

Nice quotes around valid. Biased much? Reapublicans are not Patriotic.. Just money hungry but fools(followers/cult) works a 9-5 to help them lie and make money That’s the best defense they could cook up Funny how a communist propaganda outlet knows the future. grammy_linen In other words. It’s the best excuse we could come up with even though we all know he is guilty af.

Umm ... still an impeachable offense. Also, emoluments violations. ImpeachAndRemove Oh, I don’t think what the Republicans are doing is “arguing.” Try “lying” & “gas lighting” Even diplomats (Boris) overseas are avoiding being seen with POTUS. What an embarrassment to us. Why doesn’t he just do everyone a favor and resign?

SenateGOP are shamelessly showing the entire world that their minds are made up! To Republicans, truth falls on deaf ears; facts are lies; testimonies are fabrications and integrity is the backbone of losers. They stand with Trump, with Russia and against decency. Just because you lie enough times and say it didn't happen doesn't mean it didn't . The Ukrainian president desperately needed that aid and is scared to death of it being cut off you think he will say anything against a Trump crime boss wanna be

This is the GOP being accomplices to Trump's corruption. They have failed America. Everyone of them needs to be thrown out of office. TuesdayThoughts Oh yeah that's right Trump and his crime family were validly concerned about Ukraine corruption. Because he's the best at it nobody even compares his corruption is bigger than everybody LMAO cc cenkuygur CNN JimmyKimmelLive LeeCamp MMFlint AnaKasparian

Total fake news!!! Testimony supports what Our President said!! Volker communicated with Trump directly, which most of Schiff's witnesses did not, & told Congress Trump was concerned with the past Ukraine corruption. Soros' ended up being a recipient of some of the USAID money. Democrat politicians frequently get kickbacks from foreign aid.

Your comment is at odds with the truth. You cannot present testimony to support your claim because there is none Third hand presumptions do not qualify What else do they have? Jim Jordan screaming & Nunes dong his fictional drama audition. Volker communicated with Trump directly, which most of Schiff's witness did not, & told Congress Trump was concern with the past Ukraine corruption. Soros' ended up being a recipient of some of the USAID money. Democrat politicians frequently get kickbacks from foreign aid.

No coverage of Chicago police chief being fired. Failing NYT. And that is a lie! Also, a message to GOP WE are not stupid! WE know this is a bunch of MALARKEY! Sounds fair frmgrl42 Look at the sad collection of stooges! What a picture! Sounds like the “one lies, the others stick to it” defense. Too bad there was no evidence of this until after the fact. Liars. All of them. Mob thugs. Impeach them all. Nunes biggest liar up there with Trump.

Wowwwwww they are thinking very hard to disguise the truth 😠😠😠 If the Republicans stance that Trump had valid concerns were true, logic requires that when Trump released aid to Ukraine, substantial acts would have been required to be done to assure corruption contained. We know that not to be true.

Yeah, trump had concerns about corruption in Ukraine for one company. Just happened it was the one company Biden’s son was associated with. The republicans are Russian assets, full stop. GOP GOPRussianAssets Under cross examination, their claim is more than perilous. Q 2 Prez: What intel did you get creating this concern? Who provided it? What are their credentials? Who did they talk to specifically? What reports, papers, evidence, phone calls, recordings do you have? Falls apart.

Not just House Republicans- most of America with 1/2 brain knows the pay for play of Biden, Pelosi and Clinton’s to enrich family members, friends & eventually returning in “donations” to themselves has been going on for years - stealing America taxpayers money must be exposed Nunes fails to keep up...

Oh, Please. This man is clueless. He doesn’t have a single concept of his own. He is a lap dog, being stroked and patted on the head by vlad. Bullshit. First this was about Biden's kid and now it's about 'valid concerns' not politics! It STARTED ABOUT POLITICAL PARTIES CANDIDATES WHO ARE AGAINST TRUMP! Hey GOP don't shift ground now! This is a weak argument. Weak.

Listen to the lies the collaborators have to tell themselves to keep their thousand year Reich going. 'Valid' concerns are disclosed in the complaints and testimony by the witnesses against the President. The President's acts and ommisson are notable towards the whistleblower which defeats the purpose of any validity. Not a legal argument

Gordon Sondland made it clear. Trump didn't care that an investigation took place. All he wanted was the announcement on CNN carefully crafted by him. Zelensky was going to be his Comey If that were true, Trump would have to go to Congress and they would have to approve his request to withhold the funds. The President is not a king.

Liers Traitors! Selling America out to the highest bidder. Hey everyone!! The NYT doesn’t like what they guess Trump’s will be! I know, who’d have guessed? It’s almost like they are against him or something. You are at odds with your sworn oath to uphold journalistic integrity, yet you still run around patting yourselves on the back for it.

Oceanbl38277989 But we don’t want our tax money going to bad countries! That is why Trump is such a good President! Plus it is time other countries pay their share to keep peace everywhere! Not going to work voter ID get rid of the demorats. Foreign aid creates corruption. No aid, no corruption. So it is now Ukraine's turn to be thrown under the bus. Republicans have done enough damage to America's credibility at this point, all in the name of Trump, they sure qualify for a case study.

The 'expert witness' feelings, gossip, or deep-seated hatred of Russians she blames? The corruption in Ukraine is in english-speaking news, and it names Ukrainians. It is not new news, either. The 1961 Foreign Aid Act requires investigation. Trump was doing his job. 😆🤣😂 There were no valid concerns. Republicans have failed to show any. Dump Trump so we can get back to being the good guys again.

What about Devin Nunes? He need to go too Invalid reasons. They’ve changed their story so many times it’s ridiculous Nothing valid of concern about 'I have a favor to ask, though '! No valid concerns heard involving Sondland and the multiple other diplomats testimonies? No valid concerns evident in the phone call transcript? If it acts like a duck and looks like a duck..

Who doesn’t think there is corruption in the Ukraine? If Republicans 'valid concerns' are still based on corruption, will Trump withhold 4 billion to Israel now that Netanyahu is charged with Corruption, bribery and fraud? I will provide b2b lead generation and targeted email list I am Partho Chandra from Bangladesh. I'm a professional Digital Marketer. I have 4 years of experience in the Digital Marketing sector.

So, NOW they admit he DID withhold aide?! And, they’ve even concocted an imaginary reason as to why he did it? Sounds like a premeditated lie! ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW Ukraine has satisfied all the anti corruption benchmarks. That's why congress approved the aid. And they were still in the midst of corruption when Obama was denying them lethal aid.

You have to be a moron not to understand the dems are playing politics and abusing their power and destroying our Country this will die in the Senate and Schiff will be exposed for the phony he is Trump had no such concerns. Nobody knows that better than the very people making this argument. Trump is in Europe meeting with NATO. This is important. Nadler Schiff Pelosi are home playing politics and wasting our $. Trump has help make NATO stronger what have the Dems done NOTHING but investigation after investigation. They are destroying our country

The aid was released because a Senator called Trump and convinced him to release it. It wasn’t released because of the whistle blower who is an anti Trumper and Democratic pawn GOP controlled all 3 branches in 2017 & 2018. Not once was Ukrainian corruption mentioned until 2019 when Biden entered Prez bid...GOP arguments are a farce!

and the extortion by fake 45 to get help manipulate an election,meanwhile seriously damaging US interests and security! Well for some reason they can not produce a single evidence of these valid purposes while all,professionals and amateurs involved supports the existence of abuse of power How about we do a protest in which we just come out of our homes with signs... you don’t have to drive anywhere you just all walk outside your hood, we all form a protest hood by hood? CheriJacobus maddow CNN washingtonpost SpeakerPelosi HouseDemocrats

Let’s have TraitorTrump testify! Holding up aid doesn’t address concerns of corruption. And addressing corruption is not a secret matter. ...apolitical ...creeping apocalyptical chaos of the 'GREAT GREEDY', is what we're talking 'bout !! ☠ Testimony from Swamp creatures threatened by corrupt Democrats and their flunkies in the corrupt, demonic “news” media and evil leftist judges.

Explain Rudy Giuliani's comments!! stevebeulah Disgraceful! Trying to keep a Con Man & Ruthless Trump! People must ask themselves What has he really done for The US! HAVOC, Deaths & Misery ! Genocide! Kurdish children Gunned down by Turks in NW Syria while playing! Tweet NATO & Ask to Sanction CNN MSNBC CBS NBC

Let the hearings continue. Emoluments clause, obstruction of justice, 25+ sexual assault accusations. Let the GOP treachery be further shown to the public. The only argument the republicans should have and don’t is Donald Trump is in the pockets and control of Russia and V Putin though He had absolute fears about Ukraine and then there's Hunter Biden Vice President Biden Obama all involved in the same thing my trickling all the way down hill to Adam Schiff wait and see

Not at odds it’s a fvcking lie and you know it! Shame on you for playing games with the American people GFY! Congress appropriate the funds, he should have been 'Concerned About Corruption' before it was signed off on. Bull That's like getting caught stealing a TV and telling the police you were concerned that the TV was broken and you were going to test at home first before buying it. GTFO GOP. ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

There’s no need to defend anything because he didn’t do anything, ya fools. Geez, fake news overflow 🤦‍♂️ As a Republican I say I have never EVER thought I would see my party go to the length of defending so much corruption and constantly lying to us. This is ridiculous! It is about this Country!!!!!

