Recording shows Trump called for firing of former Ukraine ambassador, report says

'Get rid of her! Get her out tomorrow. I don't care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. Okay? Do it.'


'Get rid of her! Get her out tomorrow. I don't care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. Okay? Do it.'

A recording of President Trump calling for former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch's firing a year before she was recalled was reported Friday.

also recalled he was present at an"intimate dinner" at the same location the recording was made with about six people, including Trump. "I do remember me telling the president that the ambassador was badmouthing him and saying that he was going to get impeached, something to that effect," Parnas told Maddow. He said Trump immediately told an aide to"fire her." 'Trump knew exactly what was going on': What Giuliani associate Lev Parnas has said about Trump, Pence and Ukraine In response to the recording, the White House defended the president. "Every President in our history has had the right to place people who support his agenda and his policies within his Administration," press secretary Stephanie Grisham said. Vice President Mike Pence also told reporters in Rome that he had not heard the recording, but reiterated Grisham's point:"All of the ambassadors for the United States of America serve at the pleasure of the president of the United States.” The audio, he said, “will only confirm what people already know: is that the president had concerns, and in his authority this president made a decision.“ Senators are currently weighing whether to convict and remove Trump from office after he was impeached Dec. 18 on two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The charges stem from Trump's alleged pressure campaign on Ukraine and what Democrats say was his stonewalling of the impeachment investigation. Senate trial: Final day of Democrats' opening arguments in Trump impeachment trial begins Speaking to press shortly before the Senate trial resumed Friday, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said Trump was"totally allowed to" recall Yovanovitch from her position. Jordan, a vocal Trump defender in the impeachment process, dismissed a question about whether the newly surfaced recording means the Senate should hear testimony form Parnas. “We feel validated that everything that’s been reported in the news about the event on April 30, 2018, would appear to corroborate in material respects what Lev Parnas has said about the meeting and his recollection of that meeting with regards to the president,” Parnas' attorney told about the new report, but denied that Parnas was in possession of the recording. ABC reported that federal prosecutors in New York's Southern District now have a copy of the recording. Contributing: David Jackson Read more: USA TODAY

Mr Juliani where did the 70,000 tonnes of steel from WTC go? Who did you sell them to? For the last time her doesn’t know Lev, maybe he took a picture with him, he takes a lot of pictures. 'You're fired!' Something he did very well and is free to continue to do for the next five years. A president may hire or fire at will. Keep up the good work, realDonaldTrump.

I mean he's famous for saying 'You're Fired' Was it that serious? Oh wait, it was.. you go wrong you make greedy pack. With aliens checkout and make continents Asia, Persia vs Elite, Germany and Amerika the Nazis from World War II. Obama fired ALL of the Ambassadors it's the right of the President to hire who they want.

He should be in jail. So what? A President can do that. For any reason. For no reason at all. And am I the only one who watched the liar's 'testimony' to the House? The Senate, like the court, knows what to disregard. All presidents fire ambassadors and replace them. Happens every time we get a new president. Why is this news?

...and glad she’s gone...

President Trump says Mark Zuckerberg running for president 'wouldn't be too frightening'President Trump hinted he might be in favor of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg running for president, but warned, 'he does have that monster behind him.' O...M...G... Al Capone meets John Dillinger.

And dirty Donnie nerpver met the man and doesn’t know him. Dah, let’s wake up America. Yeah, He's about as sorry as it gets. If that were you or I would be in jail. You’d be concerned for your safety if you lived in a liberal bubble and had drunk the State Dept koolaid on understanding and solving problems.

Why can’t a President fire an ambassador? Sounds like an attempt to legalize magic industry in a rush manner failed; so the icon became an enemy. You ppl who have a problem with this are twisted! Who cares? Ppl get fired every day!!!!! Trump had every right to hire or fire anyone he wants in the diplomatic Corp at anytime for no reason. Executive branch determines foreign policy, not career diplomats. Trump’s attacks on State and USG are welcome and long overdue. State had been corrupt w Hillary and Kerry

They serve at the pleasure of the President.

Recording Apparently Captures Trump Saying He Wanted Marie Yovanovitch Fired: ReportABC News reported a recording of a 2018 dinner appears to capture the president asking associates to 'take her out.' This mafia wannabe m0r0n has dragged the presidency to the depth of his pigsty. you mean the completely legal and ethical act of firing an ambassador? Priceless!

Trump You’re Impeached & Fired The Full Recording Clearly shows it was said in Jest. She was removed over a year later.....How about some honest What exactly does take her out mean? The real deal is the Ukraine President said she was rude and didn't like him she seem to prefer his predecessor the corrupt guy so yes that might be why she was fired.

