9/11, Sept 11, World Trade Center

9/11, Sept 11

Remembering Those Lost 18 Years Ago on 9/11

The families of those killed in the terror attacks will gather at the Sept. 11 memorial in an annual ritual of mourning.


18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center . Today, families will once again gather and grieve at the site where more than 2000 people died.

The families of those killed in the terror attacks will gather at the Sept. 11 memorial in an annual ritual of mourning.

Then, readers will recite the names of the dead, one by one — brothers, sisters, cousins, mothers, husbands, wives. It is a ritual that will take about three and a half hours.

There are now 400 trees where the rubble was in 2001. For the ceremonies, loudspeakers have been hung — carefully — from many of the trees. The idea is that the names being read should be heard from anywhere on the memorial’s eight-acre site.

, who was the Lord Mayor of London in 2002, a year after the attacks.

James Barron is a Metro reporter and columnist. He is the author of the books “Piano: The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand” and “The One-Cent Magenta” and the editor of “The New York Times Book of New York.”

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the NY Times has spoken... WHY no one will ever know.. Does anybody pay to read The NY Times? 'For clarity?' Yet you still failed to mention WHO killed those nearly 3,000 people on Sept. 11, 2001. Still trying to not hurt feelings, huh? youapparentlydidforget itsspelledradicalislamists gotoyoursafespace

Lost? Don’t you mean murdered? I can’t even comprehend how you blamed the inanimate object (the airplane) the first time, but I guess it’s turned into a habit since you do that with guns all the time. ‘Some people did something’ on 9/11 would have bee apt for you guys!Failing Foolish Fake but yet arrogant!!!Shame on your NYT

“Someone did something” Fake news. Now we have a plane problem not a Islamic terrorist problem Also, they weren’t lost. They were TAKEN. Never will forget, God Bless them and their loved ones. You're nothing but a sad joke and a disgrace to journalism. 'Failing' New York Times? No, you've already failed. Garbage publication

9/11: Then and now — 18 years laterEach August and September, as summer fades into fall, Yahoo News photographer Gordon Donovan finds himself in a familiar spot — snapping images in the area where the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place. I remember! America we felt you sorrows and your pain! Vividly remember the impact of 9/11. People just going about their business taken so tragically. New York a resilient city. Terrorism can never be allowed to prevail.

America never forget, India stands by you in your war on terror. You deleted the tweet but you still wrote it first, and intentionally. You re-tweeted after backlash, not because you’re sorry about the fact that you believe airplanes have a will of their own. Judas. Respect ♥️ credibility Shame on you! May you go out of business!!

Hey editor , tell ur mom to be careful as next time, these aeroplanes can hit her vgin. U shameless bstrds So the NYT still can't say 'TERRORIST' as the reason so many died that day. Sad. The left are slaves to corruption. I don't know how the nytimes stays afloat in the US. To go out of the way to avoid saying who did it, hoping that the world will forget and also hoping that they won't realise your slant escape route. I wonder who really funds nytimes, then.

Why are you afraid to call spade a spade? You lost credibility a long time ago. Islamic Terrorists took down the twin towers, airplanes, & attacked our country. Know your enemy and stop rewriting history or history will repeat itself.

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the article didn’t mention Jihad or Islamic Extremism even once. Strategy: Ignore the Elephant in the room. if Insanity has a name it’s !! एक ऐसा बिका हुआ अखबार जो अलकायदा का नाम लेने से डरता है।इस्लामिक आतंकवाद को बढ़ावा देता हो,उसकी विश्वसनीयता खत्म हो चुकी है। Who seriously thought it was a good idea to blame airplanes on the attacks of 9/11? Wtf 🤦🏻‍♂️

It's like you got your PC sensitivity training from Barack Obama. They were murdered! By Islamic terrorists! The Post has far more journalistic integrity that you. Shame! Ha! Too late. You already revealed your bias. Maybe we should ban all airplanes? Do you recall who might have been flying those “airplanes that took down ...”? Just wondering.

Still no mention of terror attacks or terrorists, what a shame. I guess some Al-Qaeda guy is running this handle. Airplanes took aim? Seriously? You spelled Savage Terrorists wrong. F*** whoever wrote that. Bullshit like this gives the rabid conservative wingnuts and their psycho in the White House credibility. It's OK to call them Islamic terrorists. That's what they were.

Those damned airplanes! Let's ban them.

New York's 9/11 'Tribute in Light' threatens 160,000 birds each year: StudyTwo beams of light shining four miles into the sky from dusk until dawn pull migrating birds off course, researchers have found. And it upsets Omar and Tlaib It's painful memories always 😩 So figure out a tribute that doesn't threaten 160,000 birds each year, please, NYC.

3000 people were murdered by Islamic terrorists who hijacked the planes used to murder them. There, I fixed it for you. And I’m a liberal. You’re disgraceful. Planes didn’t take aim and people weren’t lost. Let's get this straight 3000 people were not killed they were murdered by Islamic (Muslim) Terrorists let's say what it was and not sugar coat it.

