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Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis Just Made it Harder to Vote in Florida

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis just made it harder to vote in Florida.

5/6/2021 9:33:00 PM
Ron Desantis, Voting, Voting Rights

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis just made it harder to vote in Florida.

A new bill signed into law by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis brings new restrictions to voting by dropbox and mail

Other provisions in the bill create a 150-foot no-influence zone around polling places and mandate that candidates and other observers be able to watch over certain moments of the ballot-handling process.During a signing ceremony Thursday, the governor praised the bill, saying, “Right now I have what we think is the strongest election integrity measures in the country. We’re also banning ballot harvesting. We’re not going to let political operatives go and get satchels of votes and dump them in some dropbox.”

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As soon as the bill was signed,voting rightsorganizations filed lawsuits against it. Black Voters Matter Fund, the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, and the League of Women Voters of Florida filed one such suit.“It’s a despicable attempt by a one-party-ruled legislature to choose who can vote in our state and who cannot. It’s undemocratic, unconstitutional, and un-American,” Patricia Brigham, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida, said in a statement announcing their filing.

The NAACP and Common Cause have filed a separate suit against the law. In their filing, they write that the changes introduce “barriers and burdens that impact all Florida voters and disproportionately impacts the ability of Black voters, Latino voters, and voters with disabilities to cast their ballot.”

DeSantis signed the bill during a live broadcast ofFox and Friends,and the signing event excluded local media. When reporters complained, DeSantis explained afterward that they were not allowed into in because he was “happy to give [Fox News] the exclusive on that.”

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🐐🐐 Alternate headline: Florida takes steps to insure election integrity with the latest trend of mass mailing ballots like Jiffy Lube coupons It may be harder, but is is fair. but a lot easier to vote him out This should apply for every state . Prevents cheating and honest elections VoterID ElectionInterference

They are not 'restrictions', they are 'regulations'. 'Anyone can vote' is different than, 'everyone can vote'. Election security is 1000% more crucial to our democracy than free health care. vote Wonder what he is afraid of? Yea, probably for older and rural voters, who mainly vote GOP. And it probably fired up the non GOP voters to be sure to follow the new rules and vote correctly. Ron DeStupid.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs restrictive voting billFlorida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday morning signed into law a controversial voting bill aimed at curbing access to mail-in voting in the state, joining a host of other GOP-led states pushing new limits in connection with former President Donald Trump's baseless claims of fraud in the 2020 election. Another step closer to a republican fascist country-democracy in the US is being destroyed, state by state. We'll be a dictatorship by 2024. Pathetic

Florida Newspaper Rips GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis For Acting Like ‘Tyrannical' TrumpAnd 'like Trump, DeSantis keeps revealing his thin skin,' wrote the editorial board of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. I’m sure he takes it as a compliment. Authoritarians will continue to March to the capital. Yes- only the thin-skinned get annoyed when blatant lies are put forward as facts by “reporters” who are simply partisans with media jobs.

Fox News Claims Even They Didn't Know Gov. Ron DeSantis Was Gonna Do All ThatOn Thursday morning, Florida Governor and stunt queen Ron DeSantis appeared to sign a restrictive new voting rights bill live on Fox News morning show Fox and Friends. But Fox News is now claiming they were completely unprepared for the event, which aired exclusively on their network and was closed to all outside press. The Associated Press reports that Fox News released a statement saying they booked DeSantis’s appearance “as an interview and not as a live bill signing. Neither the network, nor the show, requested or mandated the event be exclusive to Fox News Media entities.”\n GovRonDeSantis is not a queen, he is a disgusting parasite of a parasite

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