Record-high January temperatures deteriorate Southcentral road conditions

Southeast Alaska cities set rainfall records on Friday.

1/23/2022 5:46:00 AM

WATCH: Record-high January temperatures deteriorate Southcentral road conditions, and Southeast Alaska cities set rainfall records on Friday.

Southeast Alaska cities set rainfall records on Friday.

23 hours ago

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Century City smash-and-grab: 14 suspects snatch high-end merchandise from Westfield mall

Bystander video captured a wild scene at the Westfield Century City mall Tuesday, as more than a dozen individuals grabbed high-end merchandise and scrambled away on foot and in cars. Read more >>

Alaska shatters single-day COVID record with more than 6,000 cases over the last 2 daysAlaska has once again shattered its previous record for the highest number of COVID-19 cases reported in a single day, with the state health department reporting more than 6,500 additional infections over the last two days. Common sense could've prevented this. If we actually had someone in office who cared about us, not his corporate dollars. and Dunleavy is calling all state employees back to the office!

Oakland 'Jeopardy!' champ just tied another recordAnother week of “Jeopardy!” shows, another step up the “Jeopardy!” leaderboard ladder for phenom Oakland contestant Amy Schneider. john f kennedy saved my life frm the aligators n poop Sorry So bored! Amy is smart, but as soon as she has twice as much $ as the other contestants I turn the channel. When you know what the outcome will be, it is not fun to watch. SaveWomensSports

Bitcoin Falls Below $35,000 As Selloff Nears 50% From Record HighBitcoin has dropped 9.9% over the past 24 hours, hitting its lowest level since July. must fall to 1000$ so ppls can buy and sale it BabyDogeCoin

Tokyo hits record 10,000 COVID cases, Japan over 50,000 for first timeTokyo recorded its fourth record number of daily COVID-19 infections on Saturday, breaking above 10,000, while Japan's exceeded 50,000 for the first time as the Omicron variant continues to spread rapidly.

Suspect accused of killing young officer in Harlem had Allentown ties and previous arrest recordLashawn J. McNeil, accused of killing an NYPD cop and wounding another on Friday night, has been arrested in three states. Of course he did ! Longer rap sheet then Charles Manson ! Well what a surprise. Again Poor piggy 😔

Number of Bay Area homes for sale hits record lows“It’s a different market because of the supply,” said Michelle Ronco of Aculist. “It’s the worst.” I thought everyone was moving out? Hahaha