Health, Red And Processed Meat Linked To Heart Disease, Mega Study Says - Cnn

Health, Red And Processed Meat Linked To Heart Disease

Red and processed meat linked to heart disease, mega study says

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7/21/2021 12:21:00 PM

Eating beef, lamb, pork and processed meats will increase your risk of coronary heart disease later in life, according to a new meta-analysis of studies on over 1.4 million people who were followed for 30 years.

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My parents lived/live into late 80s and 90s eating red meat. Everything in moderation. Strange. My vegan family members are also sickly. Everything in moderation. Gonna die of something. Might as well be happy. News we didn't need because everyone knows that weather they want to admit it, or weather they'd rather stick to some internet narrative pushed by keto gurus. They still know it

I eat none of those stinky and gross red meats. Yeah but that xenoestrogen from vegan diets turn men into girly men Meat plants No shit…. I guess the doctors have been right the the last 20 years!? Everything in moderation. That is where people go wrong. Genetics doesn’t help either. I love red meat but don’t eat that much. A hot dog now and then isn’t so bad either. Maybe start teaching cooking at lower levels in school again - focus oh healthier options.

I mean, we evolved to have teeth of omnivores for a reason. Stfu DUH! We knew that 30 years ago Looks like I now know what I will die from.

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What a groundbreaking report…..this has been known and talked about for years. Just another attempt to push plants on us Studies also show meat eaters are 100% more likely to suffer from eating delicious meals, while vegans have a 0% chance to suffer from eating anything good. Coronavirus kills you with no warning and years of investment to prepare but I will moderate and lessen intake…but you try and take that pork belly out of my warm, full of juicy goodness hands.

Still more likely to die of gun violence in America than heart disease so I'm not going to give up red meat yet. Will still eat it. We'll all die from something. So will keep enjoying every moments and bites Extremely misleading study. Eating meat in a standard American diet is unhealthy. They dont however differentiate between eating red meat as a hamburger with a soda and fries or eating a steak with veggies.

I love the propaganda. Literally anything could increase your risk of anything, presented properly Another bullshit study. Meta-analysis studies are generally worthless. Eating Causes Heart Disease That’s your headline So chicken breast everyday is it? 😂 With occasional fatty fish like salmon and tuna

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Who paid for study

Article omits units of time: 'For each 1.75 ounces (50 grams) of processed meats such as bacon, ham or sausage that were eaten, the risk rose by 18%.' DOI to the article is wrong: Yes.... Still tastier than 'plant' based bullsh*t, I'll take coronary heart disease anyday Damned if u do.....and damned if you don't. Who gives a F

Next year it will be totally the opposite Everyone is going to die from something 🤷‍♂️ Great another study that pushes the prices of the healthy food up. 😂🤣 bull$&t! There’s a shit ton of cognitive dissonance in the comments.

CNN announces CNN+, 'most important launch for network since Ted Turner'CNN+, which debuts in early 2022, will co-exist with CNN's television networks and will feature eight to 12 hours of live programming a day That’s great news how do you guys have so many lies as material? crazy stufd Another station that nobody’s gonna watch? You should be consolidating not expanding!

im so dead I will be sure to tell mimi and pepe about this. They are 92 and 94 years old this year. It's fecking delicious so I don't care I can die happy Sure, but it’s delicious No mention of their lifestyle, active, sedentary?smokers, drinkers? Shouldn’t you be worried more about coronavirus…. I guess in your eyes we all need to wear Masks, never leave our homes, only eat lettuce and give up our guns. Lol. No wonder your ratings suck so much!

When I first read it I thought it said possessed meats. What else need be said? Just living a long life increases the risk of heart disease. This news is about 50 years old. Are you in between constantly selling things people are already aware off? 🙄🙂

Sizing Up CNN+: A Big, Risky Bet to Expand the BrandWhat’s another streaming service at this point, right? If that’s the reflexive reaction you had to Monday’s news of the upcoming launch of CNN+, that’s understandable. The proliferation of plus bra… Risky is the right word. For many reasons. All U.S. 24hr “News” networks are trash. Get rid of them all. Lazy

How were they followed? If it's like the previous studies they were sent a survey once a year wrote down what they ate. Did they also track how much sugar they ate? Did they smoke or drink alcohol? Only the processed meats allegation is true. moderation? Who wants to live forever. Life is better with meat.

So much for redwings I’ve been reliably informed by the left that meta analyses don’t count. Randomized control study is the ONLY thing on which we should be basing our opinions Whats that saying go? I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time Everything is bad for something. for people who want to reduce their meat intake, why not try high-quality Japanese beef, it is good and a small piece of it with a bowl of rice would be delicious and since its expensive it means you eat less meat, and try doing more healthier vegetable-focused recipes

Eat less meat and more vegetables/fish ▶️This reduces CO2 pollution, animal suffering and soil poisoning ▶️Reduces heart attacks, decreases obesity, ▶️increases well-being, puts an end to the pimple burden and leads to better working conditions

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Tell the people the truth! Stop putting poison/chemicals in the food....fertilizer, drugs and stop those stupid surveys! Europe has become terrified of the Moroccan-American rapprochement. Europe is in danger Morocco was the starting point for the liberation of Europe. Hindus & Indian Scriptures have been saying this from thousand of years.Eating Beef, Pork destroys Nervous system, Brains, brings numerous mental disorders and diesases. It also stops spiritual development and had see no spiritual growth Hindus india Muslims indians Pakistan

They have said that about nearly all foods. They will change their minds in 10 years It will also increase your carbon footprint. Go green 🌱 👍🏻 Drinking water,increases the risk of chocking,a new shocking study finds! chriskresser……go! Eating will increase your risk of coronary heart disease later in life, according to a new meta-analysis of studies on over 1.4 million people who were followed for 30 years.

I'll rather die eating something that I love than leave eating something that I don't like ✌️✌️✌️

CNN claims to be nonpartisan while announcing new streaming service: 'We're not an opinion network'CNN announced its new CNN+ streaming service on Monday, claiming that the platform starting next year will be free from partisan agendas despite the network's well-established liberal lean. I have one reaction to CNN claiming not be an opinion network. 😂😂😂 The Forbes tells the tale for CrapNewsNetwork (CNN). Forbes reports CNN has dropped a whopping 57% in prime time. MSNBC is in freefall at 37% decline as FNC crushed all of them. I hope both of these pathetic networks are driven into bankruptcy. Fact check: wrong.