Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak

Report: Pat Sajak Angry At 'Wheel Of Fortune' Producers, Threatening To Leave Show

Report: Pat Sajak Angry At ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Producers, Threatening To Leave Show

5/11/2021 2:11:00 PM

Report: Pat Sajak Angry At ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Producers, Threatening To Leave Show

Since 1981, Pat Sajak has hosted Wheel of Fortune, spinning his way into America’s heart. However, one tabloid is reporting the host is not as happy with

Wheel of Fortune,spinning his way into America’s heart. However, one tabloid is reporting the host is not as happy with the producers of the show and is threatening to leave the show.Gossip Coptakes a closer look at the claims and fills in the blanks.

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Pat Sajak ‘Burned Out’ And EmbarrassedAccording to the, Pat Sajak is “burned out” fromWheel of Fortuneand ready to leave. After a few mistakes in the last couple of weeks, the host is apparently blaming the producers for not protecting him, according to the outlet. Contradicting themselves, the outlet quotes an insider source as saying, “Pat wants to stay but he wants protection from the bossed and better editing of the show, so he doesn’t come off as a jerk.” The outlet reports Sajak’s professionalism is at odds with the crew who he feels “aren’t doing their jobs.”

“He knows he’s made some blooper and said some things that have fallen flat, but he’s sick of being treated like a big joke,” the insider says. This story comes after the hostaccidentally gave awaythe bonus round answer of the April 15 show. The contestant and many viewers didn’t catch the hint until Sajak and his co-host Vanna White addressed it on the show.

The outlet then listed a few gaffs Sajak made over the last couple of years. His crimes include the time he “snapped” at a contestant for interrupting a promo he was filming, “chewed out” another player for making sound effects while celebrating a win, slammed another player as “ungrateful,” and mocking a contestant’s lisp on the February 22 show.

N_T TR_EWhether or not Pat Sajak is thinking of leaving is irrelevant. His contract runs until 2022. Think about it. If you work on a beloved game show for close to 40 years, making several episodes a day for weeks on end, you may make a few verbal blunders. As for his attitude, there’s no way of knowing producers’ feelings on the subject, but it’s highly unlikely he’s going anywhere before 2022.

For some reason, the tabloidsthat Sajak is leaving the show. In January, Read more: Gossip Cop »

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