Reflection On A 4th That Seems Far from Glorious

Reflection On A 4th That Seems Far from Glorious

7/3/2020 12:18:00 PM

Reflection On A 4th That Seems Far from Glorious

We do need a holiday just now. And not just a moment of leisure but an occasion for unity, healing and hope.

This summer, that question hangs in the air like the aftertaste of tear gas.People of color are not alone in wondering when things will be better. Five different national polls released this week found on average that 70% of Americans thought the country was on the wrong track.

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Can we call it the Fourth and hear the heartbeat of summer when celebration seems so out of sync with the rest of our lives?Not likely while we wonder whether fireworks can be seen from quarantine, or whether picnics with friends and family are safe.Not likely when we still await the return of American summers' soundtrack, the rhythm and pop of baseball on the field and in the broadcast air. Major League Baseball has yet to resume, and the minor leagues, the field of dreams for more than 250 teams, have been cancelled for the year for the first time since they began in 1901.

So yes, we do need a holiday just now. Whether we are working at work or from home, we need some kind of break. And it would be all the more welcome if it were not just a moment of leisure but an occasion for unity, healing and hope.Biden Outpaces Trump As Campaigns Report Record Fundraising

The Centers for Disease Control has urged social distancing and the avoidance of crowds even outdoors. The rush to bars and beaches in May and June is held responsible for revitalizing the virus, which spread the most where reopening went the fastest and furthest.

However, in Washington on the National Mall, there will be waves of military aircraft flyovers and a fireworks show organized by the White House. The National Park Service says this will be"the largest ever" and there will be 300,000 masks available. But the city's mayor has discouraged people gathering in crowds and many other communities around the country will forego their traditional observances in deference to the pandemic.

So where do we look for inspiration at this moment?Some may turn to South Dakota, where a major fireworks display will light up Mount Rushmore. President Trump will attend. There will be masks available (this week the president said"I'm all for masks") but not required. Social distancing will not be the order of the day.

Perhaps the president will use this occasion to address the nation with a message appropriate to the moment. He has backed off his boosterism for reopening businesses, although on Thursday he seized on the jobs report to insist the gloom is passing faster than we think.

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Persistent emphasis on the positive has been the president's lodestar throughout his life. It has served him well, but in the current crisis it has become a handicap. It has not helped that through this past month he has used his formidable communications skills and matchless access to the media not to unite but to highlight his differences with critics and protesters he calls traitors and terrorists.

Far from seeking common ground, the president flaunts his attachment to the myths and heroes of the old Confederacy. He even said this week he would veto the annual legislation authorizing the Department of Defense if it changed the names of current military bases that still honor rebel generals from the 1860s.

That threat came in the same week when Richmond's mayor ordered the removal of Confederate statues in the capital of the Confederacy and Mississippi's legislature and governor retired the last state flag to bear the rebel battle emblem known as the Star and Bars.

While only gestures, what happened in Richmond and Jackson revealed an openness to change suddenly visible in many parts of the country, born of tragedy but of hope as well. This is a moment when a national vision, a message of unity and uplift, might have profound effect.

Or, at a minimum, do some good.What the moment really calls for is a great speech from the only leader who can address the nation with a chance of being heard. A speech that looks back to the legacy the Fourth represents, and forward to a future of unity and healing.

President Trump speaks at a Spirit of America showcase event to spotlight small businesses at the White House Thursday.Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionJim Watson/AFP via Getty ImagesPresident Trump speaks at a Spirit of America showcase event to spotlight small businesses at the White House Thursday.

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Jim Watson/AFP via Getty ImagesBut this week, far from focusing on inspiration, the White House is consumed with damage control. The president's strategy of blowing past the pandemic has backfired and confidence in the swift return to boom times has faded. Suddenly, all eyes are on Russia again, with reports it has paid bounties for the killing of Americans. Trump calls it all another"hoax," and in Moscow this week Vladimir Putin got an official green light to stay in office until 2036.

Many Americans would prefer not to look to government at all, out of lifelong distrust or a rising sense that representative democracy has rusted into dysfunction. We can blame Washington, of course, as always. And with reason. But in the midst of our multiple crises there has been plenty of gridlock to go around in the state capitals as well.

In this moment, we look to ourselves, and to our families, and perhaps to a wider circle of those we trust for that inspiration.And if we have a moment, we might also recall the era that gave rise to this holiday. We might consider that our own times, like theirs, are"times that try men's souls." As Thomas Paine wrote not long after the Declaration of Independence, in the very first war fought to defend it,"he who stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

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Radical left is the enemy of the USA!!! We can celebrate in November. And then hold on for the inevitable roller coaster that comes in the aftermath. Or arrest him now. And celebrate earlier. Im not celebrating Defund NPR Even in the difficult hours the country should be celebrated and its ideals have the power to lift all Americans. America has been through times more difficult than the present and we’ve never folded. NPR - grow a set.

