Reader letters: Jungle Cruise memories, ‘Daily Show’ leaves its mark

Reader letters: Jungle Cruise memories, ‘Daily Show’ leaves its mark

7/31/2021 6:04:00 PM

Reader letters: Jungle Cruise memories, ‘Daily Show’ leaves its mark

Entertainment & Arts readers comment on the impact of ‘The Daily Show,’ Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise, a Van Gogh show and more.

Todd Martens’ excellent, well-researched history of Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise and other attractions [“A Course Correction,” July 19] evoked memories of when I worked there.Fifty years ago, before I became a busboy at the French Market in New Orleans Square, employees were trained at the University of Disneyland, where a professor told us true stories of the park intended to discourage us from sarcasm with patrons.

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My favorite story was set on a hot summer day when a family from Kansas, clad in shorts, Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses, asked the Jungle Cruise ticket taker how long the cruise lasted.Advertisement“Three days!” was his response.The family excused themselves from the long line, returned to the Disneyland Hotel via the monorail and soon returned with luggage in hand.

“We’re ready for our three-day cruise!”David William SalvaggioRedlands::I enjoyed the story of the revamped Jungle Cruise ride. My husband, Chuck Robinson, was one of the first children to go on the original ride.His absolute terror at the sight of the hippo coming out of the water caused him to scurry up the pipe and hang on for dear life. The guides told that story for many years.

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