Rep. With COVID Says Health Choices Are Up To Him; Critics Say That's What Women Have Been Saying

Rep. Gohmert, who believes women should carry unwanted pregnancies to term, is all about (his) health freedoms.

8/2/2020 5:34:00 AM

Rep. Gohmert, who believes women should carry unwanted pregnancies to term, is all about (his) health freedoms.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, who believes women should be forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, is suddenly all about (his) health choice freedoms.

Bizarrely, he speculated that he may have contracted the virus because he has recently used a mask.Rep.Eric Swalwell(D-Calif.) wished Gohmert well in a tweet Saturday, then added sarcastically: “And thank you for standing with millions of women who don’t want you coming between them and decisions they make with their doctor.”

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He added: “How about this: you stay out of their doctor’s office and we stay out of yours.” Read more: HuffPost »

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cygma01 NUT CASE! Glad you support women’s issues, Louie. 😝 Hypocrite We’re looking out for the unborn CHILD not “pregnancy”. Don’t murder your children. Please give him bleach injections, as well! It seems like the collective IQ of Americans dropped by at least 25% the day Trump got elected. Am I the only one who wouldn't mind if covid kicked his tail a little bit. 🤔

Gohmert is a stain on the nations underpants. How many abortions did Trump pay for in his younger years? Ha! The replouiegohmert hypocrisy has no bounds. He’s pro life when it comes to women’s rights but also pro guns. Suzy63152212 Government officials of such hypocrites, Why is it alright for them to take hydroxy chloroquine But not the general public. Didn't they berate the doctor that said it was a cure? They called her a quack! But now that he's positive that's the treatment he wants.

roskocfart Ass This guy is just a walking embarrassment Hope Gomert feels free as a bird while the Covid19 hoax shows this moron that maybe he should have taken the matter seriously. Gomert and Trump have both contributed mightily to the death of 156,000 Americans! WorstPresidentEver No prayers. Anything this moron says is for entertainment purposes and not actual information. I can't even imagine how stupid the people are in his district to keep returning this stooge to Congress.

Good for him. You’re a bunch of monsters. replouiegohmert I was waiting for an idiot like you to use the exact defense as 'pro-choice' strange bedfellas Your body ,your choice no matter whom you kill? remember that next pro-life March at next church speech 'Your body, your choice', Thank you so much Your new slogan

Dante placed the Hypocrites far down in the circles of Hell. Their presence is a restatement of Dante's definition of sin as perversion of the intellect. Few sins can equal the deliberate cloaking of one's true character in a false aspect of piety, tolerance or honesty. Yes his health is up to him and so is yours.

860,000 abortions per year. How many are due to rape, incest, or are a threat to the life of the mother? Most of the 'choices' can be made before conception. Both men, and women: if you make it, you own it! Leave our uterus alone. Going out on a limb here but it seems to me watching the decline and extinction of western civilization due to falling birthrates is a little more serious than finger pointing will address.

Well then. Thanks for your opinion on women’s bodies, that has nothing to do with you. How’s that COVID going? Oh sorry. I don’t care I see what you all mean now. Men really are the worst, huh... Repulicans asshole Gomert what a Gomer Pile of shit! STHU you old SOB! I will make decisions for MY body! I hope COVID19 makes the decision for yours!

Of course he is. Funny, that’s what she said.... He’s a hypocrite just like every other anti-choice conservative. he & his kind will hopefully sink quickly to the bottom of the swamp they've created. election day is coming! Leave our bodies alone. Worry about yourself! How many abortions are for health reasons? Because a pregnancy is unwanted doesn't make it a health issue.

He should have been neutered a long time ago. Women should be compensated if forced to keep unwanted pregnancies. All the responsibility should fall one sided. The little man is a hypocrite and a fool. Makes him fit for political office according to the GOP. So he will adopt them all? Typical GOP 🤡 hypocrit ...

I’m sure Herman made the same decision with very poor results. Good luck! I don’t get it. If you feel well, why risk potentially life-threatening complications with Plaquenil? Hypocrisy at its best, Let us know how your daughter feels about this replouiegohmert Creep! Ain’t life a damn b!t€😂😂 They’re not pregnancies...they’re called babies.

If you’ve never been a women, Gohmert, then sit down and shut your trap!! replouiegohmert wants his “rights” but women get none...and to heck with public safety. Who voted for this guy? Now this is what hypocrisy really looks like! Rep Ghomert thenidiot should be called Rep Gomer Pyle...or maybe this is an insult to Goler Pyle character himself...