Except that it’s not at odds... Lmao! Try again ! Bla Bla Bla and Blaaaa!!!🙄 Juju_rja Not sure why you ended up on my feed, I only allow news outlets with integrity and quality, you lot gave that away when Trump got into office. At every opportunity, the republicans show us that they think we are all stupid enough to believe every story they come up with to try to excuse their owners actions.

Hidden away at the bottom of all this is a corrupt American working for a corrupt company in a corruption ridden country. Juju_rja Except he didn't do it. Are you calling the President of the Ukraine a liar, too? Aren't you a class act. Yeah. Problem with the 'valid' concerns, as everyone knows, is that they are based on rumors and speculation.

Overturning 2016... the result cannot stand. wants to end our Republic. So Republicans are now saying there was a quid pro quo. Civil War Cometh... you can feel it coming. Oh geez, didn’t he ask for an investigation just a public announcement during the campaigning of an investigation into his competition&corruption? require him to appear some point. He will absolutely flip his lid & that is empowering 2 victims GOATCON is up 2 no good oversees

Act of war? gop can’t support the evidence. He was not given any Ukranian Russian bribes or another future Soviet mail order bride and he sanctioned them? We will all give our opinions. Each side thinking the other is propagating ones own bs. Guess what POTUS will not be removed from office. He will win Trump2020LandslideVictory🤘 Enjoy the next 5 years America...it's going to be glorious. Enjoy all the winning🏆

GTFOH Key piece of “evidence” the GOP will use is kenvogel’s Politico Jan ‘17 article entitled”Ukrainian Efforts To Sabotage Trump Backfire”. It’s often cited, including yesterday by SenJohnKennedy. Rather than contextualize it, the ’ deanbaquet doubled down on Vogel’s story Looks the criminals are huddling up planning their next move!

Evil men on duty, failure will surely be your potion a “collusion”. There. Fixed it for you. If that so, Why did he not concerned by Cohen, Manafort, Gates.... Why are they even putting up this charade ? Just say nothing. He's going to be impeached regardless of what the GOP says. Curious Donald gave Ukraine money twice under the so-called great concern about corruption, yet never mentioned it. Then sent his personal attny to Ukraine to force the re-opening of Investigation into Biden, which was then closed bc of no evidence of corruption. This is obvious.

Yep. Valid unless you think personal gain isn’t an appropriate thing to use the power of the US government and military. If you think it IS appropriate, I can show you some axis flags you might want to salute In other words, the sky is green. Why isnt there impeachment hearings for Nunes, Pence and others involved

This is what it looks like when you give up your integrity The GOP reps defend Trump by assembling words and ideas, without testimonies and evidence. They are manufacturing arguments without truthful basis and witnesses. The reps think that their credibility is not as low as Trump’s. Do they think the American voters easy to fool?

Even Zelensky is now saying there was no corruption. He’s about to spill everything! There were a number of possible motivations. Impeachment should only be considered if the one considered political were the ONLY one. So those in favor have such wisdom they can know beyond a shadow of a doubt no other motive influenced his decision?

No matter how one spins a wrong act, that act is still wrong ... a wrong cannot be righted by any plausibly right-leaning argument ... explaining situations beyond the walls of inclusion to forcibly include the exclusions is outrageously wrong, right? Great job 👍👌 men ,true Patriots and men of much strength!!

Except no one in the gop has said what madethose concerns go away two days after it was announced that acwhistleblower existed and an investigation had started? The gop does answer the president’s crimes, they only condone them ImpeachHim Truth doesn’t matter to them So - after everyone voted to approve the aid (including DevinNunes) for Ukraine and trump signed it into law there was suddenly corruption that had never been detected by our intel community...ok boomer GOP GOPLeader. R’s are crooks and liars.

Good luck with that defense...it didn’t stand in the intelligence committee and it won’t in the judiciary. No defense for withholding aid approved by Congress, obstructing investigation, and altering official documents. Bwahahaha! Bwahahaha! Trump’s concerns are always about benefiting himself. He is not a President; he is a snake-oil salesmen. And he’s dumb, so there’s that.

Raise your hand if this effort to carry water surprises you in the least. NUNES PARTICIPATED IN THE CRIME!! 🗣🗣🗣 What else can the GOP say? Thief is caught redhanded, denies burglary and spins a 'scenario' that he was just trying to catch the real burglar. WE ALL know Trump attempted Bribery, or Quid Pro Quo in legalese. We need to vote this Despot & sycophants out of office. DEMOCRACY!

Trump's only concern is he wouldn't be able to profit on the situation monetarily or politically or both. 'Nuff said! Their they go again, not defense but valid concerns of corruption. When nyti wallows in corruption. Could it be that there was more behind this decision to withhold military aid from Ukraine, namely an attempt to topple their current president/government, so Russian forces could advance (further) militarily.

OFFS How’s the impeachment going? MadVet2000 So it just coincidental that they withheld the aid and withheld a White House meeting while also asking for Investigations into the Bidens and 2016? Oh wait, trumps concerned about corruption. Never mind his charity was just ordered to pay 2m for diverting money to his campaign.

He can’t win without cheating. We know it. They know it. He knows it. What liars and traitors. Follow The Money That Russian Operatives Gave To The NRA, The Republican National Committee, And Other Groups Who Funnel Money To Republican Campaigns, The Answer Will Show That Most Republicans Received Illegal Foreign Money For Political And Personal Use. It's About The Money

maddow NicolleDWallace SpeakerPelosi JoeNBC wolfblitzer MikeBloomberg I always thought that Bloomberg was the one candidate that could beat Trump. Today a national poll came out and Bloomberg was at 5%. He has been in the race for just over a week. He has my vote! Concerns for what? Nunes should be forbidden to participate given recent Ukraine revelations.

Argue all you want. The truth will come out. We already know Trump was Very, very concerned that the Ukrainians might NOT fabricate a Biden investigation. Yes, we all know this. The public knows truth when we see and hear it. This administration has been nothing but corrupt. Impeach. Reminder that like Trump both Stalin and Hitler were big believers and pushers of conspiracy theories

Gentlemen do your jobs follow your oath or resign your there for the people all of them you don’t serve the president you serve us all of us.... Surely, Nunes should now be recused from participating in Senate decisions The eight who went to Moscow July 4th Jordan with sexual lawsuits pending Is there anyone in their circle without questions on their character ? I think not. Thank you very much ..great work..

President TRUMP don't need a defense For Another made up HOAX that BIDEN actually DID. KARMA Energy Got Potus FLOTUS Winning, Democrats after Impeachment Still ZIP 0 NADA🤬 Adam Sch🤥tt misled the American people for 3 years. OMG where is the outrage JUSTICE CRUSADERS? Ridiculous I could not tell U when the last time I watch TV was, to be honest. I just don't remember, it's been that long. I do internet & all of that but I'm don't have no respect for the TV or the news Etc a lot of it's crap not like in the old days when things were actually decent, &true

Bahaha. GOPCorruptionOverCountry ImpeachAndRemoveTrump Exactly this fool knows no bounds Republicans have lost all respect for Democrats because they never get in trouble the media backs them they have no respect for the media either.. and I well and well I got so sick of everything I just put my TV in a box and forgot about it

And why you see a lot of Republicans they resent Democrats cuz they always get away with everything and it's not fair and to have a separate legal field being played against someone it's disrespectful and no one respects it except for the the cheaters to skip out on the law Well he has a treaty that President Clinton signed and that truly exists and allows him to do the investigation over corruption and well if I was the president I'd be very concerned with corruption because look what corruption has done to him he has been slapped with corruption

And so have the American people that voted for him they have been slapped with corruption back and forth and all the Democrats have gotten away with it there has to be a rule of law in this nation that it doesn't matter what your political party is Then why isn't he investigating the other Ukrainian energy companies?

Pallid. Laughable. It’s “at odds” with sworn presumptions, hearsay, and conjecture. Nothing more. It's not at odds with the testimony. In fact, if Twitter would only allow me to post the links, it's CLEAR that is EXACTLY what happened. Even S stated he had no clue about what had occurred and those would be valid concerns. Lol

Could the GOP stick with one lie and stay with it? I have valid concerns the sky is falling so I’m no longer responsible for my actions. TrumpUkraine RepublicansAreNuts And what did trump mean by saying- Tell Zelensky to do the right thing? And their excuse for doing it to Lebanon Good thing that history will not be kind to them when the time to judge their shameful actions comes so that the rotten swamp will be completely exposed.

