Rep. Cicilline: We’ll present overwhelming evidence Trump incited insurrection

Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial is elucidated by Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), a House impeachment manager, in conversation with Jonathan Capehart.

1/25/2021 5:32:00 AM

Rep. Cicilline on impeachment trial: 'We will present a very strong case, overwhelming evidence that the pres. of the U.S. committed the high crime and misdemeanor of inciting an insurrection against the government of the U.S. by inciting a violent attack'

Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial is elucidated by Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), a House impeachment manager, in conversation with Jonathan Capehart.

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Like all the other accusations? Just roll the media tv coverage from 1/6/2021. If america is so divided, let them vote again if not choose a president that 8s at least coherent and not a puppet. USA is heading down the same crap shute like South Africa... We will present very strong evidence of voter fraud that will take a month to present. We will unmask the lies and expose the truth about the fraud. The truth will come out!

Finally a Rep that puts AMERICA FIRST I bet they got something hot Thanks to everyone seeking Justice! TheDemocrats Good. Take away his chances of doing this again. We do not need a narcissist in office at all...ever. This guy’s so full of shitt its not funny anymore. He was wrong about Russia, the first impeachment attempt, and so much more.

I hope they're following the money, too. Who organized the thing? Who were the vendors? Who paid, and where did that money come from? And will Rep. Cicilline be seeking charges against anyone that incited the violence with the BLM riots. I am for seeking justice as long as it is equal justice. President Trump did nothing. Held a rally. All that bull shit was planned ahead of time on twitter and facebook. They arrested some people before they ever got to Washington. Do America a favor. Impeach biden and harris and throw polosi out

Yes, saying “be peaceful, but patriotic” is a misdemeanor of high crimes. 🙄 UN Trump willfully/criminally planned & staged a violent coup against the government of the US to overthrow the government of the US,assassinate US Congressional political opposition,consolidate power & create a dictatorship in what Sen.Ed Markey refers to as High Treason.-API🌅

What about the death threats to his VP? Manufactured evidence, no doubt You people are destroying this country. I blame the fake news and the fake politicians for the turmoil were in! Self centered and evil. What did he do to you’re psyche? He really scares you! He has strength you never will! This country is missing him.

No you won’t Good start.. Do not let those republicans try to derail the process.. they’ll try any and everything to disrupt a legal process Translation: We are worried he will win in 2024. dude dropped some coin on his art Can’t wait to see that MFer go down. TrumpInsurrection The whole World saw Trump do it. Play the Video!

I’m just a sex crime/police corruption victim! All I want is justice so I can heal to the point of closure! WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME GET A FBI/FBIPhoenix/TheJusticeDept INVESTIGATION? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bet? Based on the supreme court's past decisions along with things Trump DIDN'T say (like not once did he tell anyone to break into the Capitol, take it upon themselves to stop the confirmation, or to be violent or break the law), this is purely political.