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Reddit, Acting Against Hate Speech, Bans ‘The_Donald’ Subreddit

The influential pro-Trump community broke the rules on harassment and targeting, said Reddit, which also banned other groups.

6/29/2020 8:04:00 PM

Breaking News: Reddit banned “The_Donald,” its biggest community devoted to President Trump, citing hate speech and harassment

The influential pro-Trump community broke the rules on harassment and targeting, said Reddit , which also banned other groups.

Credit...Pete Marovich for The New York TimesByJune 29, 2020,1:00 p.m. ETSAN FRANCISCO — Reddit, one of the largest social networking and message board websites, on Monday banned its biggest community devoted to President Trump as part of an overhaul of its hate speech policies.

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The community or “subreddit,” called “The_Donald,” is home to more than 790,000 users who post memes, viral videos and supportive messages about Mr. Trump. Reddit executives said the group, which has been highly influential in cultivating and stoking Mr. Trump’s online base, had consistently broken its rules by allowing people to target and harass others with hate speech.

“Reddit is a place for community and belonging, not for attacking people,”Steve Huffman, the company’s chief executive, said in a call with reporters. “‘The_Donald’ has been in violation of that.”Reddit said it was also banning roughly 2,000 other communities from across the political spectrum, including one devoted to the leftist podcasting group “

Chapo Trap House,” which has about 160,000 regular users. The vast majority of the forums that are being banned are inactive.“The_Donald,” which has been a digital foundation for Mr. Trump’s supporters, is by far the most active and prominent community that Reddit decided to act against. For years, many of the most viral Trump memes that broke through to Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere could be traced back to “The_Donald.” One video, “The Trump Effect,”

originated on “The_Donald” in mid-2016before bubbling up to Mr. Trump, who tweeted it to his 83 million followers.Social media sites are facing a reckoning over the types of content they host and their responsibilities to moderate and police that content. While Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and others originally positioned themselves as neutral sites that simply hosted people’s posts and videos, users are now pushing them to take steps against hateful, abusive and false speech on their platforms.

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Liberal hacks! i love when conservatives spout their freedom of speech is being stifled but spouting racist and unsubstantiated claims is just rooted in their willful laziness. There has always been much, much more hate coming from the other side, yet people alway refuse to acknowledge that fact. Selective censorship.

good. 'With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censored… the first thought forbidden… the first freedom denied – chains us all irrevocably. kaitlancollins 'Bout time - long past time, actually - too... PhilisOffiCool Brobot_L_type xAveriix hot Hmmm I mean this was gonna happen eventually, reddit is a very liberal website

I hope he shuts these tech giants down Not r/bigchungus😔😔😔😭 Radical left has gone insane Another form of fascism, Reddit is prohibiting free speech except for the radicals on the left KKKonservatives seem to be confused about how free speech works. Here's some book recommendations: That's fine did they also get rid of the child trafficking reddit or the child pornagraphy MAP (minor attracted people/predators) community posts ? No ? There are fires to snuff out and this propaganda white supremacist bs isn't first on the list when we've got kids in danger

This communist infestation is the worst I have ever seen Good Did they include in the article that The Donald has been inactive for the last 4 months? Moderators shut it down and moved offsite already... Yes! Ban that shit and every time they try to collect up into a hate cluster again, ban it some more. Keep them hiding in their 8 Chan world and don’t let them think their hate is normal or acceptable. No private website has to put up with that shit and they shouldn’t. NoHate

I bet they would never dare ban liberal communities no matter his much hate they poured out iblamexo 👏👏👏 Free speech is limited to people who don't support Trump on Reddit...🤔 PRESIDENT TRUMP CREATED THIS ISSUE BY THE EXECUTIVE ORDER...A COMPANY HAS AN ENTITLEMENT TO ENFORCE CORORATE POLICIES...SOCIAL MEDIA CORPORATIONS I APPLAUD THOSE WHO UPON THE STRIKES....

Political correctness will lead increasingly to the end of liberty in the US. TommyG I can't believe there's going to be a White House briefing about fuckin Reddit of all places Pogchamp Build your own platform I guess. Reddit is a trash leftist site anyway. Full of beta males and ugly women who want a date but have no desirability so they turn to identity politics to feed that need to belong

Are the Pro-Biden groups next? They aren't saints either. Thank you This is why moderates vote Right. Tech billionaires banning hate speech on one side while simultaneously allowing it on the other side. All hate speech should be banned or none. And y’all thought the RUSSIANS were interfering with our elections? 4 months before the election...utterly predictable from our tech overlords.

Liberal hacks the Goebells like policies continue. We all knew big data wouldnt slip up two elections in a row watch all his uneducated try to claim this is an attack on free speech while oblivious to what free speech protects you from. Think to yourselves why it is all the billionaires, big tech platforms and multinational corporations want Trump out!

