Rep. Kelly: The CDC report on race and coronavirus was ‘pitiful’

Rep. Robin Kelly says the CDC 'should have been ashamed' of the 2.5-page report they issued about racial disparities in COVID-19 treatment and diagnosis.

5/23/2020 11:32:00 PM

Rep. Robin Kelly says the CDC 'should have been ashamed' of the 2.5-page report they issued about racial disparities in COVID-19 treatment and diagnosis.

Congresswomen Karen Bass of California and Robin Kelly of Illinois say the Centers for Disease Control “should have been ashamed” to release the 2.5-page report on coronavirus victim demographics without any new data.

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The once universally well respected, and even revered, CDC, is now run by realDonaldTrump toadies. All their so-called guidelines are so wishy washy they could've been written by Trump, himself, except that we all know he can't read or write. The CDC has been muzzled. The CDC Report was insightful; it along with the report on hurricane Katrina should be presented to the UN Human Rights Commission.

Has anyone checked them jeans ? Maybe that's the issue ? Don't get upset...just saying. Money says Kushner wrote it Truth hurts in politics Yeah over 50% of those that died were in Nursing homes of NY, NJ, Conn!! WONDER WHY!!! Oh, as Cuomo said it 'old people get sick and die, SO?' Democrats 24/7 it's all about race

It is only pitiful if it is a lie. This what America needs to hear amjoyshow maddow AriMelber AliVelshi cnn NicolleDWallace TheRevAl So are you going to start controlling what they eat? Bet you would like to.

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