Rapper Pop Smoke Reportedly Murdered In Home Invasion

The rising Brooklyn MC was 20 years old


Rising rapper Pop Smoke, 20, was reportedly shot and killed in a home invasion early this morning

The rising Brooklyn MC was 20 years old

festival in April. Tributes from those in the music community and other fans and friends have begun to hit social media.Minja posted a photo of Pop Smoke to Instagram along with the caption,"The Bible tells us that jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Unbelievable. Rest In Peace, Pop.""Damn we was just together loc," wrote Gunna, his collaborator on a"Dior" remix."R.I.P @realpopsmoke 👼🙏🏽 life too short !"

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Fucking America man Can I have you f'☆83[) What is wrong with people? How sad. Damn. First thing I read today. Doesn't sound like it happened in the hood, either, which is strange. I was told a few days ago the entire album was Dope.....Facts POPSMOKE10 🕊🙏 the link woke me from sleepin on him...gone too soon🙁

So sad!!!!!💔 RIP🌷 Damn, life is madddd short ! This year alone has shown me we are all on borrowed time. You’re basically my age mannn. God be with your family. Oh no another rapper no-one knew got killed...... watch all the tributes to his mumble rap come flooding in from people who will pretend they even knew who he was

idk who that is, but I’m sorry to hear that. that’s sad 😰

Rapper Pop Smoke Dead, Murdered in Home Invasion RobberyBREAKING: Rapper Pop Smoke shot and killed in what appears to be a home invasion robbery Smh RIP 💔 WHATTT

i cant believe this Haaaa😭🤧 He was shot to death during a home invasion. 🥺 Nooooo!!!! , join these discord servers if you want to play warzone training ! Pls y'all should Goan like comment and share my new video on IG ..... Exclusive Damn rip, these were my favorite lyrics 😭

Rapper Pop Smoke fatally shot in Hollywood Hills home invasionJUST IN: Rapper Pop Smoke was fatally shot Wednesday morning during a home invasion in Hollywood Hills, California, multiple sources tell NBCNews. This is quite sad 😔 So, he got smoked? RIP Pop Smoke Popsmoke

Rapper Pop Smoke shot, killed in Hollywood Hills home: SourcesJUST IN: Rapper Pop Smoke killed in a California home, law enforcement officials confirm to ABC News. A motive is not yet clear. If I'd knew him then I would've heard of him and his songs. Sorry I didn't. Idk who tbat is tbh

Rapper Pop Smoke shot, killed in Hollywood Hills home: SourcesRapper Pop Smoke, an up-and-coming artist born in Brooklyn, was killed Wednesday in a Hollywood Hills, California, home, multiple law enforcement officials confirmed to ABC News.A 911 call of the incident came in around 4:30 a.m. in the 2000 block of Hercules Drive.Multiple suspects broke into the home

Rapper Pop Smoke, 20, Murdered in Home Invasion Robbery: ReportAccording to TMZ, rapper Pop Smoke was killed in a home invasion robbery on Wednesday (Feb. 19). Damn someone popped smoke here we go again Rip

Remembering Pop SmokeRemembering Pop Smoke Something not right i dont trust yall. How did yall know the story so quick? Why did yall break it? Damn it’s like the only time I hear about a new rapper Is when he’s killed. So sad. RIPPopSmoke Sorry, but IN MY OPINION. Pop Smoke got “set up,” by people he knew. By people he PROBABLY should’ve LEFT ALONE. A long time ago. PopSmoke

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