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Ravages of COVID surge evident inside Missouri hospital

OSAGE BEACH, Mo. (AP) — Daryl Barker was passionately against a COVID-19 vaccination, and so were his relatives. Then 10 of them got sick and Barker, at just 31, ended up in a Missouri intensive care unit fighting for his life.

7/29/2021 10:31:00 PM

A Missouri hospital that had no people hospitalized with COVID-19 just two months ago now has a surge of patients. Among them is Daryl Barker, who was strongly against a COVID-19 vaccination. Many other hospitals in Missouri are fighting the same battle.

OSAGE BEACH, Mo. (AP) — Daryl Barker was passionately against a COVID-19 vaccination, and so were his relatives. Then 10 of them got sick and Barker, at just 31, ended up in a Missouri intensive care unit fighting for his life.

.The virus has recently run through Barker’s extended family. Not only did he and his wife, Billie, get it, but so did eight other relatives.Barker got so sick that his wife took him to the emergency room in Branson. He was sent home with oxygen, but got worse.

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ADVERTISEMENTWith the Branson hospital maxed out with COVID-19 patients, doctors contacted a dozen hospitals in all corners of the state. All were at capacity. Lake Regional was nearly full, too, but Dr. Joe Sohal, a pulmonologist and critical care specialist, found a bed for Barker.

He arrived critically ill. Placed on a ventilator, Barker was given a 20% chance of surviving.“The doctor told me he was going to let my wife and kid in so I could say my goodbyes because he didn’t think I was going to pull through,” Barker said. In those conversations, he told his wife and 6-year-old son, Brody, that he loved them “and I wasn’t going to give up.”

Slowly, Barker started to recover. Sohal is optimistic but said Barker, who has been hospitalized for three weeks, isn’t out of the woods.“This is the time when he’s going to get a lot better or a lot worse,” Sohal said.The Lake of the Ozarks region draws nearly 5.5 million annual visitors and made national news early in the pandemic, when

while partying at bars and swimming pools.That mindset remains in Osage Beach. Few people — locals or visitors — wear masks, even in crowded spots.If tourists are getting sick, they’re taking it home with them. Sohal said most of the COVID-19 patients at Lake Regional are locals, or people like Barker transferred from other hospitals.

Statewide, hospitalizations for COVID-19 have more than doubled since the start of June, and the number of ICU patients has more than tripled. Since June 7, Lake Regional has admitted 125 patients with the virus. As of Tuesday, it had 21 COVID-19 patients, including eight in intensive care and four on ventilators. Sohal himself signed about a half dozen death certificates over the past week.

Sohal said many patients now are younger — in their 20s, 30s or 40s — and sicker, often with gastrointestinal distress in addition to breathing problems.Hospital staff members are exhausted. Among those feeling the strain is ICU nurse Chris Murphy, who spends much of his day running from one room to the next.

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“It’s devastating people and families,” Murphy, a former combat medic, said of the virus. “And you should take precautions.”Sohal said nearly everyone hospitalized is unvaccinated. Patients have said they worried about vaccine side effects, or felt the vaccines were rushed out took quickly.

Daryl and Billie Barker both plan to get vaccinated once he recovers.Daryl said his wife and son are why he’s fighting so hard.On a sweltering day, they sat outside the ICU in lawn chairs, looking at Daryl through glass. Every now and then, Brody walked up to the window and waved to his dad, who smiled and waved back. Billie used a dry erase marker to scrawl “I love you” backwards on the glass so her husband could read it.

“I don’t ever want to have to do this again,” she said, “and if that means getting a vaccination to prevent something like this, that’s what I’ll do.”___Salter reported from O’Fallon, Mo. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Sorry. Don’t feel bad. We’ve exhausted all options. If you refuse to get the vax, then this is how it has to be. But we need to stop delaying herd immunity, we’re giving more time for this virus to mutate if we shut down again. Open things up and keep promoting the vax, no more shutdowns/mask mandates

Nothing penetrates their stupidity until they contract the virus, then some will either bemoan not getting vaccinated or die still screaming “HOAX”! AP Editors where is the $400,000,000,000.01(that's almost 1/2 trillian dollars) that's reported stolen from the rolls of the CV19 stimulus funds. Word on the street says 'The Greatest Heist Ever' was accomplished by International crime rings.

His body his choice, right? I can’t wait to see what insurance companies are going to do. I’d also like to see a way for hospitals to refuse to treat anyone who refused the vaccine. Unfortunately, I think the laws are all on the side of the unvaccinated! 🤮 It will take his death for him to realize the error of his ways. So be it.

Wonder if this guy has diabetes or is just obese? Pretty important to mention given his age. Fake news Use resources to get America healthier and be proactive not reactive no offense but that fella looks very unhealthy and that’s who’s getting worse symptoms, don’t sell a vaccine as a magic cure all which is also going down the wrong road

Daryl Barker did all he can to get to where he is, not where he wanted to be. It’s as if he jumped out of an airplane without a parachute because he felt it was the safest way to exist the plane. Folks like Daryl are why we need a national vaccine mandate, President Biden POTUS.

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Daryl is a murderer Anti vaccine and anti science, why is he in the hospital? The same can be said for those who are vaccinated and are still in bad shape. Selective reporting. The news agencies are sick! Karma doing her thing 'OSAGE BEACH, Mo. (AP) — Daryl Barker was passionately against a COVID-19 vaccination, and so were his relatives. Then 10 of them got sick and Barker, at just 31, ended up in a Missouri intensive care unit fighting for his life.'