At odds with hearsay testimony from a cast of partisans? So valid that they sent Rudy Giuliani? Not buying it! But like... He withheld aid approved by Congress. Y'all had already said 'Yea, sure, send this money to Ukraine.' Oprah what is the truth gif Extortion is illegal, and that's overwhelmingly the consensus of what took place.

We heard all the career diplomats and staffers who were under oath and all their testimony was consistent with the whistleblower comp. All evidence was corroborated and we believe them. Trump should be impeached and removed. Americans gave him a chance, he lied and betrayed USA. 1.Ukraine has met the criteria to receive the money. 2. No investigation of corruption was initiated in the 2 years the Repubs held the House as well as the Senate. 3. We’re woke. Trump and the GOP will be in our rear view window in the very near future.

'There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance — that principle is contempt prior to investigation.' - Herbert Spencer Republicans are at odds with the truth. Ask the Russian assets why they waited to investigate corruption when they had several years to do so.

Trump and the GOP look like guilty criminals. Why hasn’t anyone from the WH testified to clear trump? ImpeachAndRemoveTrump Really? realDonaldTrump discoversa Whistleblower & quickly releases the money. Then WhiteHouse tries to cover up the lies. Brave govt employees agree to testify & debunk potus strategy. Everybody is lying? No! Those who lie deflect, smear, accuse, & dissemble. ImpeachTrump

Oh no we should just give any and every country aid for no damn reason no matter what. You people are stupid. 'Vlad' concerns, maybe... They reveal that the entire party has been compromised by their open arm acceptance and repeating if the Russian narrative. GOPComplicitTraitors In Trump’s own transcript, he asks Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. He does not mention corruption at all. Give me a fucking break

That's why he fired the champion of anti-corruption... because he cares so much about it. Such a joke. Liar, liar, paper on FIRE! Republicans Lie! For Truth look elsewhere! IMPEACH CONVICT REMOVE Trump Do the fact that the President of Ukraine said he felt no pressure, plus the money was released anyway. So you push whatever narrative you want but Americans know and see what is going on and the only people who will burn are those like your so called news.

Looking like some lying dummies... I listened to the testimony. All of it. Your reporting is a lie. Shame on you. The corrupt lying democrat coverup The New York Times can’t spin their BS ! The American people no longer trust or respect their reporting ! Another asinine lead in sentence. There is no evidence of a crime, therefore nobody, least of all realDonaldTrump needs to launch a defense.

It's not 'at odds with' sworn testimony. It's completely unproven and unsubstantiated assertions that are absolutely contradicted or debunked be sworn expert testimony. This picture alone, shows these sorry-ass white guys conversing on all of the lies they know of. This country is a disaster. When your own intelligence agency is continually questioned by elected officials, it is the beginning of the end.....

Corruption didn't stop him from releasing aid the first two times 🤔🖕😎 Pssst!!! GOP y'all fenna lose the Senate too... Jim_Jordan gone, senatemajldr gone, DevinNunes, gone, LindseyGrahamSC gone, etc... VoteThemAllOut VoteThemOut WatchThis Election2020 Ok trump was there 3yrs, Why did he wait until Zelenski got elected to be concerned about corruption? Yanukovych was in charge prior, should of called him. WE TGE PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID! and I am confused GOP members are going along with this?

The corruption in Ukraine was between Rudy and the disreputables who supported him and Trump, so no surprise there. 😂😂😂😂 Don't the Republicans realize we know they full of shit! If they were valid, why send Rudy? And the Republican group is anencephalic... Lol Of course they will. Who is surprised out there?

Maybe he did, but not on that call I would expect nothing less from this 'news' source... Fact is President Trump is exposing all the corruption in the USA government and they will do Anything to get him out ! Anything !!! Sworn heresay,phone call you couldnt possibly overheard( ask fredo)oh yeah & those beautiful feelings woah woah woah feelings.

Republicans are corrupt. Idiots all. Can’t wait till they r voted out forever the American people saw live replays of the testimony, the NYT propaganda will not prevail. Rep Turner: “Mr. Sondland no one on this planet, NOT Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani , Mike Pompeo told you aid was tied to investigations is that correct? “That’s correct”, said Sondland.

Sworn testimony by whom you idiots? By oh say someone that is at odds with Trump? Just because someone testifies an opinion with assumptions and no factual knowledge doesn’t make the “sworn testimony” accurate or factual. Damn you have no shame NYT! Yep Trump was concerned and wanted to know how he could get in on corruption, easy billions in gas and oil! So he gets boxed out and calls Ukraine and makes then a offer they can’t refuse, this is mob shit and this guy needs to go!

“...at odds with sworn testimony...” What a giant load of horse manure!!! Those were not witnesses! They were Dem ‘plants’ that were told what to say! That is ‘hearsay’ & not legal to be heard & considered! Phony witnesses that the Republicans can’t question? I call bullshit!! As well as the transcript of Trump’s own words!!

What a load of crap! All hearsay NO first hand witnesses and even the 3rd tier witnesses said NO QUID PRO QUO Remember POTUS is the president not fired partisan ex employees or the Schiff pelosi gang Why do the Biden’s have immunity from suspicion, investigation and any possible wrongdoing? We’ve spent millions of dollars and countless hours investigating Trump. The Biden’s have an impenetrable umbrella of protection.

In an article last week discussing one of those polls where Independent voters do not want impeachment, it conveyed that main stream media is a primary cause of voters disgust with the impeachment process. NBCNews CBSNews ABC FoxNews washingtonpost wsj NPR MSNBC This is ridiculously transparent. Why would he trust Ukraine to do an investigation if he thought Ukraine is corrupt? Why was the demand dropped once people found out about it? This was extortion to create a fake scandal on Joe Biden and nothing more. ImpeachTrump

BALONEY! Please explain why is it that this president has no problem giving $$ and favors to corrupt, evil dictators; i.e. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc. Do you really think we are that stupid?!? DO YOUR JOB GOP GOPLeader ! This lawless president should have been gone long ago Which is a total lie so why are you spreading it? Have SOME journalistic integrity, ! CrapJournalism

Cough cough, bullshit. Sworn lies. The Democrats like to write blank check panda trillions in military aid weapons and then turn around and sell it on the black market to countries like Russia Middle East the highest bidder that's a betrayal and that's corruption what sane president would cautious. I am not one for memes, but this says it all. If innocent why block testimony from firsthand witnesses? You would think that even Pinnochio would want them to vindicate him, right?

Of course! Just a really, really, really unlikely coincidence that 100% of the 'valid concerns' shared a name with his political rival and zero other people. Their concerns were SO valid, they asked the country they were concerned was too corrupt to investigate a United State citizen 7 months AFTER Republicans had control of both the House and Senate.

Like him or not the economy is outstanding.. the alternative is another Democratic run government watch out 401k The incite a riot law passed in the 1960’s, this President has violated multiple times. He pushed violating our Constitution by interfering with Freedom of Speech recently saying people could not boo him, he also violated our Constitution by preventing public prayer by kneeling.

Lol..gtfoh Funny that Trump thought the only corruption in Ukraine was the Bidens. Sworn conjecture. So the NYT is now telling the president how to argue his case Sworn testimony by who? GOP = Russia PutinsPawns TRUMP2020 cheechny Who? the guy that likes to watch boys get raped in the shower? Who cares.

😂😂😂 Republicans would justify him shooting someone on 5th Ave for fun. Republicans are just plain disgusting! Caveat: sworn 'secondhand/hearsay/ opinion/presumption/biased' testimony. Yes, he was acting on behalf of the American People doing his job as our Commander in Chief. The Dems don’t get that because they have never seen a President actually do his job.

Trump's valid concerns of defeat in the 2020 elections. From the guy who paid a porn star hush money? valid concerns = nonsense answers instead of list of actual valid concerns How about we stop sending aid to every country and focus on America first? Like c'mon, both sides are acting childish. Stop with the arguing about aid. Stop with the impeachment BS. Let's focus on America.

But if you’re a Republican you can plug your ears and say “I’m not listening” or “fake news” and instead of thinking for themselves people will regurgitate the Russian narrative. Rollin the 🎲 *Apolitical*--does this group even know what that means? I would be that there was a typo or a word left out in their original text.

He asked a leader of a foreign government to get dirt on a political rival to personally benefit his election campaign. It’s that simple. That is the impeachable offense. Bullshit Sworn testimony made up of heresay. I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another... And Bill Clinton was acting with 'valid' hormones.

Dear Ukraine,, We don’t trust you due to corruption, but could you do me a favor and not be corrupt as you investigate my political opponent. Thank you realDonaldTrump sound about right GOP ? DumbDonald In 2018, the US provided $3,110,774,353 in aid to Israel. Their president has just been indicted for corruption. Does that mean we can withhold ALL aid to Israel too

The Republicans are shilling for a traitor. I hope I live long enough to see the guilty go to jail. Oh bullshit Ok. So it’s only possible that he’s lying? We will find out when the senate gets it won’t we Gahd these motherfuckers are exhausting What inquiry you talking about the schiff show BS hahaha yeah that was a woke joke waste of time and money

Also at odds with trump’s own actions and the transcript his admin released. Trump and these enablers insult us all with these bogus after the fact justifications that are supported by zero contemporaneous evidence. What is scary is that so much of his base buy this rubbish. Are they gullible or just blindly loyal. Either way our Republic is in danger.

