'Red-baiting' fliers mailed to Vietnamese Americans in tight California congressional race

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GOP Rep. Michelle Steel's campaign doctored images to make Democratic rival Jay Chen appear to be a communist sympathizer.

The race between Rep. Michelle Steel and Jay Chen in a congressional district drawn to empower Asian Americans now features charges of racism, sexism and red-baiting.

The Steel campaign countered that the flier provides important information to voters as they decide who to support in the November election. Democrats have a 5-point voter registration edge in the district, which is centered on the Little Saigon community in Orange County. One-third of the district’s voters are Asian American, and half of them are of Vietnamese descent.

Part of what draws him to Steel is her heritage. “Being born in [South] Korea, she understands the North Korea situation and how unstable it is for our security.... She realizes the threat of communism to the world,” he said.


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Rep Michelle Steel told LATimes she was 'bipartisan.' BUT she voted against: ❌Bipartisan Background Checks ❌Bipartisan Infrastructure Investments Act ❌ Bipartisan Safer Communities Act ❌ Bipartisan CHIPS Act Watch what Steel does, not what she says

Democrats protect Social Security and Medicare. Democrats protect women’s rights, voting rights, equal rights. Democrats protect our fragile Earth’s atmosphere with urgent green, clean policies. Democrats support honesty, peace and justice. Vote.

SoapView Let's not overlook the fact that Steel is a bigot and homophobe.


jfchen remember! Steel wants to criminalize abortions. CA doesn’t want that.

tiffmc1013 Reminiscent of Nixon’s Senate campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas in California in 1950.

Vietnamese Community calling out Korean-born Michelle Steel for appropriating the Vietnamese flag

John Birch alive and kicking in the OC


'Linda Nguyen, a Steel supporter who said she was in her 40s, said it doesn’t matter if the flier tying Chen to communism “has proof or no proof.” Disgusting

I'm a constituent of Michelle Steel. She constantly lies. She takes credit for laws she voted against. She makes claims with no basis. She attacks people using anti-AAPI slurs but ignores her husband doing the same thing. She voted against her own marriage to 'own' LGBT people.👎

There's not one Republican candidate that can win without cheating. They not about policy. They have not plan for the future. It's all about lying their way in.

Dirty Tricks at it again. Voters bamboozled. Media needs to step up.

She often lies.

LBOCwomenrising You know she's desperate when her campaign has to resort to scare tactics.

pamelasm The only way that troll Michelle would ever win is by cheating. She has nothing. What an awful, awful, mean empty person.

She Needs to be defeated..She is racist like rest of the MAGAt Republicans, She knows she is losing, She votes Against everything including the contraception bill in Congress, Fire her already and get rid of these 6 MAGAts

Michelle Steele is so despicable. She has accomplished nothing as a congressperson except to hand out favors to rich supporters. If her husband wasn’t the most powerful man in California’s GOP, she would be an anonymous nobody.

I'd sue hard and fast. That is some seriously unethical stuff.

Desparate Steel is playing dirty. She knows she does not have any accomplishments to brag. Her “tax savings” number came out from thin air without hard evidence. Defended Trump. Hope she lose this November.

Her accent may be broken, but her soul has been sold for the $$$

Their_Mom_ Michelle Steele is as Republican as they come. Dirty tricks from the word go.I met Jay, and he seems like a good man.

Shame on you MichelleSteelCA

Can’t let her get away with this despicable action! VoteBlue StopTheSTEEL

She's only got one play... Photoshop her opponent to make the lies look true to people who don't look very closely. VoteJayChen CA45


LOL. Progresives are now gonna cry rAcIsM against Steel. This is just political speech. Give it a rest. What is racist is Jay’s support of anti Asian admissions policies.

Hey here's another fun fact about RepSteel she supports a nationwide ban on abortion

Wow. She is so scummy.

MichelleSteelCA peak GOP garbage trash

She has done nothing for California and is nothing but a liar

It’s called “projection”…

This is what she sent out last time. Disgusting and shameful. Lowest of the low trying to exploit the fears of the Asian community. .MichelleSteelCA

Repeating her scare tactic that she used with Harley Rouda. This is what she does since she can't run on her record - she has accomplished nothing meaningful for her constituents but happily got herself and her husband PPP loans.

LOLOCGOP jfchen this is the person you’re running against. Stop being such a fvcking pussy and fight back. People need to know that b wants to make your 14 year old daughter give birth to her rapist’s baby.

Not shocking, she’s just another grifter doing what her husband tells her.

How is she not immediately thrown off the ballot for this?!?!

Michelle Steel's red-baiting is not new. “She chose the University of Santa Cruz, and then she started talking about, you know, ‘I’m going to vote for Obama.’ There’s a change. And then she said, ‘God gave us two men, what’s wrong with gay marriage?’”

The brave women of Iran are sacrificing their lives on the streets againts oppression and justice. We need your help to amplify our voice! Please stand with us MahsaAmini

He is a communist sympathizer. 5 minutes on google will tell you that.

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