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Report: Mom Has Plan For Tub Of Whipped Cream In Fridge

Don’t Eat It

10/17/2021 3:15:00 AM

Report: Mom Has Plan For Tub Of Whipped Cream In Fridge

Don’t Eat It

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Customer gifts Dunkin' employee the surprise of a lifetime - CNN Video

After learning that her favorite Dunkin' employee had been evicted, an Ohio woman worked with several organizations to find a new home and furniture for the woman and her children, just in time for the holidays.

Whipped topping ... NOT whipped CREAM. ;-) Breaking: Son doesn’t care I KNEW this was commonality amongst households As do I mother. 🤤 In my mom’s fridge, it’s never cool whip inside the cool whip container. 'Coo-wip'! 'Why do you say it like that?' 'Like wat?' 😆😅😆😁🤣 Let me guess, wash it and reuse it as Tupperware.... 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 that's what ridge running redneck hillbillies do.

Lol she always does 🤣🤣🤣 “Don’t touch the whipped cream,” mom says in slightly louder than necessary tone of voice.

Lourdes Leon opens up about mom Madonna: 'She has controlled me my whole life’The 25-year-old chatted with actor Debi Mazar in a new Q&A for Interview magazine. I’m sure her mother controlled the money machine. What did she do on her own without her moms help that allowed her to pay for college with her own money? Just curious. Also, she must know that getting into modeling would have been a LOT harder for her without her having her moms name/attachment (if at all) She said she became independent at 18. Paid for her college & apartment herself. She must’ve had a trust fund or something because The University of Michigan is about 60k a year, not including other expenses. No way she had that kind of money on her own.

Please wait until the kids are asleep. Oh crap not that god-forsaken ambrosia salad. I miss Cool Whip. 😞 Topping… The whipped cream or the tub? That's not whipped cream. I would throw it in the freezer and pretend it was Ice Cream... Mom needs some pie to go with that cream. Ew, it doesn't involve my dad or the dog does it!?!

So stay out of it!

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😂😂😂 The plan involves a spoon and not much else. It’s actually illegal to call that whipped dessert topping “Whipped Cream” Classic Onion. Making the outlandish claim that Cool Whip is whipped cream.

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