This is Roman. Ban the offenders. Not the sub. It's like banning malls due to crimes within them. Hilarious. That’s one big FU to the TrumpKlan. The Donald was a dead subreddit. They also banned the most active left wing place on the internet, so it's not a fair tradeoff So now all the people on the left are moving to “a private company, they can do what they want” and people on the right are upset. I thought it’s usually the other way around

Good. Thank you Reddit. Liberals have been promoting riots, how is that not hate speech? I hate Trump and don't deny some of what he and his supporters say is troubling, but the double-standard in today's society is disgusting. If you're not a part of the 'progressive' mob, you're chastised. Bet it was 99% racist gate anyway

People complaining about free speech: you're guaranteed a right to say what you want. But you're NOT guaranteed a platform or audience. Big difference. Lol trumptards Womp Womp Of course.. Anyone and everyone who tells the truth, will be banned by the time we make it to November. Personally, I'm praying Jesus comes back, stops the madness, and holds the DNCMafia media accountable. That thought SHOULD terrify ppl. Too bad their hearts are hardened

Not knowing this specific site. But I support free speech. It is challenging to allow minority ideas into the markerplace but we must. Otherwise no freedom of ideas, discourse, critical thinking. Sadly, Reddit tolerated The_Donald & other hate groups for so long that they were able to coalesce, use Reddit for recruitment, and move on to their own web sites where they will continue exist. That would have happened if Reddit acted years sooner.

s_cordial TY reddit for your stand on moral responsibility THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! jack could do the same... BanHateSpeech Reddit banning Trump only makes his supporters dig in stronger,look what’s happening once upon a time conservatives were once meek,not anymore we’ve learned by th/lefts blatant vulgarities to come out swinging!We now know how to fight, and fight we are,smart educated a wide awake

Biased, but since it’s against Trump, I guess it’s cool? Okay got it. 👌🏾 Media that attacks President Trump are so inept! They just don’t get it! The more they attack the more powerful The President becomes 😂 ! You see he keeps exposing their lies, this is a win win for President Trump an his supporters, so by all means continue!🤣‼️

... there is one appropriate response There assholes,but who cares TRUMP 2020 good move Reddit redditpurge Fakenews Times celebrate censorship of Donald Trump community. You sorry sad sick sobs. Good. Now I can happily say 'We did it Reddit' People hate the Patriots because they are really good. They hated the Yankees because they were really good. They hate Trump because he’s really good. But they love BLM because they are really bad. I see a trend here.

Democratst trying to rig another election. 😂😂😂 On one hand you have these massive corporation essentially deciding who gets a platform and who doesn't. On the other hand you've got people who at best can be described as 'cunts'. What to do? Can I get an F in the chat y'all? 🤣 Its not because of hate speech, Its the hatred of speech.

Reddit bans anything they don't agree with, to be honest. Actually I think they just ban everything. One day a liberal oriented thing is banned the next day it's conservative. If you are looking for HATE SPEECH LOOK NO FURTHER. READ THE BELOW COMMENTS And elect Bar Er I mean Bo JIDEN he will lose the keys to the White House first day then they will be taken away from him and Kamala will be potus if you want to see a real RACIST BOTE BO JIDEN

Isn’t the banning of a group of people for hate speech inherently biased towards that certain group of people considered hate? I’m not a Trump fan by far but this seems awfully childish, pointless, and stupid. reddit is this ok to leave on your platform? Me reading about trumpers complaining about the lack of free speech on reddit, wondering what they were all doing during 8th grade social studies.

Y’all gonna take this off reddit too? To those that will scream 'free speech': 1: Freedom of speech does not protect you from the consequences of said free speech. 2: when someone signs up to a social media platform they have to agree to the terms and rules of the site. Maybe next time read the fine print. SAD!

Haaaa! And Instagram stopped promoting he account. Wait. BLOTUS has an Instagram account? Q got it right! Online political discussions quickly devolve into angry fanboy rumbles. It's a waste of energy really. Back in the day, various forums forbade political discussions for that same reason. In fact, some news sites even took down their comment sections not too long ago.

Not a fan of Trump. Also not a fan of this Dangerous game we’re playing here People yearning for censorship should be concerning to everyone. Its amazing how a company dedicated to freedom of speech can suddenly ban it with an imbecilic announcement that they want to protect minorities by taking away freedom of speech from the majority. Remember this when the majority bans the fascist NY Times.

If you don't like... start your own socialmedia platform... or STFU. Reddit This literally isn't news. T_D knew they'd be banned as soon as Trump won the election. Funny they cite hate speech and harassment, you ever tried to converse with someone while being a T_D poster? What you receive is the real hate speech and harassment.

NYT sucks - everyone knows you are fake The one’s accusing are the guilty ones Who cares Good. Worthless filthy criminals Get fucked awful Trump supporters. Good job Reddit Banning the president months before elections lol what a communist move Wow. What a bunch of shit. Expect all kinds of crap as we get closer to November. The DemsBLM will stop at nothing. But all the spewing of hatred coming from Democrats and their Antifa/BLM mob, that’s cool.

