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Report: 3 more cops to be charged in George Floyd's death

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Prosecutors plan to charge a Minneapolis police officer accused of pressing his knee against George Floyd’s neck with second-degree murder, and for the first time will level...

6/3/2020 9:38:00 PM

Prosecutors are upgrading the charges against Minneapolis police officer accused of pressing his knee against George Floyd ’s neck to second-degree murder, and will level charges against three other officers at the scene, a newspaper reported.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Prosecutors plan to charge a Minneapolis police officer accused of pressing his knee against George Floyd ’s neck with second-degree murder, and for the first time will level...

around the world against police brutality and discrimination.Floyd’s family and protesters have repeatedly called for criminal charges against all four officers as well as more serious charges for Chauvin, who held his knee to Floyd’s neck, despite his protests that he couldn’t breathe, and stayed there even after Floyd stopped moving. Floyd, a black man, was in handcuffs when he died with his face pressed to the street.

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Earlier Wednesday, the Floyd family’s attorney demanded that all four officers be charged.“He died because he was starving for air,” Ben Crump said. “He needed a breath. So we are demanding justice. We expect all of the police officers to be arrested before we have the memorial here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, tomorrow.”

Crump said the other officers failed to protect a man who was pleading for help and said he couldn’t breathe.Crump pointed to the criminal complaint against Chauvin, which said that while Floyd was complaining he couldn’t breathe, Lane asked Chauvin twice if they should roll him on his side. Chauvin said they should keep him on his stomach.

ADVERTISEMENT“To us that is intent,” Crump said. And he said the other officers were complicit because they failed to take action.“We are expecting these officers to be charged as accomplices,” Crump said.Personnel records released by the city show Chauvin served as a military policeman in the U.S. Army in the late 1990s. Since being hired as a police officer in 2001, he has been awarded two medals of valor: One for being part of a group of officers who opened fire on a stabbing suspect after the man pointed a shotgun at them in 2006, and one for apprehending another man in a domestic incident in 2008. In the latter incident, Chauvin broke down a bathroom door and shot the man in the stomach.

Full Coverage:Days of UnrestChauvin was reprimanded in 2008 for pulling a woman out of her car in 2007, frisking her and placing her in his squad car after he stopped her for speeding 10 miles per hour over the limit. His dashboard camera was not activated and a report said he could have interviewed the woman while standing outside her car.

Lane, 37, and Kueng both joined the department in February 2019 and neither have any complaints on their files.Lane previously worked as a correctional officer at the Hennepin County juvenile jail and as a probation officer at a residential treatment facility for adolescent boys.

Kueng was a 2018 graduate of the University of Minnesota where he worked part-time on campus security. He also worked as a theft-prevention officer at Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis while he was in college.Tou Thao, a native Hmong speaker, joined the police force as a part-time community service officer in 2008 and was promoted to police officer in 2009. He was laid off later that year due to budget cuts and rehired in 2012.

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Gov. Tim Walz and the Minnesota Department of Human Rights on Tuesday launched aof the Minneapolis Police Department and its history of racial discrimination, in hopes of forcing widespread change.Theofficial autopsyby the county medical examiner concluded that Floyd’s death was caused by cardiac arrest as police restrained him and compressed his neck. The medical examiner also listed fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use, but not as the cause of death.

Crump and the Floyd family commissioned a separate autopsy that concluded he died of asphyxiation due to neck and back compression due to Chauvin’s knee on his neck and other responding officers’ knees in his back, which made it impossible for him to breathe.

___Associated Press reporters Scott Bauer and Todd Richmond in Madison, Wisconsin, and Bernard Condon and Michael Sisak in New York contributed to this report. Read more: The Associated Press »

GOOD!!!!! Now LOCK HIM UP MuellerKristine Prosecutors are upgrading the charges against FORMER Minneapolis police officer accused of KILLING George Floyd to second-degree murder, and will level charges against three other FORMER officers at the scene, a newspaper reported. I fixed it for you. Change your reporting the language!! 1. Ex-Minneapolis Police Officer 2. He is not accused. He committed the act of pressing his knee in GeorgeFloyd neck which resulted in Murder while 3 ex-MP Officer watch and kept public at bay

SPECNewsROC Good though a million years in the slammer will never bring back the life that was lost Shame on you So Called Officers!!!!! Now we need 4 convictions. If these officers get a slap on the wrist, I fear this country will plunge into a hell-on-earth nightmare. DOJ needs to hurry up too Over charging w/ 2nd degree simply ensures he'll be acquitted just in time to see destruction of the newly rebuilt communities for a second time. Some one really wants to see the entire world burn.

