Rep. Cori Bush Camps Out At Capitol To Protest End Of Eviction Moratorium

Democrats failed to push through an extension before heading off on Congress's summer recess.

7/31/2021 12:13:00 PM

Democrats failed to push through an extension before heading off on Congress's summer recess.

Democrats failed to push through an extension before heading off on Congress's summer recess. The Missouri lawmaker invites them to her campout.

, demands that the federal government declare homelessness a public health emergency and make significant investments in creating more affordable housing and supportive services for unhoused people.“The unhoused crisis in our country is a public health emergency, and a moral and policy failure at every level of our government,” said Bush, who is the first Black woman in Congress to represent Missouri. “I know the daily trauma and stress that comes with the perpetual instability of not having a safe place to live.”

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The end of the moratorium could deliver untold suffering to a massive number of families. More than 3.6 million adults reported that they were likely less than two months away from eviction as of June, including 2 million households with children, according to a

.Supporters praised Bush’s protest on Twitter.Cori Bush is the real deal folks, you’ve lost you’re way if you don’t see that— intersectional cia agent (@midwest_left)Thank you. Growing up I imagined Congress working 'round the clock but boy, was I wrong!

— Rusty (@enotsytsur)Thank you for doing more than sitting in an office collecting a paycheck— Jenni (@jennipunk2)That is infuriating. Thank you for caring about the people.— TurnSCBlue2022 (@Krystyn77733531)July 31, 2021People who have never been homeless or on the brink of it will never understand it. Sadly they live by a consciously wilful refusal to know or wven comprehend that level of visceral trauma. Thank you for your deep compassion & empathy. It matters. Your impact is felt & powerful.

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Appreciate Rep Bush's efforts. However, a much better 'symbolic' effort would be to introduce a bill to repeal current law that closes down Congress in August simply because of Wash, DC heat. That might have made sense when there wasn't air conditioning and seersucker suits!👍 Dear America, our elected officials have let the people down again,they left for vacation and millions will be evicted ,pointing fingers at the cdc get back to Washington do your jobs why is there always an issue!!!

Damn girl…you make me feel so proud that’s 💯. They need to get themselves back into that chamber and finish their work. This is absolutely unacceptable. They work for us and the work isn't done. SpeakerPelosi GOPLeader JimClyburnSC1 Look,you're going to have to get with all the Millionaires and Billionaires in America to pay these People's rent/mortgages.They have the Money. One guy just put up $28,000,000 to go in Space with Jeff Bezos and didn't go.The Money is here.Doesn't have to come from the Government

What did she get evicted and has nowhere to go during the break? I want people who cant pay to get evicted. Keeps rent lower for the rest of us. Why are we defending people who can't pay their rent at this point?

Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Bush, Pressley slam House failure to extend eviction moratoriumEviction moratorium extension efforts failing in the House is slammed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Cori Bush, and Rep. Ayanna Pressley on The ReidOut. Ocasio-Cortez tells us, ‘When we have a Democratic majority that is capable of passing legislation, we cannot hide behind the Republican Party in the lack of ability to extend the eviction moratorium.’ This is what happens when spoiled children with no life experience have seats bought for them by deranged ideologues.

White House says it has no choice but to allow eviction ban to expire SaturdayThe Biden administration said its hands were tied after the Supreme Court ruled the eviction moratorium could only be extended until the end of the month.

Biden calls on Congress to extend eviction moratoriumThe Biden administration on Thursday called on Congress to extend an eviction moratorium that expires Saturday. The White House said in a statement that the... Kick the can down the road forever here we go - shit show ('the Greeks' unedited version + outtakes) Lmao, they aren’t going to do that. That’s funny. There’s already enough pressure on the landlords and they’re coming after the US with lawsuits. Not that it’ll work, but.

With Eviction Moratorium Set to Expire, Only Congress Can Save Millions From Losing HomesA Supreme Court ruling barred the president from extending the eviction deadline past Saturday, leaving renters’ fates in Congress’ hands Only congress can save them...? What the hell? Stick with what you know, music news. Stop spreading propaganda nonsense. Extending the moratorium puts renters further in debt. You cannot just wish your debts away and the government cannot bail out everyone who can't pay their bills. ... and the million or so that OWNS and have INVESTED THEIR OWN MONEY in these Homes can Go Fuck Themselves. Right?

Eviction moratorium: Where it stands, What's next?On Friday, House leaders said they were trying to win enough votes to trim the extension to October 18, instead of extending through December.

'I don't know': GA resident says of future as nationwide eviction moratorium is set to expire tomorrow.VaughnHillyard: 'Where you would go?' Sierra Green: 'I don't know.' NBC News' Vaughn Hillyard reports on the federal nationwide eviction moratorium expected to expire tomorrow and how families are coping with it. VaughnHillyard This is sickening! VaughnHillyard For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him Blakescott64 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success⚖️ VaughnHillyard Teens having babies and they get govt subsidies must end. Work or get the F OUT!