YAY CENSORSHIP Wow if this keeps up Q-Anon imbeciles will only be allowed in the comment section at Faux Noise and Breitfart. Here's some hate speech go fk your self :) as they should lol you can tell how many people have no idea what they are talking about and this was all for show by reddits part. This really does go on on both sides but pro-racism is kind of indefensible.

More fake news from a Rag Paper While tech companies openly rig elections for the Democratic party, the party's media wing including the NY times runs interference by cheering it on and screaming about secret Russian plots to rig the election and get trump elected. Bait and switch. Fuck you, NYT Wait a minute your telling me over 2000 groups for donald trump were all bad? I don't know about that, that seems shady to me. I don't like trump but people should be able to discuss things in groups with like minded people.

This sub has been dead for many months. Focus on r/conservatives. The new home of hate. About time! DJThurtsmybrain He just had a meeting tonight to do damage control about him getting caught being complicit with Putin putting a bounty on our American soldiers with only republicans...He purposely shunned Dems, so I’m not felling too bad for him

Ah ha. Who gives a shit. Reddit is a nothing burger anyway. “Reddit banned free speech” FTFY a forum that hadn't been used in 4 months... BREAKING NEWS, again amazing 'journalism' by NYT... never disappoint lmao thedonaldreddit What a shocker..the lefts slaves start to censor the right on every platform. Worthless piles of shit. Cant you have an election with no hate, racism, favoritism, bias, lies, or ignorance?

this isnt violating free speech, reddit can do what they want with their own platform. Can we all agree all the extreme liberals and conservatives need to be band form social media to make it a less toxic and more loving place 🥰 adios bitches Good! YES! Reddit is literal cancer Trump was right. Media is the enemy of the people!

These PRIVATE websites have no obligation to Americans supposed 'freedom of speech'. That law stops Government entities from silencing your speech. NOT Privately owned websites. If you don't like it, create another 'pro-trump' version of twitter and sign up to that. Seriously, US tech companies are no better than CCP

Seriously? Reddit ? “Clean up speech in Reddit” “Twisted Oxymoron “ LAUGHABLE Wow.... what cowards ... where is the fairness? This is a marxist takeover People wake up POTUS JudgeJeanine X22Report That sub reddit has been inactive for quite sometime. The real reason that it was banned is that most of these social media platforms including Twitter are run by leftists. Get used to it. Anything not inline with leftist think will be labeled hate speech

I wonder if they will start to ban all the porn subreddits that objectify women? You can't hide from the truth. We know what is going on. A storm is coming. TheGreatAwaking QArmy WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE FakeNews FreeSpeech Suppression of Speech ElijahSchaffer Banreddit realDonaldTrump About damn time It's about damn time.

ok N On the brink of an election. Arrest them all. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Reddit and Google are all run by communists. Yes, The_Donald, where all the nazis and white supremacists gather Totally not a magapede cesspool of liberals Shame on YOU, reddit, for doing EVERYTHING you can to sway an election in the direction in which YOU feel it should be swayed & for taking the voices away from Americans who have every right to exercise their amendments! BIG TECH = BIG ASS BULLIES GodSeesYou ScaredMuch?

Dont forget it was a democratic invasion to make it look bad If they broke TOS, they broke TOS and Reddit had every right. it’s been dead a long time. Finally holy shit those little shits are responsible for so many acts of violence in America. This sub have been shadow banned for months for a comment one of theire thousands of subscriber made (prolly a leftist troll)... Shameless cencorship.

And all under realDonaldTrump, who will do absolutely nothing about it. lol I can hear the shrieking already I’m not a fan of any censorship BUT honestly... Ha-Ha Pushing them back to the sewers little by little based Weird how people are looking at Nazis and reasonable people and saying “there’s gotta be a way these two groups can come together halfway”. If anyone replying to this actually went to r/TheDonald, they’d backtrack all the “hate speech is subjective/seems like censorship” BS

Good. VivaRevolt Correct and fair. Well done Reddit Lets have the truth They quarantined during the democratic primaries and removed it with the election right around the corner. t_d saw this coming a mile away and created their own reddit. Congrats, you demolished an empty house Now they have been pushed to 4chan. Gasoline to the fire.

Fuck reddit for doing this. Wheres the free speech Anyone going to report on how one group of U.S. Citizens is being targeted? We are first, but you are next. Fucking unbelievable, truly. What is Reddit? Fuckin A. I love Reddit !!! Good. GerberKawasaki Bunkerboy citing hate speech and harassment? No way. It had to have been HORRIBLE for reddit to ban it. Can't wait to see trump have a breakdown over this.

REDDiT is a Joke...who cares Banning pro Trump groups for hate speech is comical when anti Trump groups have use similar language and tone. I think they just wanted to ban conservative and pro Trump speech. Reddit seemTwitter Facebook YouTube Google and others censoring people so they figured they could too.