Its disgusting that you are trying to hide the fact that it was an attack on us by Islamic (Muslim) Terrorists. Why hide the truth. Can't wait to see the death of the NYT ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE Oh these pesky little radicalised IsIamophobic Airplanes! Why did you do it Airplanes? Very bad of you. Bad bad Airplanes! Shame on all four of you. But you know Twitters is bad as well

For ‘clarity’? Do you even know why it was so awful! At least have decency to admit that much. The planes didn’t fly themeselves. They were hijacked and flown by Islamic terrorists, who murdered almost 3,000 people! Glad you took the last tweet down. Very poor reporting and choice of words, distancing language by blaming inanimate objects. You should’ve known better but have redeemed yourselves...only by public backlash

So many twerps liking an article the NewYorkTimes had to change because of backlash. A lot of retractions & changed (or as the media calls it “updated”) stories lately. washingtonpost (VOX acted as a media parrot) story linking President’s rallies 2 raise in hate crimes (FALSE) & who can forget Lawrence & maddow’s loan story that lacked Facts? Ppl in media-

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More than one million innocent civilians have been killed by US led wars since 9/11, which to their surviving families is the equivalent of 3,000 x 9/11s. If you don't spare a moment to remember the mass slaughter our mindless vengeance has unleashed, you're doing 9/11 wrong. It's not hard: Muslim terrorists.

Enemy of the people. Your paper isn’t fit to wipe our asses with. What’s this “lost” BS? The only thing thats lost is the NYT’s moral backbone. Gutless hacks. I just hate it when airplanes get all p!ssy and attack buildings I get it, buildings have quite the attitude, but that's no reason to attack them

This corrected tweet isn't much better than the first. 3000 people were 'lost'? Have you checked the sofa cushions? They. Weren't. 'Lost'. They were murdered by terrorists. Suck it up, NYT, and face the reality of the situation squarely. NeverForget Get out of NY, Terror attacks by Muslim Terrorists. You’re the NYTimes you were there! When did you stop reporting truth for fear of insulting a Muslim?

Well done, you played yourself.

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Passive voice. They were not 'lost.' They were murdered by terrorists. Have the decency to apologize for the earlier tweet, which minimized the number of dead, and ascribed their murder to inanimate objects, 'airplanes.' You are a New York City newspaper, for goodness sake! Clarity? The truth be told. 18 years after nearly 3,000 people were lost, families of those killed in a terror attack by planes hijacked by a Muslim group called Al Qaeda. 😡

You want 'clarity?' You are covering for murdering terrorists, and 'sugar-coating' their vile deed, because you are afraid to speak the whole truth - Islamic terrorists being true to Islam and to their prophet. How's that for clarity NYT? So they weren’t self driving planes? How about you re-edit to state “almost 3,000 were MURDERED” - they were not ‘lost’. They were MURDERED by Islamic terrorists. If you can’t report news honestly, stop writing lies.

NeverForget Those nasty airplanes! Why oh why do some airplanes target buildings! Traitors!!!

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You still don’t mention terrorists in the tweet. You just can’t seem to bring yourself to say it. You embolden and protect the enemy, that makes you no better than them. Who flew the planes into the World Trade Center towers. I forget. auto pilot ✈️ airplanes? Exactly why I would never waste my time or money reading this news outfit! Nearly 3000 people were killed by Terrorists! Why is it so difficult to write the truth!

Islamic terror attacks* As if you gave a big hairy rat's ass. We will never forget your earlier tweet. It has been screen captured for all eternity. FakeNews New York Times is the enemy of the free world. Still can't bring yourselves to say WHO DID WHAT. PATHETIC I know, it's too much to ask for honest journalism. But at least stop trying to erase, cloud and rewrite history.

Your paper is nothing but trash exactly where it belongs. 🗑 What a joke you are They weren’t lost. They were murdered. By Islamic extremists. Try again. Who killed them? Some sort of cyclone

Let just do us a favour and stop your propaganda machine, just say that they are terrorist and kliied 3000 people They were MURDERED by Islamic extremist terrorists. JFC, it happened in NYC before your eyes and you are doing what you can to minimize the event of a lifetime. When Trump is gone, your going out of business. The NYT has become such a partisan hackery rag.

Planes don't aim, guns don't aim. People aim, people kill people. Dear Shameless The Planes didn't fly themselves or robot pilot. You known very well that they were Hijacked by Islamic Terrorists. This is how they really feel. sides with terrorists. Just wanted to make sure everyone sees the tweet you deleted. You know. The one where you said ‘some airplanes did something’.

Nearly 3,000 people were 'lost', we just can't find them. WTF!? They were murdered! Now I have to say it, is garbage Wow did the airplanes take aim all by themselves? You’re a total disgrace!