I used to call this hypocritical conservatism. Now it's just plain conservatism because everything they do is hypocritical. 154 000 American lives lost because Trumps government couldn't get it together and the 'pro life' people are like 'meh, collateral damage.' Thoughts. Because most are spontaneous,He really doesn’t have a say in the matter 90% of the time. Therefore he should butt out, And leave the decision to the mother , her husband and their doctor. There are some really good reasons to this... i e. Anencephaly,or worse!

😡😡🤬🤬 The criticism here has to be based on how his irresponsible actions affects the health of other people. Birth control is completely different issue. That’s hypocrisy at its best! Interruption of the pregnancy is a women’s right even , we the physicians do not recommend it as a regular contraceptive methods because complications may happen! Sexual education! Vote!

He probably believes like Trump that women should be punished for abortions. I wonder if he’s smart enough to know how sex works? Unwanted pregnancy isn’t the child’s fault & shouldn’t be a death sentence. Use birth control & be responsible. If it’s unwanted then use adoption. Yes, because he is not making a decision for another human life. A baby is a human life.

Hypocrites Life begins and ends the same a HEARTBEAT Hypocrite!!! The worst hypocrat on the face of the US. He should be a woman in his next life Another bullshit liberal rant that excludes the father of the child. It should never be at the sole discretion of the woman, unless you want to alleviate responsibility of men should the woman want to keep the baby. Typical hypocrisy.

Hypocrite, hypocrite, hypocrite, all Repubs r self-serving, blinded by their own stupidity. Typical GOP hypocrite. Did he graduate from Cooley Law School too? Hard to believe it was Ivy league or even a 3rd rate school...actually, hard to believe he graduated from anywhere. Mail order diploma? This guy is an example of our failure to elect smart people to represent us.

Yes you can die of covid if you make the wrong choices! Rep Gohmert, you are the worst kind of HYPOCRITE!!! What you demand for yourself is what you are denying others!!! You have shown your true colors and you have been 'unmasked'! No more hiding behind your twisted ideology!!! The comparison is cheap. But I'm not surprised because of the source. Mr. Gohmert is making his own decisions An unborn child is not. Which is his reason for being against it(abortion) I disagree with Mr Gohmert on a women's right to choice But the cheap hit is... sad.

33kindnessrulz Brain dead brain dead brain dead.......his constituents are just as brain dead brain dead brain dead Hope he has a nice funeral Looneytunes Louis. Hope this POS (pieceofshit) vanishes from the face of earth. We should get to vote on his healthcare. WOMEN DO, TRAMPS DON'T. I'm sorry to be trite but he even looks dumb.

A woman can do whatever she wants with her body, but that does not include killing an unborn baby. That baby is a separate living human being with rights to his or her body. Gohmert has the right to do what he wants to do with his body too. They are completely different issues. He’s just SO pro choice that he wants to make everybody’s.

Yes sir ! oliverbarry replouiegohmert Yeah that is the same.. wear a mask vs kill a baby. . Btw If it were your body, you would be the dead patient after the procedure. 🙄 If he wants to experiment on himself I say go for it. except for women's rights. Is his first name Dick? gut these fish Send a message to repressive and elitists leaders by charging Trump with CrimesAgainstHumanity

Funny how that works when it come to himself. NotoriousRBF VoteThemAllOut2020 Hmm, I hate when hypocrisy is this blatant - not! His brain is just like that bald head clear with nothing in it but a reflection of a light. Maybe it’s time for him too think of retirement th3j35t3r So happy to see this gaining interest. Gohmert said medical decisions should be left between the patient and HIS doctor. Quite ironic considering how he inserts government and himself into a woman’s uterus by demanding she go full term - even if the baby in HER womb is dead.

How's his Rona? And he won’t learn anything Aw, shoe, meet other foot Health decisions are quite different than killing human life. th3j35t3r Gee, imagine that. Man who wants to make laws controlling women bodies thinks it's his right to choose to ignore moral, ethical, medical responsible public health mandates because it's his body. TheHypocrisyParty doesn't really stand for anything when it comes down to it.

This guy is stupid I hate that guy. I’m on Team ‘Rona here. The AUDACITY! You mean ol’ Congressman Covid is a hypocrite?!? Who dies if the doc says having the child will kill the mother ? Stay out of women's business. replouiegohmert dummy “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long retain it.”–Abraham Lincoln, letter to H.L.