Hadn't Ukraine just passed a corruption review? How valid could his concerns be? Republicans are not patriots. They lie and sell Democracy to the highest foreign bidder. “They know not what they do.” VoteRedToSaveAmerica I want to see Adam Schiff when they drag him to the US Senate RepFredUpton what is your response? As your constituent, I demand to hear a response from you. You know this is BS.

OOOOHHHHH! So he DID pressure them now?! 🤣 Who the flying F believes this? They’ve been crying “NO PRESSURE” for months. So pathetically predictable. If there was a valid concern, why didn’twe hear the details immediately? They’re not arguing, they’re lying Look another bold face LIE from the media POTUS WhiteHouse

Impeachment FARCE “I want nothing. No quid pro quo.” Case closed. A media publication purporting to be honest and impartial, showing its true colors. Unsubscribe from the NYT Were you people sleeping during those hearings It's literally in laws passed around foreign aid to Ukraine, part of a treaty between the countries, and was a major issue the Obama administration highlighted.

Everything the GOP is all political with personal financial gain. So much for America. After 3 years, I guess, Nobody understands yet that Trump became president to destroy our country that's why He did not want salary since the beginning. The US State Department monitors corruption before USA gives anything to any foreign lands. They gave the clearance to Ukraine without any help from a president in the past & they don’t need a criminal to out help now. Complete bullshit Drumpf!

Some of Republicans don't know there ass from hole in ground ! Hahahahahahahahahahahahohohohohoho Ahh so you mean to say that was indeed a “quid pro quo”? GOPCorruptionOverCountry ImpeachTraitorTrump JailGiuliani JailRickPerry Merry Christmas! Biden is not a serious political contender. The Dems ONLY goal is to get the President out of office and rig 2020. The truth be dammed.

Really?!!! They’re all children who are terrified of the big bully (realDonaldTrump) and his untruthful tweets! RepDevinNunes & Jim_Jordan So the HouseGOP’s strategy is to spout lies, propaganda, and Grade A Bullcrap. No one is surprised. The GOP should be a shame of themselves for defending Trump rather than our Democracy! A bunch of spineless Senators.

If it were truly based on valid concerns, they wouldn’t have released the funding sans the investigation. Sondland testified that trump just wanted Zelenskiy to “go to a microphone” & ANNOUNCE an investigation, he didn’t have to DO one! I am so sick of the republicans in congress lying and covering for a criminal corrupt president! They sink lower every week. It’s disgusting and imo illegal !!ImpeachTrump

mlbflute This looks like a meeting of the Stupid's Club. Sure, that's what you do when you have concerns, you don't go to the FBI, you blackmail a foreign country and force it to announce a fake investigation. Just the announcement, no actual investigation is required. Sure it was valid; Quid pro quo valid , trump the mob boss of the choatic White House 'never a president'. wanted complete control over the Ukraine president. He intentionl held back weapons. Nunes not only on the defense team, he's a cover up Ukraine man.

One word...Benghazi. Republicans are hypocrites. They know dam well that it all a lie Omg this picture of the idiots gathered around plotting their lies to tell the American people...only they dont know we haven't drank the koolaid.... I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but JimJordan ‘s face tells me he definitely knows where the bodies are buried.

I think I heard that every witness said there was no impeachable offense.. Maybe I was watching some other impeachment, but more like you're biased. So sad you're paper is now just a gossip rag. Trump’s “valid” concerns are only for himself. PERIOD!! The aid was never mentioned in the call. The Ukraine leader didn’t know at the time of the call that the aid was being held. He did there was “no pressure”.

Well now that Nunes has been busted the story has to change. The Republican party is truly pathetic. Sworn testimony of people that have “opinions” and “ feelings” not facts. These “ people” also do not set foreign policy... The President does. Sworn testimony of hearsay 😂 It’s only at “odds” with assumptions made by the so-called witnesses. Does the never tire of attempting to distort the truth? Try reporting facts. If there’s anyone there who can remember how.

A wish is NOT reasonable suspicion is NOT probable cause is NOT proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Sorry Dems. The NYT is still in business? Legacy issue? Jali_Cat What sworn testimony? Nobody that testified had 1st hand knowledge! Odds at what he said that she said that he said. How can you just ignore what the freaking president of Ukraine himself said!

.... sworn evidence that includes no first hand accounts, and at most... hearsay. Please, bring on the trial. It’s going to be fun to watch Hunter Biden on the stand. Really, I quite like this hubbub after all! So not really an impeachment defense, then, just a political hack job by a bunch of cultists.

Who cares what those traitorous enablers say? They were in Moscow on July 4th. They are not working for the American people. Watching republican act the fool has become the best clown show ever. Testimony of opinions THEIR GOOSE IS COOKED!!!! TRUMP ALREADY CONFESSED, JUST ROLL THAT BEAUTIFUL GUILTY FOOTAGE!!!!!😂😂😂😂

A corrupt former Vice President is not a VALID concern? Horse poop, House Repubs Nytimes. Wrong AGAIN.... it was opinions, not even first hand knowledge, of a few dem coached persons who testified. Since GOP could not bring in the witnesses they want, NYTIMES and American people never heard the other side

This is not a “defense.” And in other news, GOP will also argue that the sky isn't blue Ukraine A lie you’ll gladly repeat in your headlines. Lol, he never held back aid. Fake news. Bs If ever a group of politicians were more deserving of arrest and prosecution... Ukraine was a cesspool of corruption and money laundering. It was prudent of the current president to inquire about this before sending millions of dollars in aid to them. I, for one, appreciate this.

ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW The lies ... unbelievable How about realDonaldTrump Jim_Jordan READ THE TRANSCRIPT!! The stupidity that become the GOP is disgusting. Republicans and our parents generation will burn the house down for their pride. We will read about their blindness in history books. Wow he was concerned lol I'm not fat either but I am

So why ask about Hunter Biden then!!! Just stick to Ukrainian corruption!!! Why release the money after the whistle blower complaint? Why ask for investigations to be announced on CNN, why was the White House meeting used as leverage? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Why do Republicans continuously and willingly embarrass themselves like this?

Spin it, GOP. gop=sleeze The money was approved by Congress and certified by DOD. I have serious concerns about where my tax dollars go....does that mean I can withhold my taxes? I thought they were arguing that it wasn’t being withheld at all. For innocents, they realy can’t keep their story straight.

MiekeEoyang This nonsense needs to end. Bottom line, the GOP is complicit. Everything realDonaldTrump and his White Supremacist cabal says is a lie. A total lie. GOPTraitors They can also say 'cows fly' but we all know what that means and will mean going forward. No work product that comes from these HouseGOP is worth the dirty toilet paper its written on. These people are now all Russian propaganda pushers and have turned GOP = Government Of Putin!

Ukraine and the American politicians the same corrupted! Just take a look to Trump and the Republicans that don't have a pinch of integrity! “testimony”: heresay & presumptions. Truth: the man said Trump said “I want no quid quo pro. I want nothing from them. I want him to do the right thing.” No quid pro quo.

Jali_Cat Right, and Hunter Biden 3 million dollar pay day was due to his brilliance & 10 mil given Clinton Foundation was because Ukraine is charitable! Stop your damn lies & start reporting truth! You are a Democrat Tool rag which no one should read The aid package was notified to Congress. It was approved. Dept. of Defense certified that Corruption was not an issue. GOP fake news

Based on *word salad concerns* Now that’s fake news It's at odds with anyone who read his summary of the call that his dumb ass released Horseshit excuse for breaking the law! What sworn testimony? Oh you mean all the 'opinions' and 'feelings' and 'assumptions' and 'hearsay' from the witnesses. Man, living through this post-truth alternate reality is pretty exhausting.

It's too late for that. The truth is out. AbuseofPower BS! Just plain stinking BS! Media ignoring the dark weapons trade. AGAIN AdamSchiff SpeakerPelosi JoeNBC JerryNadler maddow Republicans are a bunch of Useful Idiots. Time Magazine interview with the President of Ukraine in his own words Zelensky dig at Trump “ “ Can’t go Blocking Aid “ how much more evidence do we need “SMOKING GUN”

Odd they didn’t start with that excuse. ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW Where you not paying attention? You must have been watching a different proceeding than the rest of America. Law dictates that no aid be given to corrupt nations. Withholding aid to historically corrupt Ukraine, although briefly, was prudent and in accordance to law.

Yes unqualified son of VP making 50.000 a month knowing nothing But the senate commits specifically cleared Ukraine... are we stupid? Hey wait guys! Wait! Listen! I just got another idea. How about if we say some cow attempted to jump over the moon, and landed in Ukraine.. then His concerns don't allow him to break the law and ignore the Constitution.

