Australia, Rare Fossil Of 25-Million-Year-Old Eagle That Hunted Koalas Found İn South Australia - Cnn

Rare fossil of 25-million-year-old eagle that hunted koalas found in South Australia

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9/27/2021 9:00:00 PM

Scientists have confirmed the discovery of a nearly complete fossil of a 25-million-year-old eagle that once flew over South Australia and preyed on koalas -- an incredibly rare find because of how well preserved it is, experts say.

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سبحان الله على عظمة خلقه USA hear about fossil and time to dig and start new war 🤣 👌 Digital Markings...they do not feel good. When koalas really were drop bears, geez. 😯 R Looking at the picture od 25M years eagle fossil and comparing them with those we have around, it seems like they haven't undergone major transformation over the years.

Bring it back to life to we can finally be rid of disgusting koalas!

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Animals only existed for last 7000 years. This is pure hogwash! support thiz. Australia was the last safe haven for prehistoric animals against humans. No wonder there are still snakes there that can eat you alive. 😬 Thought climate change killed all birds? Gretta must be mad at this discovery How does anyone know that eagle is 25 million yrs olds?

What year would that have been? Come on ,somebody do the math,🐣 I'll be impressed when they find the complete fossil. Wow How do they know it preyed on koalas?

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