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Boeing, Boeing 737 Max

Read the Boeing Pilot Messages From 2016: ‘The Plane Is Trimming Itself Like Craxy’

Here's the exchange a Boeing pilot had with a colleague in November 2016 about how the 737 Max performed in simulations


Here's the exchange a Boeing pilot had with a colleague in November 2016 about how the 737 Max performed in simulations

Two years before the 737 Max was involved in two fatal crashes, the pilot told a colleague that a new automated system on the plane was making it difficult to control in flight simulators.

Well it’s different here. We are pretty busy here for sure.

so I just need to start being a xxxx to make you quit?

so I basically lied to the regulators (unknowingly)

granted, I suck at flying, but even this was egregious

I don’t know, the test pilots have kept us out of the loop

they’re all so damn busy, and getting pressure from the program

I’ll work from home tomorrow, be online all day later

Read more: The New York Times

I really liked having Boeing be a competitor to Airbus, and I loved their aircraft. But frankly this egregious lack of safety makes them worthy of failure. Perhaps it’s time for some other company to buy them but there’s virtually no one left other than Airbus. Boeing “I’d put my family on this plane”

So not to go all Glenn Kessler on you, but I looked into this and while the text does indeed misspell crazy as craxy, I think it would help your readers if you put in a '[sic],' especially where you reprint the text, so readers know it's the pilot's typo, not yours. Redundance requires honesty. Yikes, not good

That's what we said.. it's craxy!

Boeing pilot expressed worries about 737 Max safety in 2016, messages show Boeing has known about the 737 Max messages for months but alerted the government only recently, the Federal Aviation Administration said. Ground the whole f-ing fleet! Note that the 'egregious' comment was about how the simulator was responding, so the pilot prbly thought there was something wrong with how the simulator was programmed, not necessarily the actual plane. There was a comment from another pilot to that affect in a NY Times article.

FAA says Boeing withheld 'concerning' pilot messages about the safety of 737 Max Boeing ’s former chief technical pilot admitted to lying to regulators about the 737 Max, according to messages obtained by NBC News. Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Check out our video on our profile it’s over 700k views! Ça craint pour Boieng 737MAX . that pilot reported issues to both FAANews and Boeing in 2016 and was hired by SouthwestAir in 2018, but no simulator training was required for its pilots. Why? Did this pilot not share his concerns with his new employer and if so what was their response?

Boeing pilots discussed 'fundamental issues' with 737 MAX in internal messagesFederal regulators demanded Boeing explain why it withheld documentation of employees’ concerns with a software system which investigators have linked to two fatal crashes of the 737 MAX first Hmmm why could that be? Where is Sherlock gnome when we need him?!!!! I know the answer. $$$$$$$$$$$

FAA confronts Boeing over internal messages revealing flawsA Boeing pilot told a co-worker that he unknowingly misled safety regulators about a flight-control system on the now-grounded 737 MAX, according to the transcript of instant messages that the company belatedly turned over to federal officials. The pilot, Mark Forkner, told another Boeing employee about This is a stock market designed airplane whose wings use to be too small for cross winds that were corrected FINALLY well Boeing needs to say um no this is a bad design let us tweak it

Exclusive: Boeing 2016 internal messages suggest employees may have misled FAA on 737 MAX - sources Boeing Co turned over instant messages from 2016 between two employees that sugg... But industry regulating itself is awesome. That’s why it is so great that the Trump administration shaving regulations like a blind barber on meth. FlyboyPitt od razu napisałeś, że Etiopia uziemi go na długo. I wykrakałeś. Obviousely the MOD approval process and related documents have been cheated. The real repercussions of the MAX extension of the fuselage have not been highlighted nor tested accordingly. BAD !

FAA Criticizes Boeing Over 737 MAX MessagesU.S. aviation regulators said that two Boeing employees sent “concerning” messages regarding the certification of the 737 MAX that were brought to their attention only this week. Isn't capitalism great. الحسین_یجمعنا arbaeen2019

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