YaUsedToKnow Unbelievable the censorship What took these long? kerner_gary Yeah no tech election interference here. Do the same about the nasty democrats,so tired of all the double standards!! Suppression of free speech? so he kicked out anyone who didnt like trump of his reddit? um ok? if it were (and this is how society works) a democrate such as biden and they did this shit wouldnt happen. its literally censoring free speach but this is the world we live in

RAZ0RFIST Not mentioned is the fact that said community already left reddit and had effectively shut down the subreddit, leaving it only up as a kind of archive. Basically this was done by reddit to create headlines like this. But Reddit slows porn lol Reddit is wrong in doing that. Who the F is reddit? Sounds like some communist party organization! Here in America we have a little thing called free speech which is a right! Don’t tread on me!

There is so much hate speech within BLM. The message is nothing about unity. Its all about division, and see people as different colors. The US has moved backwards decades thanks to BLM. Where is the message of love, unity, acceptance, partnership? Think for yourself! That’s political censoring and denying free speech. That’s against the law.

Fascists Yet, Jack Does nothing? He will win still sorry ass MFs Deleting reddit..” that’s nasty way to advertise yourself “ Excellent! Good So much respect for social media platforms, businesses, communities and organizations who have the courage to stand up to Donald Trump’s hate and racist propaganda and to cock block his unhinged supporters from spewing their hate.... VoteTrumpOut VoteOutHate TrumpIsARacist

Only after it was inactive for 4 months as well as quarantined what ever that means That's fantastic any single word of criticism got you banned 😂😂😂😂 I was once told by an admin to 'Fuck Off Back To 4Chan' MAJOR W and if you guys think this is a free speech violation just know that the sub banned anybody who criticized trump

🤣 Pro-Trump forum which bans anyone who says anything remotely critical of Trump gets banned whines about free speech. This has nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with have a safe space where their speech is unopposed. Call your Senators and reps tomorrow and demand DT resign IMMEDIATELY! Mobster thug traitor!

This is targeted hate. Needs to stop Good 1984...here we go. Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Who gives a shit someone will start a new one you would have to truely be stupid if you actually though that it stops anything internet can make more Taking WS down one site at a time! WS is going through hell right now and I love it!🤣🤣🤣

good For anyone who wants to see what a gigantic piece of shit The_Donald subreddit was: * * * * * * * VivaRevolt Great day 👍 fucktrumpbecauseimfuckingstupid Censorship, BS polling, riots to intimidate and cause chaos....DNC on a full court press to take out Trump Reddit, your in trouble. 🤣🤣🤣 I guess now, Freedom of Speech, Just went out the window! You should be careful what you wish for, silly media.

4 more years They officially made hate speech against white people ok. You can have free speech, of course but nothing in this worlds bears free of consequence. Well unless you’re incredibly rich and powerful but that’s not the case for most of us really. Reddit’s decision is exemplary. Facebook should take notes.

reddit sucks - serenawilliams tell Lexi to grow a pair of balls Some teenagers were caught painting a swastika in front of a Jewish synagogue. You have to wonder if they got the idea from places like The Donald. Good Time to get onto new social media platforms! They’re all compromised by liberal bias at this point. Most are saying parler_app is the best place to go. I understand shutting down racism, violent speech but that’s not what’s going on they’re censoring conservatives for no reason.

History is being rewritten before our very eyes and we are letting it happen. Crazy I got into an argument with some of them awhile back on Reddit. It wasn't anything super important, just philosophical disagreements that got a little heated. I was stalked online and harassed for months afterwards. So I completely back this action by Reddit.

JimColeisBACK I deleted their app months ago As soon as the far left turns on the huge companies supporting their narrative the mom’s house Marxist will be getting censored too. Joe Biden's 3 words. ' I can't win'. It hasn’t been active for a while, it was just an attempt to look virtuous. Especially during this election season. 🥱

wait until he loses re-election, all his social accounts will be disabled while the helicopter takes him out of view from capitol hill. freedom of speech, except for conservatives Should have just removed problematic users/moderators. I don’t agree with this. This is a most disturbing development. The internet and platforms on it are a marketplace of ideas. Suppression of dissent in that market is counter to American values such as free speech. You liberals are happy now, but you won't be when it happens to you.

Yayy Lol but the ones about cannibalism, pedophilla,communism, and Marxism get to stay? : Breaking News: Reddit banned “The_Donald”. I call B.S.! More Conservative censorship! 😂 that's what these fools get. I am glad he did this RAZ0RFIST That community has it's own website. The subreddit has been quarantined for quite a while now. Glad to see you guys thoroughly do your research.