“Lost” or MURDERED BY TERRORISTS? is Deplorable Kind souls.... Just because you deleted the original tweet doesn't mean it won't be seen. The staff are absolutely spineless. Report what happened like anyone with a little bit of journalistic integrity would. Pathetic. Make sure everyone will shout pkmkb.

sponsored by terrorist They were killed by Islamic terrorists. THEY WERE KILLED BY RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shameful NY times. Why don't you say it? The evil Islamic terror is real now and their sympathisers have infiltrated into US Congress and media. Hypocrites you changed a senseless twiter that resonates with your Ally Omar some airplanes did something ? Its true you are 99.99% fake news 👎

What changed the 'Planes that flew & the 2000 who died' to this.... Facts Islamic terrorist took over the planes & 'MURDERED' 3000 Americans... Love twisting history like the NYT did during WWII protecting the Nazis & the Murdering of the Jews

Airplanes didn't fly themselves into the buildings just like guns don't take aim and shoot people. Evil has to be behind both for either of these,acts to take place. This was their original tweet! Radical Islamic terrorists did this NYTimes! RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11 NOT AIRPLANES!!!!

There will be no Jewish names because Jews watched the attack from afar. Terror attacks by who? I know it wasn't white Christians or you would have said so. You would have tweeted about it all day. Too little, too late. You should be ashamed. NeverForget '...then the names of the dead — one by one — will be recited' Y don't u recite th names of all those who took part in ths terror attack & how ths terror attack is a part of Jihad (covert war) waged by a section of soceity all over th world including in th Indian state of J&K?

SOME AIRPLANES DID SOMETHING The New York Times: 'Airplanes did something' 9/11/2019.

I once said Trump shouldn't be calling the NYT the 'enemy of the people'. I was wrong. He is right. They are. AND THIS IS WHY YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE Edited by a stupid writer who doesn’t know how to write. Certainly not a journalist. Can you spell jihad? Did you mean to say, “ISLAMIC TERRORISTS MURDERED 3,000 AMERICANS?! I guess you FORGOT! NeverForget NeverForget911 IslamicTerrorist

Dia 11 Setembro foi um dia muito triste lembrado por todo mundo que Deus tenha missericordia The is heartless and soulless 😡 That's an odd way of spelling Islamic terrorists Who actually wrote this piece of shit?! People were lost? No they were burned alive and crushed. Let’s tell it like it was! Disgraceful

You finally got the numbers right. And at least you're no longer blaming the airplanes for the attack. You know why they posted the first tweet? Because unifying the country is not in their interest... they went all in and theyre not looking back enemyofthepeople

3000 people were lost? They were brutally murdered. let me clarify for you. 18 yrs ago today some Islamic MUSLIM TERRORISTS murdered 3,000 people in America. Stop being afraid to call it what it was and WHO IT WAS. It was in your freaking city. Be angry. Stop being complacent. Some guys who fanatically worshipped a psychotic pedophilic warlord flew some planes into some buildings and killed 3000 innocent people.

Islam is still not a relevant information about this attack? Saying 'airplanes took aim' is utilizing the same logical path as blaming the gun instead of the individual after a mass shooting. ISLAMIC TERRORISTS !!!! We are still losing people to this day because of the aftermath. How about doing some real reporting? Bombshell of news ignored: Proof Gov Wrong About Collapse of WTC Building 7? (New Evidence 2019)

'North American freedom will lose its light. Its torch will not light like yesterday and the monument will be attacked twice' Psicography by Solari Parravicini (1939) Your own city was attacked and you blame the planes. The left is a sick and demented bunch.

SICK. You people are sick and a disgrace to NYC. NeverForget On September 11, 2001, 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al Qaeda hijacked four airplanes... FakeNews since September11 2001 NeverForget911 Thats a werid way to say murdered by islamic terrorists It was terrorists that killed the nearly 3000 human beings 18 years ago today. THEY WERE T E R R O R I S T S!

We must never forget the day that Radical Islamic Terrorists attacked our great country and murdered 3,000. We KNOW who was responsible, and it wasn’t “some people”. GHarahus Happy 9/11 people '18 years since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center' Everything Changed When The Airplane Nation Attacked

Everyone of them was muslim from religion of peace.

Has anyone found them since they were lost? I had a originally heard that they were killed Wow? How did 3,000 people get 'lost' just like that? Was Mapquest down that day? In any event, I could've sworn airplanes took aim at them, so it's good to know they were merely lost instead. Weren’t knives used instead of guns to take control of those planes?

Haha NYTimes continually sinks itself. SinkingNYTimes Why not mention how it was Islamic terrorists that aimed those planes at the World Trade Centers ? Even after you deleted the original tweet you still bury the fact about who committed the terrorist attack. You may have forgotten the facts but we will neverforget

Just remember you American , please stop bullying others!!!! Can't you just stay within your country not to disturb or invade others!!! It's not of your business!!!! You better have changed it you sick fuqs Don't try and twist what happened this day 18 years ago The person who posted the original tweet should be fired and sent home. Shocking to come from a newspaper where this happened in their city. Absolutely disgraceful. Maybe that person should think about what happened that day and the tragedy’s it caused.

