Ravens Star QB Lamar Jackson Tests Positive for COVID-19

Ravens Star QB Lamar Jackson Tests Positive for COVID-19

11/27/2020 4:34:00 AM

Ravens Star QB Lamar Jackson Tests Positive for COVID-19

Lamar Jackson has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus.

had also tested positive.At this moment, it's unclear if Lamar's experiencing any symptoms. The news comes after the team reportedly disciplined strength and conditioning coachSteve Saundersfor failing to report COVID symptoms. He also caught flak for not wearing his mask or his tracking device while inside the team's facility.

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Then, on Thursday, the team learned about additional positive tests on the same day they were supposed to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in a highly-anticipated matchup. The gameto Sunday and it'll air at 1:15 PM ET on NBC. Read more: TMZ »

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COVID or no COVID. He is still going to get his ass beat. gosteelers Cancel NFL steelers piece of cake on sunday The Ravens must all sleep in the same room on road trips because no other team is having so many test positive Oof They moved the Steelers/Ravens game from yesterday evening to Sunday. I think its still on for now, but Steelers didnt practice

Prayers.Sent.😇💗 He also tested positive for a ridiculous haircut. Sad, hope he overcome this. First with the news is TMZ And negative for passing accuracy Pray to God for his speedy recoveŕy. karla_ann Too much hobnobbing..🤦‍♂️😷 Damn 👀 Riiggghhhhttttt SGod731 The third Baltimore RB to get Covid this week

Praying!!! VIDEO ON THE STEELERS VS RAVENS GAME BEING DELAYED!!!! TRACE MCSORLEY Omg is he going to Maradona Oh shit boys it’s happening Damn He’s not a QB. He is a RB.