If you use that standard you would have to shut down all of the media How very American of them 🙄 If only Twitter and Facebook could do the same Hahaha. Yessss. It’s a beautiful thing. There’s literally a group where you can watch beheadings, train v humans, fatal accident aftermath photos, murders and much else. But that’s still up. This shit is ass backwards

They already censored it death a long time ago. This is just a formality. This is why trump wins when nobody excepts it. You don’t hear all his supporters because they are silenced, but not on Election Day. lmao all yall mad ab trumps subreddit being taken down? i mean... if you dont like it... then leave

ofc free speech is only allowed for dems More election interference by the left So who are the judges judging these so called 'bad' views. Are they on any particular side? tehehehe Of course they did. But they allow the cesspool of hate to go on under the “politics” sub. Censorship at its finest bc it goes against what the founders believe

Yet they're fine with subreddits that exploit women. Reelection confirmed It’s the same hate I get when I wear my MEGA hat shopping. I have dealt with it for almost four years and I will be laughing for the next FourMoreYears with the BestPresidentEver the realDonaldTrump KAG Reddit is gonna be so boring now. Having a mix of crazy people is what made it good.

Censoring freedom of speech. I got nothing else to say here. FINALLY! HateSpeech is such a fake term. Conservatives are the subjects of hate speech constantly from the leftist haters who are nothing more than lowlife scum. Fact!!! If anyone should be banned or censored its the leftist commies! CHOP shooting scene....car shot up...someone saying “I’m sorry I ran out of bullets” video via FB live

When reddit bans you 😂😂 So much for freedom of speech right The supremacy of the Counterrevolutionists are going to learn not to oppose Revolution to overthrow the government, that's hate speech condemn them all. They can always go join Devin Nunes on Parler, I hear it's a huge dumpster fire. Keep censoring. It just exposes bias for the world to see. It's this group today, but can easily be 'your' group tomorrow. The shoe will ultimately be on the other foot at some point.

Deleting the reddit app now, Thank you for the heads up! deletereddit Citing cognitive dissonance and a stick up their collective asses like the NYT More censorship, this won't end well. Good now the news media should do the same Reddit literally allows EVERYTHING so it has to be such a horrible community to get banned by Reddit. I cant imagine the vile things they said

People pissed calling 1A when you’re dealing with public companies who don’t give a fuck about your rights For all you anti-trumpers/anti-facists celebrating this move, CENSORSHIP ALWAYS HURTS THE LEFT! This will set a precedent for them to censor legitimate speach as well. Good. Now they can go back to 4chan where they belong.

So much for freedom of speech. I've said it since early 2000's...It's the left who are the fascists It also banned a major leftist/actual communist reddit page called chapo traphouse, weird that you would only mention this one specifically. All the left fascists here are happy because they burned a book ... closed a sub.

I've no defense for that subreddit ofcourse- they had this coming- but Reddit isn't all sunshine and daisies. Some of their admins are assholes. Example: I've been trying to get this unjustified IP ban removed for 4 months now. All I did was defend myself kenjeong Merely a symbolic gesture, most of the users migrated off-site months ago. Too little, too late.

lol, i guess freedom of speech is being taken away in The United States. Its a good thing I don't follow fake news , Liberal media and Political groups. keep trying ! more you do, more we the silent majority grow ! 'Hate speech' has been declared protected under the first amendment in supreme court on several occasions. Just because this is a private company doesn't mean it is morally correct. The left seems to have forgotten that true free speech is completely uncensored, no matter what.

OMG. This is actually happening. HOLY SHIT, THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Sooooo, anyone else out there wants to call the protests a 'minor revolution?' Common, I dare you, I double dare you. ChangeTheWorld NotMeUs ? that forum was inactive for months... What's Reddit? Lol What was lost? Literally love to see it. Have you guys ever noticed that most of the people who get flagged/suspended on these sites are spouting some kind of hate speech that they try to justify as their “opinion”. AND this this all usually comes from MAGA weirdos. Good move, Reddit

Facebook FacebookBoycott T_D was already 'quarantined'/banned over a year ago, the subreddit has long since moved to the unremovable as makeshift reddit page without draconian political censorship of reddit. They ditched overtly commusint/pro-censorship reddit for free speech. Little Too late, Hate speech has been made a norm and acceptable by GOP and we the christian conservatives! Threats by DT are ok! Disparaging war hero-John Mccain long after he was six feet under? Who does that? All standards of decency have been laid to rest! Welcome to Swamp!

They have some balls. What about Twitter? When are they going to ban realDonaldTrump BANNED! Ahahahahahaha!!! TrumpIsARacist Treason TrumpIsKillingUs trumpisatroll TrumpForPrison2020 Not even Reddit will continue to put up with these folks. NOT. EVEN. REDDIT. Of course it did. LOL! This is fantastic. So long, suckers! Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

They are not cracking down on 'hate speech'. This is censorship pure and simple. Hate speech doesn't exist. Ironically, it's been banned after no activity for 5 months. Now that the ad revenue is gone it's banned. Ban The NYT See you on parler_app instead! Free speech social network. Well... yeah, those groups were filled to the brim with people that lived to harass others with hate speech and threats. At the same time, though, anti-Trump groups on Reddit aren't much better. What's good for the goose and all, right?