You mean bureaucrats who have a difference of opinion on how foreign policy is dictated. BlanketsAndPrayers Grasping at straws... LOL 😂 desperateGOP IMPEACHandREMOVE I had valid concerns so I broke the law to see if they were valid. Lol You’re just as bad as a communist state run news agency. Good grief!...READtheTRANSCRIPT

Not surprised. Facts are facts and Trump should be impeached Once again the GOP sells its soul in support of a guy who would turn on them in a heartbeat if it served his interests. Country over party. He didn't withhold it.. in fact they got it before the deadline. This is such a joke🤡 More dishonest, yellow journalism. 'Sworn testimony' of OPINIONS of people opposed to Trump. Not one person testified to a FACT supporting what the Times pretends to be true. The bigger shame is the legions of imbeciles they're counting on who don't know the difference. WalkAway

Yes, the earth is flat! So, the Republicans have decided to keep lying. HouseGOP Time to give it up. Trump has no defense. Bullshit. Say it under oath Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a crime They will say anything - no matter how stupid, base, senseless or corrupt - in order to protect PutinsPuppet. More Repugnacant bullshit!

So why released funds at the end if the concerns were valid? And where’s the evidence that the concern was valid? So, they were TOO corrupt to receive the aid, but NOT too corrupt to conduct multiple investigations involving American citizens. Got it! 👌 How ridiculous! 🙄 ImpeachTheMF already 🇺🇸 Straws and crickets.

They really are a deplorable bunch of criminals. Rudy Guilianni isn't a valid reason. GOP -takes a village to extort Ukraine, steal an election and promote Putin's conspiracy theaters. Thanks? GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPComplicitTraitors ImpeachTheMFTraitorNow The liberal tears will be epic when he is reelected

I’ve got to check on this. Gonna make a call. Yea, of course these stooges didn’t find impeachable offenses. They are part of the crime. So “The dog ate my homework” excuse was already taken? That’s a pretty weak suck excuse since he only mentions his political rival & his son as if they were the only people in the entire country. Your trying to defend someone you know is a CRIMINAL! Spineless Republican!

Why does NO ONE look into the corruption of VP Biden, Hunter Biden and Clinton Cash? Lol! Nice try NYT. POTUS did nothing wrong and the deep state knows it And what were those valid concerns President Trump received the 'deliverables' when Ukraine voted in new anti-corrupt parliament ta go with popular new president Zelensky, two (2)days after new parliament was voted in they quickly enacted new anti-corruption laws, and SOB they got the $ well b4 deadline

House Republicans are CORRUPT !! CorruptGOP VOTE them ALL out!! So that's why he got rid of America's 1 anti-corruption ambassador- Yovanovitch... ... no... wait.. ‘It takes only 2-5 years to destabilise a nation...The next stage is crisis. It may take only 6 weeks’ Listen to this ex KGB agent’s eerily prescient account of ‘active measures’ of how Russia seeks to destroy its enemies through chaos (C/o brexit_sham)

Nobody cares assholes!!!! Valid. 🚽 Quick! Everybody grab a shovel because I think we've stepped in something. Valid concern yet DoD already vetted. Highly likely the CIA too. They're full of 💩 this HouseGOP SenateGOP This is a joke, right? What I saw was sworn perjury, not testimony. Trump is a liar! Ask his 3 ex wives !! Trump is only for trump impeachnow!!!!!

‘Validated’ by no one. Doesn't matter one iota. If he was so concerned about corruption, he should have opened an investigation with the Department of Justice, not the President of the Ukraine. He abused his power, and he's being impeached for it. The sworn opening statements or the rest of their testimonies when the truth came out in Q&A?

You have a bad recollection of sworn testimony then...at best selective. There was plenty of testimony saying the president did nothing wrong. Why do you choose to ignore that? 🤔 lol nyt thinks republicans are playing defense Testimony from Democrats, It’s also at odds from what we know about trumps behavior

Even if it were true (it isn’t) Trump does not have authority to withhold aid already approved by Congress. Abuse of power, plain and simple. Nixon:If the president does it it's not illegal::Trump:If the president has a concern it's valid. minnnyme IOW- .GOP intends to continue lying the asses off in an effort to hide their own crimes and the crimes of the felonious president? Got it. LockTHemALLup MittRomney robportman SenatorCollins lisamurkowski BenSasse Let's start with these 5 and work our way up.

Sworn testimony of hand picked witnesses who didn't actually witness anything but heard it second, third, or fourth hand? You mean that testimony? We know Trump was holding back the money ,to get corruption on the Biden’s,We know Trump has use this Country for GAIN. The gig's up and NYTs knows it. There was no valid reason to withhold money from Ukraine.

That’s the best they’ve got? Oof Well the question is.. What was done by Ukraine to reassure the president the corruption was addressed? Y'all are missing the basics and allowing GOP talking points be media headlines. Yeah right, Trump was sooooo concerned about corruption he didn't mention it during the call.

Lol. Valid concerns! Alternative universe for their LIES. People are tired of this Democratic sham of an impeachment. The party of Putin selling the country out again. Manafort lies swallowed by gop Know one believes one friggin story coming out of the Times a failing paper. That’s the best they’ve got? Let John Roberts decide, then.

The sworn testimony, as you call it, is that of the witnesses who swore that they presumed, assumed and opined. Is this really the best Gym could come up with? These guys make the 3 stooges look like Einstein's... Of course they will. Not valid concerns...VLAD concerns. ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW So please explain why thatfellaintheWH had concern to restrict congressional aproved military aid from a reform Ukraine president but no such concerns in 2018 or 2017 when PetroPoroshenko, a proven corrupt criminal, was Ukraine president. Not one dollar was held up.

Why are they defending him? Shouldn’t the President defend himself? U guys are pitiful!!! YOU GUYS LOOK LIKE YOUR ORDERING ANOTHER HIT!😳 WHOSE NEXT ON THE LIST? I never thought I would see the day that a US President and the Republican Party would be conspiring with Russia to spread their propaganda and betray and deceive the American public. Who are we?

YOU GUYS LOOK LIKE YOUR ORDERING ANOTHER HIT!😳 WHO'S NEXT FOR SOME HEMP? Sondland testified Trump only wanted Ukraine to ANNOUNCE an investigation into Burisma/Bidens alleging corruption. As long the announcement was made on CNN—Trump didn’t care if the investigation ever took place. Trump’s motive was clearly to smear Biden. So, yes, it’s POLITICAL.

Sounds like a bunch of B.S there full of crap just like him when they speak their breath reeks of Shi!!,they all need a freaking enema literally Cowards all of them. If Trump had or has concerns about corruption, he’d immediately resign! Most corrupt administration in history! So he withheld military aid. So everyone who lied about it, covered it up. Said it didn’t happen, has just said yes he did withheld military aid to an ally. ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW and everyone involved in this coverup needs to be held accountable.

So strange that they only decided to investigate his chief political opponent. What a coincidence 🤔 The sworn testimony was opinionated not facts. You guys want opinions as facts. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Donald Sondland's ' He doesn't give a shit about Ukraine,and he only cares about the 'big stuff' shoots that explanation all to hell.

Sadly it is Trump’s lawyers that should be defending Trump. At what point did GOP Congress members get elected to become lawyers FOR DT? So they are now serving defense lawyers AND jury 🤔🤨 RepAdamSchiff SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer The republicans have no defense Their is no valid defense of his actions. If they loved country before party, they would admit this and ask him to step down. They all must go.

Excellent GOPLeader HouseGOP senatemajldr SenateGOP! WeThePeople have the very same fact fact based concerns about realDonaldTrump & WhiteHouse for his corruption & that of his family IvankaTrump JaredKushner DonaldJTrumpJr & EricTrump and want him impeachedandremoved Republicans are in too deep to implement any sort of constitutional/law abiding outcomes, to do so would be to implicate them all. Time to figure out a work around. Rep.s Are out of the moral equation to do whats right.

Just think what would be uncovered if they put 40 lawyers investigating Joe Biden for a period of two years. Bet they could dig up all kinds of dirt, plus a lot of connections! They sold their souls to support a deceitful man. This is so sad. Fake News ifudontlike2bad Liars New York times fake news After publicly admitting just the opposite in front of the nation. The Lord for the wicked, that he will make the foolish things seem wise. They can't see the error of their ways.

We have valid concerns about Trump's corruption! It's ok to investigate corruption for the sake of the country but it's NOT ok to ask for investigation for a PRIVATE or PERSONAL POLITICAL reasons. Therein lies the difference. .. Giuliani ready to unleash his 'insurance' In other words, the desperation defense.

Where is the concern in Israel? We give them billions and Netanyahu was charged and found guilty of corruption! His concern is BS! I wonder how long it took Trump’s geniuses to come up with this “plausible” reason for his withholding the money. You can sell that to your Trumpets and red necks but not sane thinking humans. Go back to the drawing board. If this was real it would have come out immediately.