'A deranged heart...' or just heartless cruelty? I looked at the MN statutes and, unless prosecutors have new evidence (very possible), 3rd Degree Murder is what matched the facts. smartdissent what a shame amyklobuchar decided to put her own personal interests ahead of the investigation & GeorgeFlyod when she tweeted what she had been advised (assuming she didn't just make it up)! So disappointed in her lack of shame!

It’s sad that people don’t actually know what happens in the court room but simply keep pushing for a higher prosecution. The higher they’re being charged, the harder they’ll get sentenced. If neeling on someones throat until they are good and dead is not first degree murder then shooting someone or anything else one can do in the time it takes to draw a gun is either. THIS IS BULL SHIT? Am I the only one who thinks that

They should all be charged equally and spend life in prison! Looking forward to seeing the booking photo of that piece of shit who could of stopped the murder of George Floyd - Tou Thao. Important to folks who just see this tweet-this happened after state AG Ellison took over the case from county atty. Freeman. Charges would not have changed if this would have happened.

IKEAUSA is scamming thousands of people! Check their Twitter IG FB comment sections! Thanks for your bravery PHARAOH_ATEN_. We need more people from all walks of life speaking out and directing all our energy to the right place. Watch until the end: Ooh, they might almost get in trouble over this. So, how many days of rioting does it take to get a smidgen of justice? Maybe next time -and there will be a next time- file those charges within 24 hours of the citizen getting murdered.

send to your black friends ask if it sounds familiar to the left party today. dont vote republican or else ? The Associated Press is a racist organization. There are zero African Americans in c-suite executive positions. The corporate infotainment media has enabled and normalized virulent racists in the highest offices in the country.

Have the other officers been arrested? modooborahae It's about dmn time! EVERYTHING MUST BE RETHOUGHT The American Congress estimates the amount of TAX EVASION in USA at $ 6 TRILLION/year Recover PUBLIC MONEY from tax evasion to finance NEW product & organizational MODELS : social ecology-economic & pure democracy-education-health-spatial planning..

Chauvin complicit? Yes. Charge all you want, AG Ellison. Will riots be repeated after Defense attorney shows at trial ALL video of Floyd stumbling & unresponsive to officers prior to falling on street? Fentanyl impact on death cause? Still America. Enough with legacy of Floyd. How about bringing charges of animal cruelty against the looters who tortured a puppy on live TV?

Cool. So this murderer is going to walk free because intent is next to impossible to prove beyond reasonable doubt and no jury is going to be impartial about it. Well done, everyone. Finally...some researching and getting facts... and making the Charges fit. BUT...They need to go up 1 More!! My dedication to Justice and Equality

HERE ARE THE FACTS, WATCH THIS VIDEO and SEE THE ANIMALS YOU ARE PROTECTING !!! Tucker: Our leaders dither as our cities burn | ekoreen 'accused of pressing his knee against George Floyd's neck' Accused It's on fucking video - all 9 minutes of it. Come on, AP. SportsTVRatings people need to lose their job, if not charged (Medical Examiner office, DA office) if you wanna make serious bank with a lotta power you gotta produce, there is no 2nd chance state needs to take over case, MN AG has been solid, MPD is already under state investigation

Does anyone know what GeorgeFloyd occupation was? How did he provide for his family? Did he have a violent criminal history? Was he really a “gentle giant”? Have you seen the video of him resisting the police?GeorgeFloydProtests GeorgeFloydRiots GeorgeFloyd The American people should bring charges against all politicians that allowed riots cc TheDemocrats GOP JoeBiden SenSchumer senatemajldr realDonaldTrump SpeakerPelosi HawleyMO RoyBlunt repcleaver

Wow. He will he found not guilty. 100% — there is no way to convince 12 jurors, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he intended to kill GeorgeFloyd - It’s so obvious what is happening here. He was a shoe-in for 25 years (murder 3). Now he will do zero after his trial. Police the police. So huh.. what's the plan to avoid having to go into country wide protest the next time this happens? Because if nothing is changed it will sooner than later.