Congratulations Reddit, you finally did it. Months are quarantining them, forcing them to get neutral moderators and wagging your finger at them. Nevermind that the last post was months ago, but hey, pat yourselves on the back. Damn, there goes free speech. Hate speech is not free speech. Pass it on. Silencing the opposition is the key to victory.

This should have been done a long time ago. The death of free speech....speak only what we want YOU TO bahahahaha 3 years too late. Their politics moderators are nazis too. Goes to prove, some people think they untouchable until the smack down. Keep it up. The tighter you snowflakes clamp down, the worse November is going to be. Looking forward to this round of YouTube meltdowns.

Bigger than people would imagine. That sub was a conduit for people to become radicalized. Reddit should have done this in 2016 tho. Communists don't care about the first amendment. Never before only with the trump admin Leftists don't have the capacity for tolerance, logic, and civil discourse. As such, they suppress it.....just like good Beta Males & Females.

His clothing is spotless and will probably will remain so! A great Ceam Pie all over the Blackness he is wearing might be considered an improvement! Speech on social platforms is free. It is not, however, consequence free. Now you Its time for the government to step in and regulate. I love that American is tackling racism from all fronts! The real would of America is GOOD and will surface in November

If Trump only occasionally lies, spread dangerous misinformation about medical cures etc & retweet white supremacist & incite violence And the GOP called him out I’d say yes Free speech But this guy is actually a danger to the American people About fucking time! rolandsmartin Laugh at all of the racist. Finally Reddit did something that they should have done years ago.

Yeh I hate the man but we cannot suppress the first amendment 😂😂😂🖕🖕donnie Adios 👋🏻 TomNewell3 Good 😂😂👇🏼😂😂🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻😂😂😂💯🍺 Wow what bullshit kaitlancollins Excellent. Take out the trash. You or your people DON’T posses these qualities Some one should find a way to ban Trump from this planet!!!!!

FALLOFTHECABAL NYT = fake news They all merged to parler_app where they can hate and threaten like little mushroom babies Wow it's nice news I do not think hate speech is subjective. Hate speech is part of the systemic racism that has divided our nation for hundreds of years. During this highly charged time in American politics I would like to see a movement toward unity. I support Reddit.

Good start. Now permaban anyone who contributed an article that got more than 50 upvotes. And require verification before you can create a new account. Good! They can go to pauper or paper or whatever that new app for racists is called boohoo. He was also banned from twitch WhitePowder or: How I continued my dangerous drug habit behind bars by Derek Chauvin, Simon & Schuster, 2020 co-written by the entire Trump family.

Taking BACK America one move at a time! Thank you reddit Next up is Facebook, Twitter, Google, and all the rest to ban him. The US and the world in unison will say, 'Donald, you're fired!' trump should have been banned TEN YEARS ago when he started the racist birther BS and trump and his cult was making horrible racist jokes about Obama and his family....disgusting that social media let this go on for so long

I love that reddit has taken a stand and clearly said that this way of speaking (and thinking) is unacceptable! Not surprising coming from the platform with the creator who stepped down while urging them to replace him with a person of color. finally, they are listening to me.....I launched a campaign to remove trump from social media

your turn TWTR now is your chance...trump is losing and if you don't we will all remember what happened here SUPREMACISTS : Banks-Mc Donald-Apple-CocaCola-Nike-Microsoft-Amazon-Google-Facebook, etc, etc.. American Congress estimates the amount of TAX ESCAPE in United States at $ 6ooo BILLION/year =LESS sanitary-educational-democratic projects +INEQUALITY +SOCIAL VIOLENCE +RACISM

Way over due. I love the people crying 'censorship!' when The_Donald would ban anyone with even a mildly dissenting opinion. I got banned from TD for saying I wasn't much a fan of Ted Cruz. That community is a toxic mess. If you’ve ever wading into it just to check it out I am sure you came out repulsed by its content.

pjlacasse22 👍👍👍👏👏👏 Irysdawn It’s called rigging the election Good riddance to bad rubbish. slpng_giantsPR Fiquei ainda mais fã desta plataforma que abracei a pouco tempo!!!!! Looks like Donald’s Damn is starting to crack up. Anyone who denies that censorship is happening isn't an honest person Leftists are subhuman fascists. Have fun crying in November.

CorbieCrow Creep n chief Hate speech goes both ways on Reddit all the time.....All that happened here was that Reddit decided to pick a side...that's all, nothing to see, move along people, just same ole stuff. FirstAmendment different doesn’t mean hate. True breaking news GarbageDay Its finally internet garbage day. Twitch banned Trump. Reddit banned most Trump sub-reddits. jack Your turn bro.