3000 people were 'LOST?' That's how you fixed this?

You did it on purpose. Do you think your readers believe it was accidental. Men violent men took aim at the towers. They purposely killed innocent people. They are murderers Not some people or Some planes do killing on 9/11 just say frankly MUSLIMS killed those 3000 people for their freaking JIHAD 🏴🏴🏴🏴

You guys are pathetic You forgot a few words. 18 years ago today Radical Islamic Terrorists murdered over 3000 innocent people, injured many more. First responders and survivors are still suffering&dying as a result of the actions of these extremists Terrorist attack... it wasn’t plane attacks. Dumbass BullShitNews

Remember when that Uhaul attacked a federal building in Oklahoma? That was really “something.” So much vehicular terrorism - where do all these killer vehicles come from? What’s their motivation? What went wrong in the factory that turned them into killers? Wow Now DELETE EVERY BLOODY ISLAMIST PROPAGANDA OF YOURS ON KASHMIR. Call the Pakistani Blood Thirsty ISLAMIST Terrorists, that butchered innocents in Mumbai , Delhi, Nagrota , Pathankot , Uri , Pulwama as BLOODY TERRORISTS. world nytopinion

Careful that those sentient planes dont come for your buildings.

You forgot to mention the airplanes were HIJACKED BY ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. I guess the New York times forgot about NEVER FORGET. pcgarbage islamicterrorists airplanesdiditlol Gee, what happened to “Airplanes took aim”? Did you really think you could slip that one under the radar and no one would notice? You are all disgusting. NeverForget

Funny, NONE of the human remains of those people were recovered at the WTC, nor PA or the Pentagon. Only a few passports of the alleged perpetrators. None of the indestructible jet engines or black boxes were recovered. Hmm. Proving every day you are our enemy. Terrorists killed 3000 not planes and deranged lunatics kill innocent people not guns.

*killed by Muslim terrorists. Still not right, you asshats. People weren't 'lost'. They were MURDERED, and 100% of the murderers were muslim. Research and Science are about looking for patterns, and it doesn't get any more obvious than 100%. Will not forget September11 🇺🇸🙏💐 Shame on you Enemy of the people

Were they 'assault airplanes' ? How do you not see how broken you're POV has become? When you aren't willing to call a terrorist attack...a f'n terrorist attack bc of your political slant, you have been compromised. Please go back to reporting the news. Facts, not opinion, not political PoV...FACTS. Those damn terrorist airplanes. How do airplanes become radicalized? We should look into this.

Why not say exactly who committed the crimes. You guys have no problem calling out white supremacy, rightfully so, when they commit a crime. I guess some people did something, right? Clearly you believe these people were killed by evil suicidal planes...wtf man? They weren’t “lost”. They were murdered by Islamic extremists.

I feel terrible about these families loss. I feel bad about everyone’s loss. But trump praying seems like a hypocrite as he sold weapons of mass destruction to the Saudi funders of OBL. Why? STILL WRONG. 3,000 AMERICANS WERE MURDERED BY MUSLIM TERRORISTS. Correction. Not “terror ”attacks but “ISLAMIC TERRORIST” attacks!

Closer, but still lacking in both facts and truth. When you actually get it right - that it was Islamic terrorists who succeeded in their second try to bring down the WTC (remember their 1st during the Clinton years?) then you'll have delivered the real story.

I am calling for realDonaldTrump to sanction airplane makers RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS Strike two. You still can't place the blame where it actually belongs. Say it with me. ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. Those airplanes were piloted by Islamic terrorists. They killed almost 3000 people from all over the world, from all cultures and lifestyles. They killed old and young. They did it because they hate anyone that isn't them.

It was islamic fucking terrorists! Not planes! Failing new york times. Never forget what happened, who was lost, and WHO DID THIS TO US. You failures have forgotten. Please call a spade a spade.. Airplanes flying themselves? Amazing! Why is muslim terrorist a taboo label? I will observe the minutes silence. Thoughts are with those families.

Be honest for once, please. '.... Americans were killed by Islamic extremist group members known as al Qaeda....'.

I guess lost an alternative word for murdered now. It’s so hard for you to say it so i will help you. RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS killed 2,977 people 18 years ago. It’s real and it’s out there. Stop avoiding the blame. It cannot be unseen...Tweets last forever...😡 You still didn't get it right New York Times. Those people weren't 'lost'; they were murdered. Wow.

😔🙏🙏 Find it funny that you posted 'airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center.' No, morons...MUSLIM TERRORISTS did that! Don't act like you care about the victims when you post garbage like that. 3000 people weren't 'lost', they were murdered by Islamic terrorists. You still forgot to mention that it was 19 radical Islamic terrorists that committed this atrocity.

