Realtor groups drop 'master' bedroom, bathroom terms from listings

Realtor groups drop 'master' bedroom, bathroom terms from listings

7/3/2020 11:40:00 AM

At least two realtor groups are now no longer using the word 'master' to describe bedrooms and bathrooms in their listings.

Realtor groups drop 'master' bedroom, bathroom terms from listings

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So stupid. VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020 Wait, is this real life anymore? Unbelievable. Oooo look another bandaid to cover up the real issues. What THE ACTUAL fuck I call it the “room I used to get head in but now think back to the days that I did “ FivanNicole Is that just PC or stupid? In the world of common sense in which I grew up, words could have more than one meaning, depending on the context. I guess realtors, along with everyone else, won't be allowed to master a skill, or even worse, achieve mastery. Ponder that for just a moment.

Get a grip and stop redefining words American style culture revolution The term 'master bedroom' never had anything to do with slavery. The term wasn't even coined until the 1920s. This is pure comedy at this point. Our whole Education system will have to be rewritten if we remove every friggin word that you are y’all considered racist!COVID-19 brain worm here again!

Pure bull$hit! I guess you can’t call it his and hers closets or sinks either? Racism lives inside the hearts and minds of people... Nowhere else. This is ridiculous. This is truly DISGUSTING They can’t be serious, primary is offensive to somebody. We’re doomed. Let's demonize, eliminate and prohibit from 'free speech' any word or term that could relate to our civil war, racial conflict or their micro aggressions. Let's start with: slave, slavery, server, master, boy, uncle tom, 'the N word', massa, colored, reb, good ol' boy, rebel..

Look at everyone offended by this. Must be nice to live such an inconsequential life that this is offensive to you. resistelle What will they call it? The Boss' room? The rutting room? I pay the mortgage room? Fuck all that, how about addressing Zillow and their connection to child trafficking? So ridiculous, so someone is racist for using the term master now,When will you guys be an actual news station and report real news I’m a master mason and a master mechanic should i lose my name now even tho i’m a person of color,this is ignorance

I enjoy my master bedroom. Lot of strange things happen there. Why? Anything but police reform So damn petty 🐑🐑🐑 justingeorge This is not what black peoples about they start by not excluding qualified minorities from various properties. So what do I call my masters degree now? The things we seem to care about...

I have a master’s degree. It means I have a high level of mastery about a certain topic of study. Not that I own/have owned/will own anyone. Except my husband and a chihuahua. With whom I share a master bedroom. I renamed mine the Dixie bedroom. Love master bedrooms. OMG this is getting so stupid. Omg that's insane

Thank God, changing wording is solving all the problems. 🙄 WHY ARE YOU DOING EITHER RACE BAIT STORIES OR POTUS STORIES? YOU ALL NEED SOME REAL JOURNALIST WORKING FOR YOU!!! Good! Oh, an by the way that psychologically degrading, word “minorities” that ain’t me, I’d prefer who I am, Indigenous African-American, a descendant of U.S. slaves. Thank You!

Is Masterpmiller going to change his name? Just becoming ridiculous Are people so incredibly stupid these days? People have gone way beyond the numb nut mentality. I have a master bedroom in my house, I'll keep it that way. ? Too ridiculous plz and stop it. So will there no longer identifications like master key, master copy, master skill, master art. Are we in danger of losing the word master from our vocabulary. The word's not offensive unless it's used as a title. I'm confused by the word master in boys being = to miss in girls

hahahaha The world has gone mad. Well then Depeche Mode is FD!!!! Primarybate Stop the insanity! This will help fix things. /s How many banks stopped issuing Master Cards? Ridiculous BREAKING: Idiocy spreads just as quickly as COVID and is just as dangerous. Stop trying to revive the PC movement—it’s dead. Omf$¥Ing god. Lost the plot 🤦‍♀️

Wait till they go after white paint. Bidets are sexist!!! Lol, just defund the police ffs. What's next, the Master's Tournament '⛳ LMAO!!! Woke nation is the worst WOW, WHO CARES ANYMORE? Why? Are they illiterate? LMFAO hilarious I hope they become Insolvent! I’ve really not liked this term! How about calling it the best room, the biggest room, parent(s) room, home owners’ room or anything else?

We have never called it that, we always said the 'main' bedroom. RT : At least two realtor groups are now no longer using the word 'master' to describe bedrooms and bathrooms in their listings. A master class in disaster! I am no longer 'Master' of all that I survey! The 'old' masters will be called 'them oldies'.

🤦🏼‍♀️🙄😤 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dumbasses. Pathetic. They’ve been called owners suite for a while now. Lol Excellent. Racism is over. When will these realtor groups start talking about rent relief? 😂 Nice This is ridiculous Beyond parody. This is beyond parody. Stupid and insane Lame This is getting beyond ridiculous

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A bathroom-break bill? California looks to make sure warehouse workers can take a breakA new California bill aims to change working conditions for warehouse workers who have come under increased productivity pressure from major retailers that track their every move. This needs to be investigated beyond California and warehouse workers. Corporations across the country are demanding unrealistic and unattainable productivity levels from their employees. As someone with a 31 year career in Physical Therapy- 95-110% productivity levels-outrageous Investigate micro-managing. Interview SF employees. This is BS! I need my low quality Made In China plastic stuff shipped from washingtonpost and JeffBezos ASAP! I look forward to my daily Xmas presents to fill a void!

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