So Covid hospitalizations have gone up since the vaccine started? firstgirl1970 But my rights... Those that choose not to vaccinate should have to pay the bill for their hospitalization. No anti-vaxxer should be allowed to take up a hospital bed, use any medical resources - esp in areas that area spiking - or get any treatment for COVID whatsoever. They had a chance to get vaccinated. Bad decisions have consequences. Struggle for breath at home. Deplorables.

My premiums should not pay for their treatment. Toss them on the street.

Masks and vaccine mandate show CDC and Biden taking emergency action amid Covid-19 surgeThe moves reflect a dramatic shift from earlier messaging about the pandemic waning and signal the fight of Biden's presidency is far from over. The fight in our Country for all of us. This is not political- or shouldn’t be. We do not care about Politicians anymore especially those older than 40 years

This hospital stay was the result of voluntary actions and the insurance companies should not have to pay his medical bills. He took a risk against their guidance and should pay accordingly. How stupid do you have to be not to get vaccinated against this virus? 🙄 Population control I hope Daryl told his other brother Daryl to get vaxxed.

Sad and stupid. Fck around and find out We should not have to pay for this dumbass’ bill No sympathy Dumbass parade.

Fed says economic recovery remains on track despite COVID-19 surgeThe U.S. economic recovery is still on track despite a rise in coronavirus infections, the Federal Reserve said on Wednesday in a new policy statement that remained upbeat and flagged ongoing talks around the eventual withdrawal of monetary policy support.

A surge but you can’t tell us how many Covid patients are in that hospital? I hope he’s covering all of his own costs. We’re going to end up just like India, when we start putting the dead bodies in the streets will that wake people up!!!!! Good let’em have their consequences Give him some chloroquine and tell him we will see ya in a week

Stop treating them.. He basically asked for it. Why don't we ever hear about the people who had the vax and then were hospitalized or died as a result? KarenBovaird They didnt care then why should we now?

Israel Begins Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine for At-Risk Children Under 12 as Delta Cases SurgeThe country has authorized the use of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for vulnerable children between five and 11 years old, as cases of the highly contagious Delta variant rise sharply. whats 'Israel'? Why only Pfizer’s out of all of them ? Only non-Palestinian children, I guess.

See the vaccine is based on science and all that equipment keeping him alive is based on science. So health care is based on science. Stop saying the vaccine isn’t based on science. If people don't want it. That's their decision. RiP. I have no problem with people not taking it. They have their reasons

“I was strongly against getting the vaccine,” Barker said through labored breathing. “Just because we’re a strong conservative family.” Translation: “I can’t think for myself. I have no common sense. I just do what Fox News directs me to do.” Poor, poor, Daryl… joshtpm The guy looks like he's 50. How many Americans feel like they have walk lock step w/ every view of their chosen political party It’s we the people not we the conservative or liberals !

I love it! Disconnect him, let him die. Every single Anti-Vaxxer Left or Right should be put on a waiting list. Provide better treatment to those that didn't bring it on themselves. Let the Doctors and Nurses get some rest. They took the risk, it's on them. Sympathy to all he infected I had thought that my opinion would be 'Oh well brought it on themselves' to people that refuse vaccine then get COVID. But I can't help but feel awful for these people. They have been lied to and callously used for political advantage... This has to stop. These are human beings!

'Severe' Covid-19 cases surge in Tokyo during OlympicsPrime Minister Yoshihide Suga said there were no plans to shut down the Games after a record number of new cases were recorded in the country's capital.

Why are these non-vaccinated people going to the hospital? If they put their health in 'God's hands' when it comes to the vaccine, they should stick with that thought when they get sick. I wonder is his brother Daryl, and his other brother Daryl, also tested positive? Now show the same folks in same predicament that are vaccinated.

He refuses to wear masks or shirts. Oh WOw iM dEFinAteLY gOiNG to gEt tHe jAb Noww 🤪 if they do not believe in Covid, the medical staff should just tell them they are fine, they just caught a hoax, and send them home lightorwhatever Play stupid games win stupid prizes. I love watching Karma rear her ugly head. In the words of my wife Told you so Hahahaha

I hope his insurance doesn’t cover him for his purposeful ignorance!

Hollywood Productions Halted as Covid-19 Emerges on Sets AgainThe challenges facing Hollywood are echoed throughout corporate America as a surge due in large part to the highly infectious Delta variant and current vaccination rates raise questions about the ideal timetable and practices for returns to workplaces. Mandate the vaccine and we won’t have any of these issues or shutdowns. Mandatory vaccinations now Gather your family to fast 1xweek and preach that the blood of Jesus has forgiven you but you need to fast so that Christ uses you to anoint with oil and break bread with orphans and widows come donate to confirm this Word that started here in Brazil, Nubank pix30576180300 please

'Blessed are those that have not seen, and have believed.' Sucks to be stupid. Shame on all of you who are insulting this person. Maybe they opted to not get the vaccine but to wish someone else harm and suffering? Take a long look in the mirror and question yourselves and lives you have chosen. Humanity has failed every one of you.

Natural selection at work How about telling us what medications they r being treated with? Partisan stupidity can be fatal. Hope he recovers but what he calls 'conservative' commitments are the cause of his trouble. And who will pay his medical bills? Trust he has good medical insurance but even then a lot of people will pay for his anti-vac ignorance.

Let them be free Alternate headline: 'Dumb people dying of dumbness' We all know he's a republican voter but I still wish articles would point out the link between political idiocy and real life consequences.