Liberal POS rag families weren't lost, they were murdered. really ? Each one of those people were killed by airplanes that took aim at buildings... we really need to do something about these evil airplanes. NYT: it is time to shut down your organization. It is irredeemable. You’ve had a good run praising Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Fidel. It’s over.

Must have been one of their Muslim Al-Qaeda buddies that wrote the story. gfys islamicterroristdidit you hate America and regular every day Americans. Admit it. Yeah, the first tweet was about 2 airplanes growing arms and legs and flying themselves into the World Trade Center. You liberal tabloids are scumbags. MUSLIM TERRORISTS MURDERED 3000 PEOPLE ON SEPT 11TH 2001. Not pilot error, not “something happened”, IT WAS MUSLIM TERRORISTS!

They were murdered! Wha... airplanes didn't take aim now? You all should hide your heads in shame. Seriously. The New York Times is complete and utter garbage. And NYT continuing favouring Extremists Muslims all over the world.

December 1941 NYT headline.... 'On December 7, 1941, a bunch of airplanes took aim at Pearl Harbor Naval base and caused mayhem on a rather pleasant Sunday morning ' The headline should read '18 years ago terrorist murdered almost 3,000 people.' Airplanes don't take aim. Terrorists do and did. You are glossing over the details and desecrating the souls of those lost. NeverForget

You should be more careful who you allow to write your tweets. It wasn't 'airplanes' that took aim and brought down the WTC. It was radical Muslim terrorists. Say the truth, cowards. Are you now in the Ilhan-Omar 'something happened' school of journalism? Disgraceful. Mainstream Media - Public Enemy 1

Lost Are they currently on an island with Gilligan? THEY WERE MURDERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now...3,000 people were 'lost'....wow, that's your revision? Who killed them? Never forget, right? You have no shame. Airplanes did 9/11? Do y'all have souls? Yeah I doubt airplanes are radical Islamic Arab men.....

Nice try Obviously you were short on space, but you can’t omit critical details. Let me try...”18yrs after 2977 people were murdered by Islamic terrorists, family will gather at the 9/11 memorial for a moment of silence. After, the names of the 2977 dead will be recited one by one.” See? What about million people killed in Iraq by US army?

Let them RIP Do not call them up one by one by name Airplanes took aim..how much low can you get. Shame on such news publication. Such Al Quaeda sympathizers that they can't even say how TERRORIST JIHADISTS FLEW PLANES INTO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. Can someone make a meme of Osama bin laden saying death to America with an airplane for a head🤡. Pieces of shit. ( A former newspaper).

Time to remove them from government!!! Nope. Still wrong. 3000 people.. and growing, were murdered by Islamic terrorist. Never forget! Remember? We're in Maximum Overdrive. Planes and guns operating all by themselves nowadays. How many innocent people killed after 9/11 in Afghanistan and Iraq. Please tell this too.

and who carried out the terror attack SAY IT. SAY IT. You forgot to state the facts...Islamic Terrorists attacked our country 18 years ago!!! We know u want to forget but we will neverforget 🇺🇸🇺🇸 YOU MISSPELLED ISLAMIC TERRORISTS OH YEAH THATS RIGHT YOU DIDNT EVEN MENTIONED IT neverforget that posted this

Just like you blame guns instead of the ppl using them. Do the right thing. Never ever forget! Eighteen years have passed since MOSLIM terrorists commandeered airplanes to take aim at the World Trade Center and bring them down. 🤦🏻‍♂️ this will NOT go away easily just cuz you deleted it NeverForget Terrorists RetweeetPlease RETWEEET

Shame is an understatement for

You misspelled ISLAMIC TERRORISTS 1st the 'planes' did it & now precious people were simply 'lost'?! Ur PC, disgusting twisting about is why u are failing in a prosperous America. TERRORISTS MURDERED 3K HUMANS ON AMERICAN SOIL! Americans still remember & will always prevail. NEVER FORGET! THAT WAS SO LONG AGO....STOP LIVING IN THE PAST ...GET OVER IT

Oh, not blaming those damn evil planes anymore huh? People are not stupid, they know that you deliberately left Muslim terrorists out of the original post. You got called out on it be we all see you for who you really are. I am really sorry about that But also its need memorial for millions of innocent Afghan people who died in damn war !

Hey , just curious as to what language is Muslims spelled airplanes? of he ne t of dytiekf o chldrns tv horfs ti si he rocredof mths agoof otra d sohe ad otia f he engish roayalty ow f htei sex and iamsory th ofhee day i wsasof in he pub of i doei nmy tvr taimr of hee sherowdod , iamabsed very aesy , met you calum midnd hotel

Airplanes did it? You're so worried about offending the murderous ISLAMIC thugs that conmited this act you had to invent 'ASSAULT AIRPLANES'? you are fake news you are the enemy if they American people. Disgusting... You guys are embarrassing. Sanitizing history that’s inconvenient to your twisted narrative/world view. Shows true colors- lack of journalistic standards.

