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Rap And Hip-Hop, Fatalities

Remembering Pop Smoke, a Rapper Who Brought Brooklyn to the World

The 20-year-old was killed in a home invasion in Los Angeles, days after his latest album debuted in Billboard’s Top 10.


Pop Smoke 'was at that ascendant place in his career just after local renown bubbles up into something bigger and more promising,' writes our critic Jon Caramanica. 'He was hungry for what success had in store for him, the places it might take him.'

The 20-year-old was killed in a home invasion in Los Angeles, days after his latest album debuted in Billboard’s Top 10.

It’s been some time since Brooklyn has had a genuine hip-hop prospect, certainly one who channeled the bruising energy of the 1990s. Melodists have run the genre for a decade now; Pop Smoke — with a voice that recalled Lloyd Banks and DMX — punched through that sweetness like a sneering heavyweight. In the wake of his success, other aspirants from the scene — Smoove L, Fivio Foreign, Sheff G — were beginning to draw wider notice. And Pop Smoke found himself spending more time outside of Brooklyn, a beloved new character getting a taste of how life looked from the Hollywood Hills.

When I spent time with him and his friends last summer, just as Pop Smoke was beginning to gain real attention outside of his neighborhood, there was still an air of wariness that hung over them. When they were approached in SoHo by an aggressive fan, everyone stiffened up just a bit while sizing up the potential threat. While driving out to Canarsie from Manhattan, he and his team drove quickly and defensively, speeding past other cars on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

That disruption at home seemingly only fueled his ascent everywhere else. Last month, he attended Paris Fashion Week, sitting front row at Off-White, and was photographed alongside the designer Virgil Abloh. He recently completed his first movie role, as a charismatic basketball-playing hooligan, in Eddie Huang’s forthcoming film “Boogie.”

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Crazy how no one in the world knew what Brooklyn was before pop smoke came around,,, this is why you’re a bunch of liberal hacks Socialism on a violent-micro level. You have it. They want it. They take it. r.i.p. millennials have got to stop divulging every single aspect of their lives online. might still be alive.

Oh please. Wow... Niga sounded so cali with the thuggish voice .. Damnnnnnnnnnn Another gangsta rapper got smoked...It must be wednesday I am stil looking for CORN POP! Was he related to Corn Pop? For Honoring pop smoke its Available Here : ☝🏼 Had no idea who he was. Just the thought that another young life gone. Believe me am not a fan of the so called 'gangsta rap' but b4 you get on your moral high ground & start blaming 'rap music'. Would you blame heavy metal or even rock music as a genre for murderous biker gangs?

WHY doesn’t NYTimesFakeNews ask .realDonaldTrump the Question? WhoIsQ What are they afraid of? Why don’t they ask about Q?

Remembering Pop SmokeRemembering Pop Smoke Something not right i dont trust yall. How did yall know the story so quick? Why did yall break it? Damn it’s like the only time I hear about a new rapper Is when he’s killed. So sad. RIPPopSmoke Sorry, but IN MY OPINION. Pop Smoke got “set up,” by people he knew. By people he PROBABLY should’ve LEFT ALONE. A long time ago. PopSmoke

Rappers don’t even wait to get famous before they die anymore. Back in the day, the music made them famous. Now they trend because they died. Sad that this kind of thing continues to occur mainly in one particular genre of music. I wonder why... Consider Culture! My previous article went a bit wild compared to any article I’ve written so far since I started blogging. Thus, I’m using this medium to thank everyone who viewed and shared the article.... Today, I want to quickly talk to you about... 🚨🚨👇🏼


Rapper Pop Smoke shot, killed in Hollywood Hills home: SourcesJUST IN: Rapper Pop Smoke killed in a California home, law enforcement officials confirm to ABC News. A motive is not yet clear. If I'd knew him then I would've heard of him and his songs. Sorry I didn't. Idk who tbat is tbh

Rapper Pop Smoke fatally shot in Hollywood Hills home invasionJUST IN: Rapper Pop Smoke was fatally shot Wednesday morning during a home invasion in Hollywood Hills, California, multiple sources tell NBCNews. This is quite sad 😔 So, he got smoked? RIP Pop Smoke Popsmoke

Rapper Pop Smoke Dead, Murdered in Home Invasion RobberyBREAKING: Rapper Pop Smoke shot and killed in what appears to be a home invasion robbery Smh RIP 💔 WHATTT

Rapper Pop Smoke shot, killed in Hollywood Hills home: SourcesRapper Pop Smoke , an up-and-coming artist born in Brooklyn, was killed Wednesday in a Hollywood Hills, California, home, multiple law enforcement officials confirmed to ABC News.A 911 call of the incident came in around 4:30 a.m. in the 2000 block of Hercules Drive.Multiple suspects broke into the home

Rapper Pop Smoke, 20, Murdered in Home Invasion Robbery: ReportAccording to TMZ, rapper Pop Smoke was killed in a home invasion robbery on Wednesday (Feb. 19). Damn someone popped smoke here we go again Rip

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