Rep. Ayanna Pressley: ‘Trump is a threat to the American people, clear and present’

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'This was an attack led and coordinated by white supremacists. It was a violent mob, an attempted coup, to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power ... Donald Trump is a threat to the American people, clear and present.' Rep. Pressley says of Pres. Trump.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley joins the Reidout to talk about the Capitol Hill insurrection and the question of impeachment: "This was an attack led and coordinated by

white supremacists. It was a violent mob, an attempted coup, to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power ... Donald Trump is a threat to the American people, clear and present."


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She is a threat! She needs to resign!

She is a racist.

De classify everything

Pot meet kettle

Americans are addicted to lies they will never believe in the truth until they learn the hardest ways. Anyone should be able to think on his her own instead of listening or believe in Politics or your Presidents. Critical thinking is a Skill which many of Americans lacks.

uh huh...whats the black block

The left has been inciting violence for the past 4 years. They’re the threat to the American people and to anyone who doesn’t bow down to them.

There were black in the crowd. Were they also 'white supremacists'? or, as she said, she has no 'need' for blacks who do not support her?

Don't let the media or these politicians gaslight you. They spent months propping up and excusing looting and violent riots and deaths across the country labeling them as peaceful protests!! Now they're concerned 🙄

From Australia. I cannot get my head around what’s happening in your beautiful Country,it’s beyond words.Any LEGACY TRUMP had is FUCKED,the MONEY is turning on him like the rest of the USA.HE IS UNHINGED, CERTIFIABLE,and GUILTY of TREASON, how did one EVIL MAN DO THIS IN 2021?

Isn’t she the same one who said “there needs to be unrest in the streets” when talking about BLM riots? Why is it that liberals are exempt from the rules they create?

This is what a real attempted coup looks like (unless you think they were trying to overthrow President Trump, cause at the time I think he was still President). But I'll let you finish your ice cream cone.

nice hair

Are we still going to defund the police?

I heard they identified 7 different white supremacist groups that descended upon the Capitol all these groups prospered under trump due to lack of oversight...Biden will change that through policy and enforcement

If there is still anyone around that is laughing off these people from the January 6 insurrection as a fringe element, the two following conspiracy laden audio clips should hopefully persuade them otherwise. Treachery

The FBI doesn't even know who instigated the riot. How the hell does SHE know something the FBI doesn't?!?

Flashback 👇🏼 Kamala Harris says that the riots are not going to stop, ever, and to BEWARE. With a smile on her face.

JoeBiden's racist administration.

We need everyone to stand up to Trump the bully

WE THE PEOPLE! Let's boycott States that embrace white supremacy and sedition. If Missouri won't oust Hawley then let's not do business with them. Cruz is another. But let's pick 'em off one at a time. Start with the worst. The United States must unite against this common enemy.

If people keep saying things like coup without understanding what that actually means, people may say that this is insurrection and a call to violence: “You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives' - Pressley Slippery slope.

Talk talk talk, nothing but talk from the ever hesitant and afraid Democrats. What the hell does it take to light a fire under their ass to DO SOMETHING NOW. 6 days in from a coup and NOTHING.

I believe her, Trump and his cronies in our Government and outside Government played a role..SeditiousGOP

Spotted one Black protestor in the photo of 6 on the floor under arrest. Must be BLIND.

Breakdown his speech AyannaPressley chrislhayes it’s directions to the guys with zip ties. TrumpTerroristAttack

He always has been. I'm amazed so many people either didn't realize it before now or still don't.

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