Demdebate 2020

Demdebate 2020

Read Live Updates From The South Carolina Democratic Debate

It's the Democrats' final showdown before the state's primary on Saturday.


The moderators appear to lose control for a moment as multiple candidates yell at each other, making the moment tense and noisy. Biden tries to reclaim his time by demanding, 'I'm not out of time, he spoke overtime and I'm going to talk!' DemDebate2020

It's the Democrats' final showdown before the state's primary on Saturday.

(Mass.); former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg; billionaire activist Tom Steyer; and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minn.).The debate, which starts at 8 p.m. ET, is hosted by CBS. Norah O’Donnell, Gayle King, Margaret Brennan, Major Garrett and Bill Whitaker are moderating.

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Democrats voters, you really believe that one of Democrats running for President has the ability to be President, when all they do is fight like 6 year olds!! I'm so glad I change my affiliation to Republican just this year. President Trump 2020, 2024, 2028. Trump Dynasty!! Lol,Right on Much like a kindergarten class when teacher leaves the room .

What a circusn I believe they began with a bucket full of cards with questions and the forced them into categories. They should have started with the categories and then the questions . There should have been one category that should have been called “ specific candidates issues”. The worst moderators. No wonder know one watches CBS🤮🤮🤮🤮😱😱

Embarrassing panel of candidates the moderators had to work with mixed with a terrible panel of moderators ended in a lose lose situation. They all should have had shock collars on them to keep them in line . LOL that’s is something I don’t even need for my dogs All these candidates have lost control of their minds long ago.

When the moderator asked if Biden will quit if he loses - pretty classless! The two women candidates are very tiresome. The only two that will be able to take on Trump are Biden or Bloomberg. Bernie too much of an angry old man. Just my opinion. I prefer debates that require the audience to keep quiet throughout and moderators who gain and keep control.


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And BernieSanders waving his damn hand like he's Arnold fucking Horshack. Put your damn hand down before you have another heart attack. Why the moderators don't have buttons that cuts the individual microphones off is baffling. These aren't debates. They're free-for-alls. The moderators should be ashamed of themselves.

This is what happens when you have career politicians on stage, nothing but hot air, lies and word manipulation to say nothing. Useless debates. It is amazing how people still follow these idiots and give their money to them. How did Gayle King get that gig? Girlfriend Oprah must've made a phonecall. LockUpGayleKing

Horrific Moderators! Never seen such a mess 🙄 terriblejob It was a disgusting display of incompetentence. It sucked.

Tana Mongeau Read Your Thirst Tweets And The Entire Room Was Blushing'Thank you, but I think I just invented Facetune.' alsoperzys She can’t move her cheeks anymore

Need moderators whom the candidates respect. soy blue Angelme quieren matar estoy en Bronx de nuevo en mi habitación Just like all the Dems I know. Yell and scream until people just throw up their hands, shrug their shoulders and give up. They think they've convinced you of their point when you are really thinking 'I wish this idiot would just shut up'.

NoOneGivesAShitNews fakenews distraction romanbreadandcircus There’s a simple solution. When they run out of time , turn their Mike off. Russia is obviously behind this . All these candidates have obviously been picked by Russia to insure Trumps Election. Think! Russia is now in control of the DNC!

They were all so in charge tonight, very Presidential! Hehehehehehehehe Wasn’t tense was fun We need this enthusiasm ❤️👌💫& energy DemDebate2020 What a shit show.

Only People Who Can See ALL The Colors Of The Rainbow Can Read These WordsWill it be a ROYGBIVictory for you? 4K screen vs. old school CRT? Slight bias from “digital” device / technology you are viewing the test with. 👀🤣 I got 6 out of 7 !

BlackOwned WomenForTrump It was like being at a WWE event for over the hill gang and the incompetent kindergartener! For a moment? The moderarors did a horrible job the entire debate! BEST COMEDY HOURS ON TV!! 😄 Cut off their mics next time! CBS No -- I watched the whole thing - God save me - but the moderators could not control these people! But I have a suggestion...

PeteButtigieg lost control as well. Mainculprit Lose control for a MOMENT 'appear' to lose control? That was a lively debate. healthy for our democracy. But I think it’s time Bloomberg, Steyer, and Klobuchar stepped aside.

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Worst debate ever! Audience brought by DNC to screw Bernie. Bloomberg brought off audience as well. Candidates out of control attacking Bernie, and moderators not allowing Bernie to rebuttal. Giving a generous donation to the Sanders campaign! hehehe Moderating was just terrible tonight, it was so much better at the NV Debate last week.

