Remembering Nobi Kusuhara, chef and founder of Sushi Sasabune

Nobi Kusuhara, an edomae sushi master who founded Sushi Sasabune in West Los Angeles, died Aug. 4 at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.


Nobi Kusuhara, who never planned on being a chef, but went on to become a sushi master and founder of Sushi Sasabune in West L.A., died on Aug. 4. He was 66.

Nobi Kusuhara, an edomae sushi master who founded Sushi Sasabune in West Los Angeles, died Aug. 4 at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

“He made sushi palatable first by experimenting with a variety [of] sauces made with mayonnaise, ponzu, ginger and soy,” Ai said. “My mom came up with Dynamite but at the time, it was called Edo Special #1.”

“When he closed Edo Sushi and started Sasabune, his style completely changed,” Ai said. Instead of making spider rolls, he focused on sourcing the highest-quality fish and serving it simply.

He had planned to retire this month, and decided to transfer each restaurant to a chef who had studied and worked under him.

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Oh no! I miss the warm シャリ he used and miss talking about stocks with him!!! 🙏🙏🙏 That's young for someone who eats a lot of fish. Myth ? RIP to the man - best sushi in LA ご冥福をお祈りいたします。 🙁 RIP

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