Same paper that has socialist ties and loves to throw our country under the rug, preaching remembrance seems a bit hypocritical

Sure ok MediaTerrorists Ground Zero God Bless America World Trade Center Flight 93 Twin Towers NeverForgotten 911Anniversary remember911 NeverForget Honor911 911Memorial WhenTheWorldStopped UnitedWeStand 911remembered They weren't lost, they were murdered. Please correct this erroneous statement of yours.

peterbakernyt I will NeverForget911 the horror of that day, knowing thousands were dying inside those towers or jumping from them & keep a lump in my throat every 911Anniversary. Sad, sad day. 18 years after those radical muslim cowards attacked us.... Airplanes didn't 'take aim.' 2,977 people were murdered by terrorists, not 'lost.' 19 Islamic jihadists hijacked airplanes full of people and flew them into buildings full of people - or the ground. And the NYT runs an opinion piece from a Canadian who was 11 in 2001...

I think it’s time for a national discussion on the ban of manufacturing and sale of assault planes. A clear case of Islamic collusion. After airplanes, it will be political correctness that will take you down next. Pls wake up and smell the s**t before it is too late You mean Middle Eastern Muslim America-Hating Terrorists, right?

Blaming the airplanes for 9/11 is like blaming guns after a shooting rather than blaming the MONSTERS that controlled them. I see you caught your mistake amd deleted it.

If only those planes didn't take aim at those buildings. 'lost'? Did CAIR write the article for you or did they just edit it? Don’t pretend now like you give a damn. We all saw your earlier tweet. The New York Times is so drunk on its own social engineering activism it fails to recognize that readers see through it. You update it to 'people were lost'? People were MURDERED! What a rag.

We remember. Another 9-11 tr remember as well... abandoned I mean in all seriousness it is very possible these planes were remote controlled Do better, NYT. What happened to your first headline (airplanes hit the twin towers)? Cars, boats, airplanes don't drive or fly themselves!! Someone did this!! Islam did this!!

You are the worst ever!! God bless 🙏🏽 Disgusting piece of journalism by the hometown paper no less Some planes did something. It's sad that you can call our President every filthy name in the book, but you can't acknowledge that Islamic terrorists attacked us. What disgrace of an organization you are. That first tweet where the “airplanes did something” is appalling. And to get the number who perished so wrong just shows what a bunch of bafoons your paper has as employees. YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. A TRUE DISGRACE

3000 people weren't LOST, they were murdered. The New York Times is a disgrace to America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ., Still PASSIVE & NOT good enough. People were not “lost:” they were *murdered*! Sentient airplanes really are dangerous, huh?

Not a day goes by where the failing ny times isn’t failing. 'Edited for clarity' is news speak for 'We tried to deceive the American people by dimishing the single-worst act of terrorism ever, but we got caught.' This is the NY Slimes 3rd correction this week. 1) unsure who killed Israeli Olympic athletes 2)praising China communist dictator who murdered millions 3)airplanes took aim on 9/11

...and the NYT will continue to maintain the fiction that is the official story while over half the country suspects otherwise. Lost? Where they put on a trip somewhere and wandered of the track? They were murdered you self censoring spineless excuses of journalists!!! Just a friendly reminder Ilhan wants to end DHS which includes the TSA that makes sure people don’t board planes with weapons.

5 Part of my Social Security plan Trump, most Republicans Congress murdered people in Puerto Rico because did not allow military to do what it could have - Operation VARSITY WW2, helicopters delivered tons of supplies Korea, humanitarian aid drop Iraq We didn’t know who they were...and now the TheDemocrats want to repeat history by allowing anyone in our country.

“Lost?” Perhaps you’d care to try a third time and use “viciously murdered” in the interest of accuracy, you vile propagandists? You mean this one?

*murdered 3,000 people 'were lost'. No. They were brutally murdered by Islamic Extremist terrorists. You can say that. TERRORISTS kill people. Not airplanes. What were you thinking with that earlier story? You were going to have people wanting to ban jet planes? This is why no one believes what you print.your ideology clouds your thoughts to a point you can't find the truth. Shame on you NeverForget

What do you mean when you say they were lost were they a on a f****** Expedition and couldn't find their way back they weren't lost they were sitting at the desk or sitting on an airplane and were murdered 3,000+ Americans killed by Muslim scum. 🤬 “Airplanes did 9/11” - New York Times 3 Many years over 5,000 people a year died on waitlist for Social Security Disability. Over 80,000 have died on waitlist for Social Security Disability since 2004. Actuarial Note 159 from Social Security

Today is supposed to be about unity so we can all unite in saying your paper is trash. It wasn’t airplanes that attacked it was radical Islamic terrorists! Say it with me. Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth! NeverForget

Meeting with the Taliban? They're not missing! Oh, are we going with the passive voice cop out again? I see you deleted the egregious headline that it was the planes fault and that it was 2,000 American lives killed by terrorists? Neverforget 🇺🇸 Your organization is a sad shadow of journalism. terror attacks from whom? Someone did something?

