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'Red Notice': Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds Take on Gal Gadot in Ne

'Red Notice' hits Netflix on Nov. 12.

9/25/2021 8:00:00 PM

Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds against Gal Gadot? We're in! RedNotice

'Red Notice' hits Netflix on Nov. 12.

The two megastars go head-to-head inRed Notice.Ahead of its Netflix debut in November, the streaming service dropped an exclusive clip from the epic heist film on Saturday.Also co-starring,Red Noticefollows Johnson as Special Agent John Hartley of the FBI and Reynolds and Gadot as art thieves Nolan Booth and"The Bishop," respectively. To catch The Bishop, who's always one step ahead, Hartley and Booth team up. The clip begins with our leading men sharply dressed in tuxedos entering a museum as Gadot welcomes them in.

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"Looking for something specific or just browsing," Gadot, in a stunning red gown muses, as Reynolds quips,"You look awful."After some quick and witty banter, Johnson tells Gadot she is under arrest while Reynolds is only there for the gold egg like Gadot. Fighting and hilarity ensues. Watch the full clip below.

Red Noticeis directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and also co-stars Chris Diamantopoulos.When the film announced its release date, the three stars took to social media to praise -- and in Reynolds' fashion -- poke fun at one another."True story. They made my entire tuxedo out of one of @therock’s socks. Also, true… #RedNotice has a release date of Nov. 12th on @Netflix. Last piece of gossip: @gal_gadot is wonderful," Reynolds wrote."And huge thanks to @rawsonthurber - for creating this beast of a film."

Johnson added in part on his post,"Thank you to my insanely talented (and highly unattractive) costars @gal_gadot & @vancityreynolds for our globetrotting heist." Read more: Entertainment Tonight »

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Ryan Reynolds and DJ won't last five minutes in that fight. My money is on the lady. RedNotice 🍿

‘Red Notice’: Dwayne Johnson Shows Off First Clip of “Netflix’s Biggest Movie Ever”The action-heist movie hits Netflix Nov. 12. Hopefully this movie comes to Blu-ray or 4K disc, as Netflix hardly release any of their movies on physical media and I would like to own this in my physical movie collection. Can’t wait for this but this clip was just bad. How do you make a fight scene with these 3 stars look boring and poorly shot? Looks like the budget was 89% in the salary of the stars, because it looks a bad movie. Hopefully I’m wrong, but for the clip 🙁

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