With people like this in elected office the country is long overdue for revolution. Is he on ventilation yet? Hey HUFFPUFF Post you can’t compare the two! Nice journalist! Yeah, Right. Because taking HCL also involves playing God with another being's life. replouiegohmert You are a horrible man on soooo many levels!

Even his daughter thinks he’s an asshole It’s always been about him. He doesn’t care about anyone else. th3j35t3r Fucking Covid Louis. Typhoid Mary, only nastier and stupider. He is against infanticide and in favor of the right of a doctor to prescribe a medication that has been used since the 60s. What's your issue?

He refused to were a mask because he was pro choice all of a sudden. You infected how many people because of that choice? I am pro choice for real and I vote! Screwy Louie has every right to his freedom to be sick but does not have the right to infect others. Knowingly infecting innocent people is a criminal offence. People with HIV who continue to have unprotected sex with out disclosing it are breaking the law. So is Gohmert. Resign!

his course of treatment battling COVID-19 is up to him and his doctor — not “government bureaucrats.” And just like that, Rep. Gohmert becomes pro-choice. He not only believes his health choices are his but women’s health choices are also his. Sure if he gives up his balls another one that I can only wish that he get all he deserves and much much more.

Fake Fake Fake Nothing but a campaign stunt. Um... there are lots of things that men can do to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Personal responsibility? This genius ( Gohmert ) wears a bandanna around his neck , blows his nose in it & then blames the Coronavirus on it A very ignorant and hateful Mr. Potato head.

Except for when it comes to a woman's reproductive Rights. Old Republicans think they have control of that. I think they're compensating for something 🤔🦐🥒 The former is murder and the ladder is not. th3j35t3r He also wants my employer to make the decision regarding my birth control options. Shut the HP down!

NO GOVERNMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL ANY WOMAN WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR BODY... There are not enough eye roll meme in the world for me to respond appropriately to this zinger from CongressmanCOVID Is there a mask women can wear that protects unborn children from being killed in the womb? Babies have a right to “health choices”.

Hypocrisy, they name is GOP. 😆😆 Gohmert should try wearing a condom. And a mask. Shocking. 🙄

Rapid coronavirus testing for Congress a hot topic again after Rep. Gohmert catches COVID-19In the aftermath of Rep. Gohmert’s positive COVID-19 test, the debate around sending rapid test machines to the Capitol is back in full force. Pelosi should provide tests only for Democratic caucus Now do the people of the country instead of just its elites Just let all those fucks in Congress get it than maybe they'd fucking actually do something productive in the Capital when they realize how bad it is.

Rep. Raul Grijalva tests positive for Covid-19Grijalva's positive test comes after a hearing where he had contact with Rep. Louie Gohmert, who tested positive Wednesday That’s Danny DeVito Thank Elon His mask didn’t work.

Rapid coronavirus testing for Congress a hot topic again after Rep. Gohmert catches COVID-19House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are both against bringing rapid testing to Capitol Hill. Do the involuntary suppositories come before or after the goggles? I work in a clinic and not only is it difficult to get a $169 test.....results can take 5 or 6 days.....I had contact with a Covid45 patient and only know that cuz I knew the person didn’t flag him or contact me..must be nice to be tested like the White House. We need to also worry about American Citizens in this all! KEEP THINKING THIS ISN'T A POLITICAL AND MONEY GAME AND GAME, YOU SHEEP!

Debunking Rep. Gohmert’s claim he contracted COVID-19 while wearing a maskNBC News’ Dr. John Torres helps debunk misconceptions about the coronavirus, including Rep. Louie Gohmert’s claim that he may have gotten the virus from wearing a mask. Now Def looks and acts like a Gohmer Now He is an IDIOT Now I bet covid-19 entered his body through his eyes.

Democratic rep says red states are 'getting what was coming to them' for 'playing politics' with Covid-19A Democratic congressman from Massachusetts said 'we certainly have this perception in the Northeast that all the red states are getting what was coming to them because they refused to follow these mandates, and they're playing politics' with Covid-19 Hey CNN, Bill Clinton, instead of playing politics he was playing with kids was down and Pedo island ...might be a story to report on. When you follow the advice of a corrupt, pathologically lying businessman, instead of the Center for Disease Control during a viral Pandemic, you get what you pay for... I agree

GOP Rep. Wanted Fauci To Tie COVID-19 Surge To Anti-Racism Protests. Fauci Would Not.Rep. Jim Jordan kept badgering him, but the infectious diseases expert stuck to general warnings about crowds.