Rearview Reflections: A Look Back at the Week’s Big Media/Tech News

Rearview Reflections: A Look Back at the Week's Big Media/Tech News

6/5/2021 6:50:00 PM

Rearview Reflections: A Look Back at the Week's Big Media/Tech News

New VIP+ Analysis: Big media/tech news just keeps on coming — so what were the hottest stories percolating this week? We make our picks!

 Given its premise of residents taking to the streets to sing and dance through elaborate musical numbers, “In the Heights” may just be representative enough of how vaccinated Americans feel to do well in theaters as summer kicks off and the next “Fast & Furious” installment revs its engines for June 25, when it will 

Rep. Swalwell says the Republican Party is ‘rolling with cop killers’ This CNN Hero is fighting to save lives in Philadelphia's communities of color through Covid-19 vaccination and testing Collapsed Florida building drew global visitors, residents

 become the next pandemic record-setter. Gavin Bridge, Senior Media AnalystThe news that Fox is bringing back the springtime U.S. Football League in 2022 shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone familiar with the network’s overall strategy. While the USFL has not played a game since 1985, Fox was a partner in 2020’s return of the XFL, which performed better than expected prior to COVID-19 forcing an early season end and shuttering the league.

 Fox’s obsession with providing winter and springtime football is not just one of creating an ongoing synergy for gridiron fans who long for action once the NFL wraps in early February. It is aggressively pursuing opportunities to cement itself as one of the leading headtopics.com

in the U.S., with CEO Lachlan Murdoch commenting during the recent investor earnings call that sports is driving the company’s wagering business. The success of Fox Bet Super 6 last year, where Fox gained 5 million users, shows the integrated pipeline for sports gambling that Fox is planning 

— at least in states where it’s legal. With a gap on Fox’s sports schedule between NFL and MLB seasons, save for once-a-week NASCAR events, investing in and relaunching a new winter football league brings opportunities formore gambling. Fox is also flush with sports-rights cash, given the deal made with Amazon to transfer season rights for “NFL Thursday Night Football” ahead of schedule. With the USFL likely costing a small proportion of “NFL TNF,” Fox is able to add

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Billie Eilish, Blackpink & Dua Lipa Launch a New Look for Today's Top Hits Spotify Playlist: Exclusive Video

Billboard can exclusively reveal a new video ushering in a new era for the TTH playlist starring Billie Eilish, Blackpink, Dua Lipa, Travis Scott and Bad Bunny.

'Grey's' Stars Say Season 17 Finale Has a Big CliffhangerKelly McCreary and Anthony Hill preview Thursday's season closer and reveal the season 18 renewal came down to the wire. It wouldn’t be a Grey’s wedding if something didn’t happen and it wouldn’t be a Grey’s season finale if there wasn’t a cliffhanger

‘I Just Found Out About My Wife’s Big Trust Fund!’MyTwoCents: 'This year, we did our taxes together for the first time, and I found out there was $300K in the trust fund my wife mentioned. I was stunned. That’s a lot more than I anticipated.' CAN A CHURCH GIRL BE SEXY AND HIGH FASHION AT THE SAME TIME?... Watch my latest fashion video to find out via LINK BELOW ↓ PLEASE SUSBCRIBE and Turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS. THANKS! viral ad YouTuber fashion trending Christian 300K is not a 'big' trust fund.

Automatic Student Loan Forgiveness Could Be A Big Win For BorrowersAutomatic student loan forgiveness could be a big win for borrowers seeking relief. College loan debt was elective and does not fairly redistribute wealth. It's unfair to lower-income families who paid their debts. wow

Rent the Runway founder on how women are dressing up again — in a big wayJennifer Hyman shares how her company's 'closet in the cloud' is changing in a post-pandemic world. we have a lack of manufacturers of mens clothing. i can go into 5 different stores and they will be selling the same clothing that they have been selling for the past 10 years

The big-pharma firm that saw the futureRoche may be unusual. But as one of Europe’s few world-class pharmaceutical megafirms, it is ballsy, too good

Charlotte Crosby slams people body shaming her who say her 'lips are too big'Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby said she'd be 's***ting money' if she had a pound for every time someone criticised the size of her lips