Tom Cruise, Verified Content

Tom Cruise, Verified Content

Report: Tom Cruise Wearing Disguises While On Dates With Sofia Boutella

Tom Cruise isn’t known for dating around, but when he finds someone he likes, he often sticks with them for a while. Earlier this year, one tabloid seemed

6/13/2021 5:00:00 PM

According to the report, Cruise was taking great precautions to keep his relationship with his co-star under wraps — including wearing disguises. What is this star hiding? 👀

Tom Cruise isn’t known for dating around, but when he finds someone he likes, he often sticks with them for a while. Earlier this year, one tabloid seemed

co stars were more than friends. Former Coworkers Tom Cruise And Sofia Boutella Dating?According to theCruise was taking great precautions to keep his relationship with hisThe Mummyco-star underwraps — including wearing disguises. “They’ve been quietly dating in London for months, and he’s been making the most of the lockdown situation,” an unnamed source told the magazine. “He’s just enamored by her beauty. But he doesn’t want to scare her off so they’re taking things slowly.”

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Despite knowing each other since 2016, Cruise apparently kept his crush on the 38-year-old star hidden from her until this year. “He wooed her gently sending her flowers, and eventually, over time, it worked!” the insider added. The outlet claimed the two colleagues hit it off again at a pre-Oscar party in February where they talked for a long time and appeared to be flirting, the same insider said. “Tom was in luck when they both found themselves stranded in London this spring. Pals predict Sofia could very well become the next Mrs. Cruise — at least if Tom has his way!”

What’s Going On With Tom Cruise?Gossip Copcan say this story is absolutely false. First off, a publication cannot drop a juicy piece of information, like Tom Cruise donning disguises to date another movie star secretly, and not elaborate on it. The unnamed source should have had all the bizarre and weird details surrounding that claim. For a tabloid to completely blow past that detail and not elaborate on such a weird concept just proves how false the report is.

Around this same time,busted a similar story, this time inWoman’s Day.unnamed tipster divulgedthat Cruise was “going all out to make Sofia part of his life” including introducing Boutella to his older children and even ex-wife Nicole Kidman. Of course, the article claimed Boutella’s friends and family were worried that Cruise would brainwash her into joining Scientology. With that story, a source close to Cruise asserted that Cruise and Boutella were not dating. In fact, the actress is in a relationship with fellow thespian Keean Johnson.

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thanks for sharing your opinion and fact check information. I guess tabloids report what they believe readers want to read no matter what goes reported, even if it takes to create fabricated journalism material, obviously this way of making journalism can create misinformation and even ruin people's lives when false reports go overboard.

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