Firs tweet said planes did it('air planes took aim'), article mentions terrorist only once and not mention what kind of terrorist. Absolutely disgusting NYT. 3000 people weren't 'lost' they were massacred by radical Islamist. Damn radicalized AIRPLANES- but you better not be airplanaphobic. newyorkslimes

Condolences to the Americans on this sad day, India is your Ally on this fight.....but for hypocrites fuk off, You called Pulwama terror attack an “explosion” but it was a terror attack just like 9/11. Unbelievable!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Unbelievable!!!! How can the fake New York Trash be so patriotic!!!! 100% Sure it is funded by CAIR..!

Airplanes took aim? Muslims took aim. You censorship loving propogandists. Seriously? 🙏🏾 So the NY Times is just gonna whitewash what those fascist white supremacist airplanes did? ShameOnYou Clarity? “Airplanes took aim”. Holocaust deniers...now whitewashing who took aim on 9/11. Airplanes don’t take aim. People do.

Not much better. 3,000 people weren't 'lost', they were killed. Every year your news announce the death of 3,000 Americans . How many times did your organisations condemn NArendra Modi for killing 3,000+ Muslims in India !!! “Airplanes”. How dare you minimize the most horrific terror attack committed by RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, not airplanes. You’re in the same category as IlhanMN. I’m surprised the headline wasn’t, “Some people did something”. How dare you. Original tweet👇

Remmenber the thousands of deaths caused by USA around the world. They never forget 'Some people did something' - a sitting American Congress member.. A true view of today's Democrat party. America sees you..

THIS WAS THE ORIGINAL All perpetrators and the masters linked to TerroristNationPakistan.OBL was found less than a mile from Pak Army HQ. 3000 families shattered On this 9/11 remember those loved ones, and what parts of our democracy, we lost 18 years ago. mourning reflection Are you calling for banning all airplanes?

who will recite the name of the 600,000 dead Iraqis? 👍 Better then your previous take... We've deleted an earlier tweet to this story and have edited for clarity. The story has also been updated. also, more than 2,000? It was almost 3,000! So trying to downplay the people killed? It happened in YOUR CITY! You should say ALMOST 3,000 KILLED! But you hate your country, hate Americans and want to protect radical Islamists! Your paper is GARBAGE!

'airplanes took aim'! Islamic extremists hijacked and murdered thousands. Not the planes. No wonder people despise the Times. Zero credibility.

Holy way to disrespect the dead, Batman Every day another low for the once respected NYT. Probably the most moronic tweet of the day so far. Congrats. Airplanes took aim? 🤦🏼‍♂️ starting to believe Trump and that the media are the enemy of the people. Newflash: Islamic radicals brought down the WTC. The day airplanes took aim... some airplanes did something.

The planes took aim or terrorists aimed the planes? Airplanes did not take aim. It was the hijackers of a certain belief who did. NEVER FORGET? The Times forget. Some airplanes did something. NeverForget Airplanes took aim Hmm...they are taking a page from IlhanMN making it sound like ‘somebody did something’

Actually radical Islamic Muslim terrorists took aim. They used airplanes. There you go once again blaming inanimate objects instead of the sick human beings. Looking forward to dumb ass hot takes on such a somber day. Oh I see the New York Times starts us off this year. Who owns New York Times? The choice of words clearly a deliberate move to rewrite history, to lighten the gravity of it... aimed at the younger generation so they will not know the real story. Which part of NeverForget911 did they not get? 🇺🇸💔

terrorists don't kill people, airplanes kill people, eh? 'airplanes took aim' Disgusting. Where our loved ones were murdered by the cabal I once boarded an airplane and it promised to get me to my destination safely. Ban airplanes right ? “Airplanes took aim…?” Can you see why you in the FakeNewsMedia have lost all credibility and are widely regarded as enemies of the people? Repeat after me: “Islamic terrorists.”

The NY Times is a joke now... such a shame

Edit: 18 years have passed since airplanes hijacked and piloted by radical Islamic terrorists brought down the World Trade Center. Today, families will once again gather and grieve at the site where more than 2000 people died. More pro-Islamist propaganda from the formerly great NYT. The airplanes are not to blame. People are to blame. Al Qaeda is to blame. Terrorism is to blame.

Self flying airplanes? Or did someone hijack them? Cant imagine why no one trusts the media anymore. Pathetic tweet by a so called newspaper from the NEW YORK times... yikes 😬 The world remembers It wasn’t airplanes it was radical Islamists Might want to rephrase this using the active voice. The person who wrote this tweet is everything that is wrong with the world today

Airplanes? Were you even aware of what was happening? Dolt!