GayleKing shocker is a complete loser and we all knew this I was embarrassed for them. The 'moderators'I were in over their heads. Luckily, this helped me remember why I don't watch CBSNews and CBSThisMorning That was Super Embarrassing DNCWarRoom Super Duper Embarrassing. I have an unrelated question: Why does it look like I'm watching the debate from the inside of my van? DemDebate

This is AMERICA not some third world country can’t the Democrats have someone that’s likes AMERICA not Cuba or socialist nation Fuck this weak sauce non-analysis of what happened What a joke! Just give it to Trump now, because he’s going to win anyway!!

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This is why women can't be in charge. It’s nearly impossible to control DUMB and PANICKED idiots. Never let CBS do another debate. It was horrible! They lost control and never got it back! All I want to know..... isbidenok ? The candidates are one big flipping joke.. I'm sorry dems, you don't have anyone even close to being sane.

Cut the mic off if they go overtime....these are PRESIDENTIAL candidates who should know better about decorum. Cut their fucking mic offs if they don’t. Smfh HaHa watching the debate it isn't hard to see why Trump will be president again your a joke lmao The Democrats are a bunch of hateful unruly children. This is the best they have to offer? America should be terrified one of them could be President.

And by 'for a moment', they mean the whole debate 🙄 The party of failure

Read Vanessa Bryant's speech at the memorial for Kobe and Gigi Bryant'They were so easy to love. ... They were funny, happy, silly, and they loved life.' Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant's widow and mother of 13-year-old Gigi, spoke at their memorial in Los Angeles' Staples Center. Here's the full transcript of her speech. Matter doesn’t matter, but ours souls do!

And the winner is. . . realDonaldTrump! That’s what they want Trump to do— Be frustrated , lose control , Fire back in anger, PANIC! Show no fortitude, yet he and as well the public has figured out the tactics from the media , and social-formats— to create an angst of moral unjust. Omg they were terrible.

Children For the moment?! KAG2020 Whatever happened to cutting the mics off? It's 2020 and technology is well advanced, and if that fails bring back the stage trapdoors. If you woke little snowflakes would’ve nominated Howard Schultz NONE of this would’ve happened 🤷‍♂️ It was more than a moment. They lost total control!

If the Dems were smart they'd stop having debates. Trump 10 : Democrats 0 DemDebate DemocraticDebate DemDebate2020 Just a few weeks ago, the journalism world was defending Ol’ Girl despite the fact she’s a marginally talented hack who rode Oprah’s wave. Just send Gayle to the site of the next fatal accident. Her best work is profiting off other people’s pain, just like ghouls do. ⚰️☠️🎤

I love this absurd phony idea always floated about the moderators 'losing control' of these debates! As if it's a BUG not a FEATURE. As if the absurd Thunderdome free for all mud wrestling chaos isn't EXACTLY what the media outlets LOVE to see cuz they think it makes for good TV It was not a debate It was people speaking over others ,? Not a good debate without much facts ?

As usual the monitors didn’t control the debate and the questioner were so lame Another democrat socialists unqualified hypocrites Dumpster fire Well to be fair, they certainly don’t have much to work with. It’s stunning to see what’s happened to the Democrat Party. What a mess. It was difficult not to notice the dog pile.

Just a bunch of clowns Trump bashing. They have no other agenda . F Trump tells us about you and how u will execute. I dont care about Bashing rather do something. Illegal immigration and sticking up for America. And the native American just another Hilary .. oh it was Russia 😂

The crazy (or not so crazy) thing, is is that the establishment still doesn’t get that we the people are entirely onto their game trying to smear Bernie and it only makes our resolve that much stronger. You are working against yourselves and we are going to sweep these delegates. UGH, CHILDREN. THEY'RE NOT GOING TO WIN MY VOTE.

The moderators SUCKED. PeteButtigieg was desperate and rude 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡The circus is in town Gayle was so out of her league. Too many candidates. Set up poorly. They really had no choice but to grab. Bad design. Just proved why Democrats can’t win!!

With fewer people, they could give 2 or 2.5 minutes to answer and then enforce it. No butting in. The worst debate ever cbs should fire everyone it was garbage . Also the dnc needs a full gut out to allowing republicans to run as Dems and billionaires to buy themselves onto the stage and audience is disgusting and will ensure they will lose& big in 2020

Moderators are terrible, and at 2k at ticket to sit in the audience shows why they only cheer on certain candidates WineCavePete and boo others BernieBeatsTrump, this is not gonna fly in the public sphere at all, and has already backfired. DemocraticDebate What a bunch of children! Dems and MSM are a DUMPSTER FIRE 🔥

Terrible moderators. I’ve said, for years, manage the debate by simply turning mics on/off. Ok, stupid question.. why not simply cut off the microphone when the time is done. Give a 5 second warning light so they can wrap up, then dead mike Good gosh. The demdebates2020 have been a disaster for the Democrats. This is not going to end well.