Republican don’t let facts get in the way of their self serving lies. Those giving said sworn testimony lied...plain and simple No defense IS NOT A defense! At odds Literally no 'witness' said they witnessed anything. Not one. I watched every single second of the public hearings. Did you? Omg Seriously 😳! Yes No Kidding Ukraine has corruption and sure Trump had the right to want it investigated. But He HAD NO RIGHT TO ASK FOR DIRT ON A RIVAL (not general corruption), TO USE BACK CHANNELS, TO THEN HIDE IT BECAUSE IT KNEW IT WAS WRONG, INVOLVE OTHERS,and then LIE

In 2017 and 2018 aid was given with no strings or questions asked. 2019 with Joe Biden running for POTUS aid was withheld pending investigation of political opponent. tRump is the corruption! This defense is, of course, a lie. If trump cared about corruption why pay off porn stars before 2016 election? Why not be truthful?

I don't know what the GOP would determine is an impeachable offense, but suspect there is nothing the current president could do that would rise to that level. But but but USA is not corrupt... 😂 really!!! You people took nuclear arsenals of Ukraine and handed to Russia!!! You fabricate many issues... well let see all those stones are coming back on your heads as hot charcoal!!! By Fire and water the Kingdom of God on Earth be purified from nest of serpent!!! It’s here

That's a load of malarkey. GOP is irrelevant, irresponsible and desperate for power If trump cared about corruption why is Barr paying his hotel to throw a pat? 30,000$ party.. seems corrupt to me!! If trump cared about corruption why let Flynn get away with a kidnapping plot with a request from Turkey? He made 30,000$

Yeah...trump is concerned about corruption!!! If trump cared about corruption.. why have secret meetings w/ putin after Russia used chemical weapons in UK? 😂😂😂😂 like we don’t all know how the mafia works. For most of us who have read the call know the aid wasn’t even mentioned. And with that said, it sucks you can’t see the Playbook! Bout to be smacked on the head with it! Kaboomsies.

The testimony was he said he said and she told me he said and I (used my own standards and morals) told the people in Ukraine the president wanted this or that. Valid stuff there. I thought he wanted!! He said he thought the president wanted? Real real here 😂😂😂😂 If they had valid concerns, why did they only begin voicing them when Biden announced?

I seriously doubt if any unbiased press still exists, including Fox News. However, the president was correct in pursuing an honest relationship with Ukraine. Ukraine‘s former government was corrupt, as was ours. Trump wanted a fresh start with a fresh leader. Total Fake News. Another lie by the NYT'S.

Lololololol Sworn hearsay.... The New York Times is a biased organization no longer given to real journalism as it showed yet again in standing by Bloomberg News admission of biased election coverage. What a joke. This guy’s only concern about corruption was making sure nothing got in the way of his ongoing corruption. While Ukraine is winning awards for fighting corruption, the criminal in the Oval Office is going to SCOTUS to hide his tax returns. Common sense, people.

Fresh bullsh!t by the fully compromised GOP.. RIP ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump ImpeachRemoveTrump

Hahahahaha. Bull shit How to take something innocuous and make it nefarious. Just add innuendo, presumption and a pinch of mind reading. It won’t work. Every other day the GOP comes up with a new strategy that has no merit, it seems they don't even know the law or the constitution. Blunder after blunder, they look so ignorant.

Trump thinks Ukraine is corrupt, so he asked them to investigate an American citizen. Makes sense Sorry, SenateGOP This argument doesn’t hold water! If you are trying to convince Americans that Trump cared about corruption, then you are not giving us enough credit! We aren’t buying into what you are selling! TrumpBribery ImpeachmentIsComing

AugustEve2012 I’m getting dizzy from all the spinning Nice try republicans😜 This is the stupidest thing. At first it was funny and entertaining because the democrats are making complete fools of themselves but now I’m starting to get pissed off because they are wasting precious taxpayer time and money and showing us all that they couldn’t give a s**t.

I think it's a valid concern of every American. After all, it's our tax dollars providing aid. They so stupid teach for anything but the truth There was no pressure put on the president of Ukraine to investigate election meddling of the 2016 election or of Burisma and the Bidens. The Ukrainian President said so several times.He said it was a normal friendly phone call.

GOP operatives writhing in the stench of their leader’s wrong doing, spinning their souls down into a lost abyss...and its only Monday He'll definitely be impeached but not removed from office Valid conclusions would have been public knowledge and discussed openly by Cabinet and Diplomats. None of that happened because it didn’t happen. What happened is exactly what’s been testified too. Under oath matters, nobody from Trump’s orbit testified under oath!

Apparently demanding the announcement of an investigation that would embarrass his political rivals was just a happy coincidence in timing. Nazis all What a joke! The guy who illegally misused charity funds from his own foundation cares about corruption in Ukraine. LOL!!!! Circus rings of clowns 🤡 Such a horrible and shameless newspaper. NYTimesFail

Coño pero que buenos turpenes... señores la creatividad del GOP no deja nunca de sorprenderme. The sworn testimony from the inquiry was mainly about people's own interpretation and not the actual facts as laid out in the transcript. When directly asked none of the witnesses could state any law that was broken and could not declare the actions are impeachable.

Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 HouseGOP and SenateGOP should be asked what happened, other than being caught by a whistleblower report, that lessened the “valid” concerns? GOPLeader has lies to back his party story? Well yeah, we all saw how fast he cut off Israel's aid when their PM was indicted on corruption charges

Total BS Even that is against the law They are lying? What a shocker. NYT! THERE IS NOTHING! BS the aide was appt in January & Trump held it back all those months.and they say he immediately released it. Do the math. The Republicans standing so firm for him are criminals themselves. Jordan & Nunes are pathetic individuals with dark dark pasts.

Then why involve your personal lawyer and not the CIA? It was purely political because he wanted a favor in the form of opening an investigation into Biden. Case closed. Show Trump the door. What was Nunes doing in Ukraine? We will find out! Trump confessed to a felony on national tv and begged Russia and China to help him rig our elections. American citizens don't want a criminal in our White House and we don't want Russians picking our leaders.

BS! DeptofDefense cleared any concerns of corruption in Ukraine last Spring. And all US Intelligence Services & Senate Intel say Trump's conspiracy theories about Ukraine are debunked! I thought they said Trump didn’t withhold aid and that he wanted nothing? Their arguments change by the hour. BS Most people lie to congressional investigation ! Especially when it is to their advantage!!! These proceedings are rediculous!!! Let the President do hi job without all this childish harassment!!!!!

Then why didn't Trump mention his concerns to Ukraine. He never mentioned corruption regarding Ukraine. If there was no corruption in 2018 during Poroshenko’s presidency that would keep aid from being withheld ($200 mill) why wait until after Biden announced his campaign in April 2019 to withhold aid for Ukraine for 2019? Pretty obvious reason isn’t there? Timing tells the story.

An estimated two billion dollars in IMF aid for Ukraine came up missing, New York Times is a shill for the oligarchs. Try actually reporting the truth on the corruption in Ukraine. Just not lies the won’t tell, no Russian propaganda the won’t elevate. GOPComplicit And the sworn testimony did tell us nothing

Malarky!!!!!!! fakenews Cool beans! Where are the memos and emails where The president learned all was well when before he released the aid? Besides being caught blackmailing a foreign country, what did he learn between 7/25 and the day it was released in September that made him feel better? Waiting Not one so called witness had any proof, only their personal opinions. HOAX inquiry is a failure for DemocRATS.

Isn’t that literally Joe Biden’s argument for wanting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired? What Crimes? Not one witness can confirm any of this Bullshit!! LMFAO! Ha ha ha🤡💩 They are so full of shit and they know it. This story was approved Mike Bloomberg 👍🏼 If his concerns were 'valid' then why didn't he use the valid process already established for international investigations.

If Trump had valid concerns then by Article 2 Section 3 of the Constitution, it is his duty to convey those concerns to Congress, and in this case the Senate, for their Consideration, Congress makes all decisions, not the President! a primary source of the Republican 123 page “prebuttal” How can the Gop argue validity when they themselves have become invalid?

