Travel, Vol 53 Issue 07

Travel, Vol 53 Issue 07

Report: Still A Few Seconds Left Where Plane Low Enough To Crash With Everyone Surviving

Report: Still A Few Seconds Left Where Plane Low Enough To Crash With Everyone Surviving

9/23/2021 1:00:00 AM

Report: Still A Few Seconds Left Where Plane Low Enough To Crash With Everyone Surviving

CHICAGO—Determining that no one had anything to worry about for the time being, passengers aboard a 737 taking off at O’Hare International Airport reported Thursday that the plane would still be low enough for a few seconds longer that it could crash with everyone surviving. “We’re not that high off the ground yet, so…

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American Music Awards 2021: The Full Winners List

The American Music Awards aired live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Hosted by Cardi B, the star-studded awards show featured performances from BTS with Co…

You guys are on fire tonight. Keep it coming! Until the thousands of gallons of fuel dump from the wings and ignite. As a frequent flyer I would like to sue for anxiety inducement. Call my lawyer! STOP READING MY MIND! Get out of my brain!!!! Lol! 🚩 That’s an MD-80.

WMC Report: Gender and Race Representation on Five Big Sunday Shows January 1 - December 31, 2020 - Full Report - Women’s Media CenterThis “WMC Report: Gender and Race Representation on Five Big Sunday Shows” tells a story about guests on influential,agenda-setting television programs. The study finds thatwomen and people of color are practically invisible — two-thirds of the guest appearances are by men and nearly three-quarters are White. White men comprise the overall majorityof all guest appearances on these programs. julieburtonwmc No wonder I lost interest, stopped viewing.♀️ julieburtonwmc Hi! I would like to officially introduce you to my Women’s Outreach ministry. Please take time to read our mission, vision, and our core values. We have been around since 2019 and have been helping women locally since then. We have now ventured abroad and have reached Uganda, Ni Not good!

Facebook Moves To Tout Image Rather Than Apologize For Rogue Content: ReportThe effort, called Project Amplify, would be a dramatic shift in policy for the social media giant, which had taken to apologizing publicly for any untow... M.Z. and FB need to metaphorically crash and burn to find themselves in History already. Anything to delay the break-up, even though only Instagram acquisition has been a success. I'm happy to read that they are accepting some culpability for their content. You could argue that 1000's of lives could have been saved if all the ridiculous anti-vax nonsense wasn't so widespread on their platform.

Special Report: Backers of Trump's false fraud claims seek to control next electionFrom specialreports: Reuters examined all 15 Republican candidates for secretary of state in five battlegrounds. Ten still question whether Trump lost the 2020 election specialreports Since when Reuter's judge and make up news “false fraud claims”. Prove it false instead of saying it? specialreports They know he lost. specialreports A sitting United States President attempted to steal an election. The only reason he failed was because of a handful of Republicans who still respected the Constitution. Those people are now being neutered or purged by the GOP. We won’t have those same guardrails next time.

Russian and U.S. military chiefs meet to discuss risk mitigation - reportRussia's chief of general staff, Valery Gerasimov, and his United States counterpart, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Mark Milley, met in Helsinki on Wednesday to discuss risk mitigation in military activities, the RIA news agency reported. Well, Milley is just the guy to pre-emotive let surrender to the Russians. [ KremlinRussia_E Σημαία της Ρωσίας ] [ atsipras Σημαία της Ελλάδας ] Nature talks ............ (beware) Reacts on inhumane decissions

U.S. Releasing Haitian Migrants On ‘Very Large Scale,’ Report SaysHaitian migrants are reportedly being released in the U.S. despite the Biden administration's indications they would be deported. Someone's knockin' at the door Somebody's ringin' the bell Someone's knockin' at the door Somebody's ringin' the bell Do me a favor Open the door and let 'em in For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her DorothyEstrada0 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success

Chinese hackers target Indian media, govt agencies – reportLeading newspaper Times of India's publisher and country's national identification database were among the targets of TAG-28 group which used Winnti malware to extract data, says US-based cyber security firm Insikt Group.