Typical Democrats. They will be no different if they are elected. they make up the rules as they go, to fit their own needs. This debate was borderline unwatchable. The moderators did not control this as it was needed.

Some were allowed to talk longer and others were cut off. I'm glad Biden mentioned it and that Pete later addressed the question Bernie called him out on when he wasn't allowed time to answer, but Amy was allowed to interrupt. This is the group therapy scene from one flew over the cuckoo's nest This is how it will be with Trump so they might as well get the practice in!

Is it true that tickets to this debate cost $1500-$3000? If so, that’s RIDICULOUS! What do you expect when they picked moderators based on sex Don’t blame the moderators this is a rude, sorry sack of candidates Is this a sanctuary city? Moderators should have control of the mics and just turn them off when needed. Better yet, electric shock button.

Yes it was surprising to see the candidates take control many times when they will stop talking A moment? It was half of the damn debate! Pete was talking over people constantly.

OMG Joe Biden is so senile! Dems were sadly in the mud tonight. We need to unify & defeat Trump. No more infighting. Shame on CBSNews for teeing it up that way. Putin behind? The moderators did a terrible job. Complete shit show. No one is electable. We need a new lineup. Next! Why didn’t they just cut the mic? 😳

Trying to limit this group at one point - big bail. The first guy they cut him off, all the others were making speeches. Moderators big fail, should cut them all off after allotted time. It was a train wreck. There’s too many up there & they all think they have the best ideas. They’re all liberal wackos. Trump will mop the floor with whoever is the nominee.

They need a Chris Wallace out there to moderate this. JC Dem food fight! What a cluster. Learned nothing from this.

These debates make democrats look like children arguing over legos. They're doing a terrible job. THE MODERATORS WERE CRAP - THEY COULDNT EVEN CONTROL THE DEBATES!! Why were tickets to this debate 3000 dollars They. Are. Children. A hot mess!!! This debate is a joke They should all be put in time out ! Lol lol bahahaha ‼️‼️

No questions about the economy, immigration,...they all did nothing but pound their chest and say look at me. I did laugh a lot!!

How hard is it to: 1. shut off mics after 1min 15 secs? 2. Shut off mics of all candidates until they are selected by moderators? Mods losing control means even well behaved candidates have to raise voices out of turn DemocraticDebate is a disaster DemDebate Trump winner I love the candidates holding up their hands like bratty school kids. Hahahaha. Lame media controlled debates. Bring back Lincoln Douglas.

Not sure why Meghan markles friend and Oprah’s buddy GayleKing is a moderator. She does fluff pieces and talks about Archie. She lacks gravitas and has no place at democraticdebates DemocraticDebate A moment? GayleKing margbrennan and the others have had zero control of this debate. They’ve been a complete disaster. Someone needs to lose their job over this mess. CBSNews DemocraticDebate

Steier says all Republicans are siding with our enemies. Winning hearts and minds? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lost control for a moment The whole show is disastrous I keep checking Comedy Central but can't find the debate! What channel!! Mike Bloomberg DemDebate2020 This is like watching The View. A bunch of magpies all making noise at the same time. It is like 20 hours of programming in a couple of hours. USCitizensFirstStupid Beware of the DemonKKKrats .

Major disaster. Embarrassing- candidates & moderators.

It’s about time remember the republicans clowns who wants it more Terrible moderators It's sad when a moderator has to announce that another moderator 'has the floor'. 🤦 This moderator is weak 🤪 For a moment? No, the entire debate is a childish, finger pointing debacle. One of these 7 Socialist Democrat Party unhinged clowns will be a Presidential candidate. TRUMP WINS TONIGHTS DEBATE! TRUMP 2020 Save us from the incompetent Socialist Democrat Party.

Bunch of grumpy old men yelling at each other lol has anyone told joe where he is yet? Idiots the lot of them!! You clowns make this SO EASY! I don't know why they just don't turn mics off when their time is up. Hey moderators you are letting your debate get hijacked.

What a cluster f*** This debate is as bad as This debate is chaotic. Agreed, the moderators lost control early on. It seems whomever shouts the loudest gets the floor. Apparently CBSNews and NorahODonnell want realDonaldTrump to win again. 🤷‍♀️ Cutting the legs from under each other and they don't answer the questions. I love it. Go DemocRats. 👹

Indian Princess Gray Beaver(Warren) is a genuinely unlikeable person! All seven on the stage are clowns, four more years of Trump, guaranteed! SHUT UP SLEEPY JOE!!! Elizabeth Warren has been obnoxious, as usual , in taking more than her fair share of time and taking over others. Granted, she’s desperate, because it’s all over soon.