Yeah, leftist politicians canceling fireworks displays while they allow massive protests, looting, and rioting. It's a total mystery why people arent happy right now Thump has us going wrong with his constant devisive behavior. Must have been all liberals polled for this question News media really helped with that

We have the privilege of living in the greatest country in the world created through the wisdom of our founding fathers and the blood of patriots. ProudAmerican That is a worthless poll question. Wrong track because of liberal governors and media making COVID political Vintage trump. He tried this bullshit last year with the jets flying low over the Lincoln Memorial. Looked to the rest of the world like a circus ring.

With all these lockdowns and Governors destroying their states, their economies and the public school system... who are the 30% that think things are on the right track? Reopen the country. Get people back to work. Get schools open for fall. Then the country is on the right path. naturefineart My Rushmore notwithstanding, I think we can be optimistic for a better future if we remember the words of Woody Guthrie, 'This land is your land, this land is my land, from California to the New York Island. This land is made for you and me.'

It on the wrong track because we aren't all on the same track & supporting. This isn't a Trump thing, its a population, buttercup, not my president thing. We should get the most out of every leader we choose. Instead 20% of us decided to fall down, crap themselves & throw it. Not this year NPR...celebration in 2021 when the Trump gang is gone and under indictment, with some arrested. Think this is impossible?

Wrong track because of democratic malfeasance and antifa violence. Americans are like people whose mother was a beauty queen (Melania?) but finally discovered she was just crack whore in expensive clothes. Hate to inform you that people thinking we are on the wrong track most likely support Trump and are upset about the mobs and local government tyranny ✌️❤️🇺🇸

This article should be titled 'Optimism Helps Trump So Here's A Bunch Of Reasons Why You Should Stay Depressed.' The American experiment is ever waning .. if most citizens don't continually commit to upholding its principles, including respect for everyone's freedom and occasionally helping our nation or our communities.

Yes we can because 1. Your polls are fake news and 2. We love our country andxare going to celebrate! 🎊 🎉💥 🍻 🇺🇸 I’d be one of those ppl. But it wld be bc every goon shld’ve been thrown in jail for acts of violence, not allowed to skate. Offensive statues shld’ve been REQUESTED removed, not set fire to, vandalized & pulled down. And C19 King Cuomo shld be in jail for deaths in nursing homes

Happy 4th 🇺🇸🎆🥳🥳 Our tax dollars don’t pay to write opinion pieces. Could this liberal rag ever report anything uplifting? Is it your goal to crush Americans until the election? Pretty pathetic agenda. fakenews DefundNPR Thank the media and the continuous negative politicians that promote division on a daily basis

leavetrumpbehind noplacefortrump Fake News NPR. You are nothing more than propagandists. Who else is in favor of defunding NPR 👍 Who might be doing that, NPR? Our nation has survived dark days in it's history before & will do it again. 🦅🇺🇲🎆 The country would NOT Be on the wrong track if the hate-mongering left would just stop pushing us in that direction. Obama pushed us backwards, Trump bailed us out, and now the Democrats are doing all the can to destroy the recovery. Vote RED!

YES, we CAN call it the Fourth, and we will do that no matter what the creepy fake journalists at NPR say. God bless America, and God bless President Trump. America is the greatest country in the world. Want an objective proof? Compare the ratio of those trying to get in, to those trying to leave. I won life's biggest lottery on the day I was born in the United States of America, and I will be forever grateful!

And the other 30% thought “wrong track” was underestimating it. So wrong we need a new word for wrong. ;-) When you have large numbers of people who buy into the whole police brutality running rampant, the stability (mental and physical) of the country is in peril. These morons raising Hell, protesting, looting realize our country is more susceptible to a terror attack?

Uh, whatever ActivitsPR. Happy Independence Day to all who enjoy the freedom of being able to acknowledge there is even a track regardless of the side of the media fence you are on. You celebrate the day through the expression of ideas, just like your forefathers. So it’s up to each of us to do whatever we can, even if we feel helpless as I do - for starters, wear a mask and VOTE!

If media would stop pushing hate, it would help. 24_architect 30% of Americans think we are on a good track?! I can't imagine ever celebrating the 4th of July again. I know that's extreme and dramatic, but the entire thing is tainted. Maybe it's always been? Ashamed to be an American. It’s painful, it’s embarrassing and it’s insupportable ...

Trump has sucked the life out of our great country. He’s bankrupted our dignity as a country. Today is a sad day. It lacks that familiar great feeling of the 4th of July. We need desperately to get back to what we really are as a country. Not this train wreck of Trumps America. Another divisive editorial. What about inspiring us to deliver the ideals that we agree on. I would guess that 70% or more would agree that having the majority of media in the pockets of partisans is not what we need.