LOL they banned it after pretty much everyone there had already migrated off-site, but go ahead and clap your hands for them pretending they did something important. They quarantined The Donald claiming that it was anti police, how crazy things turned around. His account got removed from Twitch too for the same reason. My kids asked what the heck was he streaming to get kicked out 😳

YOUR TURN, TWITTER 😆 Its about time Oh...its fakenews again... nothing to see here👎👎👎 raidergyrl Progressive positive atmosphere? It has become laughable by now. Do you think we need news and platforms? If needed we can manage without and be informed. Nobody will buy NYT either. Reddit harbors a deep anti-female sentiment and hosts rape, abuse, mutilation, torture, exploitation of women freely. And if you make any subs criticizing this egregiously disgusting display of misogyny, they silence and ban you.

Next, Bunker boy boo boo will sign another executive order against social media. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m here for the meltdown Good. Hate speech does not equal free speech. 'Oh no, another political forum banned. A travesty.' IT'S ABOUT THE FREE PUBLICITY!!! You think they JUST SUDDENLY realized Trump was a SkumBag? They've known ALL ALONG what was going on in those forums. BUT NOW, They get FREE PUBLICITY from EVERY MEDIA SOURCE on Earth for doing it.

It's real unfortunate a lot of people think 'free speech' means be as racist, sexist and disrespectful as you want. Social media finally found that they have a pair. I wonder if it has anything to do with large advertisers pulling out of their sites and the possible threat of even more pulling out. Uhh it was basically dead the last few months. How is this news? 😂

They've been banned for months now kaitlancollins Reddit can determine what is allowed or not allowed to be posted on their website. Betcha it’s in the TOS that no one ever reads. No one is forcing you to use their platform. I guess Parler should expect new members. taylapoint damn With God’s will, we are going to re-elect Donald Trump in November! Trump 2020

This is the problem with Trump. He supports hate and misinformation. As the leader of our country that is acting like a white supremacist he has no business in politics. He should be bring this country together, but has torn it apart-and still is. Bravo Reddit. AG should investigate, they should not be able to operate in the US, violating freedom of apeech

About time. Someone on the left must be worried about all this censorship .... yeah it might be people you don’t like or disagree with BUT it will be them one day 😕 This is news? Really?🤦‍♂️ Reddit...REDDIT! Reddit is banning for hate speech?!? How bad do you have to be for REDDIT to say 'that's too much'? Holy sh**

reddit has been the supperior social media for a while but yall not ready for that conversation 😌 Adios Maggot ! BisonJustice A ban weeks after r/The_Donald’s organizers had apparently decamped to a mirror off-Reddit site. Breaking NYTimes exposed for the FakeNews and haters they are Good! Hate speech to who?

kaitlancollins Good move by various platforms to ban content displaying hate speech. That was how 8chan was born and it’s imperative we curb these things before they become bigger issues Thank you Idk, I heard alot of BLM hating on white people who are not racist. Never owned a slave, and never would. Agree the killing of Floyd was wrong. But the hate speeches by BLM continue. ♥️🇺🇸

kaitlancollins Marxists demand censorship. Lame. I was having so much fun shitposting and trolling in that sub. I think everyone wants free speech to be protected, even if we do not agree with what is being said. However, what is being reported is a violation of a private company's TOS NOT curbing 'free speech'. Your argument is disingenuous as you're conflating 2 entirely different things

Another China owned company How about trump on Twitter and Facebook? Also banned too? realDonaldTrump They nuked ChapoTrapHouse, possibly for supporting John Brown. It’s fascinating how many people automatically know that violent, misogynist, racist hate speech = conservatism. The cowardice of the Left There’s NO hate speech, just speech. We’re protected by the constitution 2 say whatever we want, even if it’s stupid. PERIOD. Companies like reddit trying to censor people are not helping democrats in NOV if anything they’re alienating Trumpers & turning off independents

Banning Subreddits while leftist extremists are slaughtering people in the streets. America sure has its priorities, holy shit lol. As long as they still have “ I’m going to hell for this”? It’s all good. Thank God............ JonLemire If only Facebook About time. JonLemire I hear there’s a new site for those folks called Parler which is already up and running. They can scream into the void over there.

Leftist fragility really showing in the comments. Always calling big daddy corporation to silence opposition bcs they're being oppressed. And then with a big smirk in their disgusting face they claim 'We won the culture war', well no shit. 🤡🌎 Thank you reddit for stand for what is right Ooh, where are the incels going to spread their hate?

Hallelujah. That sub was a cesspool. The utmost swampy of subs. eelcobvr Good job! They will always label free speech they don't like as 'hate speech'. The only answer is to start your own platforms. Think of what they will do to libertarian and conserative thought if they get the senate and congress. California businesses dictating to the rest of us.

Great. There's nothing like censoring people to make them more involved and angry. The left will bring Trump second term by their own hands. Good riddance! kaitlancollins It’s all coming to an end it was a Nazi group Here we go people. I hope the suburban white woman understand what a cultural revolution actually means. It all get turned upside down, if that is what you want don’t complain when they take it all away.

Marxist much ? Incoming 'BUT MUH FREE SPEECH' whining from various deplorables who are all-in for their beloved capitalism/free market until it doesn't work to their advantage. And nothing of value was lost GOOD Well. Done. So they quarantined them to give them the chance to reorganize to other forums and subreddits, and then, after that subreddit dies, they banned it. Such bravery.