Not according to the testimony I heard. Please, you will say anything to protect this evil doer, what is wrong with all of you? Is there not a single ball between any of you? And I say this primarily due to the fact that most of you are old white men It was joe Biden who is corrupt. He withheld money. Corruption at its greatest. And bragged about it 🤬

The sworn testimony was merely people’s opinions about Trump’s motivations. You know what they say about opinions... A more valid concern is that republicans refuse to see Trump is only concerned about corruption that benefits him. If he isn't removed and is reelected, would anything restrain him? That’s cause the colors in their world are very different than ours....🙄

JeffreyToobin has evidence of the origins of the claims made to defend Trump in the Republican “report”. Republicans have plagiarized the Russian “news”. They already used that one last week... still out there peddling PutinsPropaganda willfully tearing our democracy to shreds. They are all corrupt af. PutinsGOP RIPAmerica DrFionaHill Constitution Accountability TruthBeTold GOPCorruptionOverCountry

Their position is at odds with sworn testimony because they are LYING. They are lying, not to protect trump, but to protect themselves from trump’s wrath. The GOP has been hijacked and rather than take down the plane, they are letting trump fly it into the ❤️ of our nation. Bending over backward to defend Trump will result in the Senate turning blue. We’re past the time to defend his lies. We’re watching, and we’re pissed off that GOP, GOPLeader, and senatemajldr keep trying to tell us that we didn’t hear what we heard.

is_rufus If Dems don’t fight just as dirty as they are, time for some low blows, it’s not the time to play nice anymore.... Nunes is part of Giuliani/Trump/Putin/Ukraine agenda of strengthening Russian oligarchs via Ukraine deals. Trump stands to gain $$$ income for Trump Tower Moscow if he keeps Russians happy (who also fund McConnell, Graham, Rubio, Kushner, Manafort, corrupt banks).

Every word of this story is biased against Trump. It's not remotely convincing either. This hoax is a bigger fail than the Russian lie. Lol Trump concern was a political opponent, Joe Biden. Republicans looks really dumb And exactly who is going to preach this gospel according to Donald? We have a tsunami of evidence given under oath that it was withheld illegally. Who will perjur themselves for realDonaldTrump ?

What don't you people get about there being no quid pro quo? Dumbasses No valid concerns GOP realDonaldTrump was concerned with Biden and the DNC server - ALL politics from the GOP. No other corruption was discussed. All Bribery Virtually every one of the hundreds of responses to this BS report blows a hole in the lame GOP argument big enough to drive a truck through. And each one is done in fewer than 280 characters. ImpeachmentIsComing

At odds with and does not connect, either. As, at no time, in any of the conversations, was the concept of corruption ever mentioned. Nor, does it make sense that. A concern like that, would only involve 1 company, that just happened to have a connection to a rival. That doesn't excuse his seeking election help from a foreign country.

This document derives most claims to Russian propaganda. How unique. Perhaps if the press took the time to acquire the Russian sources Americans could finally see how very compromised the Republicans are. Yeah right 🤦 Excuse me, I’m fairly certain that it is illegal for a president to withhold congressionally-appropriated funds for any reason.

The ongoing alternative reality created by Trump: Question should be what is he holding over his enablers’ heads? So done with Trump party over country! Republicans r worthless & could care less about America or its citizens they are a sideshow a distraction reality TV gone bad they r busy destroying America but it won't be apparent until they r miles down the road at which time they will do what they do best blame others

But not at odds with any evidence! MAGA TheRealDonaldTrump 😂😂😂😂😂💩😂😂😂😂 BULL! Even when this attack is over. They will find something else to use against our President, more lies, more made up stuff, more false reports. When are the people going to stand up, and put the Democrats in there place. Just let them know “ WE THE PEOPLE “ want this to stop now!

So when throwing Rudi under the bus fails take a country you where claiming as good and honest and throw them under the bus Trump is only concerned about corruption from which he doesn’t benefit. He’s yellow combover deep when it benefits him. He loves “corrTrumption”. It doesn't matter, because it's not his job to investigate. If this had been a legitimate investigation it would have gone through the security agencies.

Bill Clinton had valid concerns about ML. See? Just as ridiculous. DT had myriad ways to go about a genuine concern. He did not. He, broke the law. Sooo lie to cover for potus Right, that’s why Trump just wanted to have investigation “announced” He “did” but still broke the law tho. He didn’t address any of the conversation except post scandal.

The clown car called. It’s missing its clowns. 🤦🏻‍♀️ ImpeachingHearings ComplicitCorruptGOP ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW TrumpCrimeFamily A completely disingenuous rationale. If corruption was on his mind, why would the most powerful man in the world have to ask, 'for a favor' and attempt to outsource our national security to his personal lawyer? Republicans who buy this excuse, are traitors. Plain and simple.

Let’s not forget our secretary of energy, Rick Perry. He’s so deep in this that he turned in his resignation. He’s running away at the end of this month. If he had real concerns, he should have followed real processes and real procedures instead of with-holding Congress approved funding in a script right out of the Sopranos. Ignorance is not a defense.

Except valid or not, it wasn't legal. Because they lie. Valet concerns 'cause they want the truth parked in all the wrong places. How about Joe Biden and his hairy legs. Now do Hunter Biden and his fun in DC and NYC. So realDonaldTrump has valid concerns about issues that were none of the US business that just happened to involve his political opponent. Do better GOP

The country has ‘valid’ concerns about the Repubs hunkered in the above pic... so! Anymore every member of the GOP and nothing but lying cowards no one believes a word they say. Stop wasting our time Grasping at non-existent straws. The Republican Jokers grapple for any defense of a obvious obstructer & thief as their chief. Like Dominos one by one they will fall, unless they can bribe us all. Time for some Anarchy

The problem is that he had no LEGAL right to override the decision of Congress. I can't wait for the day that corrupt members of the media are held accountable for their seditious and treasonous acts! realDonaldTrump Jim_Jordan DevinNunes 'a conclusion that's at odds with sworn testimony from the inquiry' Testimony that was opinions and conjecture.

Get those senators to take an oath they don't believe what he did was wrong, and a lie detector test, and they will shut up & convict. They LIE because they're politcal spineless whores! They are a threat to our constitution and WE are a GROWING threat to them! Did they take those concerns to the FBI?

Vlad spells his name V L A D, not V A L I D. Trump and Giuliani were only concerned about keeping corruption in Ukraine since it was corrupted by Russia. Ask Manafort, he made millions of dollars aiding Putin and his oligarchs corrupt Ukraine. President Zelensky is fighting corruption and in an active war with Russia.

😮😮😶 Nothing there zero only Democrats BS Drama no message but investigations so November 2020 voted all Democrats in all states out of office! In other words, they're going to continue to lie and create a false narrative to keep the most corrupt, incompetent, stupid, pathological liar in American history in the White House. Seems good to me. Dammit, get Bolton and the two Russians in to testify and settle this thing!

Therefore Trump is guilty of withholding the money and the GOP is complicit... Thank you! “Perfect call” THE WHOLE GODDAMNED WORLD KNOWS THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT!!!!!! Free fact. NYT's point is moot. As chief law enforcement officer, POTUS was well within the limits of the law. Which cult had more intellectual followers: realDonaldTrump or Jim Jones?

If it meant Trump getting off the hook,the GOP would say black is white or when it rains gutter rats come out to play with the squirrels. They’ll say anything. Should we keep pointing to the truth?🇺🇸👍 Nothing trump does is 'valid' NOTHING. ZIP. NADA. KAPUT. ZERO. TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks Of course there was corruption by Ukrainian officials along with some Americans. Ukraine interfered in our 2016 election because they wanted crooked Hillary to win. The only reason this impeachment hoax is happening is because Trump is exposing corruption and spying by DeepState

Trump 2020 'Per GOP...Valid investigation of 'corrupt American.' -per trump Ukraine rife with corruption. -trump asks 'corrupt' foreign govt to investigate US citizen. -trump 'strong on corruption' but sole target just happens to be son of political opponent. 🙄 You don't get to do that, you clowns. It's illegal. Corruption doesn't solve corruption. It only breads more corruption. We all -- and means you -- know that!

Trump’s concerns weren’t valid. The DeptofDefense has researched and determined Ukraine was qualified to receive the Congressionally approved military support. Trump had no business interfering with that legal and constitutional process for his personal gain. Right. Trump is so concerned about corruption he used one of the most corrupt guys on the planet, Firtash, (billionaire former Manafort client w/ Russian mob ties now out on $175m bail in Vienna fighting extradition to US on fraud charges) to bankroll Rudy thru Parnas & Fruman

Not only at odds with the sworn testimony but an assertion for which they have provided zero supporting documentation. I call bullsh*t!! Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about corruption, only about himself!!! Doesn’t matter, no amount of concern justifies the extortion. Then he should have done it properly.....should have included congress in the decision. They don’t have even a stubby little leg to stand on!

If Trump had legitimate security concerns, then why did he not notify the FBI instead of trying to sneak behind their backs? GOP politicians are pieces of ..... How do you allow an unethical gangster to take over their party? Do the right thing!!! Feels like we live in an alternative reality. I cannot take one more minute of this pig of a 'president.'

Um, he didn't withhold aid, hello?, get educated! Nyt report states Republicans defence of Trump contradicts testimony of witnesses even tho there testimony was hearsay, opinion, & conjecture. That contridicts the only evidence. 'The actual transcript. NYT IS FAKE NEWS!!! He had valid concerns that they weren’t corruptible by him!

Wrong. The news we heard was a Trump withheld close to $400 million dollars in exchange for President Zelenskyy was to make a formal announcement to investigate dirt on VP Biden and Hunter Biden. This is the truth The argument 'they were corrupt so we tried corruption' is absolutely stupid. That’s BS There’s nothing to argue. JoeBiden is bragging about it on VIDEO!