Ummm....he has every right to put in who ever he wants. Yes, the President is doing his job!! Thanks for sharing!!! And your point is? Surely the President is allowed to fire an Ambassador who he feels is not appropriate for the job considering the current foreign policy of the Administration. Any Senator that votes to acquit Trump is a traitor to the Constitution and this Country.

The middleman: How Lev Parnas joined Team Trump and became Rudy Giuliani's fixer in UkraineLev Parnas was once so close to Rudy Giuliani, he named Giuliani his son's godfather. Now Parnas is cooperating with the Trump impeachment inquiry. Bought and PAID for!!! He needs to. The truth needs to come out. Trump has threatened the Republicans and others. “Head on a pike”. Intimidation. Awful

Yet the Republicans don’t want to hear this. The man continues to lie about what he said and did That’s not “firing” language! Why not say “fire” her? Why “take her out”? The president can fire anyone for any reason. Or no reason at all. Ask Comey if you don't believe me. She was a spy TakeHerOut means Parnas was part of Trump's inner circle.

What a piece of work. Who voted for this POS? Any POTUS can fire any ambassador at any time. He should’ve fired her the day he was inaugurated! Sound like a normal day in corporate America. President can fire whomever he wants

Trump and Russia Are Colluding in Ukraine for Profit and Political GainWhen historians look back at the Ukraine scandal, they will probably see it not as a separate incident but a continuation of the Russia scandal. jonathanchait writes jonathanchait Excellent article, great to see this placed in the proper perspective. It shows patterns and intentions by Trump & his associates. SenateDems HouseDemocrats RepAdamSchiff RepJerryNadler SpeakerPelosi jonathanchait IQ=2.3 (1.8 without the blue tie) jonathanchait Which is exactly what it is.

Sounds like Don Donald ordering a 'contract hit' on one of his 'enemies'. I am WE THE PEOPLE and I do not give him unlimited power, I do not relinquish such authority to him. I will not accept that concept of...he is above the law...or...Article II 'says I can do whatever I want'. Please spread this message.

I'm old enough to remember when the Clintons fired people in the White House travel office and all kinds of shit hit the fan. And we know now why. She just didn't lie and cover it up, she also lied to Congress and got caught. who was he speaking to and ordering to get ride of her? Giulliani and associates? or Pompeo who was her boss?

LOL...President Trump is ALLOWED to FIRE ambassadors...LOL KAG2020 GUARANTEED a TRUMP2020Landside What department in government do these two crooks work at. If they do not, then why isn’t he asking this of his sec of state. Wrong in every direction. So what And he is allowed to fire her I don't think he was firing her. The folks he was talking to couldn't fire a plastic dart from a plastic gun. Wonder why they wrote that bad headline?

Trump says 'with me, there's no lying' -- and makes 14 false claims about impeachment and Ukraine'Now, with me, there's no lying,' President Trump said at a press conference in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday. That is itself not true. Trump made at least 14 false claims at the press conference and in interviews that aired Wednesday. when will you guys get cured of this obsession with realDonaldTrump. Please leave the man and go after the news Speaking of lying, why did you settle with the kid in the MAGA hat? You just lied saying you don’t lie

This isn’t news. He can fire anyone he wants. So freaking what? He can fire any ambassador in the world for any reason or no reason at all. It is totally up to him. Why are you trying to create scandal where there is none? FakeNews Sounds like Tony Soprano ordering a hit. Why is Trump telling this to his henchmen Giuliani and Parnas?

Abandon all hope. Dems in for historic defeat. They have acted like spoiled bratty children since realDonaldTrump election. I don't care, but she cares for the nation .that's the difference. And you’re sure recordings cannot be doctored , especially by the evil Russians wewantthewitnesses Doesn't matter. He has the power to fire all of the ambassadors if he wants.

So what is your point? The president appoints and yes, fires ambassadors.

Harris: Giuliani's involvement in Ukraine policy points to personal political benefit for Trump'This was about a political operative doing the work of the president as his personal lawyer and the work being for the political, personal benefit of the president as opposed to in the interest of national security,' Sen. Harris says of Rudy Giuliani. Kamala is a stealth operator ✨☑️🥰 KamalaHarris. You must bring this to the senate floor at once. BREAKING at CNN: Trump is saying he'll block new evidence via executive privilege; McConnell—who promised to abide by Trump's wishes—is now telling GOP senators to vote down witnesses or documents because it'd take The people know better. Whatever what was going on in Ukraine in 2016 and before with our political leaders involvement is a security risk for our Country and it’s people.

Ok. And.... he is the President. And can LEGALLY do so.. Yeah, what’s so wrong about firing her? NOTHING. Omg.. he fired her. The president can remove anyone he wants for any reason. Who cares.

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