He should be banned from ALL social media for his constant lies Hate Speech is neither left, right, conservative, progressive, or otherwise segmented. It's just Hate Speech. Good for Reddit. RuleOfLaw AmericanExceptionalism kaitlancollins Fascist cowards I would like to know how many different hair pieces he has.

Small steps for man. Larger steps for Mankind. kaitlancollins 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 kaitlancollins Yes! It really is time to start power washing all these pro-Trump/anti-American blog and groups back into the sewers from where they came. kaitlancollins Advertising is these media mogul's lifeline, if the companies don't stop advertising with media mogul bad actors, We the people will stop buying from these companies!

Could never get into Reddit. Too wild wild west with it's moderation. Like a a sewer dump worse than Twitter. Censorship, cancel culture in full swing. Trying tostifle different opinions. very unamerican Good! NYT should change their name to the Russian Times they seem to be Russia's best friend Censorship at its worst.

The censorship is blatant now. your whole organization is going down, WWG1 WWGA! TNYT have no credibility anymore. You DO know that right? Oh shit! US will repeal section 230 cdc: my prognosis Shocked that people still believe one side is better than the other. Ever wonder why the establishment wants Trump gone so bad. Not hard to see what's happening.

Hate speech and harassment on a forum populated by Donald Trump fans? How odd. THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND WHAT'S RIGHT AND GOOD WILL PREVAIL OVER LIES, CHEATING and HATRED. White supremacist Snowflakes are losing another safe space. Darn.

Reddit Finally Bans Hate Speech, Removes 2,000 Racist and Violent Forums Including The_Donald Reddit first launched as an online discussion site in June 2005. Now, 15 years later, it has finally taken action to officially ban hate speech and groups that promote it. A revised Reddit content … reddit Sadly except 4neg publicity, thinkN most of MAGA white nationalists rally crowd Olympia WA loved music😂 Two Words 'Brass Balls' Got to love & admire SachaBaronCohen w real life COJONES, that's spanish for testicles! SUPPORT VoteByMail Vote JoeBiden ColetteBalmain reddit Sweet. reddit Strange timing, with the election and all.

Reddit Finally Bans Hate Speech, Removes 2,000 Racist and Violent Forums Including The_Donald Reddit first launched as an online discussion site in June 2005. Now, 15 years later, it has finally taken action to officially ban hate speech and groups that promote it. A revised Reddit content … reddit Sadly except 4neg publicity, thinkN most of MAGA white nationalists rally crowd Olympia WA loved music😂 Two Words 'Brass Balls' Got to love & admire SachaBaronCohen w real life COJONES, that's spanish for testicles! SUPPORT VoteByMail Vote JoeBiden ColetteBalmain reddit Sweet. reddit Strange timing, with the election and all.

Starbucks to pause paid advertising across social media to help stop hate speechStarbucks Corp will pause advertising on all social media platforms as it explores the best ways to help stop the spread of hate speech, the company said in a statement on Sunday. File under: closing stores during Covid has hurt cash flow. Stop the advertising spend and virtue signal. Call it a win (and hide the cash flow issue) And save money. Who DOESNT skip commercials? Kinda genius. - Saves money in ads - Gets news media to cover them for free (PR)

Starbucks, Levi's, Diageo Join Facebook, Instagram Ad BoycottStarbucks, Levi's and Diageo are the latest big companies to join the growing advertising boycott of Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram over the social media giant's handling of hate speech and misinformation on its platforms I predict that Facebook will boycott itself garywhitta fuckzuck He cannot be trusted to monitor himself. He is cut from the same cloth as Trump. He loves power & $$. He thought he should run for office in 2016 when he saw how easy the Russian could use propaganda & algarythms to sway their votes. He is a child.

Facebook VP on ad boycott: We have 'no incentive' to allow hate speech'We have absolutely no incentive to tolerate hate speech.' Facebook Vice President for Public Affairs Nick Clegg said he believes the company has made 'meaningful change' but that Facebook will 'redouble' its efforts to address hate speech. Too late! Zuckerberg has shown his true colours and what a coward he is. The only reason he’s acting now is because of all the money Facebook is losing from companies that are dropping their advertising. The little boy has no real morals, so I say BoycottFacebook SMBWhitney Zuckerberg had an army of employees focused on taking out Warren’s campaign because she advocated breaking up big tech Zuckerberg let’s extremists like Ben Shapiro break “rules” to amplify his propaganda, while censoring true ads about Trump FB is an enemy of the people If CNN hates hate speech then why do you keep broadcasting all that hate aimed at realDonaldTrump ?

Meghan and Harry Back Facebook Boycott Over Racist Hate Speech'Thank you for embodying the kind of leadership that meets the moment,' wrote NAACP President Derrick Johnson to Meghan and Harry.