If you are going to call the protests 'sometimes violent', can you at least include the absolutely insane police reactions? Perp walk- perp walk - perp walk!!! Well, finally. Prosecuting Chauvin is not enough. All four must be prosecuted. They could have interfered and stopped the killing, but they didn’t, they let it happen. They are all guilty. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd ProsecuteAllFourCops

REPORTED HERE FIRST - LIVE TWEETING NewLondonTimes PLUS VIDEO FOOTAGE OF PROTESTS IN LONDON TURNED VIOLENT Good, now they need to create a citizen oversight board in every city/town in the country (with subpoena power) and defund 90% of police operations. Then that will be progress. Might be a big mistake. Over reach here, and risk losing a conviction.

protests matter. riots matter. Guess what, rioters? The process is working. But thanks for tearing down your cities and causing a shortage of high-end TV's. ProtestingMatters Brace yourselves folks, this will take time to sort out. Be patient, please. They better get charged w murder too. Accomplices in a murder are also charged with murder!

Is he in custody, or out on bond? GOOD Finally!! Next we need the officers that murdered Breonna Taylor fired, charged, and prosecuted. Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and officers Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove. It’s past time. make it to first degree !

George Floyd death and Minneapolis protestsLIVE: NBCNews Special Report: President Trump makes a statement at the White House as protests gather nationwide over fatal arrest of George Floyd . Martial law? 🤔 Shut the F up 45 He is a monster who is truly attempting to turn us into a banana republic in real time.

New York, Denver, Minneapolis: Disturbing videos show vehicles plowing into George Floyd protests across USAAs protests swell across the USA, disturbing images have cropped up showing a horrifying trend: vehicles ramming into crowds. Why would you stay in the way of a truck? That’s mental. Remember when it was just Covid-19 and the lockdown and everyone was like this is as bad as it can get .... Racist Cop* “Hold My Beer” If the system was for the people, the people would prosper more then the system. Land of the restricted.. Home of the extorted.. Life and Liberty OVER ALL!! 2020 boston tea party ! Revolt 2020 10 'good' cops letting 1 bad cop break LAW =11 bad cops !!

Pelosi says legislation coming soon in response to Minneapolis George Floyd killingU.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday promised legislation on racial profiling and other issues raised by the police killing of George Floyd , while other lawmakers warned against using troops to quell protests sweeping across the United States. Thank God police brutality and systemic racism will finally come to an end the House is scheduled to work 1 day in June The democratic party in USA after they have murdered thousands of people GLOBALLY and after they have destroyed countries now they are destroying their own country by supporting antifa+BLM criminals hoping to get some votes to win the upcoming elections in US.

George Floyd protest updates: Civil rights charge filed against Minneapolis policeAsked to respond to Pres. Trump's threatened use of military force against protesters, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pauses for 20 seconds before answering. 'We all watch in horror and consternation, what's going on in the United States.' Can he please resign! Then become president of the United States?!?! Please! Says the guy who's daddy put Canada in martial law. Blackfacetrudeau 😆

Minneapolis PD Under Investigation for George Floyd Death, Civil Rights Charge FiledThe Minnesota Department of Human Rights has filed a complaint against the Minneapolis PD in wake of George Floyd 's killing. As they should! Let loud it!!! Ok

Floyd Family Attorney Calls For Arrest Of Three Police Officers Prior To George Floyd MemorialHe said Floyd was 'tortured' in the final moments of his life. Bangladesh confirms 1st coronavirus death in Rohingya refugee camps It's beyond time to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and any other PDs with similar issues. If you fire the ENTIRE department, maybe others who stand by and mind their own business will speak up next time. Arrest all involved actively or passively.