Mount Rushmore looks worse than ever. I always knew it was an insult but now it’s just unbearable. Idk what should be done about it. It’s sacred Lakota land ruined by Americans. Apology is the least that can be done. Give the land back to the Lakota. That’s the right thing to do. This fighter for indepence deserves a picture, at least he actually was in S.D. Unlike GW. crazyhorse curly marisandoz Lakota 4thofJuly2020

I'm unemployed, higher risk of C19 because of my age. The riots I see, I abhorded Still I celebrated the 4th, this great nation. This article is pathetic. A downer & does not reflect the pride most Americans feel. Proud to be an American Cernovich catturd2 dbongino That may have been the case but given the known bias, polls can't be believed. What is true is that after realDonaldTrump's speech last night, the tide is turning and we will be heading back in the right direction. The silent majority has spoken.

Useless article by Ron Elving starting with the poll. Who thinks America is on the right track when you consider riots, vandalism, covid 19, defunding the police, etc. Most Americans regardless of party would agree we’re on the wrong track. What’s the surprise? And this is why 🔽🔽. These are fake polls they're not real this is all fake s*** brought up by the Democratic party and the American haters

Nope Yes we can, we are a nation that is better than it’s past. You are part of the problem relving going full send w/ Marxist propaganda. It must really be tiresome to have so much self loathing & be filled with so much hate for the USofA & yet still choose to live here. Traitor EnemyWithin Why does cpbgroup employ so many MarxistSympathizer types?

🇺🇸 GRATEFUL FOR THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. HAPPY BDAY USA 🇺🇸 Wrong track? We are off the track completely!! No thanks to the anti America enemy of the people left wing media and democrats. lots of things are being disynthesized; the election, the pandemic. Everybody seems exhausted by it all.

Of course it is on the 'wrong' track - we are in the middle of battling a GLOBAL pandemic that has wreaked havoc on people's health, loved ones have died and our economy is suffering. Still grateful and appreciate the freedoms afforded to me in this country. Happy 4th of July! This America resembles nothing like the one of my youth. I will not be celebrating today nor anytime soon.

how bout first off NPR decides to shed light on THE Six Grandfathers first then we can talk about the other bullshit realDonaldTrump you’re a complete failure. Too bad this country is on the wrong track because Democrats fair of losing elections again, decided to riot before elections, not like before after elections, also the Russian scam is before, not after elections. Crying about statues , now , after 100 years. Every thing racist

I saw and heard Hitler last night. He stood in front of Mt Rushmore while his victims screamed for him and contacted COVID-19. He led them straight into the virus chambers. yea, what was the sample population, nyc, la & d.c. ? Americans are seeing clearly that Trump has cobbled together an unholy pact with white supremist, delusional conspiracy junkies, and autocrats wishing to rule not govern. They are the greatest threat to our nation since WWII, and the greatest threat to the GOP since Nixon.

Last night Trump gave a “White Supremacist'This unethical, arrogant liar has no right to ever to be called “President” of the U.S. Trump’s presidency is like a fast-moving cancer, decaying what was once a great country. To be fair... Independence Day was June 19th, but we prefer to keep riding on the tradition established before all of us were free. This day has NEVER been glorious.

Sure! Happy 4th of July everyone 😚 There is a cure. You must start cleaning house. Starting at the top. Replace the president, mitch mcconnell, all the Republicans in the Senate and house, get rid of Trump appointees, reverse his immigration and asylum policies. That is just to start VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020

FvckThe4th IndependenceFromTrump protests! marches! petitions! dissent! these are the practical applications of liberty, freedom & independence. quite apropos for july 4th celebrations no? celebrating the general principles while criticizing the particularities feels democratic and american to many.

Lol ya that's why Trump rallies are so huge, cuz we're nit happy, bafoons. And bimbos might buy it but not Patriots. Millions.. 'Wrong Track' Men/Women who fought died for America over our history To the fallen Why did they fall What did they fight for What would they say if they knew Where we are today In Trump’s world A Two-Bit-Con-Artist A'COWARD and Traitor'to the American People and our Constitution

First, polls are BS. Second, I'd bet a large majority of the 70% say we're on the wrong track due to the Marxist BLM movement, rioting, looting and other lawlessness taking place in large democrat-run cities and states Not much to celebrate, sadly Go home You’re still drunk from last night Yes, yes we can. Happy Fourth everyone!!!

Guess what track many of them think is 'the wrong track'? 😉 Look to those seeking to preserve the greatness of our country while learning from the missteps of the past. Not those denying and erasing. Mine has been freaking fantastic! ❤️🇺🇸 I sure don't feel celebratory this year. We need a federal mask enforcement response two months ago

It's not glorious. The American experiment is dying before our eyes. Celebrating the 4th this year kinda feels like being in a shitty marriage and still having to celebrate your marriage. DefundNPR

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