Who is the author of this article? Come on say it islamic terrorist viciously attacked American sovereignty and killed 3000 innocent Americans Airplanes? Seriously? Flucking airplanes? THIS is why you are FakeNews. NeverForget 'Airplanes took aim'?! Terrorists, deliberately slammed planes into the symbol of America's financial power in an attack on American values and pride. Your 'journalism' dishonors the dead and shows that the jihadists didnt need violence, creeping sharia attains the same goal.

Oh, the airplanes took aim. ? What a shitty way of wording this. And, you should know the exact number of people who died when reporting one of the worst terrorist attacks on America! gtconway3d By the way, many immigrants, mostly Mexicans, died that day. Just remember. Delete yout account please. At least for today.

Some people did something Some airplanes took aim. For sure the religion of peace was not to blame. Free speech is at stake but New York times needs fame. Praise the hijab, dont upset the Muslims that is the game. Many soldiers died too but surely they died in vain nytimessuck Airplanes took aim? WTF is wrong with you? Say it: Islamists

This tweet absolves religious extremists and puts the blame for 9/11 on.......... airplanes.

Terrorists. Terrorists took aim. This has to be parody/hacked 'airplanes took aim'? Fucking hell that's a twisted way to put it, what's wrong with you? Fixed it: 18 years have passed since Islamic Jihadists took aim and brought down the World Trade Center. Today, families will once again gather and grieve at the site where more than 2000 people died.

What a disrespectful piece of journalism. Airplanes took aim? It was terrorism. Clowns.. NYT sucks Islamic terrorists did that, not airplanes. How you guys can screw up reporting on your own big hometown story is beyond me. Some people did something I guess.... This tweet is terribly written. Whether intentional or not, do better

Some planes did something

Ban autonomous assault planes!!! Ban all airplanes. We should have seen it coming after all those planes attacked Pearl Harbor. Planes took aim? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Thank the troops for fighting The War on Airplanes Planes took aim Islamist terrorists 'took aim'. You bunch of liberal asshats at , who always gloss over the truth because 'feelings', need to GET IT RIGHT!

What a pathetic headline... wow. The commies at NYT manage to do it again. Bizzare that the New York Times would adding the actions of pilots to the airplanes in their headline. Almost as if they want to obscure the facts of the in event for some reason.

You can say terrorists flew the planes into the towers. It’s okay. Time to remove these weapons of war from the sky Ban planes. My God, the NYT is an embarrassment. Airplanes? - did they have a malfunction? Only now are we leaving a forever war, which we started to overthrow the government that gave aid and comfort to the rogue “evil doer” airplanes which sought to inflict harm on us.

You sit around your newsroom wondering why Americans hold you in contempt. Airplanes didn’t “take aim.” Islamist terrorists murdered over 3000 innocent people, as they continue to do to this day. Airplanes bring down buildings Guns shoot people Newspapers learn to code It was certainly a day that will live in infamy, much like the day airplanes took aim at Pearl Harbor. We’ve got to do something about these airplanes.

But seriously NYT, are you Al-Qaeda now or something! “Terrorists” took aim. Using planes. Dickheads.

Because planes just get up in the morning and ram themselves into towers on a whim amirite? The NY Times is so extreme left and anti American they can’t even put blame on the terrorists. Those evil airplanes. Airplanes are aimed. They don’t take aim. islam Airplanes took aim? You are such a bunch of hacks

Airplanes don’t aim anymore than guns do. 'airplanes took aim'? Airplanes? Who aimed them?

We are sorry for the families & friends who lost their lives..it was an inhumane act lets end terrror silence for grief Don't forget where you found the culpritpakistanTerroristan.pakistan is a rogue state. You have spent years literally cursing me, my choice in vote and all i hold dear in a manner much much more vile and vindictive than what you said about the 9-11 Islamic murderers. Even going so far as choosing to publish antisemitic cartoons! Just go away.

All of us will remember what we were doing that day, that absolutely sunny and fatal day in NY 😔 On this somber day, Never Forget who Celebrated!! 9/11 NEVER FORGET 🙏👮‍♂️👩‍🚒⛑👷‍♀️👮🏾‍♀️🗽🇺🇸 'airplanes took aim'? You're really going to go with that? 😮 NeverForget911 Muslim terrorist’s not airplanes

Your paper sucks.

Terrorists took aim. Kind of like those terrible guns just shoot themselves, right? I didn't know airplane could just fly off on their own and decide to kill people! Stop trying to minimize what evil PEOPLE do! Airplanes? FU. 'Airplanes took aim' Or as Ilhman Omar recalls The day some people did something

Trump invited Taliban to CampDavid. Taliban supported AlQaeda before 9/11, and harbored AlQaeda afterward. AlQaeda's Zawahiri pledged allegiance to Taliban's Emir in 2016. Sounds like airplanes should be banned New low for the times. What an awful choice of words. Terrorists took aim, not airplanes. Are y’all trying to re-write this history as well? It was radical Islamic terrorists

Airplanes I thought it was terrorist! Were the planes on auto pilot or did someone steer them into the towers Those damn rouge ✈️

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