Bernie better watch himself. The lame stream media is now doing to him what they are doing to Trump because they know he cant beat Trump if he is nominated. Americans do not want their rights obliviated by a socialistic govt.

You libs have issues. They’re almost as bad as the clowns that vote for them. Let’s be civil, answer the question and then . Give someone else the opportunity to answer without being rude, kids act better than that! King and O'Donnell out of their league. Star power assignment. They have made it evident that the Democratic Party is in total meltdown!!

Exactly the Monterators are not asking real questions about the issues of America. Instead they're asking about why Bloomberg got rid of large sodas in New York City, smh DemDebate2020 Are they smoking marijuana? Come to Colorado and see the destruction to our State for legalizing marijuana! Marijuana is a gateway to other drugs and ruined the State of Colorado!

Is this a debate or a shouting match? These demos are so used to trashing Trump that they don't realize that their trashing each other. I am just loving it! Im so glad i got out of supporting this party after i finally smartened up. I would be embarrassed right now. Go Uncle Joe!! What a JOKE

CouldaHadYang They completely lost control for the first half hour, for god sake😳😱🤣 Gayle King sat on her hands and Did not know what to do! The moderators didn’t enforce the rules! They didn’t even seem to know what the rules were👍🏽 Naked cowboys Soooooo, the Democrats are running on: I can beat Trump!! Blah blah blah, spend billions! Blah blah blah, spend trillions Votes hear: Blah blah blah, free stuff! Blah blah blah, fuck...there goes my paycheck.

Dems think Trump is rude, that was crazy Trump2020 Stupid Democrats, they can't even pretend to get along in order to complete their one common goal, defeat Trump. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That sounds so funny to say. Nobody can defeat Trump. He's unstoppable! All he does is win, win, win no matter what! Trump2020 TrumpTrain MAGA2020 MAGA

Trump wins the debate, as the unhinged Socialist Democrat Party continue their kerfuffling. Such a rude and disgraceful display. They are incapable of debate, due to the cutting down of each other. These duds want to ruin our country. If you even think of voting for one of these fools , you need help .

These people act like children , they are embarrassing. Tonight's moderators

Pathetic.......but hilarious. It’s another shit show. Lol What do you expect from a stage full of people ruled by Pathos, short on Logos, and completely devoid of Ethos. They’re all making each other look bad. Because they all are. Trump thanks you. Tough sledding trying to reign in seven mentally disturbed idiots. Dems looking good!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Terrible debate. It is all a joke Am I watching a debate, or a skit on SNL? Why don’t they cut the mic when time is up. The few who were yelling are ewarren SenSanders and JoeBiden . I want to see/hear the candidates tell us 'HOW WILL THEY DEFEAT tRUMP' DemDebate2020

The moderators frequently lose control. We need less attacks & hearsay on a candidate’s character & more substantive issues. That's definitely the sign of the left. No control They aren’t struggling, they aren’t even trying! Political wack a mole... grabbing some popcorn and watching the dem party implode

Democratics debating is a messy thing to watch. Unfortunately it gives the impression that if they won't respect each other they won't respect the average person. Wouldn’t it be most appropriate to use a cuckoo clock for the timer? Lol, this is such an easy reelection How the hell cany anyone of them run this country. It’s a joke. Quite the comical show of incompetence

Anyone who would even think for a second of voting for any of them is utterly insane. At the next Dem debate they need to add a mute button to get them to quit interrupting/yelling at each other!

Pocohantas won’t shut up Kids running for high school class president behave better. But it’s our government soooo... They need a mic cut button Warren needs to shut up. I like her before these last two debates. She is nasty. Just a mess. Pol South Carolina loves red meat politics. They're going to go RED in November, so this is a stupid place to have this Debate for Dems in the first place. DemDebate

It's time to take off old clothes called conventional Democratic establishment. Also it's time to bid farewell to the incompetent long-term residents in the Democrats who don't move forward. Democratic people who want a change are fed up with them.Sanders is closest to the answer For a moment? Moderators are failing...

Glad to see JoeBiden is finally coming out swinging! I'm proud of him tonight. DemDebate2020

Pol Can’t listen to whiny warren any more. Bunch of petulant children. They have proven tonight they are all working for Russia’s chaos plan. They have cemented a Trump2020Landslide I appreciate that JoeBiden took that time and what he said matters. He never yelled at male moderators like that... The moderators have no control and are not fair in giving them equal time. It’s a disaster.

Is Biden still running for Senste Embarrassing ... Moderators are not doing a good job at all. Jesús Christ these moderators are awful. Quit the gotcha stuff and talk about policy. This is painful

This is great for Trump. These debates don't tell the voters where any of these people stand on issues. It's a circus and the moderators have zero control Comedy Central at its best For a moment? They lost control from the beginning.

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