Rep. Steve King ousted in Iowa GOP primary, NBC News projects

House Republicans stripped the longtime lawmaker of his committee assignments after outlandish statements.

6/3/2020 7:31:00 AM

BREAKING: Iowa Rep. Steve King, who has a long history of racist remarks, loses Republican primary, NBC News projects.

House Republicans stripped the longtime lawmaker of his committee assignments after outlandish statements.

Feenstra had a massive money advantage against King and the other candidates. He poured over $230,000 into TV ads, and outside groups spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads and outreach in his behalf. His campaign reported having over $120,000 in cash on hand in the latest reporting period, while King had $32,000.

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In an op-ed in theSioux City Journalin May, King called the primary"the epicenter of the battle against the swamp right now.""I can face the swamp down because we're right and they're wrong and they know it," he said.Meanwhile, during the coronavirus, more people are voting in the primary by mail than in the last cycle. According to the Iowa secretary of state's office, over

59,000 absentee ballotshad been received by Tuesday. A total of 39,000 people voted in the GOP primary in 2018. Read more: MSNBC »

This is a very good move but, Randy Feenstra's platform is to follow trump's mission, build the wall, and maga. He is just as dangerous. How racist was he? So racist that even other Republicans wanted him gone. Good. He needed to go. Let’s hope it’s the precursor of Many More! The people’s slogan of ICantBreathe, which can be heard in the massive protests throughout the US, is the heartfelt words of all nations against which the US has committed many atrocities.

Someday there'll be happiness again..... This is the start. EVERY REPUBLICAN THAT ENABLES TRUMP IS A RACIST CORRUPT POLITICIAN, SO VOTE THEM ALL OUT He needs to be gone HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY SteveKingIA - the $500 I donated to your opponent? Best money I ever spent. I'm going to pretend it's what it took to put him over the top.

Now you’re free to go sport your hooded mask, every day of every month of every year. Have fun with that asshole. Now let's get rid of any other politicians that use racist identity politics. Yes, that's most Democrats. SteveKingIA GFY 👏👏👏👏 So happy! He might just turn up in the Administration Bye, bitch. Too bad his replacement will be someone who literally ran on a platform that SteveKingIA isn’t Trumpy enough.

We are no longer in the 1700/1800’s, pal. You either join in on the beauty of diversity of this country or find a new planet to dwell on with your arrogant racism. We’ll toss you out there to explore for us, just holler☝🏼 Good for him as you all, and we need to start pointing out you racist media members, by publish names, photos and address. you murders thieves are virus to humanity!!

I wonder if the Dems will run Jew hater Ilhan off? HAHAHA Its a joke because everyone knows they wont. Bye Felicia One down, others to go. A CLEAR AND UN-REFUTED EVIDENCE, THAT THE HUMANITY THE WORLD OVER , HAD IT WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT'S STATUE QUO , AND WILL NOT TOLERATE IT ANYMORE! Bye, Felicia. 👎🏽

Stop reminding me So long! Farewell! Auf wierdersehn, good bye! Took 23 years but I’ll take it 😃 steve king is out, great news.!!😃🌷👍 and there is another racist republic whom we need out of office asap, who might he be.. 😬😬😬😬 NicoleSGrigg straight into 'gaEtzs' staff What time slot is he getting on Fox News?!

He still has a job selling white sheets. Yessss now he can set in his living room on the couch peeping through the curtains at his neighbors Buh bye!!! And the wave begins NicoleSGrigg He’s not a Racist -prove that! - Dems hate him cuz he called them out 4 borrowing from Saudi & China to rig a foreign election POTUS DailyMailUK Thomas1774Paine Dems did a smear job on him Too bad for Iowa If you bothered to check his record he worked hard for the State.

Mark your calendar: On June 14 (Trump's birthday) the entire world is going to bomb all of Trump's social media with nothing but pictures of Obama. It's time we reminded ourselves what a real president looks like Pass it on BombTrumpsBirthday TrumpDepression TrumpHasNoPlan You know what they say, can’t spell Iowa without the letter O. That’s a fact

.ByeSteve. Fifty more to go.... DEMOCRACYLIVES Took long enough Get these people out their are democratic racist too weed them out VOTE ALL racists out of office Steve King had time on his hands. Since he got no committes to attend. Wonderful news and a step in the right direction. Still, there is a lot of work to dismantle the GOP from the utter destruction it has created.

Steve King: Colossal Asshole. Good riddance. Trump kissing Steve king lmao Amazing. Beautiful. Love it! Kick rocks! Beginning of the end 😕 A historic day indeed. Good, joe 2020 Real footage from Iowa right now..... I smell an AG nomination... These types are being removed. ✌️

Iowa Rep. Steve King Ousted In GOP Primary, AP ProjectsJUST IN: Iowa Rep. Steve King has lost his GOP primary, the AP projects. For years, he fired off incendiary comments about abortion and race, which lost him the support of many Republican Party leaders. Good, joe 2020 The era of 'calves the size of cantaloupes' has come to an end. RIP

Rep. Steve King's future on the line in Iowa GOP primary tonightRep. Steve King's future on the line in Iowa GOP primary tonight. The primary challenge to King is the fiercest since he was first elected to Congress in 2002. Please God hear our prayers and have SteveKingIA retire to his farm and tiny town of Kiran. Amen. I care that innocent people are killed by those charged with protecting them and the thousands that have died in this pandemic. BUT, there are even more serious problems that will unquestionably take far far more lives; global warming and the destruction of 'our' ecosystem!

Iowa voters oust Rep. King, shunned for insensitive remarksDES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Republicans in northwest Iowa ousted Rep. Steve King in Tuesday’s primary, deciding they’ve had enough of the conservative lightning rod known for making incendiary... Aw

Rep. Steve King—Who Embraced White Supremacy—Loses Primary Amid Nationwide Protests Against RacismIowa Republican Steve King had his committee assignments stripped over racist comments and associations with hard-right and neo-Nazi politicians. To another white supremacist. A sign of things to come for the GOP It’s about time!

Can Republican Steve King keep his seat after becoming a ‘pariah inside the party’?Abandoned by mainstream Republicans for his racist rhetoric, the Iowa congressman finds himself in a nightmare situationThis might actually be the year the Iowa Republican congressman Steve King loses re-election.King, the conservative congressman who has been repeatedly reprimanded by leaders in his probably GOPBetrayedAmerica pariah for saying the quiet part loud. Don’t see why he wouldn’t win since his racist stances are right in line with realDonaldTrump ‘s GOP KAG2020 25thAmendmentBeforeWeAllDie