They are valid concerns.... unlike Biden and his quid pro quo to fire the investigator.... that’s using position for influence to change his families life..... illegal.... president trump has done no wrong. Get over it, 5 more years to go Sworn testimony that was based on 'feelings' 'thoughts' 'opinions' of career state department officials without a shred of corroborating evidence

I would like to see the biting investigation and Clinton investigation operational!The Democrats are blaming President Trump and Republicans for doing exactly what the Democrats have done! Almost all of my family that word Democrats are now Red embarrassed by their party Real headline: Republicans moves the goal post from, 'Trump didn't do it, and there is no 1st hand information proving he did.' To 'he had a valid reason to do so.'

Yea the concern was losing the election to a democrat. This is good we know trump is afraid of the 2020 elections. Sworn testimony from who😂😂😂 And the NYT's is the biggest nevertrump show in the universe. What a pathetic stench on America and truth it turned out to be. His concern was so valid that he wanted them to investigate a US citizen and was willing to extort them to get it. He was willing to corrupt them because he thought they were corrupt. Yeah.

Republicans lie about what we heard Dementia. DNI released classified National Intelligence Estimate on Ukraine Jan2019, addressing all those concerns. These poor sots. Is there a valid concern to break the law? Traitors! I wonder why words like VALID are in quotes here. Seems strange to quote only one word, unless of course you mean to show some bias by doing that.

The Republicans are full of [bleep]. realDonaldTrump well that’s a lie, IF Donnie was THAT concerned, he SHOULD have taken it to Congress who had already approved the money and HIS own WH had cleared the way bc they found NO corruption. Nice try from the corrupt HouseGOP SenateGOP who STILL push Russia propaganda! VoteThemAllOut2020

Why am I not shocked🤣 Sworn testimony? You mean the hearsay? The only person that testified that was actually on the call said he asked the president he wanted and he said 'nothing, no quid pro quo' but he 'assumed' the rest of the people weren't there and made assumptions on 2nd and 3rd hand info. 🤷‍♂️

Do they really think we're as ignorant as his base? Republicans didn’t have a defense and they still don’t. Keep tossing that pasta against the wall. It ain’t gonna stick. Here's a dumb question... Got any dirt on Ukraine?......... The corrupt president asks Ukraine to just say on TV that they are investigating Hunter Biden but not actually do it because he’s “concerned”. Yeah concerned that he can’t win without cheating.

It should read : the democrats argue that Trump DIDN'T have valid concerns. Fixed it for you That's a lie Horse Cookies 💩 “The Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is not the organic outgrowth of serious misconduct...' I think its exactly what you would call it. looking forward to the organic process of exposing The Rest of It.

The time has come for people to stop considering the impeachment inquiry as partisan win or lose and begin to look a it as constitutional law win or lose. If crimes from the highest office in our country are allowed to go unpunished we all lose. Hahahahaha hahahahaha. Trump has no concerns about anything except his own personal and private doings. He cares zero about the people in this country.

The reptilians (snakes) worried they will not get any ‘contribution donations’ if don-don gets removed...it’s nothing more sweeter than getting free tax payers money to line their pockets....oops, did I say that out loud?! Very weak defense. Witnesses tell another story. No one will believe this alibi.

Worry about all our countries problems not others. Treatment of veterans, homeless , hunger, high cost of health care and a lying President, enabling Senators. Why is DevinNunes still participating in this? He was involved in the CRIMES. TalkToRudy ImpeachmentInquiry ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW Hahahahahahaha

Are they saying that because they are afraid of Trump or are they complicit in his crimes and don’t want to be outed? Yeah, the aid was conditioned on corruption being curbed by Ukraine and this was certified to be happening prior to trump's calls to their president. So no validity to the Republicans argument.

We've moved from 'I didn't do it' to 'nobody saw me do it' followed by 'I did it and I'd do it again'...what comes next is 'they made me do it' Oh, ffs! Argue about the nuance it is to hear a chopper engine on the background as he talks on TV Sure, hasn't everyone from the White House testified that it was 'valid' concerns and not politics that was motivating him? They all so testified, didn't they?

There were valid concerns. Ironically, even those who testified said Ukraine is corrupt and that we should have caution. That coming from a group called GOP who is corrupt as hell and also in defense of a most corrupt president in a history of USA Umm. We know the Bidens are corrupt. And the witnesses I heard said they themselves were concerned with Ukraine interference in 2016. Were they lying?

What a bunch of dopes. Words and the truth matter eve if you add re Republican So Russian propaganda and intelligence are now valid sources. Sworn testimony based solely on speculation and assumption not actual fact. Your company is as bad as CNN with the half truths and flat out lies to influence people. You should all be thrown in jail for trying to influence the 2020 election right along with your Dem overloards

Liars, one and all. Jim Jordan should be more concerned about his involvement in the OSU athlete molestation matter Yet he still gives aid to Israel & Saw-dy Arabia. Exactly, he wanted to make sure the corruption of Ukraine,their new President met Trump in the White House and Trump met the President of Ukraine he knew the corruption was weeded out, then he released the missle aide money, nothing to do with the Biden’s

HouseGOP says you should believe Russian conspiracy theories over American diplomats. Holy Helinski! Who are these Russopublicans working for? wiseguys AskLifeY blainekell6 previouslife17 coleyworld SCPrice5 Jwheels208 Leslea55 ColelliCol CrowMeris StormMela Russian Armed Forces are required to abide by proportional force in accordance with Geneva Protocols. Withholding aide allows President to lower the levels of violence and casualties as well as reign in defense costs in the Pentagon budget. The USA is not at war with Russia.

msm -13 news benders never question for concern of country,president or US , they question with contempt and coercion. It is despicable. Nyt 💩💩💩💩💩 Not sworn testimony based off evidence though. It’s sword testimony based on opinion. The GOP is going for full dictatorship. America needs to fight back.

Once the Dems vote on the record to impeach it’s like them announcing thier traitors to the United States, and they need to be dealt with. Another hearing in the impeachment inquiry of President Trump is set for Wednesday. Here's a guide to how the process works. Your daily reminder that: - The Trump/Zelensky transcript contained no quid pro quo - NO witness provided any evidence of quid pro quo - MANY of the witnesses directly denied quid pro quo - Adam Schiff won't let the whistleblower testify So yes, the Democrats are crazy.

I don't think they even know what he did and don't care. Just bring up baseless bs, they look like the idiots they are, they should be ashamed! and every other corrupt country he associates with...

Republican congressman calls Trump impeachment inquiry 'a complete American waste of time'House Democrats expressed hope Donald Trump will participate in the impeachment inquiry, while Republicans dismissed it. It is all a politically motivated strategy to win the election.. stupifying the Republicans, and generally snub all possibilities of a Red majority vote.. (but only an attempt). The media loves it.. ☺️ When you defend Trump over the constitution is that treason? When you choose party over country is that treason? L Graham, M McConnell, D Nunes are you being treasonous?

House Judiciary Sets Deadline for Trump to Mount Impeachment DefensePresident Donald Trump has been yelling about not getting a fair shake in the impeachment inquiry for what feels like the entire decade. Now, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) asked Trump on Friday if he will be mounting a defense while his committee considers any articles of impeachment.

Scarborough rebukes Doug Collins' dismissal of Trump impeachment inquiry: 'IQ of Republican politicians fall further''We're back here again, by the way, in rerun season here in the Judiciary Committee,' GOP Congress man Doug Collins said on Sunday. Yeah this looney toon Scarborough , really , who listens to this TDS American hating fake journalists who is just a mouthpiece for socialist dems . Hes a joke and anyone with a brain can see that

GOP congressman says having attorneys at impeachment hearing would be to the 'President's advantage'Rep. Tom McClintock, a Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee, has argued that it would benefit President Trump to have his counsel participate in the committee's upcoming impeachment hearings He can't lower himself to a communist propaganda show attempting to destroy our republic. No matter what you may think of Trump the damage the democrats are doing to office of the presidency should not be tolerated by any American Look! In the tree! It’s an Orange haired tweeter sapper! SethAbramson No it violates Hitler’s playbook, Mein Kampf. The playbook Trump has read. Read this article

Trump Administration to Skip House Impeachment HearingThe White House said President Trump’s administration wouldn’t participate in a House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing this week, as Republicans and Democrats grapple over procedural details of the process. Trump & Republicans keep moving the goal post. Trump has been whining about not getting to participate and when he gets a chance, he comes up with some other excuse. Trump is FOS. Someone should make a chart showing how the GOP has moved the goalpost at every turn. That's because they know they are guilty of the crime and the coverup. Otherwise there is no reason not to list the witnesses they want to call and discuss the structure of any future proceedings.

Watch Chuck Todd Challenge Sen. Kennedy as He Doubles Down on Ukraine Interference Claim“You have done exactly what the Russian operation is trying to get American politicians to do.’