Audio Up, Range Media Partners

Audio Up, Range Media Partners

Range Media Teams With Audio Up To Adapt Podcasts For TV & Film

Range Media Teams With Audio Up To Adapt Podcasts For TV & Film

10/18/2021 5:00:00 PM

Range Media Teams With Audio Up To Adapt Podcasts For TV & Film

EXCLUSIVE: Range Media Partners , which manages stars including Emilia Clarke, Bradley Cooper, Gabrielle Union and Michael Fassbender, is getting into the audio space. The company has signed a partn…

The company has signed a partnership with fast-growing podcast companythat will include Range helping Audio Up adapt its slate of podcasts, which include Anthony Anderson-frontedSonic Leapand James Ellroy’sHollywood Death Trip, for film and television. The deal will also see Audio Up create branded audio content for Range clients.

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It is the latest tie-up between a podcast company and a TV/film firm, following the likes of Chernin Entertainment and Spotify signing a first-look deal.Range will package talent and other content opportunities for Audio Up’s IP and will be designated as the studio or executive producer on all Audio Up projects across film, tv, or non-scripted television series and features.

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feature Range clients such as Michael Shannon, who is voicing the role of Tennessee Williams, while Shea Whigham will play the roles of John Wayne and Jimmy Hoffa.Audio Up’sMidnight at the Sun Diner, which is a fictional retelling of the iconic Sun Records label story, will feature Whigham in the role of Sun founder Sam Phillips, while

Yellowstone’sLuke Grimes will play a music journalist, and Range music client Mark Wystratch will voice a young Elvis Presley.“Working with a company like Range – a company that knows the appetite of the marketplace – will absolutely help us accelerate. That is really the goal here,” said Audio Up Founder and CEO Jared Gutstadt.  “On top of that, our innovations across the podcast universe have meshed really well with a content-starved universe. Disney, Paramount Plus, Netflix, and Amazon are all looking for the next big piece of IP and podcasts are an incredible way to test the markets.”

“We think that Audio Up is unlocking a new era of podcasting.  Our mutual ambitions are aligned as we are pushing this medium forward to be a space that unlocks content of the future,” says Range Media Partners CEO and co-founder Peter Micelli. “Opening up a lane for Range clients to create best in class content with a best in class partner in Audio up.  We have full confidence that this will lead to extraordinary content plays everywhere, film, series, live and music. Buckle up.”

“The ambition of our projects exceeds what one expects from a podcast and Range has helped us get there by delivering some of the best actors in Hollywood for our respective series,” added Audio Up’s Chief Creative Officer Jimmy Jellinek.  “They come at each project wanting not just to check a box but connect the right talent with the right part. The results I believe speak for themselves and we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are without their excellent work.”

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“Jared Gudstadt’s business acumen is matched only by his heightened level of creativity,” said Matt Graham, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Range Media Partners. “His visionary approach enabled him to identify podcasting as a major growth sector and execute on a massive scale with Audio Up. Audio Up is making movies and shows for our ears and we at Range Media hope to help him upstream that IP onto the screen with big talent attached.”

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