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Recording Appears to Show Trump Calling for Ukraine Ambassador’s Ouster

A lawyer for an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani released an audio recording that appears to show Trump at a 2018 dinner with donors saying of the then-ambassador to Ukraine: 'Get rid of her'


A lawyer for an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani released an audio recording that appears to show Trump at a 2018 dinner with donors saying of the then-ambassador to Ukraine: 'Get rid of her'

A lawyer for an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani on Saturday released an audio recording that appears to show President Trump at a 2018 dinner with donors saying of the then-ambassador to Ukraine: “Get rid of her.”

The recording, which Lev Parnas’s lawyer turned over to House investigators on Friday, appears to underpin Mr. Parnas’s description of the dinner. Mr. Trump has said repeatedly that he didn’t know Mr. Parnas, who worked with Mr. Giuliani to try to persuade Ukraine to open investigations that would... To Read the Full Story Read more: The Wall Street Journal

Wow, this is groundbreaking. Yawn. You mean it never said, Your Fired! Ok, so what? He can fire an ambassador for any reason. Oh no, before Biden was even running? How are we going to spin election interference now So... Common practice for an administration to change ambassadors. A good news organization would have mentioned that.

Good thing too! Hummm, overheard in large room 👎 Is that a golf ball inside his chin? On a recording, humm wonder who made it!

In recording Trump asks how long Ukraine can resist Russians“How long would they last in a fight with Russia?” President Trump is heard asking about Ukraine in a 2018 recording of a dinner with donors including the indicted associates of his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. Well ,yeah. Also, US has spent $5,000,000,000 of our tax money on Ukraine by the time Obama and Biden toppled the government that was 'too pro Russia,' which ESCALATED everything. You wallow with dogs you get fleas and he's full of them. And.....

They said she told people 'he's going to be impeached'. This was a year and more before the impeachment hearings began. Maybe there is a Deep State that we need to worry about. So what. And this recording has sunk this angle of the democrats case. So what he is free to fire anyone he want. He is the damn president. What the hell is wrong with that

The guy is just trying to get sentence or charges reduced. And POTUS prerogative on who is Ambassador. So Rightfully so. The president has the right to have people loyal to him and his foreign policy. She was an Obama holdover undermining his policy. Obama did it too. It may surprise you to know that ALL ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the president and can be fired at any time for any reason. This has been so since George Washington

So...he can fire an ambassador, its called presidential authority, libs hate when a Democrate actually uses their rights A President has the authority to make that decision. It's perfectly legitimate practice. Stop making it sound like it's a crime!!

Report: Recording links Trump to Ukraine ambassador ousterPresident Donald Trump can be heard in a 2018 recording saying he wants to get rid of the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine. ABC News reported on the recording and said he was talking with a small group that included Lev Parnas, an associate of his lawyer. The actual audio has not been released. Good grief you people. So instead of firing her, which is his prerogative to do since she serves at his pleasure, would it have been better if he abandoned her to be slaughtered in the streets of Benghazi? Asking for John Christopher Stevens. I bet the tape recording sounds a little like Bill Clinton or Joe Biden.

APPEARS? Very biased, misleading, and unethical “reporting” (more reporting unverified information (propaganda). All accusations are based on someone’s interpretation & willful lying, NOT FACTS. The press is no longer a reliable source for the people. It’s always Appears, sounds like, maybe, could be, etc... Give it up!

You’re fired! Obama fired all ambassadors. Obama was the boss. Trump fired some. He is the boss. It’s a GREAT thing that she got fired. President Trump did the right thing. She wanted President Trump impeached way back. So It's not illegal to fire ambassadors who turn their embassy into a 'I'm with her' campaign office.

So what, it’s his perogitive, we’ve all seen a video of Biden saying your not getting anything until you fire the person investigating him This just shows how dangerous trump is. He was making decisions about ambassadors because someone he claims he doesn’t know told him something that wasn’t even true and he took action to recall the ambassador.

And your point is? Obviously “take her out” meant On. A. Date. What else could that mean? Trump is a notorious matchmaker. He made three public matches for himself for starters!!

Recording appears to show Trump interest in value of Ukraine aid'We have evidence here... that [Pres. Trump] is aware of the fact that Ukraine very much needs American military assistance,' says Joseph Bondy, attorney for Lev Parnas, of audio appearing to show Trump asking Parnas about the value of US aid to Ukraine. Claire McCaskill thinks it's sooooo hard to do the right thing by putting country before a job. Hmmmm...I can think of a MILLION harder things!! Still nothing criminal like what Obama, Joe, Hunter and Democrats did with Ukraine before and during the 2016 election. The American embassy in Ukraine was so corrupt, even Ukrainians were reporting about it. Democrats are crazy and Trump is handed a 2020 win...

Well he can actually do this he is her boss You do realize that Ambassadors work at the leisure of the president... they are his representatives abroad and can be fired no questions asked... good grief get a grip on reality and quit hyping things up... I used to trust you for valid news... not hype Newsflash-it’s his prerogative. She works at the pleasure of the President.

As president he can get rid of any Ambassador that he dims is necessary. How many did Obama get rid of? Ambassador serves at pleasure of President. President has authority to hire and fire for whatever reason. In this case, fired! Appreciate the update! Any news to report? So what! As President he can hire or fire anyone he chooses. Get over it. It is not a crime. Hi back to civics class

Good ! She overstepped her diplomatic boundaries. As America says ‘Get rid of him’. ETTD xterrylee_ A year before Joey b announced he was running. So, Lev Parnas secretly & illegally recorded POTUS in what sounds like a violation of the Espionage Act, and a huge National Security breach. Shouldn't the Attorney General prosecute ASAP BillBarr attorneygeneral? WhiteHouse? SecretService? 🤔

Recording shows Trump called for firing of former Ukraine ambassador, report saysA recording of President Trump calling for former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch's firing a year before she was recalled was reported Friday. Omg.. he fired her. The president can remove anyone he wants for any reason. Who cares. Yeah, what’s so wrong about firing her? NOTHING. Ok. And.... he is the President. And can LEGALLY do so..

And the problem with this is? He had the right to fire her. Legend And? He can fire any ambassador, get over it.. You do understand he can fire anyone at anytime for any reason. So so what! Hmm. Which state was this recorded in. We could have a wiretapping charge added to this character's charges. Smug! If he gets away with his crimes and is acquitted, he won’t hesitate to actually do people harm on purpose and not even try to hide it.... like shooting someone on 5th Avenue. That was not a slip of the tongue, that’s the kind of thuggery he is capable of having carried out!

Recording of Trump calling for Yovanovitch’s ouster appears to corroborate Parnas’s accountThe audio file reviewed by ABC News matches a description by Lev Parnas, a former associate of Rudolph W. Giuliani. Who? A Ukrainian ambassador. Why should I give two bleeps if my president wants to fire someone that works for him

Thug in chief. Be careful with that BIG mouth...fool A Dinner For Donors - Trash Talking but why are people recording conversations. That is a Democrat thing. So what? Which he has every right to do - especially when it’s clear she didn’t buy into the Presidents position on Ukraine - which is his call - not hers!

Sooooo So what? Osama fired all the Bush appointed ambassadors immediately So why did it take a year to remove her?

Recording Apparently Captures Trump Saying He Wanted Marie Yovanovitch Fired: ReportABC News reported a recording of a 2018 dinner appears to capture the president asking associates to 'take her out.' This mafia wannabe m0r0n has dragged the presidency to the depth of his pigsty. you mean the completely legal and ethical act of firing an ambassador? Priceless!

What is funny, TrumpIsSoDamnOldSchoolHeDoesn’tRealizeHeIsBeingRecordedEverywhereHeGo!VideotapedEverywhereHeGo,BeingListenedToEveryWhereYouGo…ThePriceForPoliticalPowerIsNoPrivacySoTryToBeHonest,ButInHisCaseTryNotToTellSoManyLies Come on!! Obama fired ALL Ambassadors 👍👍🇺🇸 his choice, and every other president past and present!!!

Guilty punk trump SO WHAT He can fire anyone he wants to. This is NOT news. His prerogative. Still waiting for the first shoe to drop. Sooo Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the Current president hecouldcarelessaboutUKraine

If true here is another person with a tape recording of him. Attorney, Omarosa and now this that we know of. And we elected him? Trustworthy? What’s wrong with that? Get rid of her. She wasn’t a team member, rather, she was on the other team. Get rid of her. Associate of Trump you mean. And your point is...?

Isn’t that the Presidents right to appoint ambassadors? Anytime a Democrat tells you they are champions of anti-corruption, you know to expect the opposite. She was another corrupt Clinton supporter on the take in the Ukraine. I say great decision to fire her, she’s lucky she is not in prison...yet. How much irrelevant crap are you people trying to find? You’re scrambling and it’s really pathetic.

Can we just move on to the next one already 😴😴😴 Oh no!!!!! That is horrendous: Let’s impeach him!!! Wait, why again?

But he doesn’t know Parnas remember?! Oh right the guy he said he didn't know. It's just one lie after another with this clown Consider what she was doing (Ukraine cover up of corruption—plus work to bolster Clinton to win in 2016). Of course he threw her out. Should have done it day one. Publishing this non-news item serves as propaganda, in efforts to make it appear Trump was wrong in his actions. He wasn’t.

Didn’t realDonaldTrump say he doesn’t know Lev Parnas? Looks like an intimate setting here with Lev - who is digging dirt for Trump and RudyGiuliani - is conspiring to get rid of the Ambassador to Ukraine. And Trump obliges. This too is an impeachable act. RemoveTrumpNow The president can remove an ambassador for any reason. In this case ambassador yovanovitch is corrupt so it was easy. Where did the 5Bn dollars go? And why did she prevent investigation?

So! She made clear what side of the aisle she worked on. Obama fired ALL of Bush’s ambassadors. GOP got closed ears n eyes we’re got to do it ourselves vote a shums out of office November 2020 elections period And...? Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the President. Yovanovitch was spying on US citizens, running blocker for Dem's corruption, trying to undermine the President's policies. She latest lied under oath multiple times. I'm surprised she lasted that long.

So what? POTUS can get rid of any ambassador at any time.

So? EVERY President has the LEGAL RIGHT to appoint whomever THEY want as an ambassador. NO President is REQUIRED to keep hold-overs from ANY previous administration. MarieYovanivitch is an acolyte of BarackObama. She served at the pleasure of the president. getridofher Good to know. What's the point?

So?🤷🏻‍♂️ Trump is part of a coordinated effort by the Russian government to undermine Ukrainian governments efforts to defend itself against Russia encroachment on its sovereign territory. Sure, whatever. So what!! she was badmouthing him and should have been gotten rid of Fantastic, he knew she was a SOS early on.

So what... that’s what Presidents do !!! він сказав мені подібні речі

So this is a non issue. The President can fire an Ambassador anytime. She was undermining this administration's policies. We call that 'insubordination' in the private sector. Only in government can insubordination get someone promoted. This just IN!!!!! Boss fires somebody! 😮 So what, get rid of her. and ? what's the catch?

It was reported that, at one point, he used the restroom too. Trump has the choice, not Democrats. Does the WSJ find it curious Mueller’s congressional testimony about Russian influence was on July 24 and on July 25 this call with Zelensky became a priority for the Deep State Democrats? Perhaps do some reporting.

Please stop he has every right to fire her Can you show ABC video covering up Epstein again ?

Such phuckery. Shame on you. I think that is his prerogative. Voters: Nothing says 'drain the swamp' like a 1.5hr-long recording of the president of the US at an intimate dinner with wealthy super PAC donors hosted at the luxury hotel he still owns and profits from, during which the donors talk about their business and policy priorities.

The Golden Jew lol Common practice for an administration to change ambassadors. A good news organization would have mentioned that. So? And he has every right to get rid of whoever he wants! Especially partisan ambassadors! When you’re president you don’t have to eat broccoli and you can have people fired.

The boss wants to fire someone, who'd have thought it?

He said he wanted her fired and then he fired her. Am I missing something here? Notice what they did there? Adding Guiliani to the header, even though he’s in no way connected to the spy ? Very good WSJ. Keep it up. Got it on CNN last night. Thank God she was fired - she was a crook like Hunter Biden and the rest of the Obama administration

BREAKING: Year's of 24-hour newscasts show left-leaning media bias. NoOneCares? Is this abnormal? Presidents have the constitutional authority to re-call ambassadors. We already know Trump had her fired which he can do anytime he wants to And why is this wrong? So..

He says that at least twice a day and at every rally. Boring 🥱 “Indicted” “appears” “her” ...... brusque speaking, follow through? Every right to replace IF talking of ambassador, as Obama did ALL of Bush’s. ..... A two bit Ukrainian con man has the ability to record the leader of the free world with such ease and release said recording. 😐 If you are not horrified at this shit show I question if you are breathing

WheresHunter Why is this news? And why isn’t the back stabber with the tape machine being arrested? Is he a democrat or something? What gives? May have been a good idea. My team would be MY team. Oh my god. You're telling me a guy who had a tv show where he fired people wanted to fire someone that he has every right to fire if he wants. I'm shocked. Welcome to the print version of CNN.

Again who cares? That’s not a crime Plenary Executive. Repeat this three times. So what?

And? She failed in her job RepAdamSchiff is fighting passionately for all of us, but the odds are dramatically stacked against him, he needs the help of WE THE PEOPLE, get angry & get to DC outside the capitol and show the GOP that Adam Schiff doesn’t fight alone! standwithschiff FloodDC adamsnotalone

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