Report finds Ronny Jackson drank on duty and harassed staff while White House physician

NEW: Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson engaged in 'inappropriate conduct' while serving as the top White House physician, Pentagon inspector general report obtained by @NBCNews shows.

3/3/2021 5:33:00 PM

NEW: Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson engaged in 'inappropriate conduct' while serving as the top White House physician, Pentagon inspector general report obtained by NBCNews shows.

The Department of Defense Inspector General plans to release a report that found Rep. Ronny Jackson drank while on duty and harassed staff while serving as the White House physician under the Trump administration.

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NBCNews They burried this news and Madison Cawthorn while zero in on Cuomo. NBCNews So when is he resigning?🤔💯 NBCNews ⚡👿🧜🧟🧛🧟👩‍🚒 NBCNews Is this really a surprise? NBCNews What do you expect from a Republican? NBCNews Classy ! NBCNews where there's smoke, there's fire NBCNews All he needs to do is apologize like Andrew Cuomo did.

NBCNews Therefor Texas.. They (70% of them) love this kind of behavior... NBCNews It was just locker room behavior. No need to worry. NBCNews Not surprising but disgusting. For once, hold these people accountable. NBCNews Completely appropriate behavior by GOP standards NBCNews well, duh. Did anyone expect anything different from him?

NBCNews How’s your russian collusion story coming along morons? Lawrence NBCNews I'm sure Donny and Ronny were having fun snorting Adderal together while coming up with Trumps healthier than an Ox medical exam results. Geezh NBCNews Misconduct is always permissible, especially in Texas when you have an (R) by your name. Nothing irritates me more than the uninformed voting against their best interests.

NBCNews So “do no harm” huh? NBCNews Was there one f**king person in the White House the last Four years that was qualified? NBCNews Is Jackson at maralogo waiting out the investigation? NBCNews Trumplicans never are held responsible but if it’s a Democrat then they are required to resign or face criminal charges.

Lawrence NBCNews Anybody who can say that Trump is physically fit and could live to be 200 must be drinking too much of the happy juice. NBCNews Do you remember all of the criminal investigations they started on all the Republican Senators in the White House that Barr made them decline! Well we have a new justice department and all that crap is starting to come out under Biden and his acting attorney general!

Lawrence NBCNews Did he grab anyone by the pu$$y? NBCNews I got a two hundred dollar bottle of Scotch and a tuna sandwich you can have! Isn’t Ronny a girls name! Is that why you act THAT way NBCNews Zero credibility since the post-Obama WH physician role began with Trump. He got the Trump Stank on him and he is soon toast.

NBCNews Can’t think where he got that from! Lawrence NBCNews You mean to tell me that someone working for the trump White House was unethical and inappropriate? Couldn’t be. Lawrence NBCNews So who's surprised. He exposed his shadiness when he stated 45 was 'in excellence health'. Who'd believe anything he say after that.

NBCNews I sort of suspected him of playing politics when he gave the EX a clean bill of health. ha ha ha None of us actually bought that. EX may not even live to 2024 in his condition Lawrence NBCNews White men do whatever they want without penalty or fear of being caught and convicted NBCNews Everybody that gets near Trump ends up publicly humiliated, bankrupt or in prison.

NBCNews Scary that this is culture of so many men who abuse their power/position in today's society! NBCNews And this stupid ass. RonnyJacksonisadrunk NBCNews No Ethiopian leader has scored tremendous progress in every area like Dr. Abiy Ahmed within a very short period of time. NBCNews Where's the outcry of these women who had to experience being sexually assaulted and groped.

NBCNews This is so shocking🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 NBCNews If any of us were drunk on the job wouldnt have one. WH its business as usual Rump. NBCNews Working for tRump would turn any sane person into a raging alcoholic 🤣🤣🤣 NBCNews That is not surprising. I am imagine he had to lie about Trumps condition too. Stellar people don't do that.

Lawrence NBCNews He released a memo noting that he was the healthiest tyrant his district has ever seen. NBCNews Yep. Some of that, the drinking on duty, slipped out early on in Trump’s presidency following Trump’s first fake health report before being hushed and the Doc stepping down. Little by little the skeletons are coming out of their WH closets.

Lawrence NBCNews I’d drink too if I had to give trump a prostate exam. NBCNews Nothing about any DJT associate surprises me. Entitled and emboldened, oppressive behavior is now being celebrated - it’s what all the cool kids are about, didn’t you notice? Red or blue, misogyny is alive and well and nothing close to the taboo it once was/started to be.

NBCNews Just like his boss, Trump. Lawrence NBCNews So that's why Trump was so obese and still got perfect health then had mini strokes and a mild heart attack and end up at Walter Reed.. About sums it up Lawrence NBCNews I’m sure the more inappropriate the better in Trump’s opinion. It made it easier to hold the inappropriate behavior over Jackson’s head when he needed a glowing medical report (“he could live to be 200”).

Lawrence NBCNews “They did a crime” but they never do any time. Huh. Lawrence NBCNews That's ok he's GOP. NBCNews Resign NBCNews POS Lawrence NBCNews Make a list of everyone who didn't engage in 'inappropriate conduct' in the Trump White House. It would be much shorter. Like lots. NBCNews He is, or can selectively be, by all accounts quite charming. He also is a lush. His loyalty to Trump is transactional. Doubtless, Trump found out about this weakness, and has been “blackmailing” him ever since. Eventually, he’ll get in a car drunk, and kill someone.

NBCNews Shouldn’t it be called gender harassment NBCNews I want to party with Ronny. NBCNews So Ronny Jackson was a perfect fit for the Trump Administration. NBCNews Whatever investigations reveal in the coming months and years about the Trump admin, none of them will surprise me. We'll just have the specifics. But we all knew how corrupt they all were.

NBCNews Jail all corrupted Republicans, NBCNews I would drink if I worked for tRump, too. Morning_Joe NBCNews NBCNews And if he was the medical Dr on call for a president.. then he would be guilty of endangering the life openargs NBCNews Literally everybody knew this. The GOP's approach seems to be that shame is now optional.

NBCNews Cancel his military pension and privileges NBCNews Another mediocre white man rising up amongst better candidates- welcome to the white mans world says all women NBCNews And the two top contenders for the wiener of the week award goes to.....drum roll please; ronny and anthony. Next NBCNews 45 loved him.

NBCNews Well, you didn’t think trump would have a decent Physician that he couldn’t control did you? NBCNews NBCNews So the Ambien belonged to him.. NBCNews Wuuuut A member of 45’s administration acting in an immoral, unethical, unprofessional and illegal manner. Just shocking! NOT. NBCNews But this how come he was in that position. We can’t think with normal....forget hypocrisy, forget best do we think they controlled someone.

Morning_Joe NBCNews Fine American NBCNews Scumbag doctors are the worst, because there is so much prestige wrapped up in the profession and a weird professional solidarity where they protect each other. NBCNews shit, i'd be drunk if i had to work for pmurT asshole NBCNews There are decent Texans... They're just not represented by elected GOP!

NBCNews Drinking the very drugs medical staff administers. A loophole attempting to be closed. The rigged market where product selection depends upon success of the Farm Association. Weights a buoys rigged in favor of top to bottom economics. COVID-19 NBCNews Duh, I'm only surprised it took Ronnie Johnson story this long to get back into the news

NBCNews He could be recalled to active duty and CM’d. But that won’t happen. At the very least his retirement grade should be reevaluated and be O6 or lower. NBCNews I’m not shocked at all. There is probably much more that he did. NBCNews The Candyman NBCNews Well another Trumper, no surprise too me.

NBCNews Ronny struggled in the past. Recovery is a good thing!!! NBCNews NBCNews I'm shocked... Not! NBCNews 😱