Kristi Noem, Reba Mcentire

Kristi Noem, Reba Mcentire

Reba McEntire Denies Participation in Gov. Kristi Noem Fundraiser

“Throughout my career, I have stated that I do not get involved in politics and that remains true today,” country singer says

6/12/2021 8:15:00 PM

Reba McEntire issued a statement Friday denying her advertised participation in a fundraiser this Sunday for South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

“Throughout my career, I have stated that I do not get involved in politics and that remains true today,” country singer says

“Last night, an invitation to a political fundraiser with my name attached was sent out without my knowledge or permission. I had and have no plans to attend this event and had told the event organizers as such,” McEntire said. “Throughout my career, I have stated that I do not get involved in politics and that remains true today.”

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The South Dakota Democratic Party also tweeted, “Kristi Noem’s fundraising camp used Reba [McEntire]’s name without permission. Noem is an embarrassment. #failedGovernor.” Read more: Rolling Stone »

Maybe it is a list of people they were wishing would participate? She's already played for Pompeo so.... what's the difference? The Governor is doing as taught by her supreme leader and former guy, Trump. This is right out of his playbook. Do whatever you want, then deny, deny, deny. Ted Nugents are available

Whe the gop right has lost a good portion of country music